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JANGAN BUKA KERTAS SOALAN INI SEHINGGA DIBERITAHU 1. 2. 3. 4. Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 40 soalan. Jawab semua soalan. Jawab dengan menghitamkan ruangan pada kertas jawapan. Bagi satu soalan, hitamkan satu ruangan sahaja. Jika kamu hendak menukar jawapan, padamkan tanda yang telah dibuat. Kemudian hitamkan jawapan yang baru.

Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 12 halaman bercetak.

SULIT Each question in this paper is followed by three or four possible answers.Choose the best answer from the answers marked A, B and C or A, B, C and D .Then on your answer sheet, blacken the answer that you have chosen. Questions14 Choose the best word to fill in the blanks. 1 The ____of the horses has not been cleaned in a long time. A den B coop C stable D kennel 2 The coffee cake was an awesome ___ after the meal. A feast B snack C dinner D dessert 3 My mother is frying nuggets and sausages in a _____. A pot B grill C wok D kettle 4 The ______was packed with people who had come to watch the hockey match. A court B gallery C stadium D auditorium


SULIT Questions57 Choose the best phrase to complete the paragraph.


It is a very hot day and the boys are walking home after school. Ali ______________ (5)

his cap to protect his head from the hot sunlight. He walks towards a


to take a short rest. He sits under this tree to drink

______________(7) waterbecause he is very thirsty.

5 A puts up B puts on C puts in D puts at 6 A shady tree B coconut tree C flower plant D sugar cane plant 7 Aa little B much C some

SULIT Questions810 Studythepicturecarefully. Thenchoosethebestanswer 8 AThere is a boyon thetree. BTwoboysarepluckingrambutans. CThemanissittingnear thefence. DTheboysarelayingunderthetree.


9 AThecatischasing thebutterfly. B Mr.Kohiswateringtheflower. CThebutterfly isontheflower. DTheboy isplanting theplant.

10 A It is Aizads birthday. B The boys are eating cakes. C Suresh and Ah Meng are in Malay suit. D Devpal Singh is visiting Aizad.

SULIT SECTION B Questions1115 Lookat thepicturescarefully.Choose thebestsentencetofit thesituationshownin the picture. 11


A Im on a diet. B No, thanks, Im full. CYou took a long time to ask? D I dont like you.

12 A Ill see if hes hurt. B Is our gate badly damaged? CGo and see if hes alright. D Ill teach him a lesson!


ANo! All my durians are good! B Really? Ill return your money. CCan you prove I sold you that? DSo sorry, Ill give you two good ones.


A Oh, Im so sorry. BHe was old, wasnt he?. C You can get another one. DYou are so careless.


AIts an old dress. BStop praising me. CThank you. 5



SULIT SECTION C Question 16 - 20 Choose thebestanswertocompletethesentences. 16 EncikRayyanboughtabicyclefor eachofhisdaughter. Thebicyclesarenow ________ . A his B hers C ours Dtheirs 17 Thetraditional dancersdance Arudely Bsweetly Ccarefully Dgracefully 18 We Ashould Bmight Ccould Dmay 19 PuanRahimah Ascold Bscolds Cscolded Dscolding 20 PakAbumilkshis Abroodofcows Bflockofcows Ctroopofcows Dherdofcows everymorningonhisfarm. thenaughtyboysduringher classjustnow. completeour homeworkasEncikShahrulwantsit today. onthestageinthefestival.

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SULIT Question 21 Choose theword thathas thesimilarmeaningas thewordunderlined. 21 The teacher counselled the naughty pupil. Ascolded Bcaned Cwarned Dadvised Questions22-23 Choose theanswerwith thecorrectspelling. 22 The wooden house is infested with _________. Atermites Btermates C telmites Dtermitas 23 We enjoyed our teachers ________________ story. A humuorous B humores Chumorous Dhumerus Questions2425 Choose thesentencewith thecorrectpunctuation. 24 Ajohn and his family spent a week in Tioman Island. B John and his family spent a week in tioman island. C John and his family spent a week in Tioman Island. D John and his family spent a week in tioman Island. 25 AOur Sports day is in the month of june. BOur Sports Day is in the month of June. COur Sports Day is in the month of June. DOur Sports Day is in the month of June.


SULIT Question 26 -30 Lookat thepicturecarefully.Basedonthepictureandthepassagegiven,choosethebest answer.

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PuanAiniisa __________(26).Sheissewingclothes inher shop.Sheusesa ________ ( 27 ) tosewthem. Shejust _________ (28 ) afewrollsofclothforherstock. There ___________ her. 26 Asailor B grocer C cobbler Dseamstress 27 Asewingmachine Bwashingmachine C laminating machine D photocopying machine 28 Abuy Bbuys Cbuying Dbought
30 29 Ais B am Care Dwas Aover B beside Cbetween Dinfrontof

( 29 ) several ready-madeclotheshanginginthewardrobe. Shealsokeepsall

thefoldedclothesin thedisplayrack. Sheputstheunsewnclothesinabig basket ________ (30 )

SULIT SECTION E Questions3135 Read thediaryandanswer thequestionsthatfollow.


DianasDiary 14March (Saturday) 8.30a.m. Startedourfamilytour inKualaLumpurwithdeliciousbreakfastatNasi LemakAntarabangsaRestaurant.


Went toZooNegaraandwatchedafantasticshowofpenguins.Meta threemonth-oldbabyorangutannamedSeri.


ReachedTamanTasikTitiwangsa.Hadalongqueuefor thetickets ridingofEyesOnMalaysia.Hadanamazing timeonit.


Hadlunchat SuriaKLCC.Itwasrainingcatsand dogs, wehave to cancel Holiday. theoutdooractivities.WewatchedafunnymovieMr.Beans


Endedour tourbyridingLRT totravel aroundKualaLumpur city.Had anewtreasuredexperience.


Thediary isabout Aenjoyable moment inKualaLumpur. B uninteresting tour inKualaLumpur. C watchingafunnymovieinKLCC. D arideofEyes OnMalaysia.


What did thewriterdoinZooNegara? A Hadlunchat arestaurant. B Watchedashowofpenguins. C Metababyelephant namedSeri. D Watchedadocumentaryabout orangutan.


Theworditinthediaryrefersto A thetickets. B Ferriswheel. C thepenguins. D ababyorangutan.


Thephraseraining catsand dogsmeans A drizzling. B flashflood C rainingheavily D catsanddogsranwhenitsraining


Dianasdiarytellsus that A sheenjoyed riding theLRT. B shewatchedthemoviealone. C thefamilyhad roticanaifor breakfast. D shewent toKualaLumpur withherclassmates.

Questions36 40 Readthedialogueandanswer thequestionsthatfollow. Mrs. Chong Puan Liana Mrs. Chong Puan Liana : : : : Good morning Puan Liana. How are you? Good morning. Im fine, thank you. You look happy today. Do you want to share it with me? Of course! My husband is coming home from Japan. Im making a special chicken curry. I would like a dozen onions, 300 grams of potatoes, a packet of curry powder and Mrs. Chong Puan Liana Mrs. Chong Puan Liana : : : : also ... Have you forgotten something? I know Im supposed to get something else but it has just slipped my mind. Does it have anything to do with food? Oh, yes. I need a carton of coconut milk. My son, Haziq is 12 years old today too, so were organising a birthday party for him. Im supposed to buy him a birthday cake. Thank you for reminding me. There are too many things to do. I have to go Mrs. Chong Puan Liana Mrs. Chong Puan Liana : : : : now. Er, Puan Liana. Are these yours? Oh, I almost forgot my things. Thank you very much. Here you are. See you again. Goodbye. Bye.

SULIT 36 PuanLianawas probablyatthe A bakery. B grocery shop. C stationery. D supermarket. 37 HowmanyonionsdidPuanLianabuy? A one B four C eight D twelve 38 All theseingredientsare neededinchickencurry except A onions B potatoes C currypuff D coconutmilk 39 Thephraseslipped mymindmeans PuanLianahas A slippedonthefloor Bforgottenwhatto buy C tocookfor aspecial occasion D toorganiseabirthdaypartyat home 40 WhydidMrs Chongcall PuanLiana again? A Shewantedtosaygoodbye B Sheforgottotake her groceries C ShewantedtogreetPuan Liana D Sheforgottopayfor her groceries KERTAS SOALANTAMAT
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