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Sunday, February 17, 2013

6310 Dayton Boulevard - Hixson, Tennessee 37343 Church Office (423) 842-5919


Rev. Micah Sturm

Jacob Ward
Connections Pastor

Rev. Geron Brown

Minister of Music

Doreen Davis
Children's Ministries Dir.

Becky Ratledge
Office Manager

Charlie Ellis
Recovery Ministry

Rev. Daniel Winn

Youth Pastor

Beth Poarch
Grace Christian Academy Dir.

Today, we begin the journey to the Cross. The march towards Easter has begun and we walk with our Christ and listen to His voice. May we catch a glimpse of all it means to know Christ in His atonement for our sin and celebrate the reality of grace!

Guests of Grace, please fill out a guest card and place it in the offering plate or simply leave it in your seat. We are so glad to see you today!

Prelude CALL TO WORSHIP Grace And Peace" I Will Sing Of My Redeemer" "Holy Is The Lord" Holy and Anointed One WE WORSHIP IN PRAYER WE WORSHIP IN GIVING Nothing But The Blood WE WORSHIP IN THE WORD "Calvary Covers It All" 2 Corinthians 5:20-6:10 WE RESPOND TO THE WORD

Children's Ministries provides activities and worship during regular service time for children in sixth grade and below. A fully staffed Nursery is available as well. Grace Steps to Recovery meets weekly on Thursday evening for those dealing with addiction. High Hopes is a support group for those suffering with infertility, miscarriage, and/or loss of an infant. Meets monthly. Grace Christian Academy is our daycare and looks after children ages 12 months Pre-K. Ripple Effects Student Ministries/NYI Activities & Bible Study for young people in 7th 12th grade. Celebration Choir is open to singers of all ability levels and meets on Sunday evenings before worship. Sunday School & Discipleship Groups
Nursery Birth - 2yrs Preschool 3 - 4 yrs Kindergarten 5 - 6 yrs Early Elem. 1st - 2nd grd Middle Elem. 3rd - 4th grd Pre-Teen 5th - 6th grd Topical Study: Obscure
(Hidden Stories Brought To Light)

Pastors Message Tonight at 6:00 "The Hands of God" Psalm 31:14-22

Room 101 Room 110 Room 109 Room 105 Room 107 Room 108 FLC 101 FLC - Fireside Room FLC 102 Conference Room

Topical Study: Identity

(Why Are We Nazarene?)

As a courtesy to those around you, please silence or turn off your cell phone during worship. Thank you.

Friendship Pioneer

Middle Aged Senior Adults

9:30am 9:45am 10:50am 5:00pm 6:00pm Prayer Time Sunday School/Small Groups Morning Worship Children's Church Nursery available Celebration Choir Rehearsal Evening Worship, Sanctuary Children's activities, Room 111 Youth Bible Study, FLC 201

Missions Moment February is Alabaster Offering Month. The Alabaster Offering provides funds for property and buildings around the world. Alabaster funds help provide land for many Work & Witness projects. The entire offering goes toward the purchase of land and the construction of churches, schools, medical facilities, and homes for missionaries and national workers. Crisis Care & School Pack Items Items needed for February are black ink pens (10-12 per pack), shampoo (12-18 ounce bottles), pink erasers (2-3 inch size), and hand towels. The drop box is located in the foyer by the coat rack. Construction Zone Under Construction Construction Zone and the Childrens Department are under construction. As we work to improve our facilities downstairs, we will be including the children in the sanctuary on Sunday mornings and Sunday nights through March 3rd. Sunday School and Wednesday nights will meet as normally scheduled and the nursery will be available for all services. Parent/Teen TNT Meeting Today following the morning worship service there will be a meeting in the conference room for parents and teens participating in TNT.


Wed. 7:00pm Mid-Week Activities; Bible Study, Fireside Room NYI, Youth Room Children, Room 111 Bible Quiz, Room 103 Grace Steps to Recovery, 7:00pm FLC 102


Feb. 24 Dr. Gary Henecke in Revival at East Ridge Church of the Nazarene (no evening service at Grace Church) ALABASTER Offering Ladies Night Out NYI Afterglow at the parsonage Children's Quiz Finals hosted by Grace Church NYI Council Meeting Easter Sunday District NMI Deputation Tour at Jasper Church of the Nazarene

Feb. 24 Feb. 28 Mar. 3 Mar. 9 Mar. 17 Mar. 31 Apr. 22

We believe in one God, the Creator of all things, who reveals Himself as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Jim & Kaye Williams LINKS Missionaries Our Country, Leaders and Troops Michelle Crowe Judy Winkler Ed Hunsucker George Crossen Chip Workman and family Jessie Whaley Mildred Criddles nephew Elaine Pugh Martha Casteel Roma Gates Ella Reese Rollins Karen Hines Amy McCumber Sue Broyles Family Gracie Ratledge

We believe in Jesus Christ, who is fully God and fully human at the same time, who became a man in order bring us salvation. We believe in the Holy Spirit, who is active in the world today showing us our sin, bringing the new birth to those who repent, making believers holy, and guiding into all truth as it is in Jesus. We believe the Bible is the Word of God. We believe everyone is born in sin, needing the Savior, and that everyone has chosen to sin against God by rebellion and disobedience--so, everyone needs God's forgiveness and cleansing and that salvation is offered to everyone through Christ. We believe God enables us to turn from sin, but does not force us to do so. Each person must repent, turn away from sin, and trust Christ. We believe that when we turn to Christ, all our past sins are erased and we are adopted into God's family. After this, we need the complete control of the Holy Spirit in our lives, who enables the believer to live a consistent Christian life. We believe the Church Universal is made up of all persons whose sins have been forgiven and that all believers need the church's support and fellowship. We believe baptism and the Lord's Supper are gifts from Christ that honor Him and nourish us. We also believe in God's healing power. We believe Jesus Christ is coming again.

Prayer requests will stay on the list for 4 weeks unless asked to be continued.

Attendance (February 10)

Sunday School Morning Worship 99 124 $75.00 $6,318 $394.00

Finances (through February 10) Todays Volunteer Schedule

Nursery I Lynn McCullough Nursery II Sharon Johnston The Zone No Zone Evening Christine Woody

Next Week (February 24)

Nursery I Lynn McCullough Nursery II Pat Allis The Zone no zone Evening no service

Sunday School Tithes Missions