Anda di halaman 1dari 2 What kind of activities will occur? The Separation - FRIDAY NIGHT: Moving away from the familiar.

Team-building, ind ividual and group exercises examine the modern male psyche: accountability, lead ership, confrontation, competition. The Descent - SATURDAY MORNING: An exploration of authentic male emotion, confli ct, purpose, and healthy power. Revisiting life history and stories. Connecting to what lies ahead. The Ordeal - SATURDAY AFTERNOON: A challenge to embody fully authentic masculini ty, to step into power, to break through barriers, and to experience the full po tential of mature manhood. The Initiation - SATURDAY NIGHT: Accepting responsibility as a man among men. Ex ploration of group dynamics, diversity and similarity.A test of solidarity and tr ust. A welcome into the circle of men. The Integration - SUNDAY MORNING: An exploration of legacy, connection, purpose, relationships and intention. Recognizing connections to nature and humanity. The Celebration - SUNDAY AFTERNOON: A feast of victory, affirmation, laughter, a nd community. Begin integrating the learning of the weekend. Wrap up and send-of f. series of processes and activities What aspects of a man's life are examined? We look at nearly every aspect of a man's life. Where you came from and how you were raised. What you learned about how to be a man. What you want for your future. What you want for yourself and for others. How you handle your past. (and how to break free of it) How you deal with conflict. How you learn to be more effective. How you deal with being alone OR being a part of a team. How you handle fear, anger, shame, joy, sadness. What your unique purpose for being is. (and how to move toward it) How you fit in to the natural world. How you fit in as a man among men. What is your relationship to your power as a man? What is your relationship to your spirituality? What is your relationship to death? What is your relationship to women? What is your relationship to your body and sexuality? Want to know more about how we handle sexuality and nudity? Intention and commitment - What we practice and why. Emotional Authenticity - Because we believe in honesty and wholeness ... we prac tice emotional intelligence and self-awareness. Personal Responsibility - Because we value integrity and accountability ... we t ake 100% responsibility for our feelings, and we own the impacts - both positive and negative - of our choices and actions. Leadership Mastery - Because we believe that role models change lives ... we pra ctice highly principled personal, interpersonal, and group leadership. Empowered Mission - Because we value generosity, service, and connection to spir it ... we explore and live from our deepest purpose. Supportive Community - Because we care for ourselves and the generations to come ... we create a place for men from all walks of life to learn and teach in a sa fe, respectful, challenging, and inclusive peer-network.

Marianne Williamson The listings in the table below are offerings of individual MKP members or selec t 3rd party items of interest: Boys to Men Helping boys develop responsibility and guiding them toward heal thy manhood. Clearing The Air A series of transformational workshops to assist in rele asing what blocks us from freedom, joy, clarity and integrity. Couples Weekend Helping guide couples towards deeper levels of love, intimacy, a cceptance, and trust. Hollow Bones An American Rinzai Zen School. Inner King Training An initiation into that Kingly Way Of Being. http://i Inside Circle Foundation Personal growth among incarcerated men. http://i Man-Making Blog Earl Hipp's Journey to Manhood Blog http://journeytomanhood. Men at Midlife A web site for men in the mid-life transition http://midlife-m MenStuff The National Men's Resource New Warrior Training Adventure Blog This blog has been maintained by "Old Fa ithful Wolf" for the last several years. It is a rich resource for stories, audi o, video and articles having to do with the ManKind Project http://nwtamkp.b Shadow Healing Community GUTS / Emotional Mastery / Archetypal Trainings / + Lots More... Shadow Work Workshop towards a way to bring your true self out of shadow and into the light. Silent Warriors The Silent Warriors conduct a New Warrior Training Adventure tha t is specialized for Deaf, deaf, and hard-of-hearing men. http://www.mkpde Taking it Lightly Taking It Lightly Emotional Intelligence intensive weeke nd, co-gender, not issue specific Vets Journey Home Not all wounds are visible. Vets Journey Home works with combat veterans to help heal the wounds of war that are not always visible. Warrior Monk Training for men and women in transition towards their next leve l of growth, healing and connection Woman Within Opportunities for women to discover the power of who they are.