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_____________________________________________________________________________________ Source A Zeleny, Jeff. Romney: Im Also Unemployed. The Caucus. New York 16 June 2011. Web.

13 December 2012. < 06/16/romney-im-also-unemployed/> _____________________________________________________________________________________ The following in excerpted from the Politics and Government Blog of the Times. I wish I had a job for everybody, Mr. Romney said at the end of his discussion. He added, I may be unemployed for longer than Id like. The references to Mr. Romneys own unemployment status added yet another humorous, but occasionally awkward, moment to his ever-growing catalog of off-the-cuff remarks that he makes as he seeks the Republican presidential nomination. He spent the morning doing more listening than talking a woman in the crowd openly urged him to talk about the deficit and it was unclear whether he persuaded any voters to join his effort. Tom Yarranton, 55, lost his job in March 2010. He had spent 31 years as an internal auditor at a manufacturing company. He said he liked Mr. Romneys mind-set as a businessman, but added that he did not blame Mr. Obama for still being unemployed. Im not mad at him, Mr. Yarranton said in an interview after the session ended. Its amazing in politics. Theyre all into pointing fingers at each other. The Republicans right now are so mad at the Democrats, but nobody is doing anything. The sentiment illustrated the long-term challenge for Mr. Romney and other Republican candidates as they try to win over independent voters and, perhaps, even some conservative Democrats to accomplish their ultimately goal on Election Day in November 2012. In the conversation with voters, Mr. Romney modulated his criticism of the president, saying, I wont be too partisan here. A few moments later, as he stood before television cameras, he ratcheted up his disapproval. We have all been distressed by the policies that this administration has put in place over the last two years, Mr. Romney said. We have seen the most anti-investment, antigrowth, antijob strategy in America since Jimmy Carter. The result has been its harder and harder for people to find work. Joan Savage, who described herself as a die-hard Republican, said she was uncertain whether her party could win back the White House. She said that she walked away with a favorable impression of Mr. Romney, but added, I dont know that anyone can beat Obama right now. The path to that fight will begin here in Tampa, where Republicans will hold their national convention next summer and formally crown their nominee to challenge Mr. Obama.