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Audio Recording: 8/7/2006 -10:39 Merrianne Jessop Jeffs 7/31/2011 Draft Length: 20 minutes and 29 seconds 00:00:01 Warren

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Always praise Him

"That feels good" repeat the words from your mouth

How do you feel Merrianne?

"Feels good" (or "very good")

[Rhythmic heavy breathing] Do this Merrianne [unintelligible]

Everyone else let go of me.... Back away a little

[Heavy breathing......]

Dear Sister Merrianne Jessop Jeffs. With the authority of the Holy Melchizedek Priesthood, by the keys and powers thereof in oneness with the priesthood in the heavens...

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placing hands upon your head.

Thinking of the Lord

Please get on the other side of the bed [unintelligible]

00:01:45 - 00:04:13 Warren Jeffs:

We seal the holy love of God in your mind and heart. Just loyal to you as a baby in peace from this time forth and even moment by moment, we bless you with the power of God. To now become heavenly sensitive. We bless you through the power of God. Let the heavenly comfort hear us. Your child -like heavenly comfort wife.... guide you. As you pray the prayer of wonders will now learn the greater the peace of spirit of God. able to come into the heavenly sessions and to witness your mind and heart. And also in the Lords turn of your spirit eyes opened to see the heavenly visions, the angels. And all through your constant prayers fervent wonders. We bless you ....of the Lord this young age. To come to know God and His power and feel His presence. As you stay constant and serve him to be a wife, dear Merrianne, always be open ... you shall learn the powers of the spirit of God as a heavenly wife should. And even when you are not with your husband personally , feel as though you are, always in the presence of God and your husband. Seeking the increase of the spirit of God.

00:04:14 -00:04:55 Warren Jeffs:

And Heavenly Father we ask you to hold this in the heavens...... promise of this important time event. Confirm her faith Father. And will you touch her, as a witness of the all consuming fire from heaven even of this time as we say onto her of Thee.... do you feel that the Holy Ghost increasingly from this time forth.

00:04:56 - 00:05:04 Warren Jeffs:

Now prepare,dear sister ,for the greater night the revelations of God on your behalf.

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[Rhythmic heavy breathing]

Move the ladies back away....... [Rhythmic heavy breathing]

Thank you Heavenly Father hold the servants in the heavens. According to her faith and diligence and your will . Thank you for letting her feel her heavenly burning peace...

00:06:13 -00:06:17 Warren Jeffs: 00:06:18 Female:

Perform this ordinance in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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[Heavy breathing ]

That broken handle....[rhythmic heavy breathing]

What did you say??

That broken hand....[rhythmic heavy breathing]

[rhythmic heavy breathing]

Back away now.........

[rhythmic heavy breathing, gets faster]

What do you feel Merrianne?

[young childs voice] ......... "I feel fine. Thank you."

00:10:40- 00:12:48 Warren Jeffs:

[rhythmic heavy breathing]

00:12:49- 00: -00:13:01 Warren Jeffs: Untie them first, will you Naomi ....then tie by my hand. on my right hand Merrianne for ...

00:13:01 -00:13:47 Warren Jeffs: 00:13:47 - 00:13:29 Warren Jeffs:

[Heavy breathing...........heavy breathing]

[unintelligible ] [heavy breathing .........] Lorreta.. face her took..... want to distract her. [Silence and heavy breathing, esp. 15:10, forward]


00:15:30- 00:19:00 Warren Jeffs:

Oh Lord, our God in heaven a servant in this corner with three wives, join us in the circle of prayer. Seeking unto Thee for your spirit . That you will fill us with your heavenly light, only thy will be done. Behold Father these three ladies, innocent and pure. They know of your heavenly power even in your spirit and witness of peace, even the burning peace. We thank you for these gifts and we join in a prayer of oneness. Thy...unto them, and according to your will. Allow them to feel the all-consuming fire of your presence. Fill them with the Holy Ghost the living fire in them...lift up their spirits... their minds and desires. To marvel at your greatness and to feel your heavenly power. Will you touch them with your power? Because they will come to the greater knowledge of your spirit... withholding nothing giving our all to thee. Let us vest our mind and will father these also may know of thee and your power for a long time. According to our faith and separation of thy will , acknowledging in all things a servant thats willing to atone, even greater. The greater light to come forth ....send forth encouragement and peace and deliver these ladies from all lightmindedness and selfish will . Bless them to live with us and to glorify Thee and the works you have them perform . We know you can do this Father....and say Thy will be done. With your blessing thy servant what to do next. Accomplish the work you were appointed. Advance those who can advance, we offer this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

00:19:00- 00:20:13 Female voices: Warren Jeffs: 00:20:14 Warren Jeffs:

Amen. Keep praying the prayer of one.

Merrianne come up to me and give me a hug, would you?