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Fermentation & storage vessels


FeRmentation & StoRage VeSSelS

StainleSS Steel tankS
Vigo is the UK agent for Speidel, the German stainless steel tank manufacturer. Their tanks are made by efficient manufacturing processes that ensure very high quality at competitive prices. They are easy to use and look extremely impressive. A wide range of tanks is available, suitable for fermentation, storage, blending, mixing and most drink production applications. There is a broad range of standard tank specifications and a detailed catalogue is available on request. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements. Standard tanks are made from AISI 304 stainless steel with AISI 316 roof panels. All surfaces are polished to a mirror finish and all welds are continuous and free from dirt traps, allowing easy cleaning and maintenance. The top and bottom panels and manway inspection opening are pressed to give seamless surfaces, without dead spaces. The top vent arrangement allows the tank to be filled to exclude air and the bottom V channel ensures complete draining. Vigo endeavour to keep stocks of smaller tanks for immediate delivery but most tanks are built to order. Delivery times depend on the season but can vary from 8 to 12 weeks or sometimes longer. Please order as early as possible to ensure delivery in time for the harvest.

Tank accessories and optional fittings include:

External and internal heat exchange panels for product heating or cooling Sight glass level indicator CIP sprayball for easy cleaning of the inside of the tank Valves Sample tap Thermometer Top inspection door or bottom door for discharge of e.g. red grapes

VaRiaBle CaPaCitY tankS

Variable capacity tanks are straight sided cylinders with an inner lid which can be lowered onto the surface of the product (or supported above the product during fermentation) and sealed around its circumference by an inflatable tube. The tank can therefore be filled partially and then sealed to exclude air. These tanks are most useful when the wine or cider maker cannot be sure of the size of the harvest.
Capacity (lit) 55* 100* 110 220 290 650 1100 (mm) 400 400 440 550 630 820 1000 H (mm) 550 1000 765 999 999 1328 1493 Outlet BSP F BSP F BSP F BSP F 1 BSP M 1 BSP M 1 BSP M Stockcode 92125 92102 92120 92121 92122 92123 92124

Flat bottomed tanks

Flat bottomed tanks offer the most economical option. Supplied with inner lid and airlock, airseal and stainless steel airpump, with pressure gauge. One threaded outlet near the bottom of the tank to which a valve can be fitted (extra, see page 26). We strongly recommend the use of a dustlid to prevent the contamination of product when the lid seal is deflated. These tanks are often available from stock.
*These tanks are not manufactured by Speidel.

tanks mounted on three legs

These offer the advantage of two outlets. The bottom of the tank is concave (or dished) with a pressed V channel to the bottom drain. There is an outlet above the bottom rim of the tank for racking off clear product above any sediment or lees. The bottom outlet is threaded to take valves (extra see page 26); the upper outlet can either be threaded or fitted with a flap valve. These tanks are available from 530 litres up to 15,000 litres capacity.


Fermentation & storage vessels

enCloSeD tankS

These tanks are available in either cylindrical or rectangular (space-saving) formats. Most of the smaller capacity tanks can be stacked one upon another to make optimum use of restricted space. Standard tanks range from 320 litres to 32,000 litres capacity, with over 200 sizes available, offering a range of diameters and heights to suit most applications.

Tank funnel

A robust funnel with a cranked outlet for topping up tanks or adding ingredients such as Dimensions Stockcode (W x D x H mm) fining agents, yeast or enzymes. Designed to fit 45 top vents. 500 x 300 x 400 99058

Pressure sensitive tank valve

This valve is sensitive to changes in internal and external pressure, allowing the tank to vent and maintain the tank at atmospheric pressure. Supplied with DIN 50 female thread for mounting on the top vent of Speidel enclosed tanks. Stockcode 60911

Spray ball lance

This lance has been designed for tanks with a 45 top vent with a DIN 50 male thread. The 360 spray ball and jets within the lance top, ensure thorough cleaning of the whole interior of the tank. Available with threaded fittings to suit.
Ball (mm) 40 L (mm) 460 Flow rate (lit/h @ 1 bar) 3700

Other sizes of lance can be made to order please enquire.

Speidel offer tried and tested tanks for red wine production, designed to ensure maximum control over the fermentation process. Dedicated red wine tanks range in capacity from 3000 litres to 29,000 litres. For smaller capacities we can supply open topped tanks adapted for red wine production. Features include: Automatic grape cap punching down and pumping over with must Temperature control Portable punching down systems for use with open-topped tanks Metered sliding bottom discharge door

ReD Wine FeRmentation tankS

A very useful range of mixing tanks for food and drink producers. These tanks are designed for use with a portable stirrer or rouser via a 45 port in the side of the tank (with a GR37 thread to accept the rouser). This positions the rouser propeller near the bottom of the tank, ensuring efficient mixing. These tanks have mirror finish internal surfaces for easy cleaning and an inclined concave dished bottom with V channel to the drain outlet to ensure complete discharge.

miXing tankS

Sugar Mixing Tanks

These tanks are mounted on a moulded plastic base for easy movement with a pallet truck or fork lift. There is an optional grid to support sugar sacks on the rim of the tank.

Capacity (lit) 530 750 1000

(mm) 820 1000 1200

H (mm) 1315 1218 1218

Base (mm) 873 1054 1256

Outlet DIN 50 DIN 50 DIN 50

Stockcode 92980 92922 92921

Fermentation & storage vessels

Mixing Tanks on Wheels
Capacity (lit) 250 530 750 (mm) 820 820 1000 1200 H (mm) 722 1318 1233 1237 Discharge H (mm) 168 168 166 141 Outlet DIN 40 DIN 40 DIN 50 DIN 50


These tanks are mounted on four stainless steel cased castors, two of which are lockable.
Intermediate sizes available, please enquire


With increasing numbers of small scale drink producers turning to contract bottling, there is increased demand for good quality transport tanks. Speidel transport tanks are made to the same exacting standards as their popular fermentation and storage tanks, with continuous, polished welds and highly polished internal surfaces for very easy cleaning.

tRanSPoRt tankS

Vertical transport tanks

Cylindrical tanks mounted on a moulded plastic base for easy movement with pallet truck or fork lift. Top door with vent and 1 bottom discharge.

Capacity (lit) 320 525 650 1000

(mm) 820 820 1000 1200

H (mm) 925 1322 1310 1340

Base (mm) 873 873 1054 1256

Door (mm) 220 220 400 400

Outlet 1 BSP M 1 BSP M 1 BSP M 1 BSP M

Discharge H (mm) 160 160 135 115

Stockcode 92917 92918 92919 92920

Horizontal transport tanks

These horizontal cylindrical tanks are supported in strong welded stainless steel cradles with 4 feet, offering good stability in transit. There is a 400mm diameter inspection door with clamp down lid with vent. These tanks are ideal for use in vans or on trailers.

Capacity (lit) 525 1050 1550 2500

(mm) 820 1000 1200 1400

L (mm) 1089 1466 1510 1792

H (mm) 1150 1325 1525 1725

Outlet DIN 50 DIN 50 DIN 50 DIN 50

Discharge H (mm) 152 152 152 152

High quality food-safe polyethylene tanks designed for wine, cider and juice makers. Suitable for fermentation and storage. Capacity L W H Smooth internal surfaces for easy cleaning without (lit) (mm) (mm) (mm) chemicals 100 610 400 620 Wide top opening for easy access 200 800 490 770 Airtight seals to preserve the quality of the contents 300 870 570 870 Thick walls to preserve flavour and restrict oxidation 500 1100 660 1040 Compact, stable construction

PlaStiC Wine tankS

Stockcode 92410 92411 92412 92413

StainleSS Steel StoRage ContaineRS

A range of very useful small containers with screw lids, suitable for storage of oils and dry foodstuffs only. Made from 18/10 stainless steel, all welded construction, highly polished finish, two carrying handles, lid 215mm wide and BSP threaded outlet at base (outlet tap or valve can be fitted at extra charge).

Capacity (lit) 25 50 100

(mm) 320 370 420

H (mm) 480 540 820


Stockcode 92002 92004 92006

eX-FRUit JUiCe ContaineRS

Vertical, cylindrical containers with top opening, made from food-safe low density polyethylene; previously used for importing fruit juice concentrates. These containers, often of the Rotoplas brand, are widely used by farm cider makers and juice producers. Approximate dimensions:
Capacity (lit) 1520 (mm) 1090 H (mm) 1800 Inlet (mm) 350 Stockcode 92605


Fermentation & storage vessels

Portable stirrers for use with flap valves, ball valves or mounted on the rim of tanks. Quiet and vibration-free operation. Motor supplied with overload protection and 10 metre cable with plug. Three phase models with stainless steel contact and structural parts, and retractable propeller shaft allowing leak-free fitting through flap valve. Single phase model with detachable propeller shaft.
Rouser TS-VA/1 TS-VA/2 TS-VASWK1 Max Mixing Capacity (lit) 30,000 50,000 10,000 Motor (kW) 0.55 1.1 0.37 Voltage (V) 400 400 230 Weight (kg) 13 16 11 Stockcode 99140 99144 99146

RaCking PiPeS

Racking pipes are designed for use with barrels and tanks without a bottom outlet. The pipe is introduced through the bung hole or top opening and lowered into the liquid. They are made from AISI 316 stainless steel tube, with an adjustable bottom foot. The side inlet allows the pipe to be set off the base of the vessel, avoiding sediment, and a 90 bend at the top prevents the flexible hose from kinking. N.B. pipes are fitted with a BSP threaded socket. A threaded adaptor must be fitted to give the required thread for the hose connection.
Internal (mm) 21.5 21.5 28.7 28.7 External (mm) 25 25 32 32 L (mm) 1200 2100 1200 2100 Thread Size BSP F BSP F 1 BSP F 1 BSP F Flow Rate (lit/h) 3000 3000 6000 6000 Stockcode 77705 77701 77712 77722

RaCking Plate

For use when drawing off clear liquid products from above sediments/lees, typically where clear wine or cider has been drawn off from a racking valve and the tank inspection door has been opened allowing sight of the remaining product and access for the plate. Optional non return valve.
(mm) Racking Plate 200 Stockcode 87082

WooDen BaRRel aCCeSSoRieS

Sulphur candles The traditional sterilising treatment for barrels, 1kg pack of approx 100 discs with holes - hang from a wire inside the barrel. Wooden taps For use with barrels.
Taper (mm) 8 Wooden tap 22-29 Stockcode 92508



Wine Thief A wine thief is used to take samples of liquid product (typically wine or cider) from a barrel or similar smaller vessel. The glass tube has a small inlet and a plastic finger grip at the top.
Length (mm) 450 Ext (mm) 21 Stockcode 94251

Fermentation & storage vessels

BUngS Silicone
Top quality, flexible, resilient, chemical resistant and durable bungs, suitable for use with wine casks. Having paid for the best barrels for your finest wines do not be tempted to skimp on the bung.
top (mm) 56 tail (mm) 46 H (mm) 49 Stockcode 35200


Rubber compound

Flexible, resilient and easy to clean. Suitable for use with barrels, plastic vats and stainless steel tanks. Bored (17mm) bungs are supplied for use with fermentation/air locks. When ordering please specify bored or solid bungs. Angled bungs are for use with tanks with 45 vents where a cylinder airlock needs to be vertical. Angled bung top (mm) tail (mm) H (mm) Type Stockcode with airlock Straight 43.5 36.5 35 bored 35506
53 58 68 Angled 58 76 45 35 48 35 52 34 77 68.5 77 77 bored solid & bored solid & bored bored bored 35402 35300/1 35302/3 35304 35305

Natural Cork

For use with wooden barrels, typically in cider-making. The head (top) diameter is wider than the tail (narrower part). See price list for full range of corks available


Airlocks (fermentation locks) are designed to protect the contents of vessels from the air but to allow the escape of the carbon dioxide produced during fermentation. The airlock must be filled with a little water. We offer two types: cylinder and bubbler.

Cylinder (with tapered stem)

17-20 mm, for use with bored bungs.

For use on large tanks. Tapered stem 35 - 50mm. Rubber sleeves can be used to increase the stem size by 6mm, 10mm, or 15mm.

Giant cylinder type (with expansion chamber)

Bubbler type

Airlock Cylinder Giant cylinder Bubbler

(mm) 60 127 -

H (mm) 136 360 155

Stockcode 28201 28202 28206

Plastic, with two chambers for use with 45 vent, as fitted to the Speidel range of stainless steel tanks.

Airlock bulkhead adaptor

A fitting for use with tanks with flat tops, e.g. plastic ex-juice drums and variable capacity tanks screwed into place through a hole (diameter 44mm) cut in the lid and clamped into place. An airlock and bung can then be fitted, keeping the stem of the airlock above the level of the liquid while allowing the vessel to be filled to the underside of the lid, excluding all air. Supplied with screw-on cap for use without bung and airlock.
top (mm) Bulkhead adaptor Bung to fit 48.5 43.5 tail (mm) 52 35.5 H (mm) 55 35 Stockcode 35202 35506