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Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I have a small area and want to buy only one pack of Dr.Fixit Newcoat, can I use all three coats in one colour?
Of course! The 3 colours are only for monitoring. Except for the colour, the material in all the packs is the same.

2. Can I apply only 2 coats of Dr.Fixit Newcoat?

No. Dr.Fixit Newcoat must be applied in 3 coats to get 1mm thickness for maximum effectiveness.

3. Suppose the coat of Dr.Fixit Newcoat gets damaged in some areas.,will we have to re-do the entire waterproofing?
A major advantage of Dr.Fixit Newcoat is that it can simply be over-coated on the old membrane. Therefore, if during its service life any damage is observed simply overcoat on the damaged area

4. What is the service life of Dr.Fixit Newcoat ?

If applied properly ,Dr.Fixit Newcoat has a long service life of 7 to 10 years.

5. Can I use of Dr.Fixit Newcoat on a new slab

Yes of course. If the slab has a natural slope, you can apply Dr.Fixit Newcoat, and you do not even need to cover it with a screed or coba etc. However, if it does not have a slope, then the slope has to be created.

6. Can Dr.Fixit Newcoat be used on old bituminous or tarfelt roofs directly.

No. The bituminous treatment must be removed completely. The exposed surface must be levelled with 15 to 20 mm screed, before Dr.Fixit Newcoat is applied

7. How is Dr.Fixit Raincoat different from other exterior paints?

Most exterior paints are not thick enough to withstand continuous rain lashing, environmental attack and crack movement over several years.. That is why even expensive exterior paints offer limited protection. For rain lashed walls, you need a heavy duty coating that offers waterproofing ability, total long term protection against movement of cracks in plaster, and durability for at least 5 to 7 years. Dr. Fixit Raincoat is a decorative coating which has all these qualities

8.What is the service life of Dr.Fixit Raincoat

Dr.Fixit Raincoat, if applied properly, has a service life of 5 to 7 years,.

9. Is Dr.Fixit Raincoat available in a large range of colors?

Yes. Dr. Fixit Raincoat can be tinted in the colour of your choice

10. Can Dr.Fixit Raincoat be applied over existing cement or acrylic paints?
Yes, with proper surface preparation, Dr.Fixit Raincoat be applied over existing cement or acrylic paints

11. While applying Dr.Fixit Raincoat over existing paints,is primer required over existing paints?
Yes, over cementitious paints, Dr. Fixit Primeseal is a must. However, on sound acrylic paint surfaces, primer can be avoided.

12. Can we overcoat Dr.Fixit Raincoat with other paints or textured finishes?
Yes, we can.

13. While using other paints, it is normally diluted? So what is the benefit of not diluting Dr.Fixit Raincoat?
Dr.Fixit Raincoat is the only exterior coating that does not require dilution. This ensures uniformity in maintaining the thickness of coating and better control at site.

14. So, without dilution, wont Dr.Fixit Raincoat be difficult to brush-apply?

Definitely not! Dr.Fixit Raincoat is very easy it was to apply with brush or roller.

15. How does Dr.Fixit Heatshield compare with competing products?

Dr.Fixit Heatshield is the first such product in the country, which uses hollow glass spheres for very high reflectivity and very low conduction. Competing products work only on the basis of reflection. It is being successfully used in US and other developed countries for several years

16. Is Dr.Fixit Heatshield only for roofs?

Well, Dr. Fixit Heatshield can be used on both roofings and walls, whether they are made of concrete, brick or metal. It can be used in residential and commercial complexes, cold storages, fuel tanks and water tanks.

17. Does Dr.Fixit Heatshield have waterproofing and crack bridging abilities?
Yes, it does. However, waterproofing is not a primary application for Dr.Fixit Heatshield and it cannot replace the main waterproofing treatment. Dr.Fixit Heatshield can easily accommodate the movement in hairline cracks, and can fulfil minor waterproofing needs. However, for more stringent waterproofing requirements, you should use Dr. Fixit Newcoat and overcoat it with Dr.Fixit Heatshield.

18. What is the service life of Dr.Fixit Heatshield coating, and does it need maintenance?
Once applied Dr.Fixit Heatshield can last for around 10 years. For maintenance, you just need to clean it once in a while with water, so that it can reflect the heat well. It has a high scrub resistance of over 8,000 cycles, and so it does not wear out if the roof is cleaned.

19. Does Dr.Fixit Heatshield come in different colours? Or can we tint it?
No, Dr.Fixit Heatshield comes only in white colour. Dr.Fixit Heatshield should not be tinted because white colour gives the maximum heat reflection

20. Dr.Fixit Torchshield seems to be an excellent product for waterproofing of roofs with high level of activity. But, can this be used for other waterproofing requirements as well?
Yes. Dr.Fixit Torchshield is also extremely suitable for waterproof treatment and protection of below the ground concrete used for basements, foundations and retaining walls, as well as for bridges and tunnels.

21. : Is . Dr.Fixit Torchshield resistant to UV?

No. That is why, after application of Dr. Fixit Torchshield, all non-foot-traffic areas should be finished with aluminium paint for UV protection

22Can Dr.Fixit Torchshield take foot-traffic . Can people walk on it?

Dr.Fixit Torchshield can take light foot traffic. However, for heavy foot traffic areas, you have to overlay with concrete screed or mortar.

23. Can I use Dr.Fixit Torchshield on top of an existing bituminous felt?

No. The old bitumen treatment must be removed completely to ensure proper adhesion.

24. There are two varieties of Torchshield: SBS modified and APP modified. What is the difference?
The application method and areas of usage are the same for both, with just one difference. Use SBS modified Torchshield for areas with climatic temperature less than 5C . APP modifiedTorchshield should be used for areas with climatic temperature above 5C.