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Committed to Excellence!

Dear Hiring Manager: A top-notch and value-added Multilingual U.S. Citizen, Trans-Global EMBA, and Global Business Expert Consultant with over 15 proven years technical experience in all aspects of doing business nationally and with over 8 years international business experience wishes to make meaningful contributions to a growing organization. Other highlights of my background that may be of interest to you include: Successful track record of working with Fortune 500 and CXOs in industries such as primary and secondary health care, technology, education, energy, international trade, global business and mobile banking, financial services, microfinance, telecommunications, mobile communications, manufacturing, cloud computing solutions, mobile technology, software solutions, social responsible investment, culinary, hospitality, automotive, media, entertainment and fashion; Produced over $900MM in credit sold into Secondary Market; Strong problem-solving, analytical and creative design skills combined with P&L management and infrastructure development experience, and technology savvy; Keen instincts to quickly effect change and improvement with key expertise in visualizing, designing and executing business process reengineering and relationship marketing programs; Proven multi-tasking capabilities with strong ability to plan, prioritize and manage complex projects under aggressive timelines; Excellent market research and competitive analysis skills, with extensive experience in data collection, synthesis and documentation; Strong leadership talents, team player attitude and spirit, and the natural ability to establish consensus amongst cross-functional lines; Completed my Trans-Global Executive Masters of Business Administration in Global Business Management and International Finance with emphasis in Global Economics, Multinational Enterprise Development, Executive Management, Corporate Strategy and Governance, Ethics and Sustainability from Saint Marys College of California School of Economics and Business Management with a 3.8 GPA, and my Bachelors of Science degree in Organizational Behavior and Leadership from the University of San Francisco - School of Business and Management with a 4.0 GPA; earned all of my degrees while working full time; Completed international projects in Spain, Belgium, East Africa and Unites Arab Emirates. I can assure you that with my educational background as well as related substantial experience, I can undeniably make a unique and meaningful contribution to your organization. I understand the professional approach and expertise required to perform the said opportunity, and I can confidently state that you will benefit well from my services. I may be reached at any of the contact details I have provided below to arrange a meeting and discuss the job profile in accordance with my experience and your requirements I would very much appreciate the chance for a personal interview. Thank you in advance for your time. Sincerely,

Mohsen Salehi
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