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The Foundation For Living Beauty presents

The Goddess Workshop Series

Celebrating the Four Seasons of personal renewal

The FFLB invites you to look within and discover your inner divinity,
radiance and power.

In The Goddess Workshop Series, we will explore the renewal of

the four key components of our being, necessary in creating connectedness
and awareness within ourselves. Consider it an opportunity to press reset
and explore your physical, mental,
emotional and spiritual wellness.

Held the first 4 Sundays in March from 11am to 3pm,

at The Flintridge Retreat Center.
236 W. Mountain Street, Suites 117 & 118 Pasadena, CA 91103

March 1st The Season of Physical Renewal

Open your heart and become connected with your body once again as we renew
our physical temple with a day of Meditation, Affirmations, Yoga and Qi Gong,
which focuses on restoring vitality and health with functional postures, controlled
breathing, moderate to no movement and focus. In addition, in our “ Detoxification
after Chemo” workshop learn about detoxing and cleansing your body after
chemotherapy using natural foods as well as supplements. Find balance and
strength as we practice loving our bodies.

March 8th The Season of Mental Renewal

Tap into a creative, peaceful and productive mental state, gaining the tools and
perspective necessary for mental renewal. During the “Think Like the Goddess you
are” workshop, you will discover what Goddess archetype (Venus? Artemis? The
Muses?) that can most help you update and clarify your mind, allowing you to
renew your life by thinking like the Divine Goddess you are. Also, enjoy our “Brain
Respiration” workshop that teaches you conscious breathing for the accumulation
of life energy flowing to our brain, awakening and improving total health.
March 15th The Season of Spiritual Renewal
Awaken and explore your divine power and energy as we
explore Meditation, Breathe work, Yoga and Chakra theory, which suggests that
energy blockages can cause imbalance within us that can manifest spiritually,
mentally, emotionally and even physically.

March 22nd The Season of Emotional Renewal

Quiet the mind and create a clearer mental state by releasing and letting go. In our
Emotional Living and Cleansing workshop, we will learn how to deal with
challenging emotions and create a positive emotional state within ourselves. In
addition, our “Connecting Body and Soul with Essential Oils” workshop will explore
the health and beauty benefits of essential oils. Learn how to improve immunity and
strengthen your body, mind and soul.


For New Living Beauties:

Please contact Amie Petersen at 626 757 6794 or to reserve
a space and request a registration and medical release. If by email, please specify
which workshop days you will be attending.

For registered Living Beauties:

If you have participated in one of our past events and have already completed a
Living Beauty application, please contact Amie Petersen at 626 757 6794 or to reserve a space. If by email, please specify which
workshop days you will be attending.
You do not need to complete a new registration form.

*Space is limited and is granted on a first come first serve basis.

*This self-exploration Goddess workshop series is open to existing and new Living
Beauties (women over the age of 18 who are currently battling cancer or who are in
remission within the past 5 years) AT NO COST. Attendance at all 4 workshops is not
mandatory, yet highly suggested to receive the most out of this extraordinary
workshop series.

*The Foundation for Living Beauty is a non-denominational organization and

although many of our workshops and activities and spiritual in nature they do not
cater to any particular denomination and are not religious in nature.
Meet our Goddess Workshop
Series Facilitators
As Founder and Executive Director of the Foundation for Living Beauty, Amie’s personal vision and
mantra is to empower woman to reach their fullest potential emotionally, physically and spiritually
helping them to unlock the beauty within themselves. As a beauty and style expert, Amie runs a
holistic beauty company called Dena Cali inc and is also a Holistic Life coach and accomplished
Motivational Speaker.,

Dena is a Spiritual Power Guide. For more than a decade she's shared tools that allow people to
infuse their lives with clarity of purpose, prosperity and power.
No matter our past, no matter the circumstances, Divine Power is just a breath away. Dena inspires
the awakening of Heart and Soul through international speaking engagements, workshops, retreats,
and customized programs. Dena's unique methods combine her academic Ivy League education
and advanced communication degree with years of rigorous metaphysical and spiritual training in
various world traditions.

Lara began her massage therapy career 6 years ago while pursuing her college degree in physical
therapy. She attended the California Healing Arts College in Santa Monica, Ca where she received
her Massage Therapist certification and is currently continuing her ongoing education at IPSB in
Culver City, Ca. Lara has state recognized training in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, and Thai
Massage modalities. And in addition to her formal training, has years of practical field experience;
working independently as well as a therapist and department manager at Burke Williams, LLC since
March of 2003.
Over the years Lara’s practice has evolved to incorporate the pursuit of overall health and
wellness as it pertains to her clients. This includes alternative methods of massage therapy such as
Reiki and Chakra Balancing (both energy work modalities) along with nutritional counseling and
yoga therapy.
Lara’s goal and mission is to help all those she services to understand the cyclical nature of
health (that all things are connected), to train themselves to think differently about their own health
and well being and to actively pursue alternative methods to obtain and sustain the highest level of
quality living for themselves, including their mode of thinking.


Patricia Carol Brooks is the founder, publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Aromatherapy Thymes Magazine
and a board member of The Foundation for Living Beauty. Brooks brings her in-depth knowledge of
aromatherapy, along with a sense of originality and personality, to the magazine she edits. Her
dedication to exposing the issues facing the global essential oil market goes beyond the magazine
itself. Brooks is frequently quoted in broadcast and daily media outlets on the topic of purity and safe
use of essential oils.
In addition, Patricia is the founder of “Symphony for Life” an organization bridging
aromatherapy and the arts together for a better life. Her first book “Daily Aromatherapy Inspirations,”
will be published in 2009.
Patricia continues to spread her holistic message: “Aromatherapy represents what nature honors
most, energy – the vital force which enlivens all flowers, herbs and fruits. It is more than just a
fragrance; aromatherapy is about healing the whole person.”
Sarah focuses on integrating a mind-body approach into current medical practices in the field of
oncology by helping patients establish individualized nutrition plans (which focuses on food as
medicine), sorting through possible herbal and supplemental remedies that may compliment their
medical therapies, and creating and presenting innovative education materials and seminars to
patients, doctors and other members of the medical team. Sarah is a firm believer in helping to treat
and heal the whole person. Sarah earned a Bachelors degree in Food and Nutrition from San Diego
State University and completed her Dietetic Internship at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.
She currently works as the sole dietitian at the Cancer Center of Santa Barbara.


As a therapist, speaker, teacher and writer, Tom helps those looking to achieve mental and
emotional wellness. He earned a Master’s in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University and
completed his initial training at Hathaway-Sycamores Child and Family Services, where he counseled
children, adolescents and families dealing with loss, trauma, anxiety, depression and many other
challenges. Tom now has a private practice near Old Town Pasadena and is employed by Dr. Diane
J. Lee, a licensed therapist with more than 20 years of experience. His personal motto, “Shape Your
Life Story,” expresses the belief that – even in the midst of overwhelming problems – people can and
do have the ability to write their own narratives and make happiness the rule ... rather than the


Viti is an accomplished therapist and hypnotherapist providing group, individual and family therapy
for individuals with serious illnesses, with a focus on managing their illness and enhancing their
independence. She has earned a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy from the Philips
Graduate Institute, a Bachelor’s from The University of Southern California and is a Certified
Hypnotherapist having studied at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute. Viti also leads parenting classes
along with domestic violence classes.