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4th year magazine, 2009

“Welcome to the Sanpa Times”

In this Winter edition of the 4th year`s Xanpa Times, we are going to give you unusual informa-
tion about some subjects that actually are of special interest. Furthermore, we have done a
great effort making these magazines because we wanted to assure that they could be a great
As Seneca said, work and struggle always call to the best, so we have worked a lot asking people
with an important role in the school for documentation and personal photographs as well as
formatting the best way possible in order to make the magazine attractive. Xanpa Times includes
interesting and complete surveys about different issues such as Films, Alcohol, and Parties that
gives us an orientation of the world we live on.
As well as surveys, the magazine is completed with 20 news stories that have answered the Five
Ws (professor William Cleaver Wilkinson), because they are regarded as basics in information.
The objective of this magazine is to entertain calling the lector`s attention with an attractive
format and a veridical information.
Our final area of inquire, was to see whether we were able to work as a team, we have managed
to do it so please continue reading....

In this edition, you're going to find loads of bri-

lliant articles such as:

Music, Parties, Drugs, Tv...

News stories:
Students, Gossip, Teachers back(for your sorrow),
new material...

Unedited photos!
You're going to enjoy it for sure!
Maybe we've written about you.. Have a look!

News Stories
Diabolos Around the School
Since classes started it seems as if a plague of “diabolos” had invaded our
school. Children between 4th primary and 4th year of E.S.O are playing with
these objects and achieving some incredible tricks.
It all started when some boys from the 4th year of E.S.O brought some of
them one day. Younger students saw them and now it has become a new
fashion in school. “It’s really incredible” says Marcos Areizaga, a 4th E.S.O
Pablo Santos
Aibak, the new Catering Company

This year our school has changed the young man that now is the principal cook.
dining room’s food, so now the Aibak has a large team of cooks and
company Aibak is in charge of the waitress that prepare the food in school’s
kitchen. Last year Miguel was the installations.
cook and made all the food but he has “It is okay, but they give us very little
retired so Etxeko-Janak brings the quantity of food” commented one
food to school. student.
Miguel was 65 years old, so he Mikel Bravo
decided to retire. He was helped by a

New goals on the Black Field for young people with great promise

The sports director decided to it. They are used in

build a new football field for playgrounds and for the
the young people in the “Benjamin” football team. “It
primary school, so he decided is fantastic! Now they have to
to put four new goals on the put grass and our school will
side where there were be well-known” said Daniel
benches and grass and now Dong.
there are four little football Eric Polvorosa
can be taken off to play a full
side football match (which
There are four new goals on needs all the Black Field).
the Black Field since October This was a proposal made by
and they are made for the the teenagers of the school
children from the primary that later become more
school. important and finally they did

To Belgium by bus
At the beginning of November, the
vast majority of the 4º year ESO
students are going to participate on the
Belgium exchange. They are going to
go there by bus.
From the 8th to the 15th of November,
the pupils are going to go to Amberes.
46 students are going to take part on
this exchange.
“Amusing” said one of the pupils of 3º
“B” when hearing the news.
Alex González

Students job

This year the students from the 4th year can The aim of these work is to have first contact
work in the dinning room, the students that get with children and to be more responsible not
this job have to help children to eat, this job is because of the money.
paid almost 50€, they discount it from the fees Mircea Dumitru from the 4th year thinks: “It is a
of the dinning room, the students work very good opportunity you learn how to take
Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There are care of kids, not to mention the money they
many students that want to work there, so they give you weekly.”
separated people into different trims to work in. Dani Dong

From the outdoor to the indoor

This year some students form the forth year are playing
indoor football instead of the one we are used to. At
once they were going to make up a normal football
team, but as there weren’t enough people, they took
pot luck with the indoor football. That idea ended up
as being very attractive since two more teams made
up by girls from primary have signed up. “Firstly, we
weren’t very sure, but as we are having very good
results playing very well, we are really motivated”
said Eric, a player for the indoor football team.
Marcos Areizaga

St. Patrick’s Heavyweight Championship

had a brutal fight in the 3rd and tables. Finally, they

B classroom. The fight stopped fighting and none of
started because one of them was injured.
them previously jumped “Suddenly all the students
on the other student as a from the corridor were
joke during playtime but standing in front of the
he didn’t like the joke. classroom watching or asking
Once in class both what was going on!” said
started a blazing row and Tomas, a student from the 3rd
immediately to push and hit year.
On the 15th of October two
each other. The fight was so Ignacio Iturrarte
students from the third year
brutal that they used chairs

New IT specialist at school

This year we can no longer find Auritze in St Patrick’s would only last a few years. “All the
Patrick’s corridors or classes because he has teachers who knew him already knew he was
gone from school. Now, our new IT specialist is going to leave school sooner or later”
Iker Rodriguez. commented Juan Elvira.
Auritze has left school because he felt he Iker comes from a company called “Ibernática”.
couldn’t develop his capacities. When he came Both IT specialists didn’t know themselves.
some years ago he already knew this job in St Eric Laqueche

New Secretary arrives at school

This year a new secretary has been chosen

to lend her services to our school. Maider,
the new secretary, was chosen for her
skills. However, the school didn’t count on
the following- Maider has been met with
the entire male student’s approval. Why?
‘Obvious, or at least that’s what we think’
commented several 4th year students.
Iñigo Oñate

After being absent for a year, Pilar Goyoaga has come back to

Last year the 4th year ESO Spanish teacher wasn’t seen around school
because she had taken a sabbatical year for herself. Although being away
12 months, she didn’t leave Oiartzun, the city where she lives.
Instead of Pilar Goyoaga, Pilar Arsuaga gave the lessons. “It’s good to
have Pili back; she is a very laid back person. That’s what I like about her”
said Uma, a 4th year ESO student.
Rocio Chillida

Teacher of school operated on

The social studies teacher, Mikel Ochoa has Mikel Ochoa is fully recovered
been operated on. He was operated on, in the now “he had demonstrated this
Policlinica Guipuzkoa Hospital for an eye by going to the Pyrenees with
problem (cataracts). After being operated on, on the first year bachillerato
the Sunday the twelfth of October, he spent a students.” While he was not here
week resting, so Ana was in charge of taking the work he left was efficiently
care of his classes during the whole week. done.
Pablo Martinez

Bus roundabout

This year at four thirty student from St Patrick’s English

school that go on bus to their homes can’t walk from the
centre of the round about to get on their buses more

This new rule has been used as a precaution for students

to avoid being run over by the buses. Jesus is in charge
of not letting the students pass through the centre of the
round about.

Daniel Dong a fourth year eso student says “I don’t like

this rule but I understand it’s for our safety”.

Luis Benito.

St.Patrick’s renovates it’s rules One of them is that the attendant at school is
totally obligatory and either your father,
New rules for absences in St.Patrick’s English
school which the commission introduced for
mother or tutor must inform the school of any
this year in order to increase the discipline and
control of the students.
Furthermore, the student must tell the tutor if
The school didn’t want students leaving school
Security/ Rules

he has to go out of school, and if the tutor isn’t

without anyone being aware of that any more
available, the coordinator.
so the commission agreed to introduce several
Finally, the notification of an absence doesn’t
new, more strict rules.
mean it’s justified, so it might be reflected in
the marks at the end of the term.

ST-Patrick´s School feels the need of security

At the beginning of the first had some problems with them

term, the school installed and had to replace them, they
cameras at the main entrance are currently working
to the school in order to perfectly. Now the cameras
provide a sense of security will try to prevent robberies,
and avoid robberies. After such as the few that took
discussing a couple cases of place at the school last year in control of the pupils. “It
robbery at the school, the which cell phones and money seems we will have to live as
head of administration, were stolen, and also to if we are in a jail if that’s the
headmaster and business prevent cars being broken into only way of doing it”
manager finally decided the in the parking lot as well as commented Jesús, the school
need of installing two providing a more accurate guardian.
cameras. Even though they Loren Arteche

Two hours more a week

This year, the LOE has changed. As a consequence, all of

the ESO students have to work two hours more a week.
Due to this change, the timetable increases from thirty to
thirty two hours a week. “We had enough with thirty hours,
after break we have to work three hours non stop”said
Iñigo Oñate from fourth of ESO.
Yassir Ahaoual

One Hour more of P.E. School magazine

This school year due to a new law, the school Like every other year, the press workshop has ai-
has added two new hours to the timetable. One med its work to create a magazine.
of them is another hour of P.E.
Throughout the year, our intention is to publish two
On one hand it has given us another hour for us
magazines which are about everything that has to
to do sport, but on the other hand has taken time
do with the school and a bit of leisure.
off our break which makes a 7 hour day.

Many students are looking forward to losing a It has been hard work and in the end we had to
bit of weight, but others are outraged with their struggle a bit in order to finish before the deadli-
breaks being taken away from them. We will nes, but finally we were able to finish it and we
have to wait until the end of the year to see if we hope you all like it.
all get in shape and the change is beneficial.
Bruno Santiago Loren Arteche
Eric Laqueche

New options in the 4th year

This year the new law let us studies “Latin” or physics- due to some people no have
choose between some chemistry and between Art or very clear what they would
subjects, depending on our Technology& IT. like to study and who may get
future studies. A 4th year eso student affirms confused.
The new law has introduced that “this is much better
the idea that we should because if they let us decide Macarena Oliván
choose earlier what we would we will study the chosen
rather study. subject a lot more happily.
These let us choose between However, other students say
Biology or Audiovisuals that “This is not good a idea

An “hour less” of English in school this year

This year we have an hour school has considered a better

less of English in School but option, which was having the
we have an hour a week of tutor’s hour with an English-
a subject called Ethics that speaking teacher, so that we
is in English. This new could practice English. “The
subject, Ethics, is similar school made these changes
to a tutor’s hour that we because we wanted to teach
always have had every true English and values of the
year. It is taught by real life as well as social
Mac. the new L.O.E. relationships” said John
The L.O.E includes Phillips, who has a very
more hours of important role in school,
tutorship, but the especially in terms of English.

Jon Ander Mendizabal Domínguez

Ines Gaviria

Language intensification for all the students

in the secondary school

This year, there is a new rule in Saint Patrick’s English

school. Students in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year ESO
have new intensification classes which are Basque,
English or Spanish.

The teachers choose the intensification that

each students need to improve
and if the students is doing well
in Basque and Spanish, must go
to Press (English). 3rd and 4th year
students con also choose French.
In each class they review the task, they have been doing in the normal classes,
improving all the subjects.
Patricia Ascorreta

Films, actors, actresses

and illegal downloading
What films do you usually watch? , that’s a very frequent question we ask each
other every day. Our parents, as far as I’m concerned, like to see historical
films and action films but sometimes they don’t let us to watch some interesting
films because they are violent.

They 13th of October of 2008 we asked mo-

re or less 60 people aged between 14 and 15
years from the fourth year some interesting 2%
questions about films actors actresses or 24%
for example, the influence of films in our li-
fe. We received some interesting answers to
get to the bottom of this particular survey. 71%
Please, read on.

What is your favourite genre of film?

This statistics clearly reflect that the

Others Pornography
most popular genre is comedy, although
Action Comedy
a lot of people also have chosen porno-
graphy as their favourite genre.

Do you download films illegally?

It’s an interesting point that most of us

download films illegally.

Yes No

Do you watch films at home or at the cine-


31% This statistic shows that most people watch films

in both places, or at home.
Home Cinema Both

Which is your favourite film?

We can see that the huge majority of students ha-

ve chosen American Pie as their favourite film.
American Pie 300 Others
Which is your favourite actor/ actress?

It is noticeable that people, especially boys think 21%

that Elsa Pataki is the best actress.



Elsa Pataki
Johny Depp
Uma Thurman

Do films influence your life?

It is remarkable that people think films do influence their lives.



Yes No

These statistics represent that we all like the genre of the comedy the most
because it makes us laugh. Most of us download
films illegally because we don’t have to pay for
the films. We sometimes prefer to watch films
at home and other times, we enjoy watching
films in the cinema. The majority of us, have as
our favourite film American Pie and other pre-
fer 300. Our favourite actress is Elsa Pataki,
not because of her work, because she is very
pretty. To conclude, we think that films in-
fluence our lives in some way. For example,
American history X has influenced our life.

Jon Ander Mendizabal, Daniel Dong and Luis


The truth about our TV habits

Adults are always complaining about our hours in front of the TV and what kind of
TV habits. They always say we watch too series and programs we watch. Our final
much TV, that the programs we watch area of inquiry is to see whether we have
aren’t good for us, for example. to change our habits or not.
But is this really true, or are they just
exaggerating? We asked the whole 4th year a series of
questions about their TV habits and then
The aim of this survey is to find out the compiled them in some easy to understand
truth about this difficult issue. We are cu- graphs.
rious to see if teenagers spend too many

What kind of series/programs do you watch?

Action 15% Comedy 80% Crime 3%
Football 2%

We can see that the kind of programme most of us like to watch

is comedy. So why do our parents say that the programs we
watch are so horrible? Isn’t it good thing to laugh a little bit after
a hard day at school?

How often do you watch TV?

Twice a Week 13% Daily 87%

As the graph shows, here we’ve got a problem.

Most of us watch TV daily,
which can distract us a lot from our studies.
It would be a better
thing to reduce a little our time in front of the TV if we want
to get better moves at school.

Do you watch it primarily alone or with your family?

Both 48% Alone 33% Family 19%

Here we can see that there are moments in which we prefer

to watch alone, and moments in which we prefer to watch to
with our family, as nearly half of us have both habits

Do you have a TV in your room?

No 58% Yes 42 %

More than half of us don’t have a TV in our room, which is a po-

sitive thing if we want to reduce the number of hours in front of
the TV, but from another point of view, it can also be a negative
thing because then we’ll have to deal with our parents or bro-
thers/sisters to decide which programme to watch.

How many TV’s are there in your house?

Three 30% Two 22%
One 11% Seven 5%
Six 2% Five 11%
Four 20%

The graph shows that the majority of us have 3 TVs in

our house. But there are some of us that have up to se-
ven TVs (nea 5%) so in this case it wouldn’t be the
child’s fault if he watched too much TV, it would be the
parent’s fault, having an unnecessary number of TVs at

Do you watch the news?

Yes 53% No 34% Sometimes 13%

Here there’s a great surprise: Most of us actually watch the news! So our
parent’s complaints about watching trash TV is just an exaggeration be-
cause most of us, more than half, watch the news at least sometimes. So
we are interested in what happens around the world, which is a sign that
we are not the anti-social group we are sometimes supposed to be.

What influences the type of programmes you watch?

Likes 75% Publicity 14% Actors 12%

Here we can see that our likes are most influential on each other regarding
the type of program we watch, and that advertisements only influence us
to a small degree which is a bit surprising.

These statistics show that apart from redu-

cing a little bit the number of hours in front is that advertisements don’t influence us so
of the TV, our TV habits are not as bad as much as the TV producers hope to..
is believed. Most of us watch the news,
don’t have a TV in our rooms, Rocio Chiillida, Iñigo Oñate, Ines Gaviria.
and we watch TV with our families. And
there is also another important fact, which

How Much Does Music Really Attract Us?

A lot of us often consider we depend to expand our knowledge of langua-
on music more than we should. Howe- ges? Perhaps music is the key to the
ver, do we use it as much as it is intellectuality philosophers are
thought? What music habits do most seeking.
of us have? And where do we get all
the music from? We asked the whole of the fourth year,
68 in total, a few questions about mu-
In this survey our objective was to try sic habits and then created some
to get to the bottom of this “massive” graphs to make it easier for you to ob-
social habit. How far does the society serve any remarkable answers. We en-
affect how much and what types of courage you to continue reading and
music we listen to and does music help hope you find the statistics of interest.

1- What kind of music do you listen to?

Pop - 42.6% 45.00

Rock - 39.7%
Hip-Hop - 23.5% 33.75
Techno - 26.5%
Punk - 1.5% 22.50


Pop 0

The most popular style of song among teenagers is pop. But there is not much difference between
pop and rock which are separated by less than 3%. Hip-hop and techno are also pretty popular
among teenagers, but on the other hand, but punk isn’t popular at all.

3- Which radio station do you

listen to?
40 Principales - 70.6%
Kiss FM – 7.3%
Other radio stations - 8.8%
Do not listen to music - 13.2%

And the award of best radio station goes to…

“Los 40 Principales”. This radio station is liste-
ned to by 70.6% of us. It’s the most popular sta-
tion by far. What is noticeable in this graph is
that the second most listened one is only liste-
ned to by 9% of us. More than 13% of the stu-
2- Do you like going to dents don’t listen to the radio.
Yes - 92.7%
No - 7.3%

This statistic clearly highlights the fact that 13%

nearly everybody likes going to concerts nowa-
days. There is just a minority of 7.3% of us who 9%
don’t like attending musical spectacles.



40 principales
Kiss FM
Other radio stations
Do not listen to music

Yes No

4-Which languages do you

listen to music in?
Spanish -76.5%
English - 80.9% 63.75
French - 19.1%
Basque - 5.9% 42.50
German - 1.5%

The vast majority of us listen to music 0

in English, something remarkable for Spanish English
the reason that we live in Spain. As it is French
appreciable, not many people listen to
music in German or Basque. Nearly
everyone listens to music in Spanish or English.

5-How do you get on to know about

different types of music?
Friends - 63.2%
Internet - 39.7%
TV - 8.8%
Radio - 14.7%
Other - 8.8%

One the one hand most pupils at St-Patrick’s get to know

about different types of music through their friends and
through the internet. On the other hand, a vast minority

get to know about different music

through the
internet and music channels on the TV.



Friends Internet

6- How much time do you spend listening to music every week?

0-5 hours - 30.9%
5-10 hours - 32.3%
10-15 hours - 23.5%
10% 15-20 hours - 3.5%
4% More than 20 hours - 9.8%
We can see that there isn’t a fixed tendency in the amount of music
24% we listen to. What is perhaps, most noticeable, is the large number of
people who listen to music more than 20 hours a week, or said in a
different way, nearly 3 hours a day; one of every 10 of us does so.


0-5 hours 6-10 hours

11-15 hours 16-20 hours
more than 20 hours

7- Do you download music? If so, how often? Do

you do it legally or illegally?

Yes - 94.2%
No - 5.8% 6%



Legally - 1.5% Daily - 49.1%

Illegally - 98.5% Weekly - 40%
Monthly - 10.9%




Legally Illegally Daily Weekly Monthly

These statistics clearly highlight that nearly everyone of us is used to using the internet not just for
working, but also to download music illegally. Downloading music illegally is something which is
against the law, but very typical nowadays. Half of us download music daily, a result which shows
our dependency of making use of it for our social life.

The previous statistics ternet illegally, but, is it It seems that as time goes
show how much music in- simply pure chance? The by music is developing
fluences us in our every- truth is society has in- more and more, and the
day life. However, what fluenced our habits and easy access to it is making
stands out most is how has limited what we are us listen to much more
nearly every single one of allowed to think and like music than we used to. It
us has been influenced by to a point. Concerts also has reached such point
what the vast majority of take up a serious part in that some of us admit
us listen to. For instance, our life since more than they depend on it in our
nearly 100% of us down- 90% of us state that we daily lives.
load music from the in- like going to them.
Eric Laqueche, Alex González, Loren Arteche


Don’t say you’ve never wondered about teenager’s consumption

habits of alcohol and cannabis, because we all have. I’m not
referring to tedious articles in which they try to encourage young
people, especially teenagers, not take either alcohol or cannabis.
But to modern and up-to-date facts.
We went to a secondary school and asked 60 4th year students. We
have the answers to the most common questions but questions,
questions that have never answered until today. When you get to
the end of this article, you will know the truth abut what teenagers

We can clearly see that the majority of the students 29%
consume alcohol.

cannabis? YES NO

Clearly students do not

consume cannabis as much as alcohol.




alcohol? 87%

We found out that the vast majority started consuming

alcohol last year.

17% 19%
LAST YEAR However we 25%
TWO YEARS AGO also found 40%
out that
some others
started consuming it three years ago.



In this question we discovered that
45% started consuming it this year
and also that a 10% started 3 years ago.


There we found out that more than half of the people
spend 5€. Although the vast majority do not spend a
lot there are people who spend more than 15€. 6%6%
cannabis? 69%
5€ 10€
Well, there is nothing to 15€ MORE
comment, the results are
clear to understand.


Almost half of the parents INVITED
know that their sons or
daughters consume alcohol if they do so or cannabis if
they do so.
I can’t think of a reason for which teenagers do this, don’t they know
that drink and drugs aren’t the definition for fun? In my opinion they
do this to gain popularity, and because they think that like this they are
more mature. But the truth is that it’s very childish of them to think in
this way. The worst thing is that they don’t control it, and when they
stat to feel that they have serious health problems, they are already

Laura Arrieta, Patricia Ascorreta, Macarena Oliván.

Young People’s Habits in Parties

We have carried out this survey to find free time and what we do at parties. We hope it
out which and what type of habits the students is going to be interesting to know this
in the 4th Year of secondary have. information, so please read on.
We asked the whole of the 4th Year (68
students in total) some questions related to our

>Do you drink alcohol during parties?

can see clearly
that the majority of
us drink alcohol
during the


>Do you have to drink alcohol to enjoy the party?

This need to
16% statistic drink
c l e a r ly alcohol
highlight to enjoy
s that the
the p a r t y.
of the
84% students


>Do you smoke during parties? If so what?


We observe small during

that the group of 14 parties.
majority of students
the the
students majority
don’t are used to
smoke and smoke
that the cannabis 16%

80% 4%
Who do you mingle with in
This statistic shows that 55% of the
students try to meet new people or friends they
don’t know really well, while 45% spend their
party time to stay with people they really know,
like; friends or school mates.




>Until what times do you normally stay out in parties?

This statistics shows that the clear majority stay out at parties until 1:00 – 2:30.

11:00 - 12:00 1:00 - 1:30 2:00 - 2:30

3:00 - 3:30 4:00 and more

10% 5%

19% 32%


>Where do you go to parties?

These statistics clearly highlight that a majority of students prefer going to the Port or
to the Old part than going than going to other places.

Bataplan Beach Nowhere

Port & Old Part

1% 6%

Port & Old Part


>Do you go to pubs/discos?

We can see then that not a lot of people go to pubs/discos, maybe because we are not old



These statistics are remarkable for many Finally we think that drinking alcohol with
reasons. The clear fact that teenagers moderation is not dangerous and you can
between 14-15 years old are used to have a good time, but the idea of abusing of
consume alcohol during their party time is alcohol and other drugs like cannabis is not
a clear reason to make us think about our certainly good for your health.
students habits…this is what an adult
would answer if he was asked to comment
this survey…but all the students we asked
about what they though about their
drinking habits seemed to be confident and
not worried about that, also when we asked
the questions they answered with decision.
Also the fight of two ideas is making a really
important effect in the fourth grade
student’s way of answering: the minority
(16%) think they need to drink alcohol to
have a good time, while the majority (84%)
do not have the need the drink alcohol to
have a good time.

So there is an exchange of ideas, apart

from these opinions on the alcohol, also
there are people who plead for the item
consumed of the alcohol…so a crushing
majority support the consumption of
alcohol and cannabis.

Mikel Bravo, Pablo Martinez, Eric


Football Survey

People complain that the Premiership is better than the Spanish

league because of the players that they have. What do you think
about that?

In this survey we have tried to get the answers of these ques-

tions. What team do you support? Are we supporting the team of
our city or is it that we are starting to support teams that
attracts us because of the way they play?

We have done this research in the San Patrick‘s school (4 year

students, 68 students in total). The questions are related to our
taste about football but that is not all the statistics are compiled
based on the answers of the students. We hope you carry on rea-
ding and also that you enjoy this survey.

Do you like football? What team do you

YES NO support?
Real Sociedad
45% Real Madrid
55% FC Bacelona
Athletic de Bilbao

As we can see the majority of 45%
the people like football. I can 15%
say that the majority of stu- 13%
dents that don’t like football
are girls. We can see many different opi-
Do you prefer Spanish nions. On the one hand most of the
people support the team of our
league or premier lea- city but on the other hand we can
gue? see that 9 percent of the 4 year
supports our eternal rival.
Spanish league
Premier league Do you think football is

55% YES NO


As we can see the opinion of

the people is quite divided.
More or less half of the year
prefers the Spanish league.

That is another yes, no ques- nearly the whole people who

tion there isn‘t much to say don’ t like football are girls.
but as we can see nearly the The first chart shows us the
70 percent of the 4 year think similarities of the opinions.
that football is overvalue. The second one shows us that
the whole year only like the
premiership and obviously the
Do you practice football local league. supported is the
in a team? Or just for local team. The fourth one
fun? talks about the opinions if
football is overvalue, most of
YES in a team YES for fun
the students think that foot-
23% ball is overvalue. Nearly the
80 percent of the year just
play football for fun. It seems
77% that the answer to the ques-
tion above is the opinions are
quite divided and also that the
majority of the girls don‘t like
The majority of us play foot- football.
ball just for fun.
These statistics are remarka-
ble for many reasons, what
stands out most is probably
that there is 9 percent of the
year that support our eternal
rival, the Athletic de Bilbao,
that’s not all we can see that
Bruno Santiago, Daniel Goiria and Yassir

The Truth About the Relationship Between

Students and Teachers
A lot of us think that if there isn’t any problem bet ween a
teacher and a student, everything is perfect. But do we
really know what students think about their teachers or
the exams they have to pass?
In this survey we decided to try to get to the bottom of
this thorny issue. So are some of the stereotypical things
students say true?
We asked the whole of the fourth year (68 students in to-
tal) some questions related to the school teachers and then
made some graphs with the results. We hope you find them

Which teachers do you think is the funniest?

10%9% As we can see, a lot of students think Chema is the most amusing teacher
(31%), but other people like Josemi or Josean seem to get on well with
12% their pupils.
Chema 31% Blas 26% Juan 12%
Josemi 12% Josean 10% Others 9%

Which teacher do you think sets more homework?

As the chart shows, the majority of people (31 %) think that Reyes has to
reduce the amount of homework she sets. However, we can also see the-
re are many different opinions between students.

7% 7%7%
10% Reyes 31% Sussie 16% Begoña E 12%
31% Igone 10% Carmen 9% Others 7%
12% Josean 7% Alazne 7%

Do you think a teacher has picked on you sometimes? If so who?

In this case most students think that a teacher had picked on them but it appears not to be a particular
teacher who picks on students as “others” agroups the majority (22%). However, Alazne is for stu-
dents a teacher who often picks on her pupils.

Others 22%
11%11% Alazne 19%
46% No
11% Begoña E 14%

14% 22% Begoña Cenoz 14%

Marisa 11%
54% 14% 19% Sussie 11%
Chema 11%

Dou you think school teachers Do you think you have been the
are modern people? teacher’s pet?
This chart shows that the vast majority don’t Here we find another topic which, in this case,
think they are (75%). On the other hand only the majority answered “yes” (56%) whereas the
the 2.94% thinks they are modern people, whe- (44%) answered “no”.
reas the 22.05% believes only some teachers
are modern.

No Yes
Some No 44%
22% Yes

Which teacher do you think makes the most difficult exams?

As we can see, a lot of students find Simon’s exams the most difficult ones
(22.05%). This pie chart shows, as the previous, that not all of the inter-
viewed agree in a particular teacher.
12% 9%7%
Simon 22% Chema 19%
13% 22% Begoña E 18% Pilar 13%
Others 12% Josean 9%
19% Isabel 7%

Which teacher do you think punish students most?

In this case, the biggest amount of the interviewed agrees
Chema punishes quite a lot (45.58%). New teachers in the
third year like Mac, also punishes a lot. 13% 9%
Alazne 19% Chema 46% MAC 13% 19%
Simon 13% Others 9%


These statistics are remarkable for any reasons, but what stands
out most is that they serve to show what students talk about rela-
ted to their teachers when they are not listening to their teachers.
The first pie chart shows that Chema is the funniest teacher whe-
reas the third one shows Alazne as a strict teacher. This survey
also advise you to study a lot for Simon’s exams or shows that
many students have been the teachers pet

We do know that not all the teachers are going to agree with some
results but what we don’t want to do is to make teachers argue in
the staff room.

- Marcos Areizaga, Ignacio Iturrarte & Pablo Santos -




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