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6.5. (a) chart: CL 0.003, UCL 1.037, LCL 1.043 s chart: CL 1.066, UCL 1.830, LCL 0.

302 (b) R chart: CL 3.2, UCL 5.686, LCL 0.714 (c) s2 chart: CL 1.2057, UCL 3.6297, LCL 0.1663 6.13. (a) chart: CL 20, UCL 22.34, LCL 17.66 s chart: CL 1.44, UCL 3.26, LCL 0 (b) LNTL 15.3, UNTL 24.7 (c) 0.85 (d) 0.0275, 0.00069, Total 2.949% (e) 0.00523, 0.00523, Total 1.046% 6.34. b. Recalculating limits without samples 12

6.41. ARL1 = 2.986 6.47. Pr{detect shift on 1st sample} 0.1587 6.57. (a) The process is in statistical control. The normality assumption is reasonable. (b) It is clear that the process is out of control during this period of operation. (c) The process has been returned to a state of statistical control.

4. a. When the 25 sample ranges are plotted on the R chart there is an indication of an out-of-control condition that is for the sample number 15 its range plotted outside the upper control limit of the R-chart therefore indicating that the process is out-of-control. As for the X bar chart, when the preliminary sample averages are plotted on this chart, there is also an indication of an out-of-control condition observed. Therefore, since both the x bar and R charts exhibit an out-of-control, we would conclude that the process is out-of-control at the stated levels and revise the trial control limits for use in phase II, where monitoring of future production is of interest.

This implies that the natural tolerance limits in the process (three-sigma above and below the mean) are inside the lower and upper specification limits. Consequently, a moderately small number of nonconforming wafers will be produced. the PCR Cp is greater than unity. This means that the process uses up much less than 100% of the tolerance band. Consequently, relatively few non-conforming units will be produced by this process. c. presents a process for which the PCR Cp < 1; that is, the process uses up more than 100% of the tolerance band. In this case the process is very yield-sensitive, and a large number of nonconforming units will be produced.

0.0585, UCL 0.1289, LCL 0. Sample 12 exceeds UCL. Without sample 12: 0.0537, UCL 0.1213, LCL 0. 0.10, UCL 0.2125, LCL 0 p 0.212 to make b 0.50. n 82 to give positive LCL.

n 81 (a) 0.07, UCL 0.108, LCL 0.032 (b) Pr{detect shift on 1st sample} 0.297 (c) Pr{detect shift on 1st or 2nd sample} 0.506 (a) n 397. (b) n 44. (a) 0.533, UCL 1.993, LCL 0. (b) _ 0.104. (c) b 0.271. (d) ARL1 1.372 2. (a) 4, UCL 10, LCL 0. (b) _ 0.03.