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President, the dearest rights of my constituents as Mexico-Texians are guaranteed by the Constitutions and laws of the Republic of Texas: The Mexico Texians were among the first who sacrificed their all in our glorious Revolution, and the disasters of war weighed heavily upon them, to achieve those blessing which, it appears, are destined to be the last to enjoy. Juan Seguin, addressing the Texas Senate in February 1840, pleading for the rights guaranteed to all revolutionaries who fought for Texas Independence regardless of race and ethnicity. I decided to research the roles the Mexican-Texians played in Texas Independence and the turning points in history resulting from this heroic struggle. Everyone knows the names of Crockett, Bowie, Travis, Houston and Fannin, but the names of Seguin, Navarro, and other Mexican-Texians have been forgotten in this epic revolutionary fight. These Mexican-Texians became foreigners in their own land. The decision of Mexicans to fight against their country of Mexico was a Turning Point in History. The decisions of the Anglo Americans to discriminate, ostracize, deny them their rights, and grab their land are additional turning points in the new Republic of Texas history. The people and events that led to the creation of the Republic of Texas are well documented, but the Mexican-Texians who fought side by side with the Anglo-Americans have been forgotten in the majority of history textbooks. I chose to tell their story through my research because I found it to be fascinating and overlooked. I began my research with books like Duel of Eagles, by Jeff Long, Tejano Journey, edited by Gerald E. Poyo, and Tejano Leadership in Mexican and Revolutionary Texas, edited by Jesus F. de la Teja. I also researched online at the Texas State Archives, the San Jacinto Museum archives for primary source documents. I used newspaper databases to retrieve historical newspaper articles regarding the battle for independence as well as Spanish language newspapers to research the new Republic of Texas and the beginnings of its government and the grievances of the Tejanos in their fight for benefits and pensions as veterans of the Revolutionary War in Texas. My most useful source was Juan N. Seguins memoirs. His memoirs were detailed and gave me insight to the Tejano decision making process both before and after the fight for Independence and the politics of the new republic of Texas. The individual website category was interesting to me and I chose this category because I felt I could visually display the chronology of the Mexican-Texians fight and contributions for the new Republic of Texas. I used the required NHD Weebly to create my website. I created a storyboard first of the design and layout for the website and then began work to create the actual website. I chose historical photos of paintings of the major players in the battle for independence to show the people and events involved in the revolution and its aftermath. My research and analysis of the creation of the Republic of Texas and the Anglo Texan attitudes to the Tejanos clearly illustrates this years National History Day theme, Turning Points in History: People, Ideas and Events. The people, ideas, and events involved in the Texas Battle for Independence were a struggle over ideas and ownership of the Mexican state of Tejas. Juan Seguin and many other Mexican-Texians were eventually run out of Texas by the ever increasing Anglo-Americans that soon claimed this new land as their own. The age old history of discrimination which targeted others who

looked different and spoke a different language truly caused these Texas revolutionary heroes to become foreigners in their own land.