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How did the cigar business prospects?

IPad and cigars, two things it was never out of Roy Kurniawan Laksono, 30 years, every day. Roy smoked a cigar is not just any cigar, but the Cohiba brand, the world's most famous cigars. In Indonesia, the price of Cohiba USD 400-600 thousand a. "The limited edition could reach $ 1 million," said Roy told Tempointeraktif. The definition is a limited edition cigars Cuban tobacco crop best quality. Alumni Petra Christian University Surabaya was to his cigar business, both local and imported. As a busy person, Roy never forgot to bring Cohiba in his bag. Cigars are most liked by the child was kept in a special box made of spanish cedar wood. This cigar is a special container. "In this box, cigar smoked out, taste and smell does not change when inhaled again," said Roy. Roy include fan of cigars in Surabaya. In this city, he said, the community has been formed Cigar although the amount is not more than 30 people. But, says Roy, cigar community is rarely gathered together. "If there is music even in star hotels, we were only able to meet while sucking together," said Roy. Initially, Roy said, the community chose a five-star hotel JW Marriot on the Road as a place kongkow Embong Malang. But lately it's the place to get together to move between the Sheraton and Shangri-la. "But the intensity ngumpulnya very rare," said Roy. Naturally, when they were rarely together. Because, says Roy, a member of this community is segmented and consists of people who are super busy. Almost everything is level directors and managers of a company. One is Edric, manager Wismilak brand cigarettes. "Our age 30 years and over," he said. If you want to get together, usually as Host Roy. Understandably, though the youngest, Roy is the Managing Director of PT Cuban Cigars Indonesia. The company is importing cigars from around the world and running a local cigar brand Tambo. Aside from Cuba, Roy also bring cigars from Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico and the Philippines. Before entering the cigar business, Roy worked in finance and investment. From there he got to know the people who like to smoke a cigar and business opportunities. Finally he slammed the steering wheel to the cigar business because there are no players in this field. Now, Roy sold his cigar in an online fashion. "We supply the cigars to the rest of Indonesia, especially Jakarta, Bali and Borneo," he said. This business is controlled in his rich elite residential Darmahusada Beautiful Surabaya. In order to introduce more products, as well as about the cigar, he made a website called In addition to cigars, he also sells cigar accessories, such as container, lighters and cutlery. "Cigars are like a lifestyle," he said. Prices of non-Cohiba cigar imports ranged between $ 100-300 thousand per stem. The

local cigar could only USD 60-100 thousand. But the rich, according to Roy, 80 percent liked the particular import Cohiba cigar. "When inhaled, cigars Cuban cigars are heavier than others," he said. According to Roy, a good cigar when the stem of which is solid and does not blow out, and do not say "crick" when pressed. In addition, a good cigar is when the ash does not fall despite the length. If you want to enjoy a cigar, said Roy, who had stretched ash should not be a knock-knock to fall. "Since the function of the ashes to cool the fire," he said. Cigar, he says, it is best enjoyed when relaxed or casual atmosphere. Cigars can not be enjoyed at a time when being pursued before the cigar out of time because the trigger had to do other activities. Not all cigar lovers are smokers, including Roy. "True cigar lover is that they suck for relaxation," he said. Roy's favorite locations in the lounge enjoying a cigar is a five star hotel, the mountains or the beach. Because the atmosphere around also influence whether or not a cigar was delicious. But when Sunday, Roy prefer to enjoy a cigar on his home course. "Every week I spent two cigars," said the father of two sons of this.

Indonesia is a country that is included in the tropical region with a relatively hot weather. Some people might complain about the heat of the weather. But for an entrepreneur a hitch like this could even be a new business opportunity. What people generally look at the heat? No other is a comfortably furnished drinks cold. Ice Cream (Ice Cream) is one of the many types of beverages that people enjoy while hot. Ice cream business is a business that promises many advantages in Indonesia's warm climates. Ice cream business, a lucrative business opportunity for the tropics. Based on a rough calculation of BEP or turnover in this business about 1 year as measured by the standard ice cream machine investment, for the purchase of an ice cream machine and storage devices (refrigerator / freezer) is the largest investment in this business. Management of the ice cream business is also very easy. Indonesia's tropical climate, it is suited for this endeavor. Especially in a rather hot, the ice cream business is certainly very promising. To start an ice cream business, now there are many kinds of ice cream maker that you can find in the market. Both soft ice cream, or hard ice cream (a kind of ice-puter / play). There are several types of machines that can be found to start this ice cream are: Soft Ice Cream Machine Ice Cream Machine Egg Roll Simply by bringing the ice cream machine in the crowd, then the ice cream business you will reap the results. Crowded places that could be to sell ice cream, among others: Shopping Center / Mall Recreation Facility Entertainment (Movies, night market, etc.) School or College Sports Camp Market etc.. Since the ice cream business is not a new business idea, of course, you have to compete with existing players. Things you should consider in this competition is the first, you have to make a difference / hallmark on your ice cream business. Secondly, you should think promotion strategy / marketing right. For example, by participating establishing booth / stand in events such as fairs, school events, universities, and others. Without aggressive promotional ice cream products that have characteristics you will not even widely known.

In recent years, futsal sport seems to be the belle of the community as a sport in my spare time to release tension or stress. Young and old love this sport. Especially if it were not for futsal is a mini version of the sport of football at the standard pitch. During the many people still love the sport of futsal soccer during the same option would be to channel the pleasure of the football. Sports futsal is preferred because it does not require a large and spacious field that does not drain stamina too much as if actually playing on the football pitch. Regardless of the weather for indoor (indoors). No need to be afraid of getting dirty because usually only wear synthetic turf field. Other than that the game will be more focus on skill and teamwork. If you are careful, business or rental futsal is very promising. This is not making it up. The small number of competitors is a distinct advantage for you. Although there has been a rental place futsal in your hometown, but look for a strategic location and a bit away from the other futsal field rental. With a bit of uniqueness and adequate facilities it is not difficult for you to attract potential customers to come to your place. But usually one of the problems for those who want to get started in this business is land. If you do not own land then to realize futsal rental business will likely have a lot of obstacles. Why? Because without a land of their own and the money you spend will be very much especially now that the price of land in various regions in Indonesia is quite high. Then how if we do not own the land, but we want to cultivate this business? It is recommended that you work together with your friends or family who own the land. Make it black and white agreement that benefits both parties and commit to running the provisions therein. Here are the things that need to be prepared if you are interested to make a futsal field: Determine the area of location you want to be an effort to make futsal adjust the amount of ground to be made. Here's a futsal field size reference: Common Size: Length: 25 m - 45 m Width: 15 m - 25 m International Size: Length: 38 m - 42 m, Width: 18 m 22 m Determine the budget required to make futsal. Here's an example of a budget in making a futsal field size of 25 meters x 15 meters (beginning in 2008): Field: a. Synthetic Grass = Rp. 150 million b. Vyneels = Rp. 170 000 000 1. Futsal Ball: 2 pcs @ Rp. 150,000 = Rp. 300,000 2. Vest: 24 pcs @ Rp. 20,000 = Rp. 480 000 3. Lighting: 12 pcs @ Rp. 900,000 = Rp. 10.8 million 4. For Lighting pole: 6 pcs @ Rp. 450,000 = Rp. Total manufacturing 2.7 million laps. artificial turf = Rp 164,280,000 Total manufacturing lap. vyneels = Rp. 184.28 million. Description: Manufacturing cost includes the cost futsal grass, goal, goal nets and safety nets

around the field. Prices include installation costs. Lighting consume 350 watts. Prices include wiring and installation costs. Lighting pole measuring 1.25 inch thick with a height of 4 meters. Prices include the cost of installing a pole. Prepare all the necessary things to make, the following should be noted: The location and building. Field Material: cement floor (the cheapest), tile, wood parakeets, natural grass and synthetic (more expensive) - Hurdles, balls, team shirts (rent) and other equipment to futsal - Net: used for fence around the field Steel wire: used as tihang the nets - white paint to make the touch line and the circumference of the field. Sponge / foam is used if the field close to the wall to avoid injury Place waiting (not too narrow, so that consumers satisfied with the service) Ample parking space (if necessary free of charge, though many pengunjunggnya) Hours, guest books and other ancillary equipment Entertainment facilities like TV if necessary PS, Timezone, etc. (as entertainment to wait and play to look exclusive) Determine the price penyewaannya, the default for artificial turf indoor soccer field, typically ranging from 50 rb - rb 140 and above (outdoor) and 190 rb above (indoor). Should first survey the surrounding prices in order to create healthy competition. How? Businesses interested in leasing business futsal? If it is yes, immediately to invest your money into this business and do not delay anymore.

There is the interesting part of the development of a number of offers of partnership or non franchise business opportunity (BO) in the field of small-scale food and beverage booth-booth sized minimalist who now flourishing. For those of you who dares businessmen, but tight capital, this kind of business can be considered. One of them is the food and beverage business opportunities based on corn and soybeans. Hendra was previously successfully developed a business drink tea, coffee and ice cream drink now developing business partnerships by making the concept of sweet corn meal and soy bean milk drink. Similarly, the contents of the news that I quoted this from (30/09/2010). Hendra offer cooperation package of sweet corn (Corn Revo) and soy milk (Revo Soya) worth Rp 5.9 million. The partners are now looking for just the right location and looking for salespeople. "What I offer is a genuine concept of food and drink, but the price is five feet," said Hendra to detikFinance some time ago. When joining the partner will get a package of partnerships ranging from booth to production equipment and others who all reached the 30's items. In addition there will be special training for one day for the salesperson. He explained to Rp 5.9 million package the partners can potentially turnover in two months with a record turnover of at least Rp 500,000 per day. As an illustration for the price of one cup of sweet corn Rp 4500-6000 while soy milk drink sold Rp 2500-3500. He gave freedom to partners to sell diharga rational according to the location and the cost of rent. Hendra said to corn meal and soy beverages are now becoming a trend of society. In addition to the high nutritious vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and minerals, foods and drinks such tongue suitable for everyone. "I also want to develop a plan chocolate and sugar cane. Anyway all the drinks," he said. Since he developed two months ago, the number of partners who have joined at least we have a total of 13 booths for the Revo and Revo Corn Soya. While the total network Revo in Indonesia including coffee products, tea, and ice cream has reached 380 in 21 cities across Indonesia. Hendra said to be successful this kind dibisnis than tenacity. Should also take into account other aspects such as in determining the sales force, particularly in terms of monitoring such Sidak and other locations. "My advice is if you can not use the employment of relatives, more minus than plus. Was me I've experienced since the beginning of this pioneering effort," he said.

Still related to selecting salespeople, he suggested should any deposit daily revenue wherever possible should be deposited daily by salespeople. This is to reduce the risk of the things that are not desirable. There's the most important thing that should never be forgotten by the partners that the salaries salesperson. In order to boost sales turnover, the partner must be able to be smart to anticipate this sort of thing. He suggests there are two options that can be used by partners that provide the basic salary of Rp 400,000 or Rp 700,000 per month for the salesperson with the assumption that the total salary received Rp 1 million per month. The trick with the basic salary of Rp 400,000, the salesperson may be given the opportunity to get a bonus of Rp 200 sales per cup. If one day be able to sell 100 cups of bonus that it can salespeople pocketed Rp 600,000 per month outside salary. While the base salary of Rp 700,000 per month, the salesperson can give bonus per cup is only Rp 100, or if it is able to sell 100 cups per day can be collected a bonus of Rp 300,000 per month. "In this way sales could continue to sell spirit not easily satisfied," he said. For business choosing a location, Hendra suggested campus locations to the best place to sell this kind of product. What mall was a viable alternative, but be prepared with high rents. "If the weakness campus Saturday-Sunday and holiday of the semester," he said. Meanwhile, Siti Hendra one partner who joined less than two months to sell packages of sweet corn products received a positive response markets. Siti Carrefour to open outlets in Karachi claim to be able to sell 15-20 kg of maize per week and had a turnover. "Progress is passable, yes positive response once. Already return on investment. Estimate I could sell my least 15-20 kg of corn per week," said Siti some time ago.

Maybe we need to reflect on how our neighboring country, Malaysia, to overcome the limited employment opportunities by motivating his graduate students to conduct business and not rely solely on the job as the news I get from Pontianak following Daily Tribune (15/10 / 10). Not just opine negatively about Malaysia much less willing to 'war' all Smile. Mohammad Farid Abdul Hamid of International Business Advisor-Assar Senari Holdings SDN BHD Malaysia share the keys to success to build a strong economy in a region, in front of hundreds of young scholars Muhammadiyah University Pontianak (UMP), which was inaugurated in Pontianak Convention Center (PCC) (12 / 10/2010). According to Farid, the government needs to stimulate young scholars to be interested and engaged in the world of commerce or business. Even the government should give full support to candidates and independent businesses as one of the key economic forces. "For example, in Malaysia, the kingdom prepared a special scheme for graduates who want to self-sufficient in the world of commerce. There is help around Rp. 150 million per person were prepared to be used as a trade or business commences capital. Why? These so we are no longer dependent to work as a civil servant in the government, "said Farid told the Tribune. Not only that, said Farid, Malaysia kingdom also provide counseling business, to other easiness in running the business, such as providing business building rent subsidies or tax breaks. "In addition to motivated self-reliance in the business world through the support of startup capital, they are also given training to start a business. Subsequently, continue to receive financial assistance to improve their business. Fact there easiness that specifically granted by the monarchy. They really honed and nurtured ", he said. Reflecting the above information if we look back bachelor graduates in Indonesia are increasingly booming from year to year, the number of jobs that are not comparable to accommodate the workforce, plus learn curriculum from elementary to college who do not form the mental entrepreneurship adds to the complexity of the problem of unemployment. It was incorporated entrepreneurship program in college in recent years. But just to give an understanding of the theory without providing adequate capital, mentoring, counseling, and give their easiness to operate and expand its business as exemplified by our neighboring governments before, perhaps graduates who are equipped with the theory of entrepreneurship will return to graduate -scholar mentality 'job seekers' only and are not motivated to graduate 'job creator' because of the many difficulties encountered when starting a business.

From the first issue of style or style trend is something that is not inexhaustible worked. If you are someone who is planning to open a business related businesses may decorate fashion style headscarf could be considered. Hoods and accessories businesses are now starting to rise as the number of Indonesian women wearing Muslim clothing. However, not many know that behind the emergence of Muslim fashion trends also include service businesses decorate veil is quite promising. Business opportunities decorate hood is captured by Eni Fitriah and Desy Ria Saputri. Both use the momentum of the Muslim fashion trends with opening hoods decorating services business courses. Eni's decorating skills and Desy hoods do not come alone but of the learning outcomes for both worked in the Muslim fashion. "At the end of 2009, we decided to open their own businesses hoods decorate decorating with expertise in corporate veil Muslim fashion. We used to be a stylist once a fashion show and a talk show, "he told daily Seputar Eni Indonesia. Eni explained, the intention to open the course decorate the hood is actually more to the symbols of Islam. Both Eni and Desy hoped that the course decorate the hoods more Muslim women who wear the headscarf. "Currently wearing the headscarf is not as imagined in the ancient times. There are a variety of simple style, but still according to the teachings of Islam, "said S1 Accounting graduates this. In starting his business, Eni and Desy initiate service advertisements decorate the veil on one of the tabloids. As a result, it is quite impressive. Services course by course name decorate veil veil beautiful creations began ogled by women. As for the costs to advertise in the tabloids about 500 thousand-1 million. "Currently, most participants were reading our ad in the tabloid," said Eni. In addition to the cost for advertising, initial capital for building services courses decorate this scarf, said Eni, was not too big. Some of the items needed as initial capital only veils, accessories, pin, and a mirror. "Capital of the personal funds of us. The capital used to buy some supplies for the course, such as veils, accessories, pin, and a mirror. In total approximately Rp3-5 Million "said a woman born in Tangerang, June 1, 1987 the. Eni explained decorating courses services being operated hood is more private, which went directly to the consumer. Eni and Desy share courses decorate veil into three classes. For the first class is a basic private at a price of Rp300-400 thousand per person. As for the intermediate class, customers must pay a Rp500-600 thousand. Then the third class is the class marriage (wedding), where consumers have to spend on top of Rp2 million. "It's a special price for a private person. But if there are consumers who want to take a course of five people, the price per person can be cheaper or get half, "said Eni. The duration of the course, said Eni, also depend on the selected class. For the basic class private, consumers obtain decorating courses hood for 3-4 hours. As for the intermediate classes and wedding approximately 4-6 hours. "If for intermediate and wedding are usually much longer time courses," he said.

According to Eni, consumers course beautiful scarf creations come from different backgrounds. Ranging from bridal makeup to housewives. Eni explained, most of the bridal makeup is interested in learning how to decorate a headscarf because currently quite a lot of brides who wear the headscarf. "Bridal makeup actually want to learn because many bridal veil. Consumers of the salon too much. In addition, there are a housewife from the upper middle class and working women, "he said. Eni said, but does not require a large capital, operating costs are incurred each month is not too big. The cost to buy a veil, accessories and transport only approximately 500 thousand-1 million. "The number depends on the needs. Every month we bought a scarf to then be given to the consumer after the course. Now we also raise the gear, "said Eni. In addition to opening the course decorating services hoods, Eni and Desy also opened a service decorate bridal veil. This wedding veil decorating services along with business courses. According to Eni, the advantage of makeup bridal veil is quite large. "Average turnover per month of the course and makeup bridal veil approximately Rp3-5 million. However, it depends on the number of wedding events and courses, "he said. Opportunities to engage in the Muslim fashion is wide open today. Eni to admit, the prospect of decorating services hoods that have lived almost ten months is quite promising when occupied seriously. "If we intend to pursue, decorating services scarf is a great advantage because of the results obtained is quite good," said Eni. He explained that currently the demand for high stylist veil. For example stylist veil for Muslim clothing fashion show. According to Eni, the Muslim fashion designers also pay attention to accessories, including veils worn by the models. "Services veil stylist for a fashion show high enough because they do not have a stylist veil. Then the talk show religion also typically require a veil stylist. So, basically the future prospects of this business is very good, "he said. Eni did not deny, not everyone knows no such thing as a course decorate hoods. In fact, the services of the course decorate the veil has been long known in the fashion world. besides that every service course decorate hoods available today has its own characteristics. "If we intend to teach basic technical convenient way to wear a veil while still fashionable," said Eni. (Koran SI / SI Newspapers / RHS)

Starting from the intention of taking care future in-laws, John Ibrahim successful career as an entrepreneur household appliances. Initially, while playing his beloved home in the hamlet Ngunut, Tulungagung, Joko see most people there are rattan household appliances, including the prospective in-laws. "The district turns industrial centers household appliances," recalled 32-year-old man. At that time, Joko who are studying at the University of Paramadina, Jakarta, offered to market the product in the form of hanger craft handiwork future in-laws and a few neighbors. After three months of marketing the Village Ngunut hanger made via internet, no warning response is outstanding, to the extent that there is an offer from an exporter who came. Exporters are offering Joko to sell its products to Korea. At that time he sent five samples hanger. Seeing the opportunity, Joko tempted to open the hanger manufacturing business itself. Without thinking, Joko steady pioneering efforts and left his job as an assistant attorney when they do it's the middle of her lecture. With capital in the form of hanger making machine he bought for $ 3 million by the prospective in-laws, John began production. However, expectations are sky high because Joko export offer has yet to produce tangible results. Samples hanger production Joko ultimately rejected by exporters on the grounds that not enough production capacity. "I'm sad, but I think when it is I have to be responsible because I was embarrassed to fail," said Joko. Because already produced in large quantities, then there is no other choice except to Joko market their products to the local market. They start with the Yellow Pages, and searching on the Internet, he began targeting the potential market. Later, Jim made an offer letter, first to seventh place in Bali and Makassar laundry. Apparently its not in vain, orders began to arrive. In the spirit, Joko enlarge production but it is not as smooth shadow marketing, laundry business is not at any time require the hanger because it depends on the season. After about seven months to pursue the business of making hanger, Joko finally starting to recognize the market and customers are able to map hangernya. In fact, thanks to skillful marketing products via the internet finally Joko able to export its products to Canada, PT Seven Continent, which is a supplier to the U.S., including display devices for Lea Jeans. In addition to supplying the laundry company, hanger eagle brand products are also sold in wholesale Joko. In the course of the hanger to the various wholesale markets, there are

many customers who ask hygiene supplies such as brooms, mats, and a feather duster. So finally joko began accommodate hygiene products Ngunut residents work and market it to various wholesalers. Besides hygiene products, Joko also started venturing into the business of manufacturing of kitchen tools that amounted to 100 items. As with other products, Joko also forge partnerships with artisans around the house and act as a distributor. To supply the needs of these kitchen tools, at this time he has partnered with six groups of artisans. Starting from four employees who "loaned" by the prospective in-laws, Jim now has eight employees and a lot of freelance artisans who depend on their business. Currently Joko could even reap a turnover of up to Rp 250 million per month. Besides, now he just think twice if there is an offer export. Because he can only serve export offer on the sidelines of the routine in supplying the needs of local markets. Though actively promoting their products via the website, Twitter and Facebook, John admitted that direct proximity to the customer is the key to successful marketing. Effect of marketing via the Internet is able to hoist the recognition of sales but less than 50 percent. Therefore, he did not hesitate to visit their customers in various regions in Indonesia. "Maybe I've been told it was a waste of money but which is important to maintain good relations," he added.

While most of the chicken rancher slept with broiler chickens crowing, chickens crowing evidently still have hope for the breeder chickens. In the midst of the fierce storm of large investors who are ready ensure broiler chicken market, there is a proven product does not mean rejekinya hick village. From the strip of land in the village Burangkeng, Setu, Bekasi, Bambang Krista prove if chickens can be a living city. Starting from 1990, Bambang has started a poultry business involves the the. Start their career with broiler chickens, eventually graduated from the Faculty of Semarang Undip Ranch decided to switch to chicken. The shift is due to the condition of the crisis that shook 1998 broiler chicken sales conditions, where prices rose sharply following pakannya dollar exchange price at that time. As a result, many ranchers who run out of turns because the sale price was falling. "Time is more difficult economy, people buy rice alone is good," he said. However, these conditions do not break the spirit of man who was born October 5, 1963 in Solo is to bounce back with poultry farm business. In 2005 work started Bambang DOC (old daily chicken) or day old chicken. DOC also known as pithik among the Javanese. On three hectares of land, these efforts generally target market segments. Good-intentioned entrepreneurs diversify, or the candidate operators chickens who want to learn. In its efforts, the Solo's original gentleman has three main products, namely DOC, eggs, and poultry consumption. DOC can also be split into two sections, namely the super class and pure class. Whereas, chicken consumption can be divided two, that the living conditions are treated or finished condition. "For DOC the super class, it means the chicken from the intersection with a wide range of results," he said. Bambang also explained that if the farms of the week DOC production could reach 40,000, then the eggs can be up to 10,000 items. Conversely, consumption of poultry production can serve 1,500 per day. "Supplies to order chicken fried chicken consumption in Jabodetabek," he said. With the price of the sale to DOC-5000 Rp4.000 tail, Rp1.200-1500 per egg for egg, and Rp25.000 Rp35.000/kg to chicken consumption, and Rp28.000/kg for chicken. Although the time to weigh in early efforts to find loans due to stiffness in the start order chicken, now it can be proud of in a month omzetnya penetrate Rp400 million. This scenario is of course different from the past, but now more and more offer various banks to lend to venture capital. Before evolved into DOC, Bambang choose effort started with chicken egg products. Selection for egg because the egg came from more peaceful than chicken, so good if we have pioneered efforts.

Egg products can be stored up to three-week period, in contrast to the chicken should be immediately sold if the buyer would not run because of the weight of chicken egg while the demand is not enough to monitor storage conditions. Other benefits is that we do not need to pay attention to egg weight of chickens, so much easier in maintaining it. In such a network to connect with this development saw the opportunity to be harnessed. Case it will be realized because some operators still want to spawn a chicken breeding chicken farm because it means operators only get a dime. Because, the consumer chicken was still in the middle scale, with level demand tail 300-500. Unlike the broiler chicken business where the market has formed a large scale sustainable consumption. Such a condition often considered not effective for many operators, so lazy to menggarapnya. Meanwhile, Bambang remain optimistic to spawn a chicken farm breeding market and for that it should be a bit chaotic and patient care of requests from various locations. Such a condition makes it must build its customers until the end of this time it has a buyer who routinely buy DOC 4,000 pieces each week. "While this small change, but if collected yalumayan too," he said. Construction of these customers is exactly it seriusi, this can be seen with the issuance of a number of books on organizing efforts by Bambang Krista chicken. Making books and conduct training turned out to be an effective means of promotion so far. Activity is a gain in both directions, for Bambang and also customers. These activities mean seluasluasnya opportunities for everyone who wants to try cattle breeding chickens. Still deserted chicken farm breeding market is also in charge of government policy contributed to large corporations to not have to play in village poultry. If large investors come into play, so as to ensure the local ranchers will not be able to control the price of the product on the market.

Once the carpet or rug often we are familiar with is a luxury item. Besides the price is quite expensive, we are also a bit difficult to get a motif that suits your tastes. Now the carpet is not a luxury anymore. Almost every house has at least one or more rugs. In addition to the style and motives vary, the carpet also has different qualities according to the price and usage. To the layman, the carpet may not be a primary requirement. Carpets just be a ceramic pedestal, held in the family room or home decoration held in the living room so the room more beautiful. However, for the upper-middle class, a carpet or rug is a must-have essential items to complement the interior design of the house. The need for higher carpet. It is what drives Novi Iswahyudi, owner Fahri Carpet, jump in this business. He explained, should not be made from wool carpet manufacturer with the results of a fairly standard motifs, like flowers. However, the rugs are made of spun or knitted wool fleece genuine unique motif hunted over the top. Because the carpet is made of material that feels more comfortable when touched compared to carpet factory engine results. Novi also describes the current Iranian and Persian is ranked the best in comparison to other countries. In addition to the unique motives, carpets from Iran is made of soft spun fleece, as well as using natural dyes made from roots. "In Iran and Persian handmade carpet is not a machine that is softer than wool made from sheep, goat, or camel," he said. Talk about motif rug pictured exact, where floral and abstract motifs lay encountered. In general, rug motifs divided into two types, namely classical and modern. Classical motifs usually have a lot of decoration, can be seen on the carpet from Persia, from floral, geometric, until motif combinations. The modern motif looks more simple, just a combination of lines and colors are more assertive. Classical motifs are usually the target of the people on board because it looks more elegant and not the market. For carpets made from natural fibers or result handmade does give more value by strengthening the accents more luxurious, but still natural. Meanwhile, the carpet material that became the target of the board on the carpet made of silk or wool sheep, goats, and camels. "Keep it a target," he said. Nowadays many gray carpet a target, while the shades of blue and red is also ideal for carpet that will be decorated wallpaper. Fahri Carpet also provides a wide range of carpets, rugs tabrish of spun and machinery, as well as sisal carpet nahin nahin nola, to carpets KUM which is the best carpet in Arabic. "We also provide a collection of the best rugs from Pakistan, India, Afghanistan,

Turkey, and China," he said. Along motion mode and age, texture rugs are various. Not just the trimmed surfaces, carpets developed. Starting carpets with curled feathers, curls, until a combination of both. And most recently, was the carpet with curly fur texture, length, and dense. This type of carpet really soft to the touch. About the price, each rug is different, depending on the type. Carpets with wool or silk spun much more expensive than factory-made results. In addition to making quite a long time, more unique handmade rugs and different. In Jakarta, for example, handmade rugs priced at Rp2 million to hundreds of millions of dollars. "Well, you want to enhance your home with a beautiful rug?" She said. For customer care, Fahri Carpets provide various brands of carpet with the booking system. With a booking system, he hopes to better satisfy customers who have a high taste. In addition to a relatively affordable price, pattern carpet can also be individually selected according to customer desires. Being a successful entrepreneur is not the monopoly of a certain group of people only, but is open to anyone who want to try. That's the philosophy of Novi, who was born in Klaten, April 1980. According to him, he always wanted to make a positive change to communities through work and innovations. Figures who have entrepreneurial blood, the first jump in this business only with 5 million, and due diligence is successfully developed to beromzet carpet business thousands of dollars per month. In fact, since childhood, had never crossed his mind one bit being a trader, especially in the heart of Jakarta business in Indonesia.

Fate will not change unless the person is a change. The phrase was apparently inspired by Hamlet Subontoro Daroini Slamet Kebon Duren sub Desa Ponggok Blitar. Men who previously worked as porters Sugarcane now reaping success after turning into entrepreneurs duck eggs. In fact, Slamet duck egg production has now been expanded to outside the island of Java. Obviously, from this piecemeal economic life Slamet changed. Thanks to his efforts, he was 53 years memberangkat Hajj and his parents to the holy land. "Thank God, I have dispatched my parents to Mecca and Medina. This time my in-laws I have registered for Hajj," said Slamet when met dikediamannya, recently. Slamet told, early businesses built since 1997. Today, the family is indeed difficult economy. Moreover, the longer the time that the Indonesian economy was also unstable. Even this duck breed choice is actually just a side only. At that time, he started with 178 duck tails with cage built right behind his house. The reason for selecting breeding duck, because the cage can be categorized in terms of the most inexpensive and not too difficult. In addition, the character is not a type of duck birds susceptible to disease. Slamet cultivate a stud and peking duck duck locally as laying. At that time, he continued, duck and egg prices are still cheap. Apparently, in 1998 because of the crisis, the price of eggs rose. From the original Rp250 to Rp600 per item per item. Fortunate price increase is offset by peternakkanya more productive. In fact, look at the business opportunities that are wide open, Slamet also try their luck a duck egg collectors from several breeders that exist in his hometown that. In addition, Slamet also dare to take out a loan to expand capacity and bring feed ducks cage. "For the first time I borrowed money amounting to Rp 15 million for the cost of the cage and feed," he said. Slamet had to work hard to close the loan. Apparently, over time, a loan and even then not to be a burden and even take advantage. Because the business is arguably the duck egg smoothly. Now, 3000 Slamet have kept ducks. Meanwhile, to meet the needs of duck feed consisting of a mixture of bran, Kebi, Kremis and Karak (parched rice), mixer machines Slamet got help from the local government. Mixer machine even this was originally used to meet the needs of feed for the farmers whose livestock tergbung in Group 'Nova Brothers'. "Feed-feeding ducks, many imported from Pati, Bradford and Kirkcaldy. Per day for feed costs Rp50 thousand," he explained. Number of Rp50 thousand per day is feed intake for 100 ducks. Total for 3000 a day to feed the ducks at R1, 5 million per day. The composition of the feed consists of bran,

respectively Kebi 400 kilo grams, Kremis and Karak each 200 kilo grams. To help him, Slamet employs 12 employees with wages between Rp700 thousand to 900 thousand per month. Slamet said, a day duck eggs capable of producing up to 1800 eggs. Of this amount to fulfill orders, Slamet also gathering eggs from another farmer. Within a week of UD Nova Prosperous capable of delivering eggs to Jakarta and four times sending Banjarmasin. "One week pengiririman four times as many as four trucks. A truck capable of transporting 90,720 eggs," detailed. In the village there are 117 Kebon Duren breeders. While Slamet buy eggs from farmers for Rp1.050 per item. Thanks to his diligence, the business is practiced beromzet tens of millions of dollars. "Thank God now has a turnover of UD Nova Prosperous Rp50Juta per month," he said.

Entering the area at Bonto Manai, District Bisappu, a processing site began to smell patchouli oil. It seems two large furnaces, prepared to boil dry Patchouli plants. Patchouli plant business, which is one of the basic ingredients of the perfume, starting Bantaeng cultivated residents. According to one of the oil tycoon asitri, Hanafi, he began to develop the business in late 2011. Interest in developing a refining plant Hanafi Nilam driven by a social mission. According to him, with the refinery Nilam, then farmers Patchouli is in Bantaeng not need to bother looking for them Nilam market. Price of purchased dry Nilam also similar to other regions are Rp2.300 per kilogram. "I could spend $ 1 million for the purposes of distillation process Patchouli dried leaves. The need is already included with the cost of fuel and firewood as well as two my labor, "said Hanafi. Operational costs are quite expensive it also pays to be the distillation of Patchouli oil asitri. Within a day, he can produce about 10 liters of oil from the refining process that asitri. One liter of oil can asitri Rp200 to Rp300 thousand sold in the local market of South Sulawesi. Overall, the benefits of patchouli oil refinery could reach Rp 2 million per day. Although the refining process Nilam it is still a cottage industry, he ensures the distillation of Patchouli oil asitri be his own good qualities. It was keeping quality distillation of cleanliness. In an effort to Nilam, according to him, the main thing is the seeds, as it will determine the level of quality and yield of oil. He claims to have conducted a survey with Patchouli seeds of some crop-producing regions such as Sulawesi Nilam Palopo, Luwu and Sulawesi. However, the best quality in the Nilam Bantaeng. That is because the patchouli in Bantaeng grow naturally. He said that while the raw material from other regions Patchouli pretty much in the market. However, he remained steadfast buy dried patchouli leaves from Bantaeng.

Giving up every hour in the month of Ramadan by working hard. Leave work earlier to try their luck in a different zone. Is Mahil, a trader at the station parcel Cikini, Menteng, Jakarta. Together with his wife Nyai, dared to spend significant capital to business parcel. They both chose to work for 24 hours during the holy month. "Time is money," so he said when visited sindonews to the location works for some time. Previously, Mahil earn a living every day in a workshop in West Jakarta. When entering Ramadan himself admitted deliberately targeting parcels business. Simple and fairly robust foundation, namely a large income. At the workshop, he was only able to make a profit around Rp 4, 5 million per month. Meanwhile, of the parcels in one month, Mahil net profit of Rp10 million. "Compared to the garage, his income is much different. Least one day in the garage if 150 thousand so a month Rp 4, 5 million. But if here (business parcel) could reach Rp 10 million, was the target of capital that we spend a maximum of Rp12 million," he said. From the capital, he was issued a $ 1 million to rent a stall for his land. Later, the father of 45-year framework contacting realtors parcels for immediate supply in accordance with the order and buy food and supplies some souvenirs for the parcel. Also assisted with two employees, he set about 25 types of parcels in accordance with the price offered. "If my wife it helps to pay attention to parcels, usually to see a nice color or not, continue to the beautiful is like, you know," said the father of five children. One parcel, just completed in about an hour. Typically, Mahil received orders accompanied by a 30 percent down payment before production. According to him, it could serve as desired customer demand is the duty of a business. In fact, if asked to complete 50 orders in one day, he was sure it was done. Of course, with different prices. "If the price we offer ranging from Rp150 thousand per parcel up to R1, 5 million. Mahal that we use painting, so the first message to the city, newly fitted here, also for bikinnya pretty tough," said Mahil. He also ensures all food provided in the parcel. Once purchased from the supermarket, before wrapped, he invited local authorities and other relevant agencies to check the food. Food must be provided, in a parcel is chocolate, biscuits and light snacks. Problem constraints, he said only technical issues that occur. "Alhamdulillah smoothly. Still diridhoin. Wrote technical constraints. Kan there is less food, then ask what the consumer wants aja, we will find the, know that we love ya do not see an alternative," complete.

He added that efforts undertaken will end on the night takbiran. Because, in addition to the agreement with the tenant stalls, on the day of Eid, all locations must be free of tents that used to work.