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Chicagoan Photographer Darnell Glover Seeks $75,000 Donation for Youth Photograp hy Studio Chicagoan Photographer Darnell Glover

Seeks Funding To Create Photography Youth Center Studio. A place where our youth can come to communicate their problems an d learn a trade without cost. Chicago, Illinois, February 14, 2013 -- Chicagoan Freelance Photographer Darnell T. Glover, President/CEO of Darnell T. Glover Media Communications Productions has announced today his movement in raising $75,000 to create a photography stud io, television productions studio, modeling studio and recording studio. This gr oup of studios, Glover states, will give our youth a more positive outlook on li fe and would help them to developed skills for a more successful life. The studi o would be a place where our youths can come to learn one of these trades withou t a cost. Glover states that he thinks, that is one of our problems today as adults, we re not taking enough time out of our lives to communicate and to mentor our youths . We as adults has always made statements that OUR YOUTHS ARE OUR FUTURE! and not real izing that we have let them down in every way concerning their futures. There ar e so many youths with low self esteem and think that there is nothing they can d o, so then we find many youths who have lost hope and faith. Our public schools are not training them for the tomorrows, again this is where we adults are faili ng them in many big ways say Glover. It is Glover s plan to rent or get a 2000 to 5000 sq ft warehouse donated to began h is project and get others in the field to donate their time to train the youth t hat will be coming to the program. Thought his 68 years from recording, televisi on productions and photography he has been training youth in these fields withou t cost. He states its that time to step up a level to a larger playing field in com municating with the youth of today. To help them in to a more fulfilling and bet ter life you first have to get their attention and he feels this photography, re cording, television production and modeling studio would be the key. Glover also states that all he need is 75,000 people to go to his GoFundMe Web S ite located at photostudio and make a $1.0 0 or more donations. For information one can go to his GoFundMe site or call him at 1 (773) 340-1572. The only way our youth will become our future is if we cre ate a better and more successful future for them. Contract : Darnell T. Glover Darnell T. Glover Media Communications Productions 4412 So. Lavergne Ave. Chicago, Illinois 60638 1-772-340-1572

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