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Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandising is the physical display of goods in the most attractive and appealing ways. The objectives of visual merchandising are to:

Make it easier for the customer to locate the desired category and merchandise. Make it easier for the customer to self-select. Make it possible for the shopper to co-ordinate and accessorize. Recommend, highlight and demonstrate particular products at strategic locations. Educate the customer about the product in an effective & creative way. Make proper arrangements in such a way to increase the sale of unsought goods.

Visual Merchandising consists of various components like store layout, selling area, sales support area, floor plan, retail fixtures, displays, lightings, etc. As far as In and Out of Bhubaneswar near Unit One Market is concerned, the visual merchandising can be classified as following: Selling Area: It is around 75-80% of the total space Floor Plan: It follows a straight floor plan

Retail Layout: It has a grid layout basically Lighting: It is beam spread. Floodlighting, that is recessed ceiling lights to direct light over an entire wide display area can be seen

Window Display- Open Windows that is it has no background panel and the entire store is visible to people walking by

Retail Assortment Fixtures: Wall Shelving units are used for various FMCG products in the store

Gondola structured shelving units are used for FMCG goods again

Refrigerators as provided by companies like Pepsi Co, Coca Cola, etc where beverages, packaged drinking water, etc are stored

At the front door, there is a fixture, full of chocolates, and a rack of Olay, displaying most of the product lines from Olay and also one from Gillette.

Width and Depth of Assortment of Products

Width of assortment refers to the number of distinct goods/service categories (product lines) a retailer carries. Depth of assortment refers to the variety in any one goods/service category (product line) a retailer carries. An assortment can range from wide and deep like in a department store to narrow and shallow like in a box store. As far as In and Out of Unit One Market at Bhubaneswar is concerned, the assortment is somewhat wide in terms of width of assortment and to some extent deep in terms of depth of assortment. The goods categories and their respective variety found at In and Out of Unit One Market at Bhubaneswar are: Listed Available brands Colgate, Pepsodent, Close Up,Sensodyne, etc Oral B, Colgate,etc Lux, Dove, Dettol, Life Buoy,etc Tide, Surf Excel, Ariel, Rin, SunLight, etc Allout, Good Night,Odomos Britannia Mariegold,Britannia Treat, Britannia 50-50, Cadbury Oreo,Perle-G,etc Corn Flakes Kellogs, Chocos, Beverages Coca Cola, Pepsi, Thums Up, Maaza, Slice, Sprite, Fanta,etc Malted Beverages Bournvita, Horlicks, Boost, Complan, etc Hand wash Lifebuoy, Dettol, Santoor,etc Hair Oil Shalimar, Dabur Amla, Parachute, etc There are other product categories too such as body oil, chocolates, beauty products, face washes etc. The above mentioned brands are available in various package sizes and in different variants, eg: Horlicks Lite, Horlicks Women, Horlicks for Kids,etc. Category of product Toothpastes Toothbrushes Soaps Washing Detergent Mosquito Repellents Biscuits