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1le Uriversi Ly o Cuel ls IrdeerderL SLuderL Nevsaer
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ArLs & CulLure
SorLs & HealLl
CommuriLy LisLirgs




A new vision for Canada?
Justin Trudeau met
with students and sta
during his visit
xLLsL. ccicLLIK
Tis is a gereraLior more emov
ered Lo clarge Lle vorld Llar ever
beore. IL vas Llis idea LlaL ulLi
maLely brouglL MF JusLir 1rudeau
Lo Lle UriversiLy o Cuell or Feb ,.
1rudeau, oLer reerred Lo as
Lle rocksLar o Caradiar oliLics,
vas uslered irLo Lle Brass 1as or
Feb. , vlere le vas greeLed by over
:o eagerly vaiLirg sLuderLs. He is
currerLly a cardidaLe or Lle lead
ersli o Lle Federal Liberal FarLy o
Carada, ard Look Llis oorLuriLy
Lo reacl ouL Lo a grou o yourg
voLers vlo visl Lo see a clarge
ir Lle oliLical slere.
1rudeau serL Lle majoriLy o lis
visiL remirdirg sLuderLs LlaL vlile
iL is more imorLarL Llar ever or
Lleir voices Lo be leard, Lley are
Lle segmerL o Lle oulaLior leasL
likely Lo voLe ir oliLical elecLiors.
Yourg eole are disergagirg
rom oliLics because iL doesrL look
like a comellirg vay Lo clarge
Lle vorld arymore, said 1rudeau.
1rudeau also merLiored LlaL,
i, as a gereraLior, you are less
irvolved viLl oliLics Llar ever
beore, Lle resorsibiliLy aL aulL
or LlaL resLs squarely or Lle sloul
ders o oliLiciars ard roL or yourg
eole. Tis is vlaL le loes Lo
clarge ir ucomirg years.
1rudeau also discussed LlaL sLu
derLs are corLirually ar urLaed
resource ir Caradiar oliLics,
vlicl is vly iL is imorLarL or Llis
gereraLior o yourg eole Lo voLe.
We reed Lo make oliLics orce
agair abouL beirg oer, abouL lis
Lerirg, abouL ergagirg, ard abouL
emoverirg oLlers, remarked
1rudeau. I all you ocus or is vlaL
is urgerL, you rever geL arourd Lo
vlaL is imorLarL, ard LlaLs vlaL
ve reed Llis gereraLior Lo seak
u or.
Seakirg viLl Lle clarm ard
clarisma le las come Lo be krovr
or, sLuderLs ard sLa lisLered ir
LerLly Lo 1rudeaus seakirg oirLs.
ALer a brie aeararce aL Lle
uriversiLy, Lle oliLiciar leaded
over Lo Lle DelLa loLel vlere le ad
dressed o commuriLy members
ir a similar aslior. Wlile some
looked aL iL as ar oorLuriLy Lo
mirgle viLl a oliLical icor, oLlers
visled Lo slare Lleir graLiLude by
brirgirg alorg icLures ard mem
orabilia o Lle laLe Frime MirisLer
Fierre 1rudeau, JusLirs aLler.
CommuriLy members ard sLu
derLs o all ages gaLlered Lo caLcl
a glimse o 1rudeau. Amorg Llem
vas UriversiLy o Cuell sLuderL
Mary WalLor. WalLor vas lucky
erougl Lo greeL Lle Federal loeul.
IL vas surreal Lo meeL some
ore I krov is goirg Lo lave sucl a
Lremerdous imacL or me ir Lle
uLure, roL jusL as a sLuderL, buL
ulLimaLely as a Caradiar, said
SuorL rom sLuderLs like Wal
Lor is vlaL all oliLiciars sLrive or.
JusLir oirLed ouL several Limes
LlaL i Llis gereraLior realizes lov
Trudeau visited the Brass Taps to address students, sta, and faculty about his hopes for the future.
Plastic water bottle controversy
CSA continues ght for
water bottle ban
Te CerLral SLuderL AssociaLior
(CSA) Aqua Camaigr Look over
Lle UriversiLy CerLre courLyard or
Feb. , or Lle camaigrs Day o Ac
Lior. SLuderLs assirg Llrougl Lle
buildirg sav dislays viLl vaLer
sLaLisLics ard a barrer roclaimirg
vaLer as a lumar riglL. Hurdreds
o sLuderLs vroLe camaigr cards Lo
exress Lleir suorL or a boLLled
vaLerree camus. Ever Liberal
MF JusLir 1rudeau, camaigrirg or
Lle Liberal leadersli, sLoed by
Lo sigr a card ard Lake arL ir a La
vaLer LasLe LesL.
Ore o Lle liglliglLs vas a vave
sculLure made o lurdreds o
emLy lasLic vaLer boLLles, vlicl
volurLeers lad collecLed over a Lvo
lour eriod or camus.
AroLler sLaLior eaLured cam
aigr members sellirg air. Tis
vas mearL Lo raise ar imorLarL
quesLior, CSA ExLerral Aairs Com
missiorer Domirica McFlersor said.
Would you buy air: Wly vould
you buy vaLer: McFlersor asked.
Te day vas arL o Lle Aqua
Camaigrs orgoirg eorLs Lo raise
1,o. 0 ILiA. 1(1L, :o1
Global to Local:
U of G students and
faculty on international
and national news
YeL aroLler cruise sli adverLure
las gore vrorg, ard orce agair,
Carrival Cruise Lires is aL Lle cer
Lre o Lle commoLior. e National
Post reorLed LlaL ar ergire re or a
Carrival cruise sli caused Lle mal
urcLiorirg o iLs roulsior sysLem,
ard Lle sli las driLed o miles
rorLl o iLs origiral osiLior sirce
Feb. :o. A LugboaL is rov Lovirg Lle
sli Lo Alabama rom iLs locaLior ir
Lle Cul o Mexico. Te sLaLemerLs o
assergers aboard Lle sli are creaL
irg a media rerzy or Lle comary,
as eole are reorLirg LlaL vaLer
ard eces are all over Lle slis
lallvays ard deck. Alorgside Llese
regaLive claims, mary baLlrooms
are reorLedly roL vorkirg, ard Lle
assergers lave liLLle access Lo ood.
Te siLuaLior is remiriscerL o
a similar exerierce ir November
zo:o, vler a Carrival cruise sli
vas sLrarded or Llree days viLl
(,oo eole orboard, accordirg Lo
e National Post. Orce Lle asser
gers everLually goL o Lle sli ir
Sar Diego, Lleir LesLimories rom
Lle Lri described a riglLmarisl
Llree days ir Lle Facic viLl limiLed
ood, over ard baLlroom access.
WiLl Lle sli larrirg Lo arrive ir
Lle UriLed SLaLes or Feb. :(, as
sergers lave lerLy o Lime Lo sLock
u or video ard loLo ooLage o
Lle sli ir iLs currerL sLaLe, vlicl
may be sliglLly vorryirg or Carri
val Cruise Lires.
e Ontarion: Have you leard abouL
Llis revs Loic, ard is iL someLlirg
LlaL vould rormally be or your
Erika Lindgren, student: I laverL
leard abouL iL, buL Ive kird o beer
erguled ir midLerms laLely so LlaLs
robably vly. Usually, I vould
robably lear abouL iL, ard LlaL kird
o sLu. I like Lo sLay u Lo daLe.
e Ontarion: Do you care abouL
revs sLories like Llis: Wly or vly
EL: Yeal, I Llirk so. I ird LlaL
Lleyre reLLy irLeresLirgard Im
asciraLed by, roL |recessarily| Lrau
maLic everLs, buL irLeresLirg revs
sLories like LlaL.
e Ontarion: Is Llis sLory more like
ly Lo irsire Lle makirg o lumorous
memes, or serious revs leadlires:
EL: I guess a liLLle biL o boLl. ILs
reLLy urry Lo Llirk abouL, buL iL
robably vouldrL be urry i you
vere Llere.
anks to the participant for this
weeks interview. If you have some-
thing to say about international or
national news, and would like to
be contacted for future issues, or if
you want to see a particular news
story covered here, contact News
Editor Alicja Grzadkowska at on-
Taking pride in diversity
Guelph Pride events
surge on through the
onslaught of snow
ALIcJA czADxcvsxA
Te exLreme virLer veaLler LlaL
CuelliLes exerierced or Feb.
S may lave resulLed ir Lle uri
versiLys closure, buL iL did roL
comleLely lalL WirLer Cuell
Fride everLs, leld rom Feb. 6 Lo
Feb. . Wlile Fride Rock ard Lle
social jusLice vorkslos vere
carcelled, Lle mair everL leld
ir dovrLovr Cuell vas sLill or.
Families, sLuderLs, ard commu
riLy members vere ercouraged Lo
visiL MarkeL Square ard :o Carder
SL. ard learr more abouL Lle LC
B1QIA commuriLy ir Cuell.
Te Cuell Fride commiLLee,
vlicl las sigriicarL correc
Liors Lo OuL or Lle Slel, is used
Lo larrirg or varmer veaLler,
sirce Lleir everLs are Lyically
leld ir Marcl ard May, buL Llis
year marked a rev seL o everLs
scleduled seciically or Lle
ILs acLually Lle rsL Lime veve
dore WirLer Fride, said Arra
MiddleLor, Cuell Fride commiL
Lee member ard mair orgarizer
or Lle Feb. S everL.
We varLed Lo lave someLlirg
arL vay Llrougl Lle year because
by Lle Lime May comes arourd,
mosL o Lle sLuderLs are gore,
ard Lley dorL geL Lo arLiciaLe,
added MiddleLor.
Te veekerd everL vas aimed
aL sLuderLs, buL also aL amilies.
Te commiLLee seL u ar area or
games, uzzles, ard craLs aL :o
Carder SL., makirg Lle erviror
merL amilyrierdly. Firdirg
vays or amilies Lo be irvolved
vas arLicularly imorLarL or Lle
ILs imorLarL || Lo brirg
amilies LogeLler, Lo irLer
acL viLl oLler amilies ir Lle
commuriLy. I Llirk iLs really
imorLarL or everyore Lo real
ize LlaL |a amily| doesrL lave Lo
|lave a| Lyical amily sLrucLure,
like moLleraLlerclildrer,
Lo be a lay ore, exlaired
Kelsey ALkirsor, aroLler
commiLLee member vlo is vol
urLeerirg viLl Cuell Fride or
Lle irsL Lime Llis year, says LlaL
lavirg yourger clildrer aLLerd
Lle everLs vill lel Lle commiL
Lees cause.
ILs greaL Lo romoLe diversiLy
ard |i| eole |come| aL a yourg
age, Ller all Lle beLLer, said
ALkirsor. ILs so mucl easier
Lo reacl kids aL a yourg age be
cause Lley dorL |krov abouL|
sLereoLyes, ard Lley dorL lave
a seL mirdseL yeL || iLll leave a
lasLirg imressior.
1le esLablisled srirg everLs
are scleduled Lo Lake lace ir
May, buL Lle virLer esLivi
Lies loed Lo remird eole o
Cuell Frides reserce. Mid
dleLor said LlaL Lle commiLLees
goal vas Lo kee eole Llirk
irg abouL |Cuell Fride by|
lavirg everLs LlrouglouL Lle
year, ard roL jusL Lle eriod
ir srirg.
BoLl ALkirsor ard MiddleLor
agree LlaL Cuells receLior Lo
Cuell Fride las beer osiLive,
ard LlaL Lle Cuell commuriLy
is a good lace or loldirg Fride
Cuell is very irclusive ard
very varm, said ALkirsor,
seakirg or ler ovr exerierces
ir Lle ciLy. Mary grous ir Lle
commuriLy lave also reacled ouL
Lo Lle Cuell Fride commiLLee.
Weve lad a rumber o grous
aroaclirg us ard sayirg LlaL
Lley varLed Lo be a arL o Llis,
ard iLs really arLasLic, said
MiddleLor. JusL ir gereral, I
ird Cuell is very velcomirg
ard very rierdly, very acceLirg
o diererL eole ard dier
erL liesLyles. ILs a greaL lace
or Llis.
Two volunteers for Winter Guelph Pride manned an information
desk for curious visitors in downtown Guelph.
Guelph is
very welcoming
and very
friendly, very
accepting of
dierent people
and dierent
lifestyles. Its a
great place for
. . . ccK1IKiLD
vvv. 1LLcK1AIcK. cc\
National Anti-Fur Day
Members raise
awareness on the fur
cA. cc
Accordirg Lo ar irogralic
or, More
Llar Llree millior arimals are
killed arrually ir Lle Caradiar
ur irdusLry. 1le vebsiLe also
sLaLes LlaL, Worldvide, over
, millior arimals are killed
eacl year or Lleir ur, vlile
lisLirg some o Lle arimals
vlo are LargeLed seciically
or Lleir ur, ard merLiors Lle
lessLlaradequaLe cordiLiors
LlaL Llese arimals live urder
rior Lo beirg larvesLed. Fur
Llermore, Lle vebsiLe claims,
1lere are currerLly ro lavs
regulaLirg Lle keeirg, lar
dlirg or killirg o cageraised
urbearirg arimals ir Carada.
Members o Lle Cuell SLu
derLs or Lle ELlical 1reaLmerL
o Arimals (CSE1A) corgregaL
ed DovrLovr Cuell or Feb.
aL CiLy Hall Lo arLiciaLe ir Na
Lioral ArLiFur Day, vlicl vas
also Lakirg lace ir z diererL
ciLies all over Carada.
I Llirk ve are all reLLy as
sioraLe abouL arimal riglLs
a loL o us lave caLs ard dogs
ard Lley lave ur jusL Lle same.
Were Lryirg Lo slov eole
LlaL Lley slouldrL see a di
ererce beLveer oLler arimals
LlaL are slauglLered ir Lle mil
liors or Lleir ur. We really
Llirk mosL eole vouldrL
kill Lleir caLs ard dogs or Lleir
ur, exlaired Miclael Niclol
sor, a MasLer o ArLs cardidaLe
aL Lle UriversiLy o Cuell vlo
is arL o Lle grou.
1lree millior arimals LlaL
lave ur ir Carada are killed
eacl year ard arourd ,oo,ooo
are ir ur arms viLl Lle resL
Lraed ir Lle vild. 1le ur
arms are exclusively or mirk
ard Lle resL are arimals like
coyoLes ard lyrx, said Rasla
1ala, a ourLl year sLuderL aL
Lle UriversiLy o Cuell ard
aroLler member o CSE1A.
1le srov day LlaL lad oc
curred Lle day rior lad ar
imacL or Lle everL sirce Lle
grou lad larred or ercour
agirg sLuderLs aL Lle UriversiLy
CerLre Lo come ouL Lo Lle everL
or Feb. . Members exlaired
LlaL because o Llis, Lle everL
vas more abouL raisirg avare
ress ard lealeLirg raLler Llar
a roLesL or a rally.
We are larrirg or disers
irg arourd dovrLovr Cuell
lealeLs raLler Llar lavirg a
large grou roLesLirg, said
1ala. Fersorally seakirg, I
dorL believe ir LlaL as a mears
o acLivism ard iLs roL very e
ecLive. Bigger grous are more
irLimidaLirg ard i ve vere Lo
lard ouL liLeraLure ard arsver
ary quesLiors eole may lave
ve vill be able Lo reacl a loL
more eole.
avareress o vaLer issues or camus.
A major arL o Lle camaigr is Lle
movemerL Lo bar boLLled vaLer sales
ir uriversiLy aciliLies ollovirg lasL
years reererdum. AlLlougl Lle re
ererdum sloved LlaL ,S er cerL o
sLuderLs suorL sucl a bar, Hosi
LaliLy Services sLill sells vaLer ir lasLic
McFlersor said LlaL Lle CSA re
serLed a draL ledge Lo \ice FresiderL
o Firarce ard AdmirisLraLior Dor
OLeary ir Lle Fall zo:z semesLer. Te
draL ledge ircluded commiLmerLs Lo
erdirg boLLled vaLer sales, ircreas
irg Lle availabiliLy o La vaLer, ard
rovidirg ublic educaLior. Te uri
versiLy admirisLraLior resorded viLl
a modied roosal.
Te disaoirLirg asecL vas LlaL
|Lle resorse| ircluded mucl o vlaL
Lle draL ledge ircluded, buL iL really
vaLered iL dovr ard iL didrL discuss
our iriLial demard or a laseouL
o boLLled vaLer or camus, said
AroLler meeLirg viLl Lle admir
isLraLior is scleduled ir Marcl, ard
McFlersor loes Lo corLirue Lo
lobby or a bar. Hovever, a oLerLial
barrier exisLs ir Lle orm o corLracLs
LlaL vere rereved ir early zo:z viLl
vaLer disLribuLors.
LasL year, HosiLaliLy Services
rereved corLracLs viLl CocaCola,
vlicl disLribuLes Dasari vaLer LlaL is
sold or camus ir verdirg maclires,
ard Naya. Beore Lle loliday break, Lle
CSA requesLed ard received coies o
Llese corLracLs.
Hovever, ir boLl corLracLs a rum
ber o arLs vere blacked ouL, said
McFlersor, arLicularly irorma
Lior LlaL vould be lelul Lo look aL
Lle mirimum rumber o boLLles LlaL
vould reed Lo be sold. Cererally iLs
commor racLice LlaL you car re
duce your sales viLlir a corLracL, buL
Lleres robably a mirimum ir lace.
We do Llirk iLs reasorable Lo lase ouL
boLLled vaLer sales, ard vere lay
Lo lave a corversaLior abouL vlaL
Llose rumbers vill look like. Hoe
ully ve car geL Llose rumbers rom
Lle corLracLs Lo deem vlaLs acLu
ally ossible.
Besides vorkirg viLl admirisLra
Lors, Lle camaigr vill corLirue Lo
educaLe sLuderLs abouL Lle bereLs o
La vaLer. As vell, ucomirg everLs
are larred Lo celebraLe BoLLled WaLer
Free Day ard World WaLer Day.
WiLl sLrorg sLuderL suorL, ILs
ar issue Lle admirisLraLior vorL be
able Lo igrore, McFlersor said.
We do think
its reasonable
to phase out
bottled water
sales, and were
happy to have
a conversation
about what
those numbers
will look like.
. . . ccK1IKiLD
1,o. 0 ILiA. 1(1L, :o1
overul iL is, iL is slockirg Lo Llirk
abouL jusL lov mucl o a diererce
could be made ir Lle vorld.
WlaL ve ir oliLics reed mosL is
ar ergaged, acLive, ard overul
oulace LlaL is sayirg LlaL ve car
do beLLer, said 1rudeau. WiLlouL Llis
irsiglL, oliLics ir Carada vill begir
Lo sLagraLe ard move backvards ir
sLead o orvards.
IL is imorLarL Lo Lake roLe o Llis
visiL, as ore o 1rudeaus key mes
sages Lo Lle sLuderL oulaLior vas
Lo orgeL abouL LlaL idea LlaL you
miglL be leaders o Lomorrov, be
cause viLl everyLlirg you do you are
leaders o Loday.
e importance of species
Release of research on
need for biodiversity
ILs roL every day LlaL a uriversi
Ly car roudly sLaLe LlaL camus
researclers are or Lle cover o a
globally recogrized jourral. Tis
veek, UriversiLy o Cuell car.
Froessors Ardrev MacDougall
ard Kevir McCarr, boLl rom Lle
IrLegraLive Biology dearLmerL,
graduaLe sLuderL Cabriel Cellrer,
ard Roy 1urkirgLor o Lle Bio
diversiLy Researcl CerLre aL UBC
lave earred Llemselves Lle cover
o Nature. Tis irLerdiscilirary
jourral, vlicl is ublisled irLer
raLiorally, is a LLirg verue or
rdirgs LlaL vill lave ir uerce
across elds ard are imorLarL or
everyore Lo gras.
Te researclers rdirgs sLaLe
LlaL biodiversiLy lels Lo ro
LecL raLure agairsL Lle imacL o
lumars. Te imorLarce o bio
diversiLy las beer emlasized ir
oLler ublicaLiors buL Llis :oyear
sLudy, corducLed or \arcouver
Islard, corrms LlaL Lle mair
Lerarce o biodiversiLy buers ar
ecosysLem agairsL disLurbarces
vlile also rovidirg services LlaL
allov Lle sysLem Lo recover more
e cierLly aLer erLurbaLior.
1o uL Lle rdirgs ir Lerms LlaL
are more easily corceLualized, re
searclers lave used Lle aralogy o a
diversied sLock orLolio. Te same
vay LlaL lavirg a varieLy o irvesL
merLs roLecLs you rom comleLe
barkruLcy, biodiversiLy roLecLs
ecosysLems rom comleLe collase.
Ever Lle researclers belird Llis
vork rd Lle resulLs imressive.
We vere surrised aL Lle seed
ard magriLude o Lle diversi
Ly eecL lov quickly Lle |ligl
biodiversiLy| sysLem recovered
ollovirg Lle sudder ard irLerse
ervirormerLal erLurbaLior, said
Te auLlors exress LlaL Lle re
sulLs o Llis vork vill be imorLarL
roL jusL or Caradas agriculLural
irdusLries, buL vill also lave im
orLarL global alicaLiors as large
ercerLages o Lle lareLs LerresLri
al surace are maraged irLersively
ir sucl vays LlaL acLively reress
biodiversiLy ircludirg, re sures
sior, larLirg o rorraLive secies,
ard irLersive grazirg. Sucl sys
Lems remair roducLive as lorg as
Lley are roLecLed rom ouLside dis
Lurbarces sucl as drouglL ard re.
Te corcerr is LlaL sudder disLur
barces are becomirg ircreasirgly
requerL. Slould ore o Llese mar
aged sysLems be aecLed by sucl a
disLurbarce, sigricarL ard lasLirg
imacL could be elL Llrougl losL
roducLiviLy or Lle irvasior o com
mercially urdesirable secies.
1le researclers suggesL LlaL
mary ecosysLems are rearirg Lleir
Llreslold ard are sLill currerL
ly liglly roducLive sysLems LlaL
are seemirgly sLable. Hovever, i a
major disLurbarce occurs, a secies
abserce caused by a suressive
biodiversiLy maragemerL vould
become imorLarL. Tis vork sug
gesLs LlaL some o Lle imacL could
be miLigaLed by maragirg lard ir
sucl a vay LlaL allovs, or ever ro
moLes, biodiversiLy ir Lle ecosysLem.
AroLler dramaLic irdirg o
Lle researcl is LlaL biodiversiLy is
crucial or sysLems Lo recover ol
lovirg raLural res. Wlile Lle eecL
o caLasLrolically loL res vas
roL LesLed, ore car exLraolaLe Lle
imorLarce o sucl a rdirg ir Lle
vake o Lle asLourdirg res LlaL
raged Llrougl more Llar :o,ooo
lecLares o Caradiar lard ir zo:z.
Secies are more imorLarL Llar
ve Llirk, said MacDougall. We
reed Lo roLecL biodiversiLy.
Order of Ontario received by faculty member
Geography professor
receives Ontarios
highest honour
Or Feb. 6, a roessor rom Lle
UriversiLy o Cuell corLirued Lo
rove Lle excellerce o Lle sclools
aculLy . Dr. Barry SmiL o Lle ge
ograly dearLmerL received Lle
mosL resLigious avard ir Lle
rovirce Lle Order o OrLario.
Te Order o OrLario recogrizes
Llose vlo lave aclieved excel
lerce Llrougl lelirg ciLizers o
OrLario or aryvlere ir Lle vorld.
SmiL las deriLely aclieved Llis
LlrouglouL lis career aL Lle uri
versiLy ard arourd Lle vorld. His
exerierce ircludes beirg a mem
ber o OrLarios ExerL Farel or
ClimaLe Clarge AdaLaLior, Lle
direcLor o Caradiar ClimaLe Im
acLs ard AdaLaLior Researcl
NeLvork, a codirecLor o Lle
IrLerraLioral Folar Year Commur
iLy AdaLaLior ard \ulrerabiliLy ir
ArcLic Regiors, ar advisor Lo Lle
UN ErvirormerL Frogram, Lle UN
DevelomerL Frogram, FAF, ard
UNFCCC, ard ever beirg a lead
auLlor or Lle IrLergoverrmerLal
Farel or ClimaLe Clarge, vlicl
led lim Lo become a coreciierL
o Lle Nobel Feace Frize ir zoo,.
SmiLs exerLise lies ir Lle area
o adaLaLior ard miLigaLior o cli
maLe clarge. He is ore o Lle rsL
researclers Lo exlore Lle vulrer
abiliLies ard socioecoromic imacLs
o Lle raidly clargirg climaLe ir
develoirg ard develoed raLiors.
ALer lis years o exerierce,
SmiL vas quoLed sayirg, I lave
lad Lle oorLuriLy Lo meeL
amazirg eole ir courLries ard
commuriLies arourd Lle vorld.
Like mary oLlers, I vould reer
Lo see more rogress or dealirg
viLl Lle climaLe clarge issue ir a
reasored vay, esecially ir Car
ada. YeL I am ercouraged by Lle
ircreasirg recogriLior o Lle realiLy
o climaLe clarge, ard I believe LlaL
gradually ve vill adoL more sus
Lairable vays o livirg. Im lookirg
orvard Lo see vlaL Lle yourger
gereraLiors do.
Uor receivirg Lle avard, SmiL
acceLed lumbly, sLaLirg ir ar
irLerviev, I loe LlaL all my col
leagues ard graduaLe sLuderLs over
Lle years see Llis as recogriLior or
Llem also. I lave beer blessed viLl
vorderul eole Lo vork viLl ard
sucl a suorLive ervirormerL ir
my dearLmerL.
Seakirg Lo SmiLs asL sLuderLs,
iL is eviderL LlaL Llis roessor is
mosL deservirg o Llis avard. NoL
orly las SmiLs assior beer eviderL
ir lis researcl, buL Lle lasLirg im
acL le las leL or sLuderLs.
SmiLs classes ergaged my eers
ard I Lo arLiciaLe ard |le| vould
clallerge sLuderLs Lo develo
more criLical arsvers, said BreLL
Eserser, a ourLl year erviror
merLal goverrarce sLuderL, ard
described SmiL as, Te mosL clar
ismaLic Leacler I lave lad.
SmiL ever Loucled sLuderLs LlaL
did roL lave Lle lorour Lo lave lim
as a roessor.
ALer aLLerdirg Lle Erviror
merLal Symosium ard learirg
oLler sLuderLs seak abouL Dr. SmiL,
I regreL roL Lakirg ary o lis classes
vlile I lad Lle oorLuriLy, said
Jessica 1oomer, a ourLl year irLer
raLioral develomerL sLuderL.
AlLlougl iL is urorLuraLe
LlaL Lle uriversiLy is losirg
Barry SmiL as le reares or
lis reLiremerL, iL is obvious
LlaL our irsLiLuLior las bere
iLed greaLly as SmiL irsired ard
reacled Llousards locally ard
Dr. Barry Smit is appreciated by many students and faculty who
believe that his recognition is well-deserved.
vvv. 1LLcK1AIcK. cc\
Newsology: Pope resigns,
leaving world to fend for itself
Benedict hands in his
ALIcJA czADxcvsxA
Ir :(:, cerLuries beore oes or
Lle Dalai Lama leld 1viLLer ac
courLs, Lle CaLlolic Clurcl vas
exeriercirg sliglL Lersiors, Lo
say Lle leasL, as Lvo mer vere
claimirg Lo be Lle Lrue oe. Te
erd resulL vas Lle resigraLior o
Foe Cregory XII, vlicl leled
erd Lle eriod krovr as Lle
WesLerr Sclism.
Nov ir zo:, Lle oe is orce
agair leavirg Lle CaLlolic o ce,
roL so mucl or Lle bereL o Lle
moderr vorld, buL or lis er
soral lealLl. Or Feb. ::, Foe
BeredicL X\I o cially resigred
rom lis osL aL Lle lead o Lle
CaLlolic Clurcl Lo ocus or lis
declirirg lealLl. Ard vlile Bere
dicLs resigraLior vill mosL likely
cause Lrerdirg viLLy LveeLs, ard
roL a caLaclysmic, or ever mir
iscule, sliL ir moderr socieLy,
Lle everL does slov lov mucl
(ursurrisirgly) Lle vorld las
clarged ir Lle lasL 6oo years.
For irsLarce, viLl Foe Bere
dicLs leave comes Lle oorLuriLy
or Caradiar Cardiral Mark Ouel
leL Lo obLair Lle osiLior as lead
o Lle clurcl. Tis vould roL orly
be a sigricarL, or aL leasL a cool,
momerL or Caradiars, iL vould
also demorsLraLe LlaL ar irdivid
ual rom a ormer BriLisl colory
car rov lold vlaL vas orce
urdersLood as ore o Lle mosL
iruerLial osiLiors ir Euroe.
1le resigraLior also reveals
lisLorical issues deely grourd
ed ir religiors role LlrouglouL
colorialism. Missiorary vork ir
LaLir America begar durirg Lle
Columbus age, ard mucl earlier
ir Arica, vlicl las aecLed Lle
religious vievs o eole ir Llose
areas o Lle globe Loday. Ir acL,
e Globe and Mail reorLs LlaL
(z er cerL o Romar CaLlolics
reside ir LaLir America ard A
rica, comared Lo z er cerL LlaL
live ir Euroe, vlicl may cause
roblems or Lle ILaliar CaLlolic
Clurcl, vlo loes LlaL Lle rexL
oe vill be ILaliar. Te revi
ous oe, Foe Jolr Faul II, lad
a Folisl leriLage, ard BeredicL
is a Cermar, vlicl already vas
a clarge rom Lle urebred
ILaliar oes LlaL rar Lle slov
ir Lle older days. Nov, Lle
ossibiliLy o a LaLir Americar
or Aricar oe is ircreasirg, aL
leasL based or sLaLisLics slovirg
vlicl arLs o Lle vorld are Lle
mosL CaLlolic.
WiLl Lle erd o Foe BeredicLs
osL as leader o Lle CaLlolic
Clurcl Llus comes a revelaLior
o iLs ossibly mulLiculLural uLure.
Ferlas ir zo years, Lle Foe vill
be a Nigeriar or a Braziliar, vlicl
car orly mear a osiLive move
merL orvard or Lle \aLicar.
One billion versus one billion
International campaign
looks to end violence
against women
IL las b eer reorLed LlaL a sLag
gerirg ore ir Llree vomer vill be
raed, beaLer, or ace oLler orms
o violerce ir Lleir lieLime. Ore
billior vomer is ar alarmirgly
ligl rumber. Ore Billior Risirg
is rebellirg agairsL Llis sLaLisLic.
Ore Billior Risirg, a camaigr
brarcled rom Lle irLerraLioral
orgarizaLior \Day, aims Lo abol
isl violerce Lovards vomer.
Eve Ersler las asked or a call
Lo rise or as mary eole Lo rise
u ard Lake a sLarce agairsL vio
lerce Lovards vomar, said Kerer
Harvey, Lle execuLive roducer o
\Day aL Lle UriversiLy o Cuell.
\Day arose rom Eve Erslers
lay, The Vagina Monologues.
ALer beirg irurdaLed viLl sLories
rom vomer vlo could relaLe Lo
ler ard oLlers exerierces, Er
sler decided Lo Lake acLior. As a
resulL, \Day vas borr. 1o mark
iLs :Ll arriversary, Ore Billior
Risirg las become Lle soLliglL
camaigr or zo:.
We are loldirg a vigil roLesL
iLs goirg Lo be more silerL Llar a
loL o oLler laces are goirg or,
said Harvey, ir resorse Lo Lle
mulLiLude o everLs Lakirg lace
Or Feb. :(, volurLeers aL Lle
UriversiLy o Cuell or Ore Bil
lior Risirg vill be lardirg ouL
red Mardi Cras beads or camus
Lo Llose vlo lave beer or krov
someore vlo las beer assaulLed.
Our loe is Lo slov lov reva
lerL iL is or camus, viLl a sea o
red beads, said Harvey.
FurLlermore, cardboard sigrs
viLl Lle vords I am risirg agairsL
violerce because vill be avail
able arourd camus or sLuderLs
Lo risl Lle serLerce.
IL laers lere, Harvey said,
reerrirg Lo Lle lack o krovledge
o lov revalerL sexual abuse ard
assaulL is. Sle corLirued, ILs roL
someLlirg LlaL laers so ar
avay, |orly| ir imoverisled cour
Lries. IL laers ir our commuriLy.
I Llirk iLs someLlirg LlaL Loucles
everyores lie aL ore oirL.
Ir order Lo reverL Llis sLaLis
Lic rom corLiruirg, socieLy reeds
Lo clarge Lleir culLural vievs Lo
vards violerce.
\iolerce is rormalized, said
Harvey. Rae jokes are sLill seer
as someLimes urry Lle larguage,
ard Lle serse o lumor arourd rae
iLs roL urry, buL iLs embedded
ir our culLure LlaL iL is someLlirg
ve car laugl aL, added Harvey,
ir recallirg ar irciderL o a rae
sorg or a Cuell LrarsiL bus lasL
ALer roducirg The Vagina
Monologues or Lvo years, Harvey
roLes Lle aburdarce o sLories re
gardirg violerce agairsL vomer,
ard lov liLLle las beer dore.
We reed Lo lave more corversa
Liors abouL osiLive sex ard lov Lo
clarge Lle culLure o violerce ve
live ir a culLure o violerce, said
Harvey. IL erLairs Lo my rierds,
my amily, ard iLs someLlirg LlaL
reeds Lo clarge.
One Billion Rising has gotten the support of many celebrities, though none will be appearing on campus
on Feb. 14.
With the
end of Pope
Benedicts post
as leader of the
Catholic Church
thus comes
a revelation
of its possibly
1,o. 0 ILiA. 1(1L, :o1
Mile Riot takes aim at violence against women
V-Day Guelph raises
awareness with all-
day music festival
KIcx LvIKc1cK
Ore vay Lo gair aLLerLior or a ress
irg issue is Lo sLage a rioL. \Day
Cuell did jusL LlaL Lo raise avare
ress o ard urds or vomers
issues or Feb. , albeiL viLlouL ir
icLirg massive roerLy damage ard
blockadirg Lle sLreeLs. IrsLead, Lle
orgarizaLior collaboraLed viLl ForL
riglL Music Lo losL Lle secord arrual
allday :oo Mile RioL music esLival aL
\ar Cogls Ear.
Te everL vlicl dravs iLs rame
rom a lay or Lle local ood move
merLs :oo mile dieL eaLured :z
lours o music erormed by e
maleiderLiyirg, emalebodied
ard gerder rorcorormirg arLisLs,
mosLly rom Lle Cuell area. IL vas
corceived lasL year by Nicole Bilyea,
a ormer member o rovdeurcL
local bard Your Neck o Lle Woods,
vlo roLiced a Lerdercy or Lle local
music scere Lo be domiraLed by male
erormers. Te :oo Mile RioL aims Lo
rovide a sace or emale erormers.
O course, Llere |are| mer ir Lle
bards || buL iLs really Lo slov
case Lle emale LalerL LlaL ve lave
ir Cuell, said Kerer Harvey, ar
orgarizer viLl \Day Cuell.
Harvey ard Alisla Halgrer, vlo
also orgarized Lle everL, said Lleir
loe vas Lo raise discussior or Lle
culLure o violerce agairsL vomer,
Lle caLalysL or vlicl vas Eve Er
slers lay, e Vagina Monologues.
Ersler creaLed \Day, vlicl is ob
served or Feb. :(. Te movemerL is
rov reserL ir :6, courLries.
ILs Lurred irLo a vlole move
merL abouL arLiviolerce. \iolerce is
oLer, or aL LlaL oirL, vas keL urder
vras. So \Day is a movemerL Lo
Lackle violerce agairsL vomer ard
clildrer vorldvide, said Harvey.
Tey use rimarily creaLive arLs or
erormirg arLs, sucl as esLivals
like :oo Mile RioL or lays like e
Vagina Monolgues.
\Days currerL camaigr, Ore
Billior Risirg, reers Lo Lle sLagger
irg sLaLisLic LlaL ore ir Llree vomer
vill exerierce rae or assaulL ir Lleir
lieLime, Lle equivalerL o over ore
billior vomer or Lle lareL.
So iLs a big movemerL Lo sLard u
ard be sLrorg ar avareress ard ad
vocacy movemerL, said Harvey.
WlaL veve beer Lalkirg abouL,
ard vlaL vere doirg or Ore Billior
Risirg, is Lryirg Lo creaLe avareress
LlaL sexual assaulL isrL jusL a Llirg
LlaL laers elsevlere, LlaL iL la
ers ir Cuell ard iL laers or
camus, added Halgrer.
WiLl LlaL ir mird, roceeds rom
:oo Mile RioL vill be goirg Lo a rumber
o orgarizaLiors. FiLy er cerL vill be
doraLed Lo Lle NaLive YouLl Sexual
HealLl NeLvork, a 1ororLobased
orgarizaLior LlaL rovides services
or ard by irdigerous eole across
Carada ard Lle UriLed SLaLes. Har
vey oirLed ouL LlaL vomer o colour
ard irdigerous grous are disro
orLioraLely aecLed by violerce.
AroLler zo er cerL vill be allocaLed
Lo Lle Wellress CerLre aL Lle Uriver
siLy o Cuell, viLl ar equal amourL
goirg Lo CuellWellirgLor Womer
ir Crisis. Te remairirg :o er cerL o
Lle roceeds go back Lo \Day.
Te everL kicked o slorLly aLer
zo .m. viLl ar ubeaL olkrock
erormarce by Dear Me ard erded
abouL :z lours laLer viLl DJs Jurgle
CaL ard Madame D. Ir beLveer, :oo
Mile RioL vas losL Lo a diversiLy o
musical sLyles, rom Lle Llick iaro
clords ard elecLrorically looed
beaLboxirg R&B o Dee Eve Arcler,
Lo Lle olksy, courLry eel o Olerka
ard Lle AuLumr Lovers, Lo Lle rau
cous urk sourd o Lle Fleromores
(ar allemale Ramores cover bard),
Lo Lle syrLlleavy darcerock o
Rouge, amorg rumerous oLlers.
Ir Marcl, \Day vill sLage a ro
ducLior o e Vagina Monologues
as vell as MENding Monologues.
Te laLLer exlores Lle role o mer ir
sLardirg u agairsL violerce agairsL
vomer, as vell as Lle oLerreglecL
ed realiLy LlaL mer car also be vicLims
o violerce.
An all-female Ramones cover band, the Pheromones, brought the punk sound one would expect at a
festival with a name like 100 Mile Riot, in support of this years V-Day campaign.
e Opposite of Everything bewitch downtown Guelph
Jaron Freeman-Fox
bends genres at the
Jimmy Jazz
c.K KIcLcLscK
Jaror FreemarFox ard Lle O
osiLe o EveryLlirg are a riddle
vraed ir a mysLery irside
ar erigma, Lo borrov WirsLor
Clurclills vords. Tey aeared
aL Lle Jimmy Jazz Feb. , as a vell
dressed yeL oddly maLcled bluegrass
ouLL, layed Lleir rsL sorg ir a
sLrirgsricl CelLic sLyle, ard carried
or Llrougl more Llar a lardul o
gerres beore Lle seLs erd, ard sLill
maraged Lo vir Lle aLLerLior o a
small yeL raL audierce.
Te slov vas Lleir very lasL sLo
or a raLioral Lour romoLirg Lleir
revesL selLiLled album, Jaron
Freeman-Fox and the Opposite of
Everything. Te veiece, rorLed
by Lle eversosliglLly sirisLer Free
marFox limsel, corsisLed o Lle
aoremerLiored or violir, backed
by a LradiLioral drum seL, uriglL
bass, accordior ard saxolore ar
urorLlodox seLu riglL o Lle baL.
Wlile Lle seL oerer glided grace
ully over CelLic rooLs, Lle secord
sorg ied Lle eel comleLely
viLl a Cajur lovler abouL allirg
ir love viLl Lle vrorg ersor, as
Fox quied. Te erergy remaired
ligl Llrougl Lo Lle liglliglL Lrack
o Lle rev album, Te Nev Ruck
us, vlicl mosL deriLely lived u
Lo iLs rame, all Lle vlile slovcasirg
Lle sLurrirg virLuosiLy o Lle musi
ciars or sLage.
Seamlessly LrarsiLiorirg back irLo
a subdued yeL assioraLe ballad, Lle
OosiLe o EveryLlirg exlibiLed ar
eorLless versaLiliLy o gerre, a clar
acLerisLic vlicl is rare ard sorely
missed ir Llis age o redicLable o
divas ard Lrerdy auxolkrock
bards like Rilarra ard Mumord
ard Sors.
I Lle audierce vasrL corvirced
beore o Lle bards masLerul res
erce, ode Lo lome (BriLisl Columbia)
Redvood exlibiLed a brilliarL mix
o exerimerLalism ard classical or
mula comosiLior, ever maragirg
Lo overover Lle disLracLirg boom
o club beaLs rom \iryl rexL door.
Te sleer beauLy ard majesLy o Lle
ersemble really slore Llrougl, ir
sLillirg quiLe ar imressior or Lle
small crovd.
OLler liglliglLs ircluded Lle L
Lirgly LiLled HurLer S. Tomsor
Folka eaLurirg jaurLy odd Lime
sigraLures ard aggressive vocals,
a brilliarLly LvisLed ard grovlirg
cover o Feole Are SLrarge by
Lle Doors (also eaLured or Lle rev
album), ard Lo Lo iL o, a ovirg
ragalled Irdiariruerced Auc
Lioreerirg EveryLlirg, irsired by
FreemarFoxs Lime sLudyirg music
ir Irdia.
All o Llis raise is jusL bare
ly Louclirg Lle surace o Lle ure
asciraLior irvolved ir seeirg Jaror
FreemarFox ard Lle OosiLe o
EveryLlirg erorm live. Teir vir
LuosiLy suggesLed years o classical
Lrairirg, ard yeL Lleir sleer erLlu
siasm ard rav erergy removed ary
sorL o reLersior. IL is a rare leasure
Lo viLress someLlirg LlaL is geru
irely origiral, resl ard irverLive,
ard iL is erlas more urexecLed
Llar rare LlaL Llis kird o eror
marce car be ourd ir a lace like Lle
Jimmy Jazz. SLill, erlas Llis makes
Lle exerierce more urique, exe
riercirg iL viLl sucl a small grou
o eole ir sucl ar irLimaLe sace
yeL aroLler vorderully auLlerLic
live music exerierce ir dovrLovr
Great musical versatility was on display at Jimmy Jazz Feb. 7 as Jaron Freeman-Fox and e Opposite of
Everything took the crowd on a genre-bending adventure.
vvv. 1LLcK1AIcK. cc\
Ed Video to attend SUPERMARKET Art Fair
Representing Canadian
contemporary art on
international scale
Or SaLurday Feb. , Lvo emLy
suiLcases vere siLLirg beLveer Lle
blackairLed valls o a room aL Ed
\ideo Media ArLs CerLre ir Cuell,
as o riglL rov, Lle suiLcases vill
lave beer uracked ir SLocklolm,
SLocklolm, krovr or iLs vibrarL
arLs ard culLure scere, is loldirg
SUFERMARKE1 arL air, ar irLer
raLioral, rorcommercial arL air
LlaL las Laker lace arrually sirce
zoo,. Ed \ideo rereserLaLives ScoLL
McCoverr ard Julie Rere de CoLreL
vill be aLLerdirg Lle zo: air, or
Feb. : Lo :,, ard reserLirg a selec
Lior o corLemorary Caradiar arL.
McCoverr, Lle Frogram Direc
Lor aL Ed \ideo, soke abouL Lle
Lri. McCoverr said LlaL arL airs
lave become, ir Lle lasL decade or
so, really oular ard ar imorLarL
arL o Lle corLemorary arL scere,
Sveder is becomirg more ard
more imorLarL or Lle irLerraLioral
arLs scere, McCoverr said.
|...| I Llirk Lle Svedisl eole
jusL are very oer Lo arL, very oer
mirded, Lley love desigr, Lley love
culLure, ard Lleyre very curious
abouL arL ard culLure rom else
vlere as vell.
Tis air is urique ir Lle serse LlaL
iL is rorcommercial ard is oer Lo
arLisLrur cerLres ard rorroL
arLisL iriLiaLives, raLler Llar ocused
or commercial goals, sucl as sellirg
vork, McCoverr exlaired.
Tis is Lle secord year Ed \ideo
vill be aLLerdirg, lasL year vas a
successul exerierce, viLl Lle
booLl receivirg beLveer ,ooo
ard S,ooo visiLors over a eriod o
Llree days, creaLirg vide exosure
or ar irLerraLioral scale. ALLerdirg
Lle air rovides ar oorLuriLy Lo
meeL arLisLs, curaLors ard arL er
LlusiasLs rom arourd Lle vorld,
Lo brirg Lle vork o Caradiar arL
isLs Lo a vider audierce, ard Lo seek
ouL arLvorks or uLure exlibiLiors
lere ir Cuell.
McCoverr, ir Lle midsL o ack
irg, exlaired LlaL all equimerL as
vell as basic recessiLies like cloLles
vere required Lo L viLlir Lvo suiL
cases, So iLs a reverseergireered
exlibiLior, vlereas Lle size o Lle
vork or Lle vay iLs reserLed, or
Lle Leclrology, sorL o oLer drives
vlaLs ossible Lo brirg.
Te orLabiliLy irlererL ir Lle
medium o video is vell suiLed Lo
Were a media arLs cerLre lere,
so Lle rimary Llirg ve do is
video vlicl you krov, besides
Lle screers, ard Lle rojecLor, Lle
equimerL Lle video iLsel Lakes
u ro sace, iLs jusL a le, said
ArLisLs ircluded ir Lle Ed \ideo
booLl irclude Jesse Harris, a Uriver
siLy o Cuell graduaLe, vlo does a
loL o vork viLl cuL viryl, McCov
err exlaired, ar ideal medium Lo
Lravel viLl, because Lle viryl car
be reed, rolled irLo a Lube, ard
laLer urrolled ard irsLalled.
Marc Bell lives ir Cuell, ard le
does some arLasLic dravirg ard
airLirg, ard les rovided |...|
some small arels, dravirgs or
arels, ard some smaller ramed
airLirgs Lo brirg, vlicl could L
easily, said McCoverr.
Alex McLeod is based ir 1ororLo.
He makes Llese really amazirg, ar
Lasy lardscaes usirg D video, LlaL,
like a camera sorL o oaLs arourd,
ard Lleyre really liglly deLailed
ard very erclarLirg, McCoverr
Also eaLured are arimaLiors rom
a 1ororLobased collecLive, Hay
Sleey vlicl are sorL o Llese god
like masks, LlaL morl arourd ard
clarge ard Lleyre very colourul
ard briglL, ard vell lave Llree aL
screers slovirg diererL videos
like LlaL, McCoverr said.
Te arLisLs are lirked by Llis years
Lleme, Hairess.
Overall Im loirg Lle booLl sorL
o looks sorL o sycledelic, briglL
ard colourul, a biL like o arL
comic book sLyle sLu, McCov
err said.
Tis iriLiaLive, suorLed by Lle
OrLario ArLs Courcil ard Lle Cara
da Courcil or Lle ArLs, is a valuable
oorLuriLy or Ed \ideo.
So iLs really imorLarL Llese
days, or arLisL rur cerLres Lo Lry Lo
gair ar irLerraLioral role, said
McCoverr. We meeL lurdreds o
eole rom all over Lle vorld ...
ard iLs a greaL oorLuriLy or us Lo
romoLe Lle cerLre Lo a loL o eo
le, as vell as Lle arLvork, Lo geL
iL ouL Llere ard Lo loeully cre
aLe oorLuriLies or Llese arLisLs
Lo lave irLerraLioral exlibiLiors
ir Lle uLure.
Local media arts centre Ed Video is sending a contingent of
Canadian artwork to SUPERMARKET art fair in Sweden, including
that of Marc Bell.
1,o. 0 ILiA. 1(1L, :o1
Album Review: Unknown Mortal Orchestra II
Band features organic
approach to garage-
rock conventions
xI\ s1L\sLcK
Urkrovr MorLal OrclesLra is a
Llreeiece bard by vay o Nev
Zealard ard Lle UriLed SLaLes.
MosL lace associaLiors viLl Lle
bard are giver Lo Lle leadsirg
er Rubar Nielsors Nev Zealard
rooLs. Nielsor moved Lo ForLlard,
Oregor ard slorLly aLer ormed
Urkrovr MorLal OrclesLra viLl
bassisL Jake ForLraiL ard drum
mer Riley Ceare.
Urkrovr MorLal OrclesLra,
like mary lovi bards, lad
modesL begirrirgs viLl jusL a
Bardcam roile. ALer mucl
suorL rom blogs ard irLer
reL ame, Lle bard vas sigred Lo
FaL Fossum Records. 1ley rov
lave ourd lome viLl Jagjaguar,
labelmaLes Lo diverse acLs sucl
as Okkervil River ard Bor Iver.
Ir lisLerirg Lo Lle oerirg
Lrack, I krev LlaL I vould love
Lle album. IL vas a guided lisLer,
ir LlaL a covorker lad casual
ly Lossed or Lle bards album.
WiLlouL krovirg vlo Lle arL
isL vas, Lle oerirg Lure From
Lle Sur, lad me caLivaLed
erougl Lo urclase Lle album
laLer or LlaL everirg. 1le sorg,
like mary oLlers or Lle album,
las ar eorLless cool sourd LlaL
is similar Lo acLs like Lou Reed
ard Lle Kirks.
1le albums irsL sirgle LiLled
So Cood aL Beirg ir 1rouble is
Lle erecL blerd o soul viLl airy
garagerock vocals, sourdirg
like iL vas icked o o Lle Black
Keys album Brothers. 1le Lure
OosiLe o ALerroor caLures
mosL o Lle reasors vly I love
Lle Kirks. Ir LlaL resecL, iLs
asLourdirg Lo corsider lov mary
years Lle lazyrock sourd las
carried. 1le albums edgier Lures
Ore aL a 1ime ard No Need or
a Leader relecL a more sycle
delic sourd LlaL 1ame Imala las
come Lo clamior.
Im grovirg a liLLle Lired o
boLl vriLirg ard readirg abouL
bards vlo reererce a sixLies
garage rock sourd. I suose
vlaL Llis boils dovr Lo lere is
LlaL Lle sourd is back, alLlougl,
Im roL cerLair as Lo vleLler iL
ever leL. Urkrovr MorLal Or
clesLra, urlike mary oLler rev
garage rock bards, las a sigrii
carLly more orgaric ard reLLy
sourd Lo Lleir music ore LlaL I
Llirk vould LrarslaLe exLremely
vell live.
Urkrovr MorLal OrclesLras II
is layul ard liglL as iL is com
lex, buL rever comlicaLed,
makirg or a deliglLul, eorL
less lisLer.
From A to Zavitz
Viewers become
storytellers in
the process of art
Callery goers vlo aLLerded Mary
SLoyke ard Savarral Srooks
slov aL ZaviLz gallery Lle veek o
Feb. (, Rewritten, vere brouglL
back Lo Lleir clildloods Llrougl
Lle oLer arLiciaLory arLvorks
o Lle Lvo ourLlyear sLudio arL
sLuderLs. Trougl airLirg, lo
Lograly, irsLallaLior ard video,
Lle arLisLs exlored Lle corLirgerL
raLure o sLoryLellirg ard iLs re
laLiorsli Lo Lime, lace, corLexL
ard Lle viever. AuLlorial irLerL
vas called irLo quesLior as Lle siLe
o Lle arLvork came Lo occuy Lle
limiral sace beLveer Lle arL ob
jecL ard Lle viever.
Ir SLoykes layul ard ro
marLic irsLallaLior, My Balloor
1ree, Lle arLisL creaLed a sculLure
made rom rumerous red balloors,
vlicl lurg ir Lle middle o Lle
gallery sace as vould Lle caroy
o leaves o a raLural Lree. Irsired
by Floebe Cilmars sLory, e Bal-
loon Tree, SLoyke brouglL ar objecL
o clildlood imagiraLior irLo Lle
gallery sace comleLe viLl a blar
keL ard books laced bereaLl iL. As
sucl Lle vork irviLed viever ir
LeracLior ard became a sace urder
vlicl vievers gaLlered ard social
ized. SLoyke roLed LlaL ore viever
ever read Cilmars book aloud Lo
aroLler viever durirg Lle slovs
A similar exloraLior o Lle os
sibiliLy o a sLory liLerally comirg
Lo lie vas Lle subjecL o Srooks
loLogralic vork, Moby Dick.
DeicLed is ar image o Lle amous
rovel by Hermar Melville oer or
a Lable viLl oLler classics sucl as F.
L. 1raverss Mary Poppins. Seem
irg Lo emerge rom Lle lires o LexL
are Lvo small sculLures made by
Srook deicLirg a sli ard Lle Lail
o a vlale. Te lires o LexL LlaL
curve across Lle surace o Lle age
become Lle vaves o Lle ocear irLo
vlicl MobyDick lurges ard
over vlicl Lle Pequod ursues
Lle vlale.
Ir SegmerLaLior, SLoyke com
iled a series o loLograls, vlicl
evoked rarraLive by emloyirg
Lroes o Lle lorror movie gerre.
SeL Lo Lle sourd o a lm reel, Llis
video vork suggesLed rumerous
rarraLives, rore o vlicl vere
brouglL Lo resoluLior. IrsLead, iL
vas Lle Lask o Lle viever Lo irverL
Lle beore ard aLer o Lle succes
sive images. AuLlorial irLerL vas
Llus losL ard Lle mearirg o Lle
vork became deerderL or boLl
a collecLive serse o Lle larguage
o cirema ard Lle vievers lived
Srook asked Lle viever Lo cor
sLrucL rarraLive more liLerally ir
Lle irsLallaLior 1yevriLer. Te
vork corsisLed o a LyevriLer o
siLiored or a small Lable, a cuslior
laced ir rorL o iL or Lle oor, a
large sLack o blark aer, ard a
sigr irviLirg Lle viever Lo vriLe
ard eiLler Lake or leave Lleir doc
umerL. Tis call Lo arLiciaLior
vas vell received by Lle vievers
vlo resorded ard leL roLes
varyirg rom ersoral cores
siors Lo reeaLed exleLives over
Lle rusLraLior o usirg arLiquaLed
\ievers vere also irviLed Lo
irLeracL viLl SLoykes Dream
Jourral corsisLirg o a slel or
vlicl Lvo CFL liglL bulbs, ir
scribed viLl dreams recourLed
by Lle arLisL, saL. Due Lo Lle ra
Lure o Lle irk used Lo vriLe Llese
vords ard Lle raLure o Lle vork as
arLiciaLory, Lle leLLers vill grad
ually ade over Lime. Tis asecL o
Lle vork alludes boLl Lo Lle ra
Lure o dreams as oLer urclear ard
viLlouL sLrucLure, ard Lo Lle ra
Lure o irLerreLaLior as urscriLed
ard cordiLioral.
Te idea o rarraLive as urxed
vas icked u ir Srooks airLirgs,
WlaL Lle Mar Sav ard WlaL Lle
Womar Sav. Srook vroLe Lvo
rsLersor accourLs based or ar
everL ir Lle book Mr. Fox by Heler
Oyeyemi. Te arLisL Ller Lrarscribed
Llese LexLs orLo Lvo searaLe arels,
vlicl vere Ller covered ir various
sLrokes o airL mixed viLl beesvax.
1exLual mearirg vas Llus obscured,
buL over Lime, due Lo Lle crackirg
claracLerisLic o Lle medium, iL
vill clarge ard be revealed. Agair,
auLlorial irLerL is called irLo ques
Lior as Llese Lvo airLirgs reserL
disaraLe accourLs o Lle same everL
vlicl are Llemselves urLler ob
scured by Srooks mark makirg.
Ir Lle vorks o SLoyke ard Srook,
Lle viever is imlicaLed ir creaL
irg mearirg boLl guraLively ard
ir some cases liLerally. Te aral
lels beLveer Lle auLlor ard arLisL
ard Lle reader ard viever are made
aarerL by Lle arLvorks ard ques
Lior Lle rocess by vlicl mearirg
is made.
e week of Feb. 4, Mary Stoyke and Savannah Snooks Zavitz gallery exhibit, Rewritten, invited readers
to reinterpret storytelling, as in Snooks Moby Dick.
vvv. 1LLcK1AIcK. cc\
What e Tech?
Washing your Face
We are Lle gereraLior o largirg
our dirLy laurdry orlire, vlicl
las creaLed Lle rev leromeror
o emloyers rejecLirg alicarLs
or ever rirg emloyees because
o iraroriaLe corLerL or Lleir
social media roles.
A rev rogram called Simle
Wasl vas develoed Lo clear u
your Facebook role. Te ree a
searcles your role or urde
sirable loLos ard sLaLuses, ard
Ller leLs you decide i you varL Lo
remove Lle iLems.
Te ourders, Llree sLuderLs o
KerL SLaLe UriversiLy, exlair vly
SimleWasl is esecially useul or
uriversiLy graduaLes ouL or Lle
job lurL.
You serL Lle lasL our years
beirg a college kid. Ard LlaLs
vorderul. BuL a loL car laer
ir our years, ard Lle IrLerreL
rever orgeLs, read Lle Simle
Wasl vebsiLe. You arLied. You
berierded some quesLiorable
claracLers. Heck, you jusL lived
your lie ard did your Llirg vasl
avay all Llose dirLy liLLle jokes
ard beer Lalk, Llose laLe riglL
srasloLs, Llose orgoLLer likes.
I Lried Lle a or my ovr Face
book, ard discovered LlaL my
role is reLLy Lame. Te searcl
ergire agged Lle vords seed
ir a loLo caLior o Seed River,
sex ir Sex & Lle CiLy, ard
rude ir a vall osL (a lirk abouL
Lera Durlam, ro doubL). IL ever
liglliglLed veed ir my ca
Lior Id raLler be veedvlackirg
Llar sLudyirg, ard lardcore ir
a lardcore jam sessior caLior.
AlicaLiors sucl as Simle
Wasl car be a lelul sLarLirg
oirL, lovever, Jill Fergusor,
marager o Lle curriculum Leam
career advisor aL CooeraLive Ed
ucaLior & Career Services aL U o
C, advises sLuderLs Lo Lake a di
ererL aroacl ir imrovirg Lleir
orlire reserce maragirg Lleir
rivacy seLLirgs.
ILs cerLairly roL someLlirg I
vould suggesL geLLirg rid o, buL
cerLairly lock iL dovr, said Fer
gusor or social media. DorL leL
your albums be ouL Llere, dorL
leL your rierds Lag you ir loLos
because rov you car deLermire
vleLler you varL Llis Lo be Lagged
or roL.
Durirg job searclirg, some sLu
derLs go Lo Lle exLreme ard deleLe
all o Lleir accourLs viLl Lle loe
o becomirg irvisible. Hovever,
comleLe abardormerL o a veb
reserce may roL be Lle besL
Social media car be really good
or job searclirg, |reLvorkirg
viLl| ard meeLirg viLl emloy
ers, exlaired Fergusor. I
you do lave a LirkedIr accourL
vlicl I suggesL sLuderLs do Lake
advarLage o Llose Llirgs LlaL are
Llere Lo lel you viLl regards Lo
your job searcl.
Te career advisor urges sLu
derLs Lo go beyord social media
Lo clarge Lleir voicemail greeL
irg or email address Lo sourd more
roessioral, as rsL imressiors
are imorLarL ard lard Lo clarge.
Te mair corcerr is beirg cor
scierLious o vlaL youre osLirg
beore iL liLs Lle vorldvideveb.
EveryLlirg you uL ouL or ub
lic domair is ublic access, said
Fergusor. I you lave someLlirg
ese days, housecleaning isnt just about ghting grease and grime
it might include your online presence as well.
Pop Machine: Watching the throne at the Grammys
Despite making
strides, Grammy
disappointments play
like a broken record
1c\ LLDLA\
As ar avard slov, Lle Lelevised
orLior o Lle Ll arrual Crammy
Avards lived u Lo iLs rame ir sev
eral vays by slovcasirg some major
accomlislmerLs Lo a vide (albeiL
comaraLively lover) vieversli or
Feb. :o.
AlLlougl Lley corLirued Lo glo
riy Clris Brovr viLl ar avard
romiraLior, a seaL aL Lle slov, ard
several cuLs Lo lis reacLiors Llrougl
ouL Lle riglL, Lle Crammys deried
Lle vomar beaLer ard accused a
role violaLor urLler celebraLior ir
lis romiraLed caLegories, irsLead
avardirg BesL Urbar CorLemorary
Album Lo Frark Ocear, vlo Brovr
allegedly jumed ir a arkirg loL or
Jar. z,.
1aylor SviL kicked o Lle riglLs
ceremories viLl ler lolierLlar
Llou arLlem We Are Never Ever
CeLLirg Back 1ogeLler buL vas
ulLimaLely srubbed or ar avard
greaL reLribuLior aLer a erormarce
LlaL ircluded a modied rara rara
booboo soker orLior vlere SviL
relisled ir Lle acL LlaL sles Loo
busy oerirg u Lle Crammys Lo
seak viLl ar ex, as vell as ar exLra
emlasized rerdiLior o Lle sorgs
airg o iLs subjecLs reererce or
some irdie record LlaLs mucl cooler
Llar Lle sirgers (a rov Lired ard
laLiLudirized criLicism o socalled
lisLerism ard ulLimaLely a sla ir
Lle ace Lo Lle musiciars LlaL made
iL Lo Lle avards viLlouL ridirg Llere
or Lle coaLLails o major labels).
Wlile Llis years avard reser
LaLior Look some major sLrides, Lle
cold sloulder iL oered ra arLisLs ir
major, uriversal caLegories sucl as
Record o Lle Year, Album o Lle Year,
Sorg o Lle Year, ard BesL Nev ArLisL
corLirued a lorg lisLory o srub
birg LlaL Lrarsires like Lle course
o a record LlaL is very broker, ard
deriLely roL ore LlaL is scraLcled
ir irLerLiorally rlyLlmic ard mu
sically irLeresLirg vays.
Te ereLuaLior o LlaL lisLory
lerds crederce Lo criLicism LlaL Lle
Crammys are irsLiLuLiorally racisL.
TaLs roL Lo say LlaL musiciars
vorkirg viLlir Lle ra gerre re
reserL all black arLisLs or black
music, or LlaL Lle Crammys igrores
Lle corLribuLiors o black erorm
ers. Te Crammys irLroduced ra
avard caLegories ir :S LlaL lave
sirce clarged, black musiciarser
ormers lave beer ackrovledged or
success ir Crammy avard caLegories
ouLside o ra, ard arLisLs LlaL lave
roL beer black lave beer romiraLed
ir ra caLegories. WlaL is corcerr
irg abouL Crammy Avard lardlirgs
o Lle ra caLegories ard black er
ormers is LlaL vlere iL las loroured
black erormers oeraLirg ouLside
o Lle gerre, iL las Lyically beer or
music viLl eaLures gererally recog
rized as Lyical o or more oularly
racLiced by corLemorary vliLe
musiciars (e.g. R&B), ard iLs ailure
Lo rereserL excellerce or a gereral
scale or music Lyically erormed
by black corLemorary arLisLs.
Ar exclusior o ra music rom
romiraLiors ir Lle larger gereral
caLegories vas made arLicularly
quesLiorable Llis year, aLer JayZ
ard Karye WesL Look avay sever
al rizes or Lvo sorgs o o Lleir
Watch the rone Lle BesL Ra
Surg CollaboraLior caLegory or No
Clurcl ir Lle Wild ard BesL Ra
Sorg ard BesL Ra Ferormarce or
Ns ir Faris buL ailed Lo receive
romiraLiors ir broader caLegories as
ar album LlaL erjoyed massive criLi
cal ard commercial success arourd
Lle vorld.
1o Lleir meriL, Llis years Cram
mys did irclude ar erd o rogram
ra rock erormarce eaLurirg a
collaboraLior beLveer everirg losL
LL Cool J, Cluck D (Fublic Eremy),
1om Morello (Rage AgairsL Lle Ma
clire, 1le NiglLvaLclmar), DJ
Z1ri, ard 1ravis Barker (Blirk :Sz,
1rarslarLs, eLc.). BuL Lle LreaLmerL
o LlaL erormarce lerL iLsel as yeL
aroLler suggesLior o Lle rograms
ulLimaLe rioriLies vler Lle audio
ard visual vere irLerruLed ard cov
ered over viLl crediLs ard sorsor
messages LlrouglouL. \ieversli is
also krovr Lo dro as Lle everL goes
laLer irLo Lle riglL.
R&B crooner Frank Ocean was one of a minority of black musicians
represented in nominations outside of the rap and urban categories
at this years Grammys.
1,o. 0 ILiA. 1(1L, :o1
Lighting a re before playos
Womens hockey ring
on all cylinders as the
playos approach
LAiLK vA1scK
AroLler Lvo virs imroved Lle
vomers lockey Leams vir sLreak Lo
:( ir a rov. Tis veekerd Lle Leam se
cured virs agairsL Lle Ryersor Rams
or Feb. , ard Lle WaLerloo Warriors
or Feb. :o.
Tis vas a clallergirg veekerd
or us aLer comirg o Lvo very big
games versus Queers ard Laurier,
said coacl Raclel Flaragar.
Or SaLurday aLerroor, ir Lleir
avay maLcl u agairsL Lle Ryersor
Rams, veLerars Jessica FirkerLor,
Leigl SlilLor, ard Jerra LarzaroL
La eacl laced ore ir Lle reL, vlile
rookie layer Averi Noorer scored
ar imressive air o goals. Crylor
goalie SLelarie Nelrirg risled Lle
game viLl a solid sluLouL, erdirg Lle
game viLl a ral score o o.
Te rexL day, Lle Crylors vere
lookirg or yeL aroLler vicLory agairsL
Lle WaLerloo Warriors. Te game
remaired scoreless urLil Lle secord
eriod viLl a sirgle goal rom rook
ie Averi Noorer, vlicl became Lle
orly score ir Lle game. Orce agair,
SLelarie Nelrirg maraged aroLler
sluLouL ir Lle :o vicLory.
WiLl Lvo solid virs Llis veekerd,
Lle Crylors are lookirg Lo corLir
ue Llis virrirg sLreak goirg irLo Lle
Our ocus las beer ard corLirues Lo
be LlaL ve geL beLLer aLer every game
ro maLLer Lle ouLcome. We did some
good Llirgs Llis veekerd, buL Llere
is alvays room or imrovemerL as
ve lead irLo layos, said Flaragar.
Te Crylors erded Lleir regular
seasor ir secord lace viLl a LoLal o
(( oirLs, ore oirL belird Lle Lo
lace Laurier Colder Havks. WiLl ar
orgoirg rivalry beLveer Llese Lo Lvo
Leams, Lley are execLed Lo meeL agair
ir Lle OUA layo rals.
\eLerar deersemar ard assisLarL
caLair Emily CorbeLL is vell avare
o Lle Lersior beLveer Cuell ard
We deriLely lave urrisled busi
ress viLl Llem. We lave losL Lvo OUA
LiLles Lo Laurier sirce I lave beer a
Crylor, so ve are viLlouL a doubL
goirg Lo give Llem our besL glL, said
Coirg irLo layos Lle Cuell Cry
lors lave ar imressive lireu Lley
ossess Lle Lo Llree scorers ir Lle
OUA viLl Amarda Farkirs, Jessica
FirkerLor, ard ClrisLire CrarL, as vell
as rumber ore OUA goalie, SLela
rie Nelrirg, viLl ar ouLsLardirg save
ercerLage o .(6.
We eel like ve are sLrorg ir every
osiLior leadirg irLo layos, buL our
ocus vill be Lo Lake care o our deer
sive zore rsL, said Flaragar.
Tis Leam learred a loL lasL year
leadirg irLo Lle layos ard ve krov
LlaL our leaders are beLLer reared Lo
lead us Llis year.
Te layos begir ir Cuell or Feb.
:, vlere Lle Crylors are loirg Lo
Lake ore more vicLory agairsL Lle sev
erLl lace UOI1 Ridgebacks. Trougl
Lleir dedicaLior ard lard vork Llis
seasor, Lle Womers Hockey Leam
las slovr Lley are viLlouL a ques
Lior vorLly o ar OUA gold medal. Te
re is Llere, buL vill Lley be able Lo
lold orLo Lleir loL sLreak Llrougl
ouL layos:
Sporting the special Shoot for the Cure uniform, Marlee Freeman
(5) of the womens basketball team extends for the ball on Feb. 9.
Gryphons drop
game to Badgers
Annual Shoot for the
Cure game ends in
loss to Brock
1le Crylors looked Lo caiLal
ize or Lle osiLive erergy irside
Lle W.F. MiLclell cerLre or Lle
everirg o Feb. vler Lley
losLed Lle arrual SlooL or Lle
Cure game ir suorL o carcer
1le Crylors Look Lle courL ir
a urique seL o uriorms used or
Lle secial game. 1le LvoLore
irk jersey viLl red ard yellov
leLLerirg maLcled Lle irk ball
used or Lle everirgs corLesL.
Ir addiLior Lo Lle irk uriorms,
Cuell las beer irvolved viLl
Lle CIS vomers baskeLballs
eorLs ir raisirg urds or Lle
Caradiar BreasL Carcer Four
daLior, ard a CISvide LoLal o
s:z,(.S las beer raised sirce
Cuell keL iL close viLl Brock
Llrougl Lle irsL Lvo quarLers,
erLerirg lalLime viLl Lle score
((S ir avour o Brock. Cuell
ouLscored Brock by ore oirL ir
Lle Llird, makirg Lle Lally 6S
erLerirg a criLical ourLl quarLer.
Cuell looked like iL rar ouL
o gas ir Lle ourLl quarLer, as
Brock ouLscored Lle Crylors
:S ir Lle decidirg rame. 1le
game erded viLl Brock as Lle
vicLor. 1le score vas ,S66.
DesiLe ar avul LlreeoirL
game rom Lle Badgers, Brock
maraged Lo slooL (.: er cerL
rom Lle ield ard correcLed
or z o zS ree Llrov aLLemLs.
Cuell, or Lle oLler lard, cor
recLed or orly z6. er cerL o
Lleir ield goal aLLemLs, ard
corverLed or :, o z ree Llrov
aLLemLs. Cuells scorirg Lrio
o Kayla Coodlood, Erica Mc
Fadder, ard Marlee Freemar
sLruggled over Lle course o Lle
game, combirirg Lo corverL or
orly :: o ( LvooirL oor
LuriLies ard Lvo o :( aLLemLs
rom ouLside Lle arcl. IL vas a
game Lle Crylor oerse vill
varL Lo orgeL.
1le briglL soL o Lle game
may lave beer Cuells bercl
layers corLribuLirg or zo oirLs
o Cuells LoLal oersive eorL,
massively ouLslirirg Lle Brock
bercls Lvo oirLs.
1le Crylors vill look Lo
move asL Lle rougl ouLirg vler
Lley losL Laurier or Feb. : ard
WaLerloo or Feb. :6 as Lley aL
LemL Lo claim Lle lasL layo
soL ir Lle OUA.
Gryphons bring on the playos
Mens hockey prepares
for what could be a
very interesting playo
ALer losirg o Lo Lle Laurier Cold
er Havks or Feb. ,, Llere vas sure
Lo be some rervousress abouL lov
reared Lle Crylors vere or Lle
layos. WlaLever cause or alarm re
maired vas elimiraLed ir Cuells z
vicLory over York ir Lle ral game o
Lle OUA regular seasor or Feb. .
Te Crylors risl Lle seasor viLl
a record o :,z, good erougl or
a Llirdlace Lie viLl Lakelead ir
Lle OUA WesL divisior, ard vill rov
reare Lo ace Laurier (:(:zz) ir a
Llreegame series ir Lle rsL rourd o
Lle OUA layos.
Cuell erLers Lle osLseasor rid
irg Lle laurels o orvards Ardrev
BaLlgaLe, MaLLlev Lyall, ard Nick
las Huard. BaLlgaLe is Cuells leadirg
goalscorer viLl :6 or Lle seasor, ard
lis :6 assisLs make lis z oirLs Lle
liglesL Lally or Lle Leam. Lyall lolds
Lle lead or assisLs or Lle Crylor ros
Ler viLl :S, ard Huards :: goals o Lle
seasor lave leled Lo give Lle Cry
lors balarce or oerse.
Te mary LalerLs o BreLL Aio
slould be or dislay durirg Lle Laurier
series, as Aios SS eralLy miruLes
ard zo oirLs or Lle seasor slould
creaLe a Lougl siLuaLior or Laurier Lo
deerd. Cuell vill brirg a lysical
sLyle o lockey Lo Lle Colder Havks,
as Cuell las beer averagirg :.z er
alLy miruLes a game Lo Lauriers :(.6.
Te diererce doesrL seem as dra
maLic vler corsiderirg Lauriers ::.(
er cerL corversior raLe or over
lays durirg Lle regular seasor. ExecL
some lysicaliLy rom Lle Crylors
ir Lle series Lleir success miglL de
erd or iL.
Laurier ard Cuell rark :oLl ard
::Ll ir eralLy killirg, keeirg o
orerLs overlay uriLs aL bay S:.
ard S:. er cerL o Lle Lime. Mucl o
LlaL car be aLLribuLed Lo boLl Leams
excellerL goalLerdirg.
Lauriers z,game sLarLer Ryar
Dariels las a .zo save ercerLage
ard las recorded a z., goals agairsL
average Llrougl Lle seasor. Cuells
Ardrev Loverock las reLurred Lo lis
sLarLirg resorsibiliLies aLer Lle de
arLure o rookie Brardor Maxvell
Lo Lle KHL. Loverock las beer good
sirce lis reLurr, ard erLers Lle lay
os viLl a .:z save ercerLage ard a
z.,S goals agairsL average.
Te series begirs ir Cuell or Feb.
:( ard vill corLirue ir WaLerloo or
Feb. :6. I recessary, Lle Crylors re
Lurr lome or a decidirg game Llree
or Feb. :,.
A Gryphon celebrates after a Guelph goal in the teams 5-2 victory
over York on Feb. 9.
Ontari on s
l oves
col l een
( associ ate edi tor)
Ive always been a little obsessed with Star Wars I love it
new and old, through good times and Lukes whiney voice,
watching every episode in sickness and in health. ough I
dont always agree with its decisions (read: Jar Jar Binks and
midi-chlorians), my love for the galaxy far, far away remains
greater than Palpatines love of creepy cloaks and Jabbas
love for food. Winter in Guelph may feel a little bit like Hoth,
but buy me the Millenium Falcon this February, and Ill be
your valentine.
( edi tor i n chi ef )
Ill unabashedly swoon over anything punk rock: hardcore, noise,
anarcho, Oi!, peace, thrash, street, horror hell, even pop punk if
were talking about the Descendents.
If you want to get on my good side this Valentines Day, scoop me
up some punk paraphernalia: Id gladly free up shelf/wall space for
Aggronautixs line of robbleheads, a copy of Henry & Glenn
Forever, art by Raymond Pettibon, vintage zines, or if youre extra
ambitious a pressing of the Sex Pistolss Anarchy in the UK/
No Fun seven-inch (good luck, though; only three copies are known
to exist).
Alternatively, if you want to frost my akes, apply post-hardcore
to a discussion of a screamo or a metalcore band. ere is a time and a
place for the application of that term, and that is Fugazi.
( web assi stant)
My love aair with science started young. I always told people I
wanted to be a scientist. Nothing specic of course, because
to me being a scientist meant wearing a white coat and mixing
chemicals. Microscopes, telescopes and chemistry kits were
always high on my Christmas list each year.
Sadly, my relationship with science went through a troubled
period. During my early teens I thought I had outgrown it that
it was just a boyhood fascination. I was too cool for science, and
I turned my back on it.
NowI realize those mistakes of youth. Science is more than just a
methodology; its a way of experiencing the universe to connect
with everything around us. I now fully embrace my inner geek.
jessi ca
( l ayout di rector)
Ebay, oh ebay, how much do I love thee? Your
bargains so great, youre practically giving
things away for free.
Do I need yet another pair of tights? Probably
not, but please do not deprive, I can barely even
resist when they are only ..
e weather is so cold, and this cardigan will
surely be the x, Im determined to nd the best
deal in just a few clicks.
Day in and day out, I cant help but browse, I
can get all your stylish knock-os without even
leaving the house.
I scan and peruse, page after page...Ive spent so
much time ebaying that the hours can barely be
New packages arriving every single week, its
like constantly receiving birthday or Christmas
gifts, so to speak.
is addiction needs to be broken, but how do I
begin? Im going to quit cold-turkey, but youre
acting like ebaying is wearing me thin.
Wait! An ebay email notication has just arrived,
so I digress, obviously if I dont check all new
emails, my inbox will be a mess!
chri s
( sports & heal th edi tor)
A line or two for the men in the blue,
Which the season doth bring to me and to you.
Birds of summer adorning their caps,
A throw of the hide, the swing of the bat.
e grass and the dirt with chalk lines drawn true,
Ought lighten the mood for an hour or two.
Pretzels and pilsner I do not lack,
But hot dogs and peanuts soon I will track.
I turn o the phone when the boss starts calling,
en look on the eld where the benches are brawling.
Victory is certain, of that theres no doubt,
A long awaited end to this playo drought.
As innings progress and the opposition is stalling,
e home team will surely send them back bawling.
e batter strides to the plate, patient and stout,
e umpire gestures thats three strikes, youre out!
So short is the train ride I take to get home,
I miss it already, that place called SkyDome.
Long hours I work throughout the week,
Keeping in mind its the weekend I seek.
e return of Saturday with Sunday in tow,
ere cant be a mystery to where I will go.
And so I remember when life becomes bleak,
e crack of the bat, the sun on my cheek.
Its this I remember on this February day,
eyve stolen my heart, my beloved Blue Jays.
stacey ( copy edi tor)
You feel nervous, giddy even, and hyper-aware of your surroundings. eres a utter in your chest (or in your stomach). e world seems
better, brighter somehow. Im referring, of course, to the stimulant eects of caeinated coee.
My morning brewof choice would be the appropriately named Kick Ass coee by Kicking Horse Coee Co. Lest this turn into an advertorial,
Ill simply state that the package label boasts its sweet, smoky, audacious qualities, indulging my appreciation for apt adjectives as well
as providing a bold kick of caeine that has become a daily necessity.
My relationship to this substance may involve some (chemical) co-dependency, but caeine fuels my other love: writing. Admittedly,
this can be more of a tumultuous love-hate dynamic, but writing about appreciation for the written word would be obscenely redundant.
Besides, I havent even had my coee today yet.
ni ck ( arts & cul ture edi tor)
Maps are my one true love. Beyond instilling in me a wonder at places Ive never been
and their utilitarian value, cartography is an art. e choice of colours and symbology the
cartographer uses can have as much bearing on the meaning of the map as an artists choice
of medium. When Im not critiquing gure-ground contrast in textbook maps or the not-
to-scale doodle maps of amusement parks, I like to go adventuring in unfamiliar territory
(if I get lost, it was on purpose, of course). e best way to my heart this Valentines Day
is probably to nd me a world map displayed in Bonne Projection.
vanessa ( photo & graphi cs edi tor)
With each word, he brought you closer and closer to a truer, enlightened self. He eortlessly strung together sentences that are held deep
within your soul, ones you never thought someone else could vocalize. He was wise beyond his years. He understood that life is a lesson.
Once he succeeded in sharing his observations with the world through interviews and his only album, Grace, he was no longer a student of
life but a teacher. Je Buckley oated on his back on the Wolf River that day in , closed his eyes and passed on, while his favourite Led
Zeppelin song blared from the shore. He had so manifestly understood life, no longer requiring its daily lessons to reach enlightenment. If
I were to have a soul mate, Je Buckley would be it. He possessed a contagious purity not only to his voice and lyrics, but his entire being.
I nd him to be sincerely inspiring, and live through his words every day.
al i cja ( news edi tor)
When God, or any other spiritual power, force, or supermarket, provides you with lem-
ons, make lemon tarts. And if possible, do it in large quantities. If you bake or buy the right
kind, their crusts will be soft and crumbly, while their llings will be sour and creamy. Stay
away from the overly yellow-coloured ones, and if you get the chance, try Du ets ver-
sion of the tarts. You will not be disappointed. Unlike people, lemon tarts will not let you
down. ey will sit by your side, waiting patiently for you to get a craving for them, and
when you do, they will happily infuse your mouth with delicious tart-y avours. Trust me,
they are a much smarter investment for your money than any other food item you might
be tempted to purchase on your grocery run. Its undeniable, I love em.
al ( adverti si ng manager)
e raw power and emotion I get from playing the drums is like no other. After a hard day at work I nd rocking out on the drum kit a cathartic experience that is great for
the mind, body and soul. e drums will take everything youve got to give them plus more, and they will always be down for another beating no matter the time of day. In
my biased opinion, I think playing the drums is super fun and, theyre one of the hardest instruments to master. My favourite drummers in no particular order include: Danny
Carey, Neil Peart, Brian Brain Mantia, Joey Jordinson, Vinnie Paul & Brad Wilk, just to name a few. In the end, what can I say, except that I like to bang things!
moni que ( offi ce manager)
Harmony. I Iove harmony. Im obsessed with harmony. Im not talking about harmony in the sense of agreement and peace between peoples (although, Im
rather passionate about that as well), but Im talking the harmony of sound. Two or more tones of sound coming together in vibrational resonance, so pleasing
not only to the human ear, but to the human psyche.
Vocal harmony in particular is an absolute obsession of mine. I love nothing more than to bring voices together in delicious, complex chord structures that
are juxtaposed against sudden surprises of dissonance and then resolved back into perfect harmonious order. Its better than chocolate so satisifying.
Whats even more satisfying is singing with a group who can bring these notes together so purely that the vibrations send shivers up the spine, in eect,
realigning all thats out of place inside. Who needs a chiropractor, join your local choir! e timbre of each unique, earthy voice blending together in some
perfect mathematical formula of sound; how could it not but heal an injured soul or aching heart. e connectedness, the feeling of oneness, the joining of
breathe and voice. Yes, harmony is my church; my medicine; my place to rejuvenate; my obsession.
vvv. 1LLcK1AIcK. cc\
Figure Skating looks to take gold at OUA nals
Strong season has
prepared the team for
the nale
Or Feb. :o, Lle Crylor gure skaL
irg Leam leld Lleir arrual ice slov
aL Lle Crylor CerLre. Te eror
marce slovcased a dazzlirg array o
movemerL or Lle ice rom Lle Cry
lors, ard Lle soo urdraisirg or
Lle RiglL Lo Flay clariLy vas roL Lo
go urroLiced.
Hovever, Lle slov vas more o
a recursor or vlaL is sure Lo be ar
exciLirg veek or Lle gure skaL
irg squad.
HosLed by Queers ir KirgsLor,
ON, Feb. :z: vill rovide lasL
years ourLllace rislirg Cry
lors ar oorLuriLy Lo clallerge
or Lo soL aL Llis years OUA rals.
Te Ambassador Ice Fad vill be lome
Lo a LiglL comeLiLior beLveer Lle
UriversiLy o 1ororLo \arsiLy Blues,
Lle UriversiLy o WesLerr OrLario
MusLargs, ard Lle LalerLed Cuell
Durirg Lle regular seasor, Lle
Crylors Look lome gold aL Lle
McMasLer IrviLaLioral or Jar. z,
ard caLured a silver medal or Nov.
zo ir Lle seasoroerirg CarleLor
Te Crylors vill rov look Lo Lle
leadersli o ueryear sLuderLs
Amarada Sroule, Bailey Beldlam,
ClrisLire Kucava, Darielle Rarkie,
Jamie Fovers, KaiLlir Srell, KirsL
er 1roLLier, Maya Coldmar, Rebecca
Worg, Saral Slelerd, ard Teresa
Maillirg as Lley look Lo deLlrore Lle
MusLargs. Te MusLargs vor back
Loback OUA Clamiorslis ir zo::
ard zo:z.
1le Crylors vill arLiciaLe
ir Lle airs ours, creaLive darce,
mers reeskaLe, ard serior ree
skaLe everLs, Cuell aLLaired gold
ir eacl o Llese everLs aL Lle McMas
Ler IrviLaLioral. DesiLe Lle sLrorg
erormarce ir Llese everLs, Cuell
secured iLs medal erormarces ir
Lle lasL everL o eacl irviLaLioral,
Llereby rovidirg a orecasL o ir
Lerse comeLiLior ard Lle uLmosL
ressure ir Lle clamiorsli everLs
LlaL Crylors are sure Lo ace.
1le clamiorsli vill be a
crovded ore, viLl aLlleLes rom
Cuell, McMasLer, 1ororLo, WesLerr,
Queers, Brock, CarleLor, WaLer
loo, ard Ryersor all vyirg or Lle
Lo rize o beirg crovred OUA
I Cuell is able Lo geL comorLable
early ir Lle seasors remiere everL,
Lle Crylors could rur avay viLl
Lle comeLiLior buL ir ar everL
vlere ever Lle sliglLesL missLe car
mear Lle diererce beLveer Lle o
dium ard oor, Lle sLakes couldrL
be ligler or Lle Crylors as Lley
aLLemL Lo deLlrore Lle backLo
back WesLerr clams.
e University of Guelphs gure skating team poses for a group shot.
Native imagery in professional sport
North American sports
fans take issue with
appropriated Native-
American imagery
SorLs are urdamerLally a visual
everL or ars. Mucl aLLerLior is giver
Lo Lle Leams iderLiLy Lleir colours,
logos, ard oLler marks o iderLica
Lior. For sLuderLs o liLeraLure, iLs
a vivid irLersecLior o oular cul
Lure ard Lle oliLics o rereserLaLior,
vlaL is seer ard Lle urderlyirg mes
sage belird iL.
Ir Lle early sLages o ars criLicism
o NaLive Americar imagery, mucl o
Lle corversaLior vas by rorNaLives
ard based or Lle assumLior LlaL Llis
musL oerd NaLive Americars. Or
Feb. ,, Lle discussior vas led by im
orLarL gures ir Lle NaLive Americar
commuriLy Llrougl a daylorg sym
osium or Lle Loic aL Lle NaLioral
Museum o Lle Americar Irdiar, cor
verierLly locaLed ir WaslirgLor, D.C.
WaslirgLor is aL Lle learL o Lle
issue, viLl members o Lle Wash-
ington Post, ard several orlire blogs
romoLirg a rame clarge or Lle
ciLys NFL rarclise, Lle WaslirgLor
Redskirs. Te WaslirgLor rarclise
las beer krovr as Lle Redskirs sirce
1le WaslirgLor rarclise vas
racLically irrelevarL or Lle lasL ev
years beore Lle sigrirg o coacl Mike
Slaralar ard Llis years oersive
rookie o Lle year RoberL Cri r III.
NaLurally, Lle ircreased media exo
sure o Lle rarclise las doubLlessly
corLribuLed Lo Lle movemerL o re
movirg Lle oersive larguage ard
images rom Lle Leams iderLiLy. Te
Limirg o Lle movemerL, vler aired
viLl Lle Idle No More camaigr
led by NaLive commuriLies o NorLl
America, creaLes Lle urique irLersec
Lior o Americas mosL markeLable
sorL viLl ore o NorLl Americas
mosL ressirg oliLical issues.
NaLive imagery is roL isolaLed
Lo Lle NFL, as Major League Base
balls Clevelard Irdiars ard ALlarLa
Braves, as vell as Lle NaLioral Hock
ey Leagues Clicago Blacklavks
eaLure romirerL NaLive imagery.
Kevir Cover, a Favree Irdiar ard
Lle direcLor o Lle NaLioral Museum
o Lle Americar Irdiar, iderLies vly
Lle imagery is selecLed ard lov iLs
deLrimerLal Lo NaLive eole.
ILs jusL like Lle vay Irdiars lave
alvays beer deicLed ir Lle movies
sLuid ard violerL, alLlougl oddly
roble ir Lleir savagery, said Cover.
Wly is iL LlaL NaLive eoles arerL
closer Lo rereserL qualiLies like ir
Lelligerce, ieLy, gererosiLy, ard love
o amily:
Te racLice o usirg NaLive mas
coLs emerged aL Lle same Lime Lle
goverrmerL vas Lryirg Lo desLroy
NaLive culLure, NaLive larguage, ard
NaLive LradiLiors. Te mascoLs Llere
ore served Lle goverrmerLs urose
o relegaLirg NaLive culLure Lo Lle
asL, Cover added.
Te crux o Lle issue vas vell ad
dressed by Marley Begay, a serior
lecLurer aL Lle UriversiLy o Arizora
ard a member o Lle Navajo NaLior.
Ive beer called a dirLy redskir
ard a sLirkirg red r, so be
lieve me vler I say, Llose vords are
sLill very lurLul, ircludirg vler you
see Llem beirg celebraLed ir a sorLs
IL aears LlaL NaLive ard ror
NaLive suorLers o removirg Lle
oersive larguage ard imagery re
gardirg NaLive eole lave gaired
some momerLum ollovirg Lle
symosium aL Lle museum, ard er
las Lle collaboraLive eorLs o Llese
grous vill resulL ir real clarge Lo
imagery deemed oersive by Lle Na
Live ard NorNaLive commuriLy alike.
Harricharan, Van Moerkerke nearly unstoppable
e Gryphon swim
team nished fourth
overall at the OUA
1le Crylors corcluded a
successul Llreeday OUA clam
iorsli meeL or Feb. . HosLed by
Lle UriversiLy o 1ororLo, Cuell
laced ourLl ir boLl Lle mers
ard vomers divisiors.
Te vomers ral sLardirgs lad
WesLerr ir rsL viLl S,6. oirLs,
1ororLo ir secord viLl ,6z, ard
McMasLer ir Llird viLl 6Sz..
Cuell ard OLLava boLl osLed
S6 oirLs ir Lle sLardirgs, Lyirg
Llem or ourLl lace.
Te mers side eaLured Lle same
LoLlree Leams buL ir diererL
order, 1ororLo Look lome Lle
overall gold viLl S: oirLs, Mc
MasLer recorded ,zz, ard WesLerr
osLed a score o 6(. Cuells S6
oirLs leL Llem alore ir ourLl
lace ir Lle mers sLardirgs.
FirsL year sersaLior Evar \ar
Moerkerke seL OUA records ir
Lle :oom reesLyle viLl a Lime o
(.: ard Lle om reesLyle viLl
a Lime o zz.(:. \ar Moerkerke
caLured silver ir Lle :oom back
sLroke viLl a Lime o .(z, givirg
lim Llree LoLal medals or Lle
day. Fellov Crylor MaLLlev
SLelersor earred gold ir Lle
zoom breasLsLroke viLl a Lime
o z:,.,. SLelersor added a
brorze ir Lle :oom breasLsLroke
ir :o.o. Derek Quick rourd
ed ouL Lle mers medal courL
viLl a brorze ir Lle :oom ree
sLyle, osLirg a ::.z Lime ir
Lle rocess.
Crylor sLardouL Alisla Har
riclarar caLured Llree golds or
Lle vomers side, slovcasirg a
masLery o Lle buLLery everLs.
Harriclarar claimed Lo rize
ir Lle om viLl a Lime o z,.z,
broke ar OUA record ir Lle :oom
viLl a Lime o :oo.zz, ard vas Lle
vicLor ir Lle zoom viLl a Lime o
z:.So. Harriclar iLcled ir or
Lle (oom reesLyle relay, as Lle
Leam o 1ess Wey, Harriclarar,
Sasla BoulLor, ard Erica FaLe
combired or a Lime o .o
Lo claim brorze.
Ir all, Lle Crylors caLured
:o medals over Lle course o Lle
clamiorsli, six o vlicl vere
gold. SeLLirg Llree OUA records
ir Lle rocess, Lle meeL vas a
greaL success or Lle Crylor
Leam overall, buL irdividual suc
cess vas recogrized aL Lle meeL as
vell. Harriclar vas ramed Lle
OUA emale svimmer o Lle meeL
ard vas laLer ramed Lle OUA
emale aLlleLe o Lle veek. \ar
Moerkerke made a sLrorg imres
sior aL Lle OUAs ard vas ramed
Lle male rookie o Lle meeL. BoLl
Harriclar ard \ar Moerkerke are
eaLured as Lle aLlleLic dearL
merLs aLlleLes o Lle veek, ard
vill look Lo LrarslaLe Lleir ro
vircial success orLo Lle raLioral
sLage vler Lley comeLe ir Lle
CIS clamiorslis ir Calgary or
Feb. z:z.
From the Bleachers
decided to eliminate
wrestling from Olympic
Te Olymics sLard as a vorldvide
irsLiLuLior romoLirg uriversal co
oeraLior Llrougl Lle celebraLior o
sorL. Ore o Lle sorLs LlaL las beer
a major lisLorical comorerL o Lle
Olymics is vresLlirg.
1le aeal o vresLlirg is sim
le ore aLlleLe aLLemLs Lo use Lleir
sLrergLl ard skill Lo orce Lleir o
orerL Lo submiL a very visual ard
symbolic gesLure o erorcirg ores
ovr over over aroLler irdividual.
Te game las rooLs back Lo Lle irce
Lior o Lle Olymics ir arcierL Creece
vlere Lle sorL erjoyed similar ublic
irLeresL Lo LlaL o clarioL racirg.
So iL came as quiLe a slock vler
Lle IrLerraLioral Olymic CommiL
Lee decided Lo cuL Lle sorL rom Lle
zozo Olymic summer games Lo be
leld ir IsLarbul, Madrid, or 1okyo. Te
decisior comes aL a Lime vler Cara
das vresLlirg rogram las Laker six
medals ir Lle asL our summer games,
ircludirg gold medals by Dariel Igali ir
zooo ard Carol Huyrl ir zooS.
Tomas Bacl o Cermary, Lle IOCs
vice residerL, aLLemLed Lo exlair
Lle decisior earlier ir Lle veek.
IL vas ar exLremely di culL deci
sior || Tere vill alvays be criLicism,
buL I Llirk Lle greaL majoriLy vill ur
dersLard LlaL ve Look a decisior based
or acLs ard or Lle moderrizaLior o
Lle Olymic Cames, said Bacl.
Te decisior came slorLly aLer Lle
IOC commissiored a reorL aralyzirg
criLeria, ircludirg Lelevisior raL
irgs, LickeL sales, arLidoirg olicies,
global arLiciaLior, ard Lle overall
oulariLy o Lle sorL. Clearly, Lle
(( aLlleLes comeLirg ir :S LoLal
vresLlirg everLs ir Lle zo:z Lordor
summer games vere roL corsulLed.
FILA, Lle irLerraLioral vresLlirg
ederaLior, is oised Lo corLesL Lle
decisior LlaL slocked Lle vresLlirg
commuriLy ir ucomirg years. CriLi
cism is already emergirg rom Russia,
a ererrial vresLlirg overlouse, as
Lo Lle ireecLiveress o FILA ir mair
Lairirg Lle sorLs lace aL Lle games.
FILA is sure Lo exerierce some
Lerse meeLirgs ir Lle comirg morLls
as more deLails urold as Lo vly Lle
game vas removed rom Lle Olym
ic rogram.
WresLlirg is Lle mosL recerL game
Lo be removed rom Lle Olymics, buL
soLball ard baseball vere removed or
Lle zooS games ir Beijirg.
Te zozo games vill eaLure a max
imum o zS sorLs, viLl baseball
soLball, karaLe, roller sorLs, sorL
climbirg, squasl, vakeboardirg,
vuslu, ard rov vresLlirg added Lo
a lisL o sorLs comeLirg or irclusior
ir Lle games.
Wler lookirg aL Lle lisL o everLs
rom Lle zo:z games, iLs di culL Lo
urdersLard vly vresLlirg vould be
removed vler comared Lo Lle oLler
cardidaLe, Lle moderr erLaLllor (a
combiraLior o isLol slooLirg, eee
ercirg, zoom reesLyle svimmirg,
slov jumirg, ard a Llree km cross
courLry rur).
Te use o gurs o ary kird, irclud
irg Lle : slooLirg everLs LlaL vill
remair arL o Lle Olymics, seems
courLerirLuiLive Lo ar everL LlaL ro
moLes eaceul cooeraLior amorg
raLiors. JusL sayirg.
Regardless, iL is a di culL decisior
or Lle IOC Lo lard ouL, as members
o Lle commiLLee lave exressed
Lleir slock over Lle removal o Lle
everL orm Olymic comeLiLior, as
Lle voLes vere carried ouL Llrougl
a secreLballoL rocess amorgsL IOC
commiLLee members.
Aryore vlo claims vresLlirg
doesrL belorg ir Lle Olymics is sim
ly suggesLirg LlaL sLrergLl, seed,
ard skill are ro lorger su cierL Lo
comeLe ir Lle Olymics. ILs rear
ly imossible Lo argue LlaL ullirg a
Lrigger ard exlodirg a clay igeor re
sembles a sorL more Llar ore lumar
beirg aLLemLirg Lo move ard cor
Lrol aroLler.
WlaL a disaoirLirg day or Lle
Olymics ard all LlaL iL sLards or,
buL more so or Lle mary vresLlers
LlaL vill rov lave Lo glL Lleir vay
back irLo Lle irLerraLioral everL Lley
leled orge.
Wrestling has been revoked as an o cial event of the Olympic
games due to a decision handed down from the International
Olympic Committee.
e snow that shut down a city empowers the Gryphons
Gryphon Nordic Ski
Team takes advantage
of the snow
Tus ar a LemeramerLal virLer
las keL some skiers or Lleir Loes
ard vorderirg rom ore day Lo Lle
rexL i Lley vill ever be able Lo geL
ouL or Lle Lrails or Lle sloes. BuL
roL Lle Crylor Nordic Ski Leam,
vlo lave orly missed ore oorLu
riLy Lo rereserL our sclool due Lo
veaLler cordiLiors. For Llis Leam
Lle srov LlaL sluL dovr Cuell ard
surrourdirg area lasL Friday vas orly
corrmaLior LlaL Lley vould lave
yeL aroLler clarce Lo make us roud,
ard Lley did jusL LlaL aL Lle arrual
Moro Nordic Ski Race or Feb. .
Nearly :oo racers vere regisLered
or Lle arrual everL LlaL vas oer Lo
all age grous ard skill levels. Tis
year orly Lvo uriversiLies vere re
reserLed, Cuell ard WaLerloo, ard
Cuells Leam, ir Lleir LradiLioral
cov soL suiLs, made quiLe Lle im
ressior or ard o Lle o cial course
Llis veekerd.
Te club is led by coacles Iar
RiLclie ard Jolr Alokas, vlo vere
boLl leased viLl Lle Leams ouLirg.
Race orgarizers ecloed Llis serLi
merL, sayirg LlaL iL mears a loL Lo
Lle club ard Lle sorL Lo lave Lle
Cyrlors Llere every year as Lley
lave greaL Leam siriL ard seL a greaL
examle or yourg skiers lookirg Lo
corLirue ir Lle sorL.
Te lack o aLLerdarce by oLler
uriversiLies is likely because Lle race
is roL regulaLed by OrLario Uriversi
Ly ALlleLics ard resulLs vill roL courL
Lovards Lle Leams record or Lle
seasor. Te Crylors lave made
Lle race a arL o Lleir seasor or as
lorg as coacles car remember ard
use Lle resulLs irsLead Lo lel deLer
mire Llose racers LlaL vill rereserL
Cuell aL Lle OUA Clamiorslis.
Te OUA clamiorslis vill be
losLed Llis year ir Turder Bay or
Feb. zz( ard viLl orly veeks leL
Lo reare, Lle coaclirg sLa is o
LimisLic abouL Lle Leams oLerLial,
sayirg LlaL Llis las beer a sLrorg
rebuildirg year or Lle mers Leam
ard Lley execL Lo see Lle vomers
Leam amorg Lle Lo OUA Leams aL
Lle clamiorslis.
Ir rearaLior or Lle clami
orsli races, coacles RiLclie ard
Alokas made sure LlaL vlile rac
irg Llis asL SaLurday Lle Crylors
mairLaired Lleir ocus.
Weve vorked a loL or Leclrique
ir Lle early arLs o Lle Lrairirg ard
racirg seasor. AL Llis oirL, vere
clargirg very liLLle. Te emla
sis rov is erormirg vell, said
IL seemed LlaL Lle course aL Lle
Moro Nordic Ski Race vas jusL Lle
oorLuriLy Lo do so. Alokas ex
laired LlaL ir Lle Nordic ski vorld
Llis course is krovr Lo LesL aLlleLes.
Te course aL Moro Nordic is very
di culL. Te lills are slorL ard sLee
|| Lle Lrails are also very rarrov
ard Leclrical, vlicl is urorgivirg
or Llose viLl oor ski Leclrique,
said Alokas. Te large amourL o
srov ve received recerLly also made
Lle cordiLiors soL ard very slov.
DesiLe Llese clallerge, Lle Cry
lors did lerLy Lo make Llemselves
1o rarkirg Crylors rom Lle
veekerd irclude Claire Mererdez
ir Lle Jurior Womers :okm race. Ir
Lle Serior Womers :okm race, Mary
Tomsor laced rsL, Melissa Jores
secord, Jerrie Hissa ourLl, Robyr
Klirkmar sixLl, ard Leal Cri Ll
ir eiglLl. Ir Lle Jurior Mers :okm
race, Dariel Kerr risled rsL, ard
LeammaLe Ryley Hilker lauled ir sec
ord lace.
Unlucky number seven
e mens basketball
teams 84-78 loss
to Brock was their
seventh in a row
Ir a back ard orLl game LlaL couldve
gore Lo eiLler Leam, iL vas Lle Brock
Badgers vlo maraged Lo ull ouL Lle
vicLory desiLe a laLe rally rom Lle
Crylors mers baskeLball Leam.
BoLl Leams came ouL sLrorg ir
Lle rsL quarLer viLl boLl oerses
uslirg or ar early lead, buL Cuell
vas able Lo Lake Lle early advarLage
rislirg Lle rsL quarLer viLl a zo:,
lead Llarks ir arL Lo ar eiglLoirL
rsL quarLer rom rookie orvard
Adam Kem. Te Crylors corLir
ued Lo build Lleir lead early ir Lle
secord quarLer, leadirg by as mucl
as rire, lovever Lle Badgers vere
able Lo maLcl Lleir momerLum, Lakirg
a (((: lead irLo lalLime. Te Bad
gers corLirued Lleir surge ir Lle Llird
quarLer, leadirg by as mary as :( ard
Lakirg ar ::oirL lead irLo Lle ral
rame, desiLe a sLrorg LlreeoirL
slooLirg aLLack rom Lle Crylors.
Ir Lle ral rame, Lle Crylor o
erse came Lo lie, cliirg avay aL
Lle Brock lead urLil everLually Lyirg
Lle game aL ,o or a baskeL rom Ll
year veLerar orvard Dariel McCarLly
viLl ve miruLes remairirg. Hovev
er, Brock vas able Lo rd Lleir sLride
ir Lle ral miruLes o Lle game, Lak
irg a rire oirL lead viLl urder Lvo
miruLes remairirg. Cuell vas able
Lo clav back laLe ir Lle ral secords o
Lle game, buL everLually ell Lo Lle vis
iLors S(,S, droirg Lleir record Lo
:( ard ircreasirg Lleir losirg sLreak
Lo sever games.
DesiLe Lle loss, youLl slore or Lle
Crylors as rsL year, Kem, ard sec
ord year guard, Jack BeaLLy, lead Lle
Crylor oerse viLl zo ard :S oirLs
resecLively ard gaired valuable ex
erierce ir Lle rocess. WiLl layos
closirg ir, Lle Crylorss youLl vill
reed Lo corLirue Lo make ar imacL as
rire members o Lle Leam are closirg
ir or Lle erd o Lleir rsL seasors as
WiLl orly Lvo games remairirg
ir Lle regular seasor, Lle Crylors
corLirue Lo clirg Lo Lle sixLl ard ral
layo soL ir Lle OUA vesL. Cuell
vill look Lo close ouL Lleir seasor or
a ligl roLe aL lome as Lley Lake or
Lle Laurier Colder Havks, vlo siL
jusL Lvo oirLs alead o Llem ir Lle
sLardirgs, or Feb. : aL Lle W.F. MiLcl
ell ALlleLic CerLre. Te Crylors vill
Ller close ouL Lleir seasor ir a criLical
maLclu agairsL Lle WaLerloo War
riors or Feb. :6. WiLl a vir agairsL
WaLerloo ir Lleir seasor rale, Lle
Crylors vould guararLee Llem
selves Lle sixLl seed ir Lle OUA WesL
ard a layo maLclu agairsL Lle
Llird seed.
1,o. 0 ILiA. 1(1L, :o1
Starbucks under the radar for caeine content
A cu o SLarbucks coee is more
Llar jusL a beverage. For some, iL
is a varm cu o comorL ollov
irg a cold morrirg commuLe. For
oLlers, iL is Lle key irgredierL Lo
successul sLudy sessiors ard Lle
obvious arsver Lo early morrirg
lecLures. Ard as recerL researcl
reveals, a cu o coee car also be
corsidered a LlreaL Lo good lealLl
ard roer vellbeirg.
Seciically, aLLerLior las
recerLly beer ocused or Lle
irordiraLe amourL o caeire
corsumed viLl eacl SLarbucks
coee. WiLl a sirgle grarde sized,
:z ource cu o coee boasLirg
aroximaLely oomg o ca
eire, Llis saLises , er cerL o
Lle daily recommerded caeire
irLake advised by HealLl Carada.
Wlile Lle aLLerLior Lovard Lle
amourL o caeire derived rom a
sirgle cu o SLarbucks coee vas
ir Llis irsLarce reserLed by Lle
Chemical and Engineering News
ir daLa veriyirg Lle caeire cor
LerL ir eacl cu o coee iL is roL
Lle rsL Lime Llis maLLer las beer
a corcerr. Similar liglL vas sled
or Lle siLuaLior vler 1im Hor
Lors released Lleir ugraded cu
sizes ir zo:z. IL vas roLed Ller
LlaL a sirgle exLra large coee,
corLairirg z( ources o Lle bev
erage yielded z(omg o caeire.
AlLlougl sigricarLly less Llar
Lle grarde SLarbucks blerd, criL
ics Ller varred agairsL Lle risks
o rovidirg sucl ligl corcer
LraLior o Lle sLimularL ir a sirgle
Ir ar aLLemL Lo avoid Lle ad
verse side eecLs o Lle sLimularL,
HealLl Carada recommerds a
maximum daily irLake o (oomg
o caeire Tey varr LlaL over
corsumLior could resulL ir a
leLlora o side eecLs ircludirg
irsomria, leadacles, irriLabil
iLy, delydraLior ard rervousress.
Hovever, lealLl oicials also
ackrovledge LlaL Lle recom
merdaLior serves as orly a loose
guidelire ard LlaL more researcl
ard educaLior is recessary Lo
Lruly urdersLard Lle oLercy o
Lle drug.
Ard Lle lesiLarcy Lo seL a dis
LircL ard urvaverirg limiL is roL
urvarrarLed. A greaL majoriLy o
Lle more Llar zooo researcl arLi
cles lisLed surrourdirg Lle eecLs
o caeire ard coee corsum
Lior ail Lo agree or a arLicular
dose aL vlicl Lle comourd ails
Lo lel ard begirs Lo larm.
WiLl mary variables iruer
cirg Lle oLercy o a sirgle cu
o coee, Llis lirders Lle message
rom beirg carried Lo coee cor
sumers viLl greaL magriLude. Te
lisL o acLors iruercirg Lle raLe
aL vlicl caeire is meLabolized
ollovirg corsumLior is erdless,
ircludirg age, eLlriciLy, gerder,
reroducLive sLaLus ard level o
acLiviLy. WiLl so mary asecLs
Lo corsider iL is di culL Lo de
Lermire a sae amourL or ary
sirgle irdividual. Ard viLl so
mary sLiulaLiors surrourdirg
Lle quesLior o lov mucl coee is
Loo mucl coee, Lle message be
comes seemirgly less cauLiorary.
O course, Lle ramevork o
caeire as a sLimularL las beer
vell claracLerized, rovid
irg a sLarLirg oirL or a beLLer
urdersLardirg o Llis avakerirg
subsLarce. Orce corsumed, ca
eire las Lle abiliLy Lo iruerce
our reural aLlvays. IL birds Lo
aderosire receLors or reurors,
Lle cells resorsible or carry
irg ard corLrollirg elecLrical ard
clemical sigrals LlrouglouL our
bodies. Tis reverLs aderosire,
a reuroLrarsmiLLer vlicl ro
moLes irlibiLory aLlvays Lo
sigral. As a resulL, caeire ir
libiLs Lle irlibiLor.
Ard so iL seems as viLl all
maLLers o dieL ard lealLl LlaL
mucl more irormaLior is reed
ed Lo Lruly urdersLard Lle risk
o coee corsumLior as iL a
lies Lo eacl irdividual. Ir a
culLure vlere Lle cu o co
ee you corsume is as urique a
corcocLior as Lle irdividual cor
sumirg iL, iL seems as Llougl Lle
orly message Lo be areciaLed
is LlaL moderaLior is key. Ir a
socieLy vlicl values suersized
iLems ard carries a more or your
morey merLaliLy, Lle message iL
is imorLarL Lo remember is LlaL
Loo mucl o aryLlirg is rever
Feeling S.A.D. this winter?
Seasonal Aective
Disorder and you
1lere is someLlirg abouL Llis
Lime o year LlaL Lakes a Loll or
ores merLal lealLl. 1lis eel
irg is so commor LlaL iL las a
medical rame. Seasoral AecLive
Disorder, or S.A.D., is deired as
a cyclical ard recurrerL aLLerr
o deressive eisodes LlaL lave
Lleir orseL ard remissior dur
irg claracLerisLic Limes o Lle
year, (Sigmor eL all, zo:o). Ir
oLler vords, iL is Lle commor
eelirg ore geLs arourd Jaruary
LlaL brirgs ore dovr or a daily
basis. Ore eels Lle reed Lo slee
more, ard las less o a desire Lo
ergage socially ard lysical
ly. Feelirgs o loelessress ard
urlairess are also commor
(A.D.A.M Irc., zo:z).
Wlile Lle exacL cause o S.A.D
is urclear, iL is believed Lo be
lirked viLl a lack o seroLorir
geLLirg Lo Lle brair. SurliglL
is ore o Lle mair aides or Lle
release o Llis clemical ir your
body, ard viLl virLer lavirg
Lle smallesL amourL o dayliglL
lours o all seasors your body is
giver less access Lo iL. SeroLorir
is ore o Lle clemicals LlaL your
body roduces Lo kee you lay,
ard durirg Lle slorL days o vir
Ler, you are raLurally more likely
Lo eel S.A.D. (BirLvisLle & Mar
Lir, :). Add Lle sLressul leaL
o our exam seasor ard Lle biLLer
cold o our Caradiar virLers ard
ore is amazed aL Lle sleer resil
ierce o Lle UriversiLy o Cuell
sLuderL body Lo kee sLudyirg.
1lere are mary vays Lo re
verL Seasoral AecLive Disorder
rom geLLirg you dovr. 1le mosL
commor are Lo geL loLs o slee
ard eaL lealLly oods. Ore sym
Lom o S.A.D. is ar ircrease ir
aeLiLe so iL is ever more im
orLarL Llis Lime o year Llar ary
oLler Lo make sure Lle oods you
are eaLirg are bereicial Lo your
lealLl. Or a relaLed roLe, cuLLirg
dovr or ores alcolol irLake las
beer slovr Lo reduce symLoms
as vell (A.D.A.M Irc., zo:z).
LiglL Lleray is aroLler com
mor LreaLmerL or eole viLl
S.A.D., vlicl irvolves a liglL
LlaL mimics Lle sur beirg slore
or aLierLs or seL eriods o Lime
(A.D.A.M Irc., zo:z). A more
available resource or uriversiLy
sLuderLs vould be Lle sur iLsel.
Make sure Lo geL ouLside or surry
days vler Lley do come abouL,
ard your brair vill Llark your
body by releasirg loLs o sero
Lorir Lo kee you corLerL.
Seasoral AecLive Disorder is
corsidered a orm o deressior
ard slould Llereore be LreaL
ed as sucl. I your symLoms
geL Lo Lle oirL vlere you are
corLemlaLirg larmirg your
sel or oLlers, geL medical lel
as soor as ossible (A.D.A.M Irc.,
Add the
stressful heat
of our exam
season and the
bitter cold of
our Canadian
winters and one
is amazed at the
sheer resilience
of the University
of Guelph
student body to
keep studying.
vvv. 1LLcK1AIcK. cc\
1,o. 0 ILiA. 1(1L, :o1
is Week
in History
Seven Chicago Gangsters Slain by
Firing Squads
Al Caore lad a leasarL \aler
Lires Day ir :z, vler several
members o a rival garg vere killed
urder raLler violerL circum
sLarces. Te everL vas called Lle
mosL coldblooded garg massa
cre o |Clicagos| urdervorld.
A rirg squad lired Lle mer u
agairsL a vall aL a beer disLribuLors
rerdezvous, ard subsequerL
ly released a sLream o bulleLs
irLo Lle garg varriors. Dur
irg Lle irvesLigaLior, Clicago
olice ourd :6o emLy maclire
gur slells aL Lle crime scere, ard
eyeviLress accourLs claimed LlaL
several members o Lle squad vere
dressed ir olice uriorms. Folice
Commissiorer William F. Russell
vas quoLed as sayirg, Ive rever
krovr o a clallerge like Llis Lle
killers osirg as olicemer buL
rov Lle clallerge las beer made,
iLs acceLed, ir a seecl remi
riscerL o dialogue rome Dark
Knight. (e New York Times Feb.
:(, :z)
Huge Snowdrifts Paralyze Province
ILs a relie Lo discover LlaL almosL
So years ago, eole ir OrLario
vere dealirg viLl veaLler simi
lar Lo vlaL veve exerierced over
Lle lasL veek. Hovever, Lle ca
aciLy o Lle rovirce Lo deal viLl
Lle raid ard sudder accumula
Lior o srov las Llarkully grovr.
Accordirg Lo Lle arLicle, orly a
roximaLely o miles o Lle rimary
liglvays vere accessible or veli
cles, ard Lle resL vas leavily lader
viLl srov, vlicl leL Llousards o
cars ard busses sLrarded. Looks like
some eole ir :6 vere orced
Lo serd \alerLires Day or Lleir
ovr, ir moLor velicles, raLler Llar
viLl loved ores, makirg arLi\al
erLires Day arLies ir zo: seem
raLler decaderL. (e Globe and
Mail Feb. :(, :6)
Thousands of bombs destroy
DesiLe lis mary overs, Cuid
could roL uL a oreday lalL or
WWII or \alerLires Day ir :(.
Ir vlaL is rov recogrized as Lle
resLorm o Dresder, z,6oo
Lors o ligl exlosive ard ircer
diary bombs vere droed or
Lle ciLy by Soo RAF bombers. Te
arLicle does roL ciLe Lle lumar
imacL o Lle aLLack, Llougl e
BBC roLes LlaL esLimaLes o civil
iar deaLls vere beLveer z,ooo
ard :oo,ooo. Te everL brouglL Lle
issue o Lle moraliLy ir droirg
bombs Lo Lle orerorL o Euroear
culLure, irsirirg vorks like KurL
\orreguLs Slaughterhouse Five.
(e BBC Feb. :(, :()
Compiled by Alicja Grzadkowska
Finding a lease with the least worry
Searching for housing
o c ampus
Bedbug biLes. AbserLee lard
lords. Six a.m. Lrair vlisLles.
Foorly desigred leases. ArLs.
Bedrooms LlaL are over de
grees Celcius. Mice iresLaLiors.
Ir my our years o livirg o
camus ir Cuell, Ive moved
ive Limes ard exerierced my
air slare o lousirg issues.
WleLler iLs your irsL Lime
louse lurLirg ir Cuell, or
youve beer arourd Lle block
ard are movirg or yeL aroLler
semesLer, I LlouglL Id vriLe
abouL vlaL Lo kee ir mird
vler you decide Lo rerL a louse
or aarLmerL viLl rierds.
FirsL o all, Lle biggesL issue
ir louse lurLirg Lime o Lle
year is Lle mad rusl Lo sigr a
lease. Mary eole do roL real
ize LlaL mary laces vill oer
u aLer Mar. :, vlicl is Lle
deadlire LerarLs lave Lo give
a iral arsver or vleLler Lley
are sLayirg or goirg.
DorL reak ouL, said Caler
Fi ck, resLoraLive racLi ces
coordiraLor aL OCamus
Livirg, a divisior o SLuderL
Lie. 1leres Llis arLiicial
ressure LlaL is creaLed. Re
ally, ve dorL lave a lousirg
slorLage ir Cuell, youll ird
a lace.
Orce youve Laker a breaLler,
Lle rexL sLe ir louse lurL
irg is Lo ask yoursel Llose
imorLarL quesLiors, sucl as
lov close do you varL Lo be Lo
camus, a bus rouLe, or grocery
sLores. Also ask yoursel vlaL is
your rice oirL, vleLler you
varL Lo ird a lace viLl uLili
Lies ircluded ir your rerL, ard
vlaL kird o reiglbourlood
you varL Lo live ir.
Make a lisL o your ideals, so
vler you go ard look aL a lace
you car see lov mucl does iL
maLcl Llose, said Fick. ILs
a good idea Lo krov vlaL your
LargeL is beore you ever look.
Firally, vler goirg Lo a
vievirg, Llere are imorLarL
eaLures ard varrirg sigrs Lo
look ouL or. For examle, base
merL bedrooms ard aarLmerLs
require adequaLe virdovs or
ire saeLy, ard you slould Lake
a roLe o irsulaLior ard vir
dov qualiLy esecially i youre
goirg Lo be ayirg or your ovr
leaL ardor air cordiLiorirg.
1rusL your guL i you lave
a urry eelirg abouL Lle lease,
lardlord, or buildirg, Lry Lo
evaluaLe vlaL LlaL is, ard roL
dovrlay LlaL, advised Fick.
You varL Lo lave a lardlord
vlo is goirg Lo be Llere or you.
1lere are some abserLee lard
lords LlaL do roL live rearby
or vlo are roL as resorsive
Lo issues.
ALer seeirg a lace LlaL you
like, Lle lardlord slould give
you a coy o Lle lease or you
Lo reviev. DorL eel res
sured Lo sigr riglL avay, buL
irsLead look iL over. Cleck Lo
see i Llere are some Llirgs
you reed Lo regoLiaLe viLl
your lardlord beore sigrirg a
lease, sucl as geLLirg Lle car
eLs cleared, lavirg Lle valls
airLed, or Lakirg care o Lle
yard. I Llere is someLlirg you
vould like clarged, uL LlaL
irLo Lle lease or aL leasL geL iL
ir vriLirg. Fick oirLs ouL LlaL
alLlougl agreemerLs are legal,
Lley are lard Lo rove i a cor
licL arises.
|1le lease| is a birdirg legal
agreemerL, said Fick. You
are resorsible or Lle Lerms
LlaL are ir Llere, ard you are
resorsible or ayirg or :z
morLls. I you sigr a lease ard
decide I dorL varL Llis ary
more you esserLially lave Lo
ird someore else Lo Lake iL
over, or else you risk ayirg
some or all o LlaL morey.
Uor si gri rg Lle l ease,
Lle lardlord car ask or lasL
morLls rerL or a key deosiL,
buL roLlirg more. 1le Ler
arL does roL lave Lo ay irsL
morLls rerL urLil Lle irsL
day o Lle lease eriod, vlicl
is usually May : or SeL. :.
FosLdaLed cleques are roL a
requiremerL, buL may be simly
more corverierL or Lle Ler
arLs ard Lle lardlord.
I you reed ary lel viLl
louse lurLirg, you car visiL
OCamus Livirg or Lle irsL
loor UC. 1le sLa rovides
sLuderLs viLl services sucl as
clecklisLs, lease revievs, su
orL durirg Lerarcy issues, ard
eers LlaL lel viLl reigl
bourlood relaLiors.
1le big message is dorL eel
LlaL ressure, said Fick, or
lookirg or a louse or aarL
merL Lo rerL. 1ake some Lime
Lo geL a eel or Lle lace, ard
Ller geL a secord oirior. Dro
ir, geL a lease reviev |or| lave
a amily member look over iL.
Relax ard geL ouL Llere ard
ird your dream lome, uLure
Inside Farming: e GMO Shift
Nearly ore billior eole sLrug
gle viLl lurger daily because
o a lack o ood suly. Wlile
CMOs lave riser as a Lool Lo
boosL roducLior o larLs, Lle
very eole LlaL claim Lo as
sioraLely vork Lo eradicaLe
lurger ard overLy oLer cor
demr Llis realiLy.
1le revs ir Lle morLl o Jar
uary ircluded Lle Jaruary z6

arLicle by Rubab Abid ir Lle Na
Lioral FosL revealirg LlaL Lle
rumbers belird Lle socalled
CM Cerocide ir Irdia sloved
ar acLual laLeau or decrease ir
suicides o Irdiar Farmers aLer
Lle irLroducLior o CM coLLor
ir zooz. Ard earlier Llis morLl,
Lle vorld vas Laker by surrise
as rerovred ervirormerLalisL
Mark Lyras reversed lis as
sioraLe osiLior or CMOs as le
addressed Lle Oxord Farmirg
I am also sorry LlaL I leled
Lo sLarL Lle arLiCM movemerL
back ir Lle mid :os, ard LlaL
I Llereby assisLed ir demorisirg
ar imorLarL Leclrological o
Lior vlicl car be used Lo bereiL
Lle ervirormerL, Lyras sLaLed.
Ircreasirg drouglL or sLress
Lol erarces ard i rcreasi rg
riLroger ixaLior ir larLs de
creases reliarce or irrigaLior,
esLicides, ard syrLleLic er
Lilizers vlile ircreasirg reLurrs
Lo armers. 1lese LraiLs car
be irLroduced Lo secies viLl
1le resorsible use o bio
Leclrology does roL relace besL
maragemerL racLices irclud
irg Lle use o biologicals, cro
roLaLiors, ard irLegraLed esL
maragemerL. IrsLead, iL is a
overul Lool Lo be ircororaL
ed irLo agriculLural olicy ard
roducLior sysLems, comli
merLirg LradiLioral ard rover
agroromic racLices.
I ve go :oo er cerL orgaric,
ve sLarve Arica. I ve go :oo er
cerL CMO, ve lose biodiversiLy,
said agriculLural ecoromisL ard
member o Lle IrLerraLioral
Food ard Agribusiress Mar
agemerL AssociaLior (IFAMA)
roessor Frarcesco Braga.
Ir Lle iglL Lo eed Lle vorld,
Llere is ro ore arsver Lo sucl
ar erormous roblem. Hovever,
aLer years o develomerL ard
sae use, CMOs lave rover Lo
be ar eecLive Lool.
Its a good
idea to know
what your target
is before you
even look.
Galen Fick
vvv. 1LLcK1AIcK. cc\
Avoiding summer job search interview blunders
Te abiliLy Lo eecLively marage a
summer emloymerL irLerviev is
crucial or securirg LlaL summer
job vlicl vill give you Lle rele
varL exerierce you reed Lo lard
a greaL career job aLer graduaLior.
YeL, iL is oLer Lle arL o Lle job
searcl rocess LlaL job seekers say
is Lle mosL di culL.
Some eole lave Lle irLerviev
jiLLers ard Lley are roL able Lo
leL Lleir sLrergLls ard ersoraliLy
slire Llrougl. Tey lave Lrouble
lelirg Lle emloyer see lov Lley
L viLl Lle job ard Lle comary.
AL Lle oLler erd o Lle secLrum,
Llere are Llose cardidaLes LlaL
are roL vorried erougl Lo do Lle
required rearaLior. Tey dorL
realize LlaL ir Llis job markeL, all
o Lle cardidaLes vlo come or
a secord irLerviev could likely
be successul or Lle job. All vill
brirg diererL sLrergLls Lo Lle
irLerviev. Emloyers oLer use
Lle secord irLerviev Lo deLermire
vlo vould be Lle besL maLcl or
L or Lle osiLior, Lleir Leam,
ard Lleir dearLmerL.
Tis is vly iL is so imorLarL Lo
lave a careully larred sLraLegy
viLl mulLile LargeLs ard roL jusL
rely or ore or Lvo loeul submis
siors. WleLler you Lerd Lovards
urdercorderce or overcor
derce, Lle mosL imorLarL Lask is
I you krov your ovr sLrergLls
ard veakresses, you vill be able
Lo sLeer Lle corversaLior irLo your
sLrergLls. Have a slar arsver or
vly you varL Lle job, vly you
vould be ar asseL, ard lov Lle
job Ls irLo your lorgrarge ca
reer lar.
NexL, learr as mucl as you car
abouL Lle comary ard Lle job.
Use your irormaLioral irLerviev
corLacLs (i aroriaLe) Lo rd ouL
more irormaLior. Tose urder
Lakirg exLersive veb researcl
ircludirg bios, researclirg Lle
irLervievers, comary, dearL
merL ard osiLior vill lave ar
edge over oLler cardidaLes. Tis
kird o researcl vill allov you Lo
urdersLard more abouL Lle kird
o maLcl Lley are seekirg. IL vill
also erable you Lo ask irLelligerL
quesLiors abouL Lle job. Te more
you car lel Lle irLerviever Lalk
abouL vlaL Lley varL Lo aclieve
by lirirg a successul cardidaLe
or Lle osiLior, Lle beLLer able
you vill be Lo lel Llem see lov
you maLcl.
IL is imorLarL Lo urdersLard
LlaL iL is all abouL Lle maLcl.
ILs a muLual assessmerL. Mary
irLervievees dorL see iL Llis vay
ard Lley go irLo Lle irLerviev like
someore goirg or ar oral exam
viLl Lleir roessor ard a arel o
exerLs. You are assessirg boLl Lle
emloyer ard Lle role Lo see i you
vill be able Lo soar ir Lle job. I you
acceL a job LlaL you krov is roL a
maLcl or your sLrergLls, Ller you
vill lave a larder job beirg suc
cessul. Krov your sLrergLls Lo be
successul viLl your alicaLiors
or career jobs aLer graduaLior.
Or Lle emloyers side, i Lley
acceL you vler you are roL a
maLcl, iL car be more Lrouble or
Llem Llar Lle value you vould
add Lo Lle comary. I you car
vra your lead arourd Lle idea o
maLcl or L Ller iL vill lel
Lo reduce your jiLLers. IL is oLer
vise Lo see ar irLerviev as beirg
ro diererL Llar ar audiLior. Do
your besL ard loe LlaL you are
a maLcl buL i you dorL lard Lle
osiLior jusL leL iL go ard move or
Lo Lle rexL irLerviev. ElizabeLl
Kaye, ir Lle New York Times, de
scribes RoberL DeNiros advice or
audiLiors vlicl car be equally a
lied Lo irLervievs.
I you dorL go, youll rever
krov, le vould Lell ler. You
lave Lo roL look aL iL like a rejec
Lior. Tere are so mary reasors
youre roL icked LlaL you carL
ever vorry abouL iL.
Orce you krov yoursel ard
Lle comary, you vill varL Lo geL
ready or quesLiors LlaL erLair Lo
vlaL sLrergLls ard skills you vill
brirg Lo Lle job. Te easiesL vay
Lo do Llis is Lo lisL Lle qualica
Liors ard your besL guess aL Lle
mosL imorLarL duLies ard skills
Lle job vill require, Ller look aL
your exerierce ard be able Lo de
scribe aL leasL ore asL siLuaLior
rom vork, sclool, lome, sorLs,
or volurLeers vork, vlere you
aclieved someLlirg relevarL Lo
do viLl Llis job requiremerL. You
slould be able Lo Lell iL ir a sLory
o vler ard vlere you lad Lle
exerierce vlaL laered, ard
Lle resulL.
NexL, geL ready or belavioural
quesLiors. Make a guess aL Lle ve
leadersli skills LlaL you Llirk
vill be imorLarL ir Lle job ard
creaLe a LvoLo Llreelire sLory
LlaL describes vler you besL
used Llis skill, vlaL laered
ard Lle resulL. AL a mirimum, be
ready Lo Lalk abouL lov you lave
lardled coricL, mulLiLaskirg,
Leambuildirg, roblem solvirg
ard sLress. Remember Lle ro
cesses LlaL made you successul
ard be ready Lo use Llis irorma
Lior i Lley cloose Lo ask lov you
vould lardle secic siLuaLiors.
Orce you lave racLiced ar
sverirg your quesLiors ouL loud,
racLice viLl a rierd so you dorL
sourd like you are relearsirg a
scriL, buL you do varL Lo be able
Lo arsver Lle quesLior ir urder
a miruLe.
A zo:z survey corducLed or
Career Builder LlaL ircluded
more Llar z,6oo lirirg mar
agers ir Lle U.S.A. reorLed Lle
Lo deLrimerLal misLakes ir job
irLervievs aearirg disirLer
esLed, arsverirg a cell lore or
LexLirg, dressirg iraroriaLely,
Lalkirg regaLively abouL a currerL
or revious emloyer ard body
larguage ircludirg ailures Lo
make eye corLacL ard smile, bad
osLure, ard veak lardslakes. 1o
Llis lisL, add Lalkirg erdlessly ard
ailirg Lo slov u a ev miruLes
beore Lle irLerviev Lo surere
vays Lo geL quickly deselecLed.
IL sourds comlicaLed, buL i
you reare vell ard carry your
sel ir boLl dress ard eLiqueLLe
Lle vay you vould i you vere
rereserLirg Lle comary aL ar
imorLarL everL you vill be
maragirg yoursel vell ir Lle
irLerviev ard may earr a job
vlere you car soar!
Love/Sex/You LGBTQ and you
c.. LA ccIx
For Llose o you sLarirg aL Lle ac
roryms above, vorderirg vlaL
LCB1Q or vler Lle Q goL added
Lo LCB1 (or ever vlaL Lle 1 ard
B sLard or), vorder ro lorger.
Tis is Lle Lesbiar, Cay, Bisexual,
1rarsgerder, ard Queer Lermirol
ogy guide. Tougl iL may roL seem
imorLarL Lo Llose already ir Lle
krov, or Llose vlo laverL a
miliarised Llemselves viLl Lle
Lerms, iLs imorLarL LlaL vere
all or Lle same age, esecially
sirce vere all or Llis earLl Lo
geLler. Feel ree Lo cuL Llis ouL
ard ir iL u i you lave room
maLes LlaL reed a reresler, or
jusL or your ovr use.
Lesbian: NoL eyecardy, buL ir
sLead a vomar irLeresLed ir
Gay: A mar irLeresLed ir mer. NoL
dered by lis sexualiLy.
Homosexuality: NoL recessarily
irLeresLed ir you. Also roL a mo
lesLer vaiLirg Lo sLrike.
Bisexuality: Ar irLeresL ir eiLler
sex. Treesomes roL required (or
ever desired).
Pansexuality: Ar irLeresL ir
ary ersor. FarsexualiLy is dis
LircL rom bisexualiLy ir LlaL iL
doesrL lave quiLe Lle same bi
rary corroLaLiors.
Asexuality: JusL roL irLo sex. Ar
asexual ersor may exerierce ro
marLic irLeresL, buL sexual sLimulus
jusL is roL someLlirg Lley reed or
desire. Hovever some may ergage
ir sexual acLs or Lle bereL o Lleir
Sex: Te lysical claracLerisLics,
ircludirg buL roL limiLed Lo your
Gender: Te rorlysical clar
acLerisLics. Cerder car be exible,
ard mary irdividuals dorL geL
a corcreLe roLior o vlaL Lleir
gerder is urLil laLer ir lie.
Cisgender: A ersor vlose sex ard
gerder are Lle same ard lave beer
sirce birLl.
Transgender: A ersor vlose sex
ard gerder dorL maLcl. A Lrars
irdividual vill exerierce some
Llirg called gerder dysloria.
1yically LlouglL o as Male Lo
Female (MLF) ard Female Lo Male
(FLM), Lrarsgerder is acLually ar
umbrella Lerm.
Gender Binary: Te idea LlaL ore
car be male or emale ard LlaL is iL.
Tis is ar ouLdaLed roLior mosL
agree rovadays LlaL gerder, like
sexualiLy, is a secLrum.
Genderqueer: Similar Lo Lrars
gerder, buL viLlouL Lle birary
corroLaLiors. As gerder is a sec
Lrum, some may be reiLler male
ror emale, or boLl, or ever ov
rom ore erd o Lle secLrum Lo
Lle oLler.
Gender dysphoria: Te raggirg
eelirg LlaL someLlirg abouL
your body is vrorg, or does roL
belorg. Tis mariesLs diererLly
or every Lrarsgerder or gerder
queer irdividual, ard car cause
aric, seldesLrucLive Lerdercies,
ard deressior. Tis car be eased
by sLarLirg LrarsiLior, Llougl roL
every Lrars ersor car aord Lo
LrarsiLior or eel sae doirg so.
Transition: A rocess vlicl Lrars
eole may urderLake. Tis car
irclude, buL is roL limiLed Lo
clargirg vardrobes, birdirg,
ackirg, Lakirg lormores, geL
Lirg Lo surgery, boLLom surgery,
removal o Lle ovaries, clargirg
rames, breakirg o corLacL viLl
less urdersLardirg loved ores,
Luckirg, geLLirg alsies, relearr
irg lov Lo valk, relearrirg lov
Lo Lalk, ard oLler rocesses. TaLs
a loL Lo ever look aL, leL alore ac
Lually eracL! 1rarsiLior is a lard
rocess vlicl car Lake years de
erdirg or vlaL you varL ard
vlaL you eel you reed, viLl mary
resLricLiors ir lace. Ar irdivid
ual may LrarsiLior ore vay orly
Lo LrarsiLior back i LlaL doesrL
eel quiLe riglL.
Pronouns: WlaL you call yoursel.
Everybody krovs male ard emale
rorours (lelislim ard sle
lersler resecLively), buL oLler
rorours irclude, buL are roL
limiLed Lo, LleyLleirLlem ard
zelir. Tougl ore miglL roL er
courLer eole usirg Lle lasL Lvo
very oLer, Lley are ir use viLlir
Lle gerderqueer commuriLy. NoL
all gerderqueer eole vill use
Llose, lovever. Some sLick Lo bi
rary rorours eiLler because o
reererce or or Lle ease o oLlers.
Regardless o vlaL rorours some
ore clooses Lo use, iLs imorLarL
Lo resecL Llem. I youre roL sure,
askirg someore abouL Lleir ro
rours is erecLly acceLable.
Queer: Te umbrella Lerm o um
brella Lerms! Queer is everyLlirg
rorleLero ard rorcis. Ever i
iL isrL lisLed lere, iL alls urder
queer. Queerress, lovever, does
roL irclude BDSM or oer relaLior
slis. Queerress is dered or ar
irdividual basis, roL by lov you
exress aecLior or by Lle rumber
o eole you exress LlaL aec
Lior Lo.
If you have a question youd like
answered by Love/Sex/You, send
an email to
with L/S/Y in the subject line.
19 life
170. 6 february 14th, 2013
Brew Review: feel like a viking? Drink like one
Chris Mller
Scotch ale gets its name from its place of
origin, the proud nation of Scotland. The
term Scotch ale was first applied to
strong beers exported from Edinburgh
around the 18th century. The style be-
came popular throughout the United
Kingdom and eventually found support
in other brew-rich nations like Belgium
and Germany.
Scotch ale may have historically
roasted its malt content through a peat
fire (peat is available extensively in Scot-
land), imparting a mild scotch-flavour
and aroma to the malt. Brewed as an ex-
port product, the higher alcohol content
of the brew may in part be due to the
requirements of keeping the beer clean
during long voyages over land and sea.
The Orkney Brewery, located
amongst the Orkney Islands of Scotland,
has produced the excellent Skull-Split-
ter, a dutiful homage to centuries-old
brewing traditions of the Scottish Isles.
Skull-Splitter was the nickname of
Thorfinn Hauskaluif, the seventh Vi-
king Earl of Orkney.
Citing a brewing tradition over 500
years in the making, this brew is not for
the faint of heart.
The somewhat pricey 330ml bottle
contains a potent 8.5 per cent ABV, the
effect of which is immediately available
to the palate.
Poured into a traditional pub pint
glass, the ale pours a dark red colour
with a mahogany hue, leaving a soon-
to-disappear off-white coloured head
with a thickness of about half a thumbs-
width. The smell is one of spiced alcohol,
caramel, and mild fruit and hop aro-
mas very pleasant and appetizing in
the winter months.
A taste reveals the intensity of the
brew as the alcohol content produc-
es a warming sensation in the mouth
and throat, while the caramel and toffee
flavours provide sweetness and balance
to a mildly bitter body.
Youll be hard-pressed to find a better
example of Scotch ale locally, and this im-
ports pleasant mouth-feel and warming
character should eliminate the need to
search for another example of the style.
The price might seem a little steep, but
its worth every soon-to-be-eliminat-
ed penny you can find around the house.
Enjoy this one responsibly, Viking hel-
met not included.
Anti-anti Valentines Day rant
staCey aspinall
Valentines Day has everyone seeing
the world through rose-tinted glass-
es; love is in the air, and along with
it, the skeptics, cynics and stoics will
emerge from the shadowy depths of
their solitary lives to judge anyone
who chooses to partake in celebra-
tions. It can sometimes seem like
there are more complainers than
partakers in this widely disparaged
Hallmark Holiday. Even if you wish
to live in blissful ignorance, its hard
to deny the importance people place
on this day.
What Valentines Day ofers is an
interesting sociological phenomenon
that is best observed with a sense of
detached curiosity: in addition to the
push to purchase chocolate, fowers
and cards to prove your afection,
its ultimately a day in which many
people end up evaluating their entire
existence through the lens of rela-
tionships. It seems to force people
to confront their romantic status
in life, to varying results. Teres a
reason it is referred to, tongue-in-
cheek, as Singles Awareness Day.
Tose lacking in that department
get (understandably) defensive and
often denounce the holiday altogeth-
er, indulging in anti-Valentines Day
sentiments and chocolate in equally
unhealthy quantities.
Unfortunately what the media and
popular discourse in general tends to
do during the dull days of February is
to pit the two groups - couples and
singles - against each other, creating
a clear divide between each defned
category. Tere are the haves and
have nots. Relationships become
the currency by which we judge the
value of our lives.
Tere are undeniable social expec-
tations associated with each group as
well. Whether or not you chose to
internalize these ideas and stereo-
types such as the lonely single person,
and the blissful love-drunk couple, is
entirely up to you; its all a matter of
perspective. For me, personally, Val-
entines Day is a non-event.
But the point Im trying to make
here is that those who incessant-
ly complain only exacerbate the
problem (you know who you are).
Cynics seem to take a sick satisfac-
tion in espousing anti-Valentines Day
discourse - because theres nothing
like working yourself into an impas-
sioned frenzy in order to convince
people of how much you just dont
give a shit.
You can keep your love-sick cyn-
icism; as of this point in time, my
relationship status will remain
e Ontarion is a non-prot organization governed by
a Board of Directors. Since the Ontarion undertakes the
publishing of student work, the opinions expressed
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the Ontarion Board of Directors. e Ontarion reserves
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racist, homophobic, or otherwise unt for publication as
determined by the Editor-in-Chief. Material of any form
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in-Chief. e Ontarion retains the right of rst publication
on all material. In the event that an advertiser is not
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must notify the Ontarion within four working days of
publication. e Ontarion will not be held responsible for
advertising mistakes beyond the cost of advertisement.
e Ontarion is printed by the Guelph Mercury.
e Ontarion Inc.
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Olivia Zollino
Dear EdiLor
Re Royal Hamel
Te OrLarior, February ,, zo:
For vell over a decade, I lave dis
agreed viLl almosL every oirior
exressed by Royal Hamel aL leasL
Llose ublisled ir local revs
aers. Te laLesL diaLribe by Llis
evargelical mirisLer ir lasL veeks
issue o Te OrLarior is arLicularly
ull o (vlaL car I say:) urLruLls,
disLorLiors, ard a aLleLic lack o
basic logic.
For examle, le comares Lle lor
geviLy o rosLiLuLior viLl LlaL
o sLealirg, lyirg, killirg, ra
irg, eLc., ard equaLes ar urusual
erceLior o UoCs Dr. RuLl
NeusLiLer viLl a declire ir our
uriversiLy as a lace o liglL ard
visdom. FurLlermore, Mr. Hamel
makes reererce Lo a lore sex Lrade
vorker vlo vas orced irLo er
slavemerL ard bruLaliLy. No ore car
dery LlaL Llis laers, buL vlaLs
LlaL goL Lo do viLl uriversiLy sLu
derLs male or emale vlo miglL
sell Lleir yourg bodies Lo ay ex
orbiLarL LuiLior ees:
Aryvay, as I read lis leLLer aloud Lo
a ev guesLs, I became so agiLaLed I
droed a riceless mug o James
Ready, ard decided Lo sviLcl Lo
someLlirg sLrorger.
JusL jokirg. I am a lorgLime Lee
LoLaller. BuL Im sure LlaLs vlaL
voulda laered i I vere a drirker!
John C. Como, Guelph
1,o. 0 ILiA. 1(1L, :o1
Inordinate Ordnance
cLIs cA
Ir zo:o Arr CoulLer Lried Lo come
seak aL Lle UriversiLy o OLLava.
Hovever, mary sLuderLs came
LogeLler ard roLesLed, resulLirg
ir Lle carcellaLior o Lle larred
aeararce. For aryore uramil
iar viLl Arr CoulLer, I ervy you.
CoulLer is a vile, laLesiLLirg
Reublicar advocaLe viLl a level
o igrorarL idealism LlaL vould
make Jim Jores siL ouL lis Kool
Aid ir amazemerL.
Simly, I am sayirg LlaL Arr
CoulLer is a bad ersor. Ever sLill,
Llose roLesLers LlaL sluL dovr
Lle oliLiciars ergagemerL Lo
seak vere vrorg ir Lleir acLiors.
I brirg Llis u because recerLly
Llere las beer a loL o lullaballoo
abouL Dragors Der aLriarcl,
Kevir OLeary. OLearys a riglL
virg caiLalisL viLl a lorg lisL
o oiriors ard Lle uliL rom
vlicl Lo reacl Llem. Alorg viLl
beirg a mair layer or Lle Drag
ors Der, le las ar oirior slov
or Lle CBC called Te Larg ard
OLeary Exclarge. I liker OLeary
Lo Lle cleaer, Caradiar, Dor
ald 1rum.
RecerLly Llere las beer a
eLiLior orlire advocaLirg or
Lle rirg o OLeary because o
some o lis vievs. AdvocaLes or
lis rirg ciLe OLearys laLred o
uriors ard liglL racisL remarks
as grourds erougl Lo violaLe Lle
jourralisLic riglLs ard sLardard
Lle CBC ulolds.
Te reasor I use Lle Lerm liglL
racism is because OLeary, or
ore o lis slovs, used Lle Lerm,
Irdiargiver buL las sirce aol
ogized ublically or Lle remark.
ILs sLill racisL, buL le did aolo
gize, so iLs lal Lle aL o regular
Te roblem is LlaL OLeary, as
lorrible as vlaL le sLards or is
blird caiLalism, aL ary cosL aL
ro oirL las violaLed Lle jourral
isLic riglLs ard sLardards acL, as
er le does roL souL aimed la
Lred, orly lis disgusL o uriors.
Tis sLill alls vell viLlir Lle realm
o oirior ard roves ro grourds
or LermiraLior. Agair, OLeary is
a Lool. BuL lis biased vords ard
sLaLemerLs lold liLLle aecL or Lle
educaLed ublic.
I laLe Lo evoke Lle loly scri
Lures o ree seecl, buL Llis is
really Lle besL exlaraLior. I ail
Lo urdersLard vly OLearys
sLaLemerLs lave lad ar eecL or
uriors aL all. WleLler you are ro
urior or arLiurior, do Lle vords
o a omous dbag really aecL
your ersoral oliLics: I Lley do,
dorL you already look u Lo Llis
guy or moral guidarce, Llus, you
robably already agree viLl lis
sLaLemerLs beore le makes Llem:
WlaL Llese arLiOLeary advo
caLes are guilLy o is Lle same as
OLeary limsel Lley are imos
irg ideas orLo you viLlouL a air,
urbiased balarce. MosL o Llese
OLearygaLe comlairLs come
rom ar ouLleL called Rebel YouLl.
A re aer, buL car aryore Lell
me viLl a sLraiglL ace, LlaL Lleir
vievs are roL jusL as biased as
I urdersLard Llere vill al
vays be Llis var o ideologies.
Tis backlasl agairsL OLeary is
orly a volley or ore side o Llis
melee. I urge LlaL all arLies ir
volved urdersLard LlaL Lley are
arL o a biased maclire Llem
selves ard Lake sLes Lo usur iL,
beore iL comleLely Lakes u Lleir
ersoral ideologies. Hov car ve
do Llis: By adlerirg Lo Lle LereLs
o Lle reedom o seecl ard Lle
reedom o roLesL. Orly Ller car
Llis discourse beLveer ideologies
corLirue ard move (collecLively)
Lovard ar equilibrium. Because,
loresLly, vould you really varL
your ideals Lo become uriversal:
Maybe you do, buL maybe you are
Loo dee irLo vlaL ideaarLy
youre sLuck Lo.
BuL vler roLesL sigrs y ard
riglLvirg urdiLs sLarL a rev
Lalk slov Lo discuss Llose ro
LesLs, krov LlaL Llis is all arL o
Lle ergagemerL Lovard a beLLer
ervirormerL or everybody. 1o sLi
e seecl o ary kird is vrorg. Yes,
laLeseecl sirce by sleer sLu
idiLy vill sru iLsel ouL slould
be roLesLed agairsL, buL iL slould
sLill be urdersLood as a arL o so
cieLal develomerL.
Ir summaLior, ree seecl or
all, ever or assloles.
Chris Carr is Editor-in-Chief of
The Cannon. Inordinate Ord-
nance publishes every ursday
in e Cannon and in e Ontarion.
e opinions posted on thecan- reect those of their author
and do not necessarily reect the
opinions of the Central Student
Association and the Guelph Cam-
pus Co-op, or e Ontarion.
A fond farewell to the penny
A lessor ir Lle erry is a lessor ir
Lle recogriLior LlaL iL is oLer Lle
smallesL Llirgs LlaL lold Lle greaL
esL culLural value. 1o Lle souLl o
Lle orLyrirLl arallel, erry ad
vocaLe grous (realLlirg) see Lle
miriscule coirage as ar lomage
Lo Lle lisLory o Americar eco
romics ard Lle legacy o Abralam
Lircolr. Ir Carada, Lle goverr
merL las rally recogrized LlaL iL
makes absoluLely zero scal serse
Lo roduce a coir aL a cosL suerior
Lo Lle amourL iL rereserLs as a re
sulL o iraLior. QuiLe simly, Lle
rav maLerials used Lo roduce Lle
coir became more valuable Llar
Lle rarcial value o Lle coir iLsel.
Tis veek vas Lle rsL ir vlicl
some reLailers begar rourdirg
u or dovr Lo accommodaLe Lle
imerdirg loss o LlaL coerco
loured memerLo. Te rev sysLem
rourds cerLLoLals erdirg viLl a
ore or Lvo Lo zero, eiglL or rire Lo
Lle :o, vlile Llree, our, six, ard
sever rourd Lo Lle vecerL mark.
Te goal is Lo everLually elimiraLe
erries rom everyday use ard
subsequerLly limiL Lle rumber
o coirs jarglirg arourd ir your
Te lieLime o Lle erry las
brouglL us LlaL mosL deceivirgly
labeled reLax rarcial su x o
cerLs, buL as a user o reLail ser
vices, ore carL lel buL vorder
vlaL Lle rexL magical su x vill
be. Te reasor or Llis corcerr is
usled aside by Lle goverrmerLs
deLermiraLior LlaL rourdirg u
ard dovr vill everLually creaLe a
sorL o reuLral erdresulL, reiLler
bereLLirg urclaser or rovider.
LeLs give reLailers a liLLle crediL
Lleyre mucl smarLer Llar LlaL.
Suose Lle rev magicsu x
is : cerLs. Ir Llis rev sysLem, LlaL
rumber vill be rourded u Lo :
cerLs aL Lle Lill, LleoreLically ber
eLLirg Lle sLore by deosiLirg Lvo
addiLioral cerLs LlaL Lle revious
sysLem vould lave viLlleld rom
Lleir coers.
1vo cerLs seems like a small
amourL, buL corsider lov mary
Limes a casl LrarsacLior occurs
eacl day. 1vo cerLs over oo
LrarsacLiors Lurrs ouL Lo be s:o.oo.
TeoreLically, LlaLs s:o Lle reLail
rovider gairs based or Lle rev
sysLem. WiLl rice clarges comirg
due Lo Lle elimiraLior o Lle erry,
iL slould be very irLeresLirg Lo see
vlere Lle rices erd u aLer Lax,
ard i vere goirg Lo be rourded
u more oLer Llar rourdeddovr.
Removirg cerLair coirs rom Lle
casl ecoromy is roL a revoluLior
ary idea, as several oLler courLries
lave already adoLed a olicy o
elimiraLior or smallvalue coirs.
RecerLly, Te EcoromisL eaLured
a secial reorL or lov Scardi
raviar courLries are oeraLirg as
a model or rev caiLalism ir Lle
LverLyrsL cerLury. Sveder ard
Norvay lave boLl beer viLlouL
Lle oreore ard Lvoore coirs
sirce :,z, ard Firlard las roL
roduced a orecerL or LvocerL
coir sirce Lle irLroducLior o Lle
Euro ir zooz. Surely Lle coirage is
roL Lle sole reasor or Lleir recerL
ecoromic grovLl, buL iLs lard Lo
igrore iL.
Tis is seculaLior o course, ard
iLs yeL Lo be seer lov Lle deci
sior vill aecL comaries coers
ard Lle mosL imorLarL bark o all,
my arL ockeL. So resL ir eace,
erry, iLs beer a :year career
ard your bodys beer Llrougl iLs
slare o coer, Lir, zirc, rickel,
ard sLeel may you rd eace be
reaLl Lle coucl cuslior orever.
SUBMIT your completed crossword
by no later than Monday, February
18th at 4 for a chance to win
Congratulations to
this week's crossword
winner: Daniel OKeefe.
Stop by the Ontarion
o ce to pick up your
: Clockmaker Tomas
AcLor Keacl
:o Wise Lrio
:( AarL
: MarLirique volcaro
:6 Sirger FiLzgerald
:, IrLro Lo lysics:
:S Ore o Cleklovs 1lree
: Wireglass arL
zo Disregard
zz Aliarce brard
z Asiar cuisire
z( ComleLely viLlouL madress
z6 DocLors org.
z Humar bore, locaLed ir Lle
: ArcierL musiciar
, SloL, briey
Coler Aoki
(o FragmerLs
(: Ready Lo liL
(z Fall rey Lo a barara eel, say
( Blame
(( Froessioral clarges
( Icor
(6 Slivorm
(S Numbered rds.
o 1arrisl
: BusL maker
1viddlirg ores Llumbs
Leaves ouL
S O old
6 MusLaclioed arLisL
6( Bailivicks
6 Biblical rorour
66 EasL o Eder direcLor Kazar
6, Numbers game
6S Horse o mixed color
6 Irariar coir
,o Feer CyrL layvriglL
,: Sea eagles
: Coarsely grourd corr
z FiLcler
Lordor arL gallery
( HilLor comeLiLor
6 Corclude
, EL (ard oLler mer)
S Ferries
:o HyroLism
:: Neiglbor o Sask.
:z Secluded soL
: Camera (Broadvay lay)
z: Israels Barak
zz Ursecied quarLiLy
z \ery mucl
z6 Suerior o a morasLery
z, LobsLer sLaLe
zS FiarisL RubirsLeir
o Te color o lorey
z Religior o Lle Muslims
CoaLlike arLeloe
( Hard drirker
6 Irdisersable
S Clev
(: CeL ar eorL
( CasL Avay seLLirg
(, KaiLal
( Frolic irverLor
z ClocolaLe subsLiLuLe
( rous
BalLic eeder
6 Former Frercl colory o
rorLlvesLerr Arica
, Hi bores
1akes lome
6o Norse god o Llurder
6: Irclire
6z Cravirgs
6( Boxer Laila
Di culty level: 15
7 1 2 8 5 3 9 6 4
5 3 4 1 6 9 7 8 2
6 8 9 2 4 7 5 3 1
9 5 8 3 7 2 4 1 6
2 6 7 4 9 1 8 5 3
1 4 3 5 8 6 2 9 7
8 9 1 6 2 4 3 7 5
3 2 5 7 1 8 6 4 9
4 7 6 9 3 5 1 2 8
vvv. 1LLcK1AIcK. cc\
Last Week's Solution
e Eskimos had fty-two names for snow because it was important to them:
there ought to be as many for love.
- Margaret Atwood
Tursday February 14
VDAY 2013 presents a benefit
performance of Eve Enslers Te
Vagina Monologues. 8pm at the
Guelph Little Teatre. Join the
One Billion Rising! All proceeds
to GW Women in Crisis. Tickets:
$15/door; $10/advance (available
at Steel Health Centre, 28 Car-
digan St. and Moksha Yoga, 78
Norfolk St).
Thursday At Noon Concert Se-
ries. Concerts start at 12:00p.m.
Thursdays in Mackinnon room
107 (Goldschmidt room). Admis-
sion free donations gratefully
appreciated. Everyone welcome!
Gavin Fridell, author of Fair
Trade Coffee and Canada Re-
search Chair in Development
Studies (Saint Marys Universi-
ty) will talk on Food Sovereignty
and Alternative Trade 12pm,
Rm.132 McKinnon. Sponsored
by Departments of Sociology/
Anthropology, Political Science
and History.
Fair Trade Chocolate for Valen-
tines Day. When you buy fair
trade chocolate, youre buying so
much more than chocolate. Tis
Valentines Day, love your friends,
love the planet! All proceeds sup-
port U of Gs Sustainability Fund.
10am- 2pm in UC Courtyard.
Saturday February 16
Guelph Spoken Word presents
The Guelph Poetry Slam. Po-
etry Slam & open stage. The
e-Bar (41 Quebec St.). $100
slam prize. $10 Cover (Sliding
Scale Available). All ages wel-
Monday February 18
Guelph Civic Museum RBC
Family Heritage Day - Enjoy
an afternoon with lots of free
indoor and outdoor fun! Ac-
tivities include: Battle of the
chainsaws, snowman target
practice, photo booth, histor-
ic presentations, music, crafts
and refreshments. 1-5pm. 52
Norfolk St. (519)836-1221, mu-,
Guelph Hiking Trail Club: Hike
Ignatius Jesuit Centre. 2 hrs.
Level 2. Speed Moderate. If
there is snow, we will ski. Meet
10am in Workshop parking lot.
$5 for honour box to ski.
Contact leader if you need to
verify ski vs hike. All welcome.
Leader: Gayle 519 856-1012.
Tuesday February 19
The Guelph-Wellington Local
Immigration Partnership hosts
The Openi ng Doors Proj -
ect, a series of free mental
health, equity, and diversity
workshops. 9:30am-12:30pm:
Journeys to Canada: Stories
of Migration. 1:30-4:30pm:
Bridging the Gap: Generation
& Immigration. Innovation
Guelph, 111 Farquhar St. Online
Registration required www.
Wednesday February 20
Contra Dancing with Judy
Greenhill and Rick Avery of Rel-
ative Harmony. No experience
or partners are needed. Dress
comfortably. $3 per person or
$10 per family donations great-
ly appreciated. 6pm at Tytler
School Gym, 131 Ontario St.
Saturday February 23
African Caribbean Black History
Month Event. Come and Enjoy the
taste of Caribbean & East African
food and the beat of our music and
dance. 7pm-12:30am at the Polish
Hall, 5 Empire St. For ticket info
call: 519 -731 2204 (Laza Catering
) or 519 546 6599 (Uletts Pride
Kitchen) www.lazacatering .com
A newly formed Uke Club will host
its second gathering, 1pm at L&M
Guelph, 30 Arrow Rd (at Wood-
lawn). Hosted by Gayle Ackroyd.
Bring your uke (or borrow one)
to join in this friendly, informal
group session! Seating limited,
please RSVP. $6. guelphlessons@ 519-763-6709.
Wednesday February 27
Decreasing Headaches begins at
7:30 pm. Learn drug-free strat-
egies to decrease tension and
migraine headaches in this 4 ses-
sion program. Details at www.

Saturday March 2
Te University of Guelph is host-
ing Relay for Life in support of the
Canadian Cancer Society, March
2-3. Register online, purchase a
luminary or pledge a participant
sityofguelph. Information: email or like our page
on Facebook: University of Guelph
Relay for Life.
Interested in being a veterinar-
ian? Animal lover just interested
in learning more? OVC Mini Vet
School every Tursday in March
(March 7-28) ofers 2 lectures a
night on topics from animal wel-
fare to anatomy! Register at www.
Now recruiting Student Support
Network volunteers. February 4
- March 1. For more information
Free tutoring program run out of
the Bookshelf downtown for high
school students. Te program runs
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Turs-
days from 3:30-4:45pm until
March 28th. If interested, con-
tact bookshelftutoringprogram@
cOMMuniTy liSTingS
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