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Good Things Come From Sysco

VEGETABLE Asparagus Broccoli SOURCE MX, Peru CA, FL, GT February 8, 2013 Markets have eased slightly but remain strong. Supplies from Mexico are increasing as Peru winds down. Broccoli supplies have improved as growing areas experience warmer weather. Markets are slower with a turnaround expected late next week due to cooler weather. Supplies are good with increasing demand. Quality is good as the Florida harvest continues. Market conditions are stable. Cauliflower supplies have improved as growing areas experience warmer weather. Quality has improved. Markets are stronger as demand increases. Quality is good with occasional instances of blistering noted. Florida corn is harvesting with good quality reported. Cucumber markets have eased as supplies from Honduras increase. Quality remains good. Eggplant markets are steady with good quality. Markets have come off. Quality is fair. Markets are steady. Good supplies. Iceberg markets have retreated over the last week. Supplies are stable with fair quality. Outer leaves have been affected and will affect the final weight if the product. All lettuces are showing fair quality with demand meeting supply conditions for processing. Leaf markets are relaxed from last week. Quality has been fair with tip burn reported from the frost. Romaine supplies are not meeting the demand and the market remains strong. Markets are very active with limited availability on romaine hearts. Outer leaves that are poor quality are being removed before shipping creating lighter weights. Conditions are expected to remain for at least the remainder of the Yuma season. Spring mix quality has been affected by the cold. The red leaf lettuces will be lighter in the mix due to freeze limiting supplies. As the crops improve look for a return to the regular mix over the next ten days.

Cabbage Carrots Cauliflower Celery Corn Cucumbers Eggplant Green Beans Herbs Lettuce Iceberg


Lettuce FreshCut Lettuce Leaf, Green & Red Lettuce Romaine



Lettuce Spring Mix


Good things come from Sysco

Good Things Come From Sysco

Mushrooms Onions CA, PA, CH WA,OR Stable supplies of most mushrooms with good quality. Markets have stabilized. Mexico has begun with light supplies. February is traditionally the slowest month for onion sales allowing more supply to be available. Markets remain strong. These crops continue to try and catch up with demand due to continuing growing issues. Markets have strengthened due to weather in Guatemala. Quality and volumes are steady with good quality being reported. Green Pepper markets are steady. Supplies from Florida and Mexico are good. Quality is good. Red and Yellow Pepper markets have stabilized. Quality is good. Markets are weak with good demand. Quality is good. Quality product has been arriving with good quality. Supplies are good with great quality. Supplies and quality have improved over the last week. Markets have stabilized with improved quality. Yellow Squash markets have eased. Zucchini Squash supplies are tight as Mexico determines crop damage from the past two weeks. The Zucchini market remains strong. Good supplies coming from Florida and Mexico. Quality is good.

Onions Green Peas Snow Peppers Chiles Peppers Green Peppers Red & Gold Potatoes Russet Potatoes Red, White & Yukon Potatoes Yams Spinach Squash Yellow/Zucchini Tomatoes



FRUIT Apples


Avocado, Hass Bananas

MX Guatemala, Costa Rica MX Chile, MX

Berries Blackberries Berries Blueberries

The Apple season continues with lower than average supplies. Normal supplies have a 50/50 split between larger (88ct) and smaller (113ct). This year the split is 80% larger, 20% smaller. Markets are slightly stronger as demand has increased. Quality is good. The supply has stabilized in the various growing regions. Color is approaching its seasonal challenge due to demand. Quality is good. Markets are stable inclement weather in Mexico passed with minor interruption of supply. Quality is good. Markets are weaker as supplies improve.

Good things come from Sysco

Good Things Come From Sysco

Raspberries Berries Strawberries MX, CA MX,FL, CA Good supplies and quality. Markets are stronger due to the Valentine's Day demand. East and West Coast supplies are good with consistent quality reported. A forecast of rain may affect late week arrivals. Minimal bruising has been reported. Quality is good. Supplies are better on larger sizes. Good supplies and quality. Smaller size fruit is tight. Markets are steady but slightly stronger on larger size fruit. Quality is good. Navel quality is good. Markets are stable. Availability on all sizes is good. Red Grape markets have come off as offshore volumes increase. However, Green Grape supplies remain extremely tight. These conditions are expected to last for the remainder of the month. Red Globes and Black Grapes are available. Quality and volume are fine. Cantaloupe markets are steady. Larger size fruit is more plentiful as we begin harvesting the newer crops. Quality is good. Honeydew supplies are stable as we experience a seasonal move to Honduras. Markets are steady. Supplies are tight as product arrives from Honduras and Mexico. Quality is fair on seeded and seedless. Bosc, Anjou and bartlett varieties are coming from Washington. Markets are stable with quality fruit. Supplies are consistent with good quality. Brix has been averaging 14% with average internal gold color.

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FL, TX CA,MX MX CA , Fl. Chile

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Good things come from Sysco