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Shaktipat Initiation

By ~Gurudevi Ma, Satguru Shri Mahashaktiananda Initiation on the path of Self-realization is a part of spiritual growth. Initiation in life comes in the stages of the spiritual development of each individual soul (jiva) beginning in childhood. On every birthday an increment of light is given by God to your heart flame; which is called "the three fold flame". There are three plumes of light; pink on your right side, yellow in the middle, and blue on your left side. These three plumes rise out of the Christic light (white fire core) that is anchored in the secret chamber of your heart in the Anahata Chakra. The adverage person's "three fold flame" is said to be around one sixteenth of an inch. This fire within the heart spirals in a clockwise direction and increases in size with added increments of light from God. An enlightened master has a "three fold flame" bigger than the size of their physical body. An ascended master has a heart flame that can enfold the whole earth. The first major initiation in life, occurs when a child reaches the age of twelve. The soul recieve's a portion of their karma from previous incarnations. This may be either bad or good karma, or a bit of both. All difficulties experienced in life, including mental or physical afflictions, are karmic (cause and effect). Spiritually advanced souls may volunteer to take on world karma and/or the karma of others to assist in holding the balance for them; in order for others to spiritually progress. This can occur at any time of the life cycle, including the womb. There is an example of a mother who was in distress over her child who was born with downsyndrome. Her Guru explained to her that the child was a spiritually advanced soul who had volunteered to incarnate and carry a great burden of karma for her and the world. Only a Guru or a Rishi who has the ability to inwardly see (read the karmic records) to know the spiritual advancement of an individual soul. You will only recieve initiation when you are ready, and a past life will only be revealed to your conscious mind, if it will help your spiritual progress. Remembering a past life surfaces the good and bad karma of that life. When you are able to start transmuting the karma related to that life, you may experience certain memories of that life. The most important thing is to focus on the desire to know God. All things will be revealed to you when you are ready. First, focus on this life. When you use your intuitiion (the inner sense) you are able to feel things at a subtle level. This has been referred to as the sixth sense; which animals use better than most people whose senses are dulled. Through the polishing of the mirror and by tuning into your inner true Self, you will reflect the perfection of your soul. Sanatana Dharma; the ancient tradition of the Himalayan masters; is referred to as Kashmir Shaivite Hinduism and involves a daily life practice. Yogic training and direct initiation from a living Guru is necessary to advance on the spiritual path quickly. The

Shaktipat initiation brings peace and bliss for the student. Shaktiananda Yoga students recieve spiritual guidance through the more advanced stages of the practice. The goal is Self-realization and oneness with the Supreme Being. The student practices Yogic disciplines and also studies various subjects such as: music, art, mandalas, yantras, symbols, geometric patterns, and dream interpretation. The student practices meditation-in-action during daily activities to focus the heart, head and hand on the Supreme Being. The student studies spiritual scripture to gain knowledge. The student experiences purification of the sacred energies in the seven chakras. The student develops an intense love for God. Through the dispensation of light and Grace from God, it is a great opportunity to recieve direct initiation from a personal Guru in physical embodiment. I offer personal instruction to my students to assist them with their spiritual progress through initiation. I also teach techniques to my students to transmute their karma and have assisted some in holding back their karma until they are able to deal with it. The Gurus may take on a certain portion of the student's karma on themself and work it out even in their physical body. Gurus take on world karma and expand light out from their heart for the healing of the planet. The student's true Self is reflected like a mirror in the Guru. In this way, spiritual progress and rapid enlightenment unfolds for the student. The living Shaktipat Guru's presence awakens the student's Shakti energy (kundalini serpent power) in the base of their spine (muladhara chakra) and keeps it active and progressing upwards towards the Shiva energy located in the crown or top of their head (sahasrara chakra). The Shaktipat Initiation is given to students according to their ability to hold light. As students progress, they can request for an increase of Shaktipat Initiation as they are more able to recieve more light. After the student has recieved the Shaktipat initiation from a living Shaktipat Guru he/she should maintain a close relationship with the Shaktipat Guru in order to spiritually progress quickly and maintain balance. The student should continue practicing the Yoga postures (asanas) and the breathing techniques (pranayama). Spontaneous unblocking will occur of the flow of energy; vital force (prana); in the subtle nerve channels (nadis) and the wheels of energy (chakras). The student will experience healing and more energy. The student will experience the opening of the third eye (ajna chakra) and enter into deep states of peace and bliss in meditation. The student must continue practicing the Yogic techniques and devotional meditation. Through the student's own effort and devotion to God, Self-realization is experienced.

The Shaktipat Guru's path of devotion to God is the fastest way to the union of ShivaShakti and enlightenment according to God's will and grace. The Guru is one with God, and refects the will of God for the student. From the Upanishad's "Sharp as a razors edge and difficult to tread is the path to Self-knowledge." Upholding the teachings of the Guru will lead you to the goal of union with God; Absolute Truth. Shaktipat (Shaktipaat or Shaktipata) initiation is recieved through touch to the crown chakra and the third eye; increasing the Prana in the spine; which heats up and activates the Shakti Kundalini energy at the base of the spine. This initiation is effective for receptive students in opening the third eye for an increase in inituition, clairavoyance, and inner focusing on the Goddess Star. Shaktipat assists in raising the kundalini energy from the base of the spine. Shaktipat assists in healing blockages in the chakras.

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