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This article are presented to :

1. Our beloved teacher, Miss. Dione Arisusanti
2. Our parents for the loves
3. And our big family that we can’t mentioned one by one.
4. Our each beloved, thanks for your supports, so we have some inspiration to
finishing our articles.
5. Everybody who helped our article, thank you very much.

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Thanks to God’s unity because without the permission of God our article
with title “The Dayak’s Amazing Ethnic In Indonesia” never finish of good. We are
making this article for get the mark in conversation lesson.
We are working this article since Tuesday, February 6th 2006. For us, Dayak
are having interesting something so we are deciding to make Dayak become
essence our article.
We made our article with doing observation on Cyberlink. In collecting
information of Dayak, we’re not realizing much problem. But we have much problem
in translating information to English, but we aren’t make above became a big huge
We’re feeling that our knowledge are not get much and this report not yet
perfect because of then we hope critics and suggestions. We also hope this article
can be useful for Indonesian Knowledge.

Indonesia has many ethnic from Sabang till Merauke. The ethnic in Indonesia
are making any culture. The culture are such as good culture that can guard
Indonesian Nature and Broken Culture that can break The Indonesian Natures.
Why Dayaks? Because Dayaks has good culture that can guard Indonesian
Nature. The Dayaks is very respect to that culture so Indonesian Nature always
guarded that good cultures is “Pamais” to cutting down trees because they think the
tree is GOD.
Finally, the Dayak’s Ethnic began a special problem that we take an article.
We hope this article can make all of young generation to respect for Indonesian

Dayak come to Kalimantan Island in 3000 – 1500 BC. They are Proto -
Melayu group from Yunnan, South China. They are going to Semenanjung Malaya
thought Indo-China. After that go to Indonesia accused Kalimantan. This migration
happened in Granal (Ice Period). In this period the water tea are drying so the little
boat are can used, this boat are bercadik boat. Lives in this period are lives in
Megaliticum period there are Forefather homepage. The Artefak in in this period are
dolmen that discovery in Sedahan Sukadana, Ketapang. The first Dayak are staying
in the beside Kapuas river and other beach in Kalimantan. Out coming on Melayu’s
People from Sumatera and Malaya became Dayak immigration to mountain.

1. The Gantar Dance

This dance is telling about people who move to plant rice. Stick telling wood
whereas bamboo and seeds in depth telling seed rice and it basin. This dance
famous enough and often also is known by Dayak Benua. This dance can dined
in 3 kind, there are Gantar Regain, Gantar Busai, Gantar Senak / Gantar Kusak.
2. The Perang Dance
This dances telling about Dayak Kenyah heroes warring to oppose enemy.
This dance movement very lively, handy, full spirit and sometimes followed by
scream dancer. In dance Kancet Pepatay, dancer use traditional clothes Dayak
Kenyah to complete with war Utensils such as mandau, perisai and war clothes.
This dance to convoy with song Sak Paku and just use instrument called Sampe.
3. The Gong Dance
If Kancet Pepatay telling male and brave man, Dayak Kenyah, on the
contrary that Kancet ledo telling about soft weak female like a trunk rice that to
bend soft to blow by wind. This dance to bring by women with use traditional
clothes Dayak Kenyah and at her second hand to hold bunch wools engage bird
tail. Usually this dance to bring above ‘Gong’, so kancet Ledo also mean Gong
4. The Kancet Lasan Dance
This dance telling about daily lives, engage bird, bird that to noble by Dayak
Kenyah women, Dayak Kenyah that motion same and her position like as Kancet
Ledo Dance but dancer didn’t use “gong” and engage wools bird and also dancer
a lot of use position lowed and to squat or to sit with knee touched floor. This
dance more to press at engage bird motion when to fly to float in the air and to
perch in tree branches.
5. The Lelang Dance
This dance telling about the girl with named Utan Along will to married way
to force by her parents with young man who dislike. The finish Utan Along to
break intu a run to forest. This girl dance Dayak Kenyah to brings with to convoy
Lelang song.
6. The Hudog Dance
This dance do by wood masker that look like a wild animal and use leaf
banana or leaf coconut to close dancer body. This dance fixed link with religion
ceremonial from group Dayak Bahau and Modang. This Hudog Dance are to
intend for getting power in coped disturbance disease destroyer plants and hope
to give fertility with harvest products that produce a lot.
7. The Hudog “Kita” Dance
Dance from this Dayak Kenyah at principle same with Hudog Dance from
Dayak Bahau and Modang, namely for less ceremony to received gear to plant
for saying thanks to god who give good harvest product. The differences
between Hudog Kita dance and Hudog dance are in costume, mask, her
movement dance and background music. Hudog Kita dancer costume are use
arm long clothes from usually cloth and use sheath cloth, ker mask with form
usually face people who a lot of special carved that made from wood and that is
veil to make from “manik2” with ornament of Dayak Kenyah.
8. The Serumpai Dance
This is Dayak Benuaq dance to doing for against disease and people who
bitten stupid dog. With named Serumpai because dance to convoy instrument
9. The Belian Bawo Dance
Belian bawo ceremony with direction for disagree disease, medicined peple
pay “nazar”, etc. after changed become dance, this dance often on the programs
accepter guest and other art, this dance belongs to Dayak benuaq dance.
10. The Kuyang Dance
Belian dance from Dayak Benuaq far away ghost that keep trees that big
and high in order not to disturbing peoples or people that to feel tree above.
11. The Pecuk Kina Dance
This dance telling about Dayak Kenyah that go out from Apo Kayan area to
long fresh area that earn long time years.
12. The Datun Dance
This dance is dance together girls of Dayak Kenyah with total not certain,
can be 10 to 20 people. This together dance made by leader of Dayak Kenyah in
Apo Kayan named Nyik Selung, as sign thanks and happiness for the birth of
their grandchild. Then this dance developed to all of area in Dayak Kenyah.
13. The Ngerangkau Dance
The Ngerangkau dance there are tradition dance in dead from Dayak
Tunjung and Benuaq. This dance use utensils rice grill that in bumped be regular
position horizontal so appeared.
14. The Baraga Bagautar Dance
Firstly, Baraga Bagauntar is ceremony “belian” to take care of baby, helped
from “Nayun Gantar”. Now, the ceremony has began a dance by the Dayak

- In ‘Orde Baru’ Government, agricultural product are always exploited.

- History of Dayak in Kalimantan are conflict between them with comer from
Madura, but also with forestry and mining companies. Dayak’s tradition ground is
pronunciations as ‘empty ground’ by company that come with economic
development name.
- In Kalimantan cities, Dayak’s races being become minority citizen. They are
pressed to forests. The thinking of Prof. USOP. MA, the famous Dayak’s people
from Palangkaraya, in government officer in Kalimantan, also DPR’s Leader,
- Follow are Dayak ethnics with mining and forestry companies conflict.

The problems of Dayak Bahau in Matalibag, East Kalimantan tradition

grounds with PT Limbang Praja and PT Amangga Pundi Nusa (Barito Pacific Timber
Group). Still go on till now.
Matalibag Vilages beside in Pariq Rivers, accused long Connect Zone.
Distance between Samarinda with Matalibag are 430 km or 38 hour with boat till
Lutan Village. From there, for until to Matalibag, we are must entering Parig River
with engined boat till 30 minute.
The Broad of Matalibag base on tradition rule calculation achieve 775.000
hectare. For ten greater part tradition Matalibag zone, consist of dense jungle which
belong of many kind of wood like meranti, kapur, bengkirai, tengkawang, aran, and
so on. Exept that also found many kind of forest product like bird’s nest, resin, and
Total of Matalibag citizen are 153 Family Heads. Ancestor of this ethnic lives
in Parig rivers zone from former, nice 1815. Their works are to process unwiring area
arable land, gardening, and from forest products that doing from tradition. The
product of field, garden and forestry are economic result source.
In 1992, PT. Limbang Praja dan PT. Anangga Pundi Nusa, make HTI Trans
Location in tradition grounds zone Matalibag, they are not discuss with Matalibag
citizen first. HTI trans location for transmigration from NTT, since May 1992. such as
tradition grounds in Bengeh River zone, which have broad 8,400 hectare and
Meriting Rivers with 6,800 hectare. Since that, Matalibag citizen are losing freedom
for get power and procession, in tradition ground zone.
In 23 May 1992, there are consultation between 137 citizen with company of
Muspika. This company are giving suggest if citizen make load tradition ground
exhaust for HTI Trans Location.
After that, citizen give 14 loaded. This loaded are failing, but, the last of 1993,
the company agreed with 14 loaded of citizen in Jakarta, but there is no realization.
Citizens are doing protest in 10 June 1995 and 19 October 1996. but it isn’t
successful. Companies are still doing activity in HTI Trans Location.
Taking over tradition ground is not yet finished. This company are doing theft
of wood in tradition zone in 22 November 1996, Matalibag citizens protest and give
loaded till 5 Milliard rupiah, but this loaded failed.
The both problems is not yet finishing already appear forest fire that begin
from HTI Trans Location of PT. Anangga Pundi Nusa. These on fire are destroying
citizen gardens. Actually, this on fire is cannot happen if the company agree with
“Lembaga Adat Matalibag” question. Tradition Organization ask if PT Anangga Pundi
Nusa can cope with this fire, but, it’s unsuccessful. Citizens are asking money for
949 million rupiah, but it failed.
Taking over tradition not yet finish (May 1992), wood theft in tradition ground
zone (November 1996) and on fire of forest (February 1998), not finished, citizen do
tradition promise for finished this problem in last 1998, Matalibag citizen get a little

In 1996 PT London Sumatra taking over Dayak Benuaq’s traditional ground in

Kutai, East Kalimantan. PT. Lonsum International do the starting ground operation
for horticulture in this tradition ground. First, starting grounds belong tradition is
protested citizen tradition in Lamin Mancong, Kutai in May 1996. in Mancong Village
will started 18000 kectare garden from tradition’s ground.
Citizens are certain that coconut garden was never change their life. It is that
their studied in Sumatera, West Kalimantan and Pasir Government. Although of that
still not different.
The refusal of people reply to PT Lon sum with gave time for a week and
Mancong people to list become Sawit Member. If there aren’t anybody to list, it
means that Mancong people really disagree with sawit coconut company. Present
company will moved the area to Tanjung Isuy and Bangan. Everything damage
above destruction of plants will be finished at the base of PT. Lonsum. Inc. appear
that there aren’t any damage and that company fixed to manage the area which they
take that company also use police and ABRI to evacuate people.
September 1996 Bulldozer PT. Lonsum to working compulsion area people
tradition in Mancong. The head leg and the valley disagree to surrender the people
area to company, but company fixed people to accomplish close together, try to stop
the company activities in the field.
The resuval not only in Mancong, but also in nine of the other village. In 12
November 1998 people from nine village (Perigia Village, Muara Tae, Muara Nayan,
Pentat and Lembanah in district Jempang, and Tebisaq Village, bayan Mountain,
Belusuh and Moa Foil in district Muara Paku) to bring demand to PT Lonsum
Indonesia. People to sit PT Lonsum office Indonesia waiting arrival the leader of PT
Lonsum from discussion. People to hold in PT Lonsum office since 12 November
until 2 December – 1998.

Process between people Dayak Kelian versus PT Kelian Equatorial Mining

through to go on until now. PT Kelian, that 90 percent Shareh older belong to Rio
Tinto, is handle contract labors the biggest mining gold in east Kalimantan. Rio Tinto,
to shape biggest company mine that to have central office in London and Melbourne,
to process Shareh older in Freeport Mc. Moran, professor multitude Shareh older PT
Freeport Indonesia.
Presence PT Kelian in east Kalimantan to make many problems the whole
1982 – 1991 PT Kelian to help the police do the firing to city zone house. Break the
field of people and break the passenger village they are willing people that do
This company is also dirtied to Kelian River, the local people that such as
Dayak, Kutai, Banjar, and Bugis ethnic, gave some protest to the company in 1992.
The protest still continue right now. After that, Rio Tinto Indonesia want to consult.
The people indicate 14 people as consult specialists.
After thoughts some consultation, on 29 June 1998 build an agreement about
lose substitution for an island, Hora and the build that at the land, but this agreement
never filled by Rio Tinto.

The people of Marangkayu, Terusan and Rapah Lama in Kutai district, East
Kalimantan province do the protest to Uncoil, the company of soil and earth gas that
have an official centre in California, USA. On 8 October 2000, the people did
blockade the road to company
That is the point in spite of Kutai peoples. On this period Uncoil fought the
land, dirtied the rice field and the sea. The people blocked the road since 25
September 2000, that is did by 300 people of Marangkayu, Terusan and Rapak
In Semangkok that Uncoal difference to Tanjung Santan, choose as location
of process the foil and earth gas.
Semangkok be inhabited of Dayak and Kutainese that due to Marangkayu I
(kutai). Now the people of Bugis merged in this district after opened the jungle. The
position of Marangkayu I is beside of South of Terminal Tanjung Santan. The Dayah
inhabited marangkayu I since 1819. than they are has migration to Mahakam.
After that, in 1940 Kutai began came from Tenggarong because to avoid the
army of Japan. After 10 years the people compulsion to go by Uncoal. This is
happened in 1970.
The people go to the field location, that the location began Kampung apak
Lama that on the East Terminal Tanjung Santan and now began Desa Persiapan
The Build of terminal Tanjung Santan compulsions the Kampung Baru.
Terminal Tanjung Santan take an island 2 km2. but, now terminal Tanjung santan
have wide 12 km2.

The people of Dayak Siang, Dayak Murung, and Dayak Bekumpai must
stand with army to take their competency that taken by PT. Indo Muro Kencana
(Aurora Gold). This company is ones of company in Australia since 1987.
March 2000, an army from brigade Mobile, with command from leader of Nort
Barito and instruction of president No.3 at 2000 about “Penanggulangan
Penambang Tanpa Izin” (PETI) . to do the action again, North Barito Polres that
supported by PT. Indo Muro Kencana do the compulsions to the Tengkarong and
Permata Village, middle Kali.
The action happened in the morning. The army knocks some house and
commands the people to go out from their house in the yard children and women
united free from the man. They are enemy with the armies will be handcuffed. Then,
someone command them to stand in the trucks. Finally, the armies bring all of people
go out from the village.

Every year 10 ton acid thrown according to immaterial, to their river and the
land by gold passenger. This passenger worked at big river in middle Kalimantan,
and they are thrown rubbish of acid in the rivers. Now, Bappedalda always
remember that the layer of acid dithered has on limited situation for health life.
The mean, this is has on the dot that could threatening the people’s live and
another living. Right now, not yet any news about now to delete virus that could
threaten people’s live.
The government Central Kalimantan district, not yet make an arrangement till
right now, but many people didn’t know about the acid. The dirtied acid has threaten
living 1.8 million people in Central Kalimantan. The water from Ampalit district steam
to “alur sungai” district (Mentaya and Katingan) since 100 years ago, rivers that cleft
a province wide about 153.560 km2 still as the best well for fulfill the winds, of want
many people everyday.

These custom activities are working to permanently the forest. This activity
began with tradition meeting. After that make agreement the forest special zone. And
the name is “Letaah Laas Wahea Long Sekung”. Metquen that’s mean last river
between Sekung river zone. In the early morning approximately at 07.00 WIT began
tradition custom activity. Oldest village prepare 2 guard statue from wood. They are
believe that 2 statue are change Boq Teblee and Hong Nah that male and female
who are willing to provide the forest. Boq Teblee and Hong Nah are their forefather.
They are also killing a pig and chicken than next their blood will to cares to the both
of the statue. The last ceremonies are all of people who involved. Finally, they are
dancing together.

The Dayak is amazing ethnic in Indonesia. They are make Indonesia so rich of
culture. The Dayak’s ethnic can guarded the Nature of Indonesia because they are
homage tree become their God.
We hope that this culture will safe and immortal and every people knowing
about our cultural resources that can make Indonesia known in world society, so the
nature of Indonesia are still kept as well.