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AM1201 Creative Writing Individual Assignment: Funding Proposal

Course Facilitator: Mr. Ken WEE By: Alvina Ang Class: VA1A/B Submission Date: 12/04/2012

Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you for the opportunity to be considered for the HSBC Cultural Exchange Sponsorship. During the span of four years since the establishment of Gallery & Auction House, our yearly Countries In Need-Charity Exhibition and Auction have played a vital role to not only introduce culture (food, literature, music, fine arts) and history from parts of the world to Singapore; but also to raise further awareness and funds to aid countries facing tragedies and disasters. This May 2012, Gallery & Auction House plans to help raise awareness and funds for the October 2011 earthquake victims in eastern Turkey (Ercis and Van); and to at the same time, introduce the Turkish history, culture and their arts to Singaporeans. The funds collected from exhibition tickets and auction sales will be used to send food, medicine and supplies to these survivors and to cover for the medical fees of those victims who are not able to afford them. Auction items like Turkish traditional miniature paintings by renowned artists and antique hand-knotted carpets will be sold (please refer to proposal for details). An essential component for the Countries In Need- Charity Exhibition and Auction this year, would be for the sponsorship of its advertising and media costs. Gallery & Auction House is requesting a sum of $60,000 from the HSBC Cultural Exchange Sponsorship to support this non-profit event. HSBCs support for this event would create a significant difference for the lives of these earthquake survivors in eastern Turkey. With HSBCs Cultural Exchange Sponsorship to cover the costs of advertising and media, we are confident that it will heighten the awareness of the tragedy faced by these disaster-struck victims, in addition, promoting their countrys rich history, culture and arts. With more exposure, additional funds can be raised to aid many more of these survivors who desperately need our help. Gallery & Auction House believes that the Countries In Need- Charity Exhibition and Auction event is in harmony with HSBCs Cultural Exchange Sponsorship goals and also with HSBCs objective and interests. Thank you once again for the opportunity to be considered for the HSBC Cultural Exchange Sponsorship and thank you for taking time to read this. We hope that youll find it in your compassionate hearts and interests to support this meaningful event. If there is any additional information you may need, please feel free to contact me at 97835133. It would also be my pleasure to personally present the funding proposal (please see enclosed) to the committee in-charge if need be. Gallery & Auction House looks forward to working with HSBC in the near future.

Yours, Alvina Ang Curator of Gallery & Auction House **Please Read Enclosed: Funding Proposal**

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