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Australia of Tomorrow / The Australian Voice

The reflexion and thoughts of an ordinary Australian on the issues that really matter. Vincent Marty 2012

1 Preamble:
Welcome to my notes, in which I openly write about what I think should happen in Australia if we want Australia to be the lucky country and a World leader country. I invite you to peruse my ideas pertaining to Australia and the Australians, and to openly comments on them. As you will read, you will find some of my ideas to be controversial at time, but all are there to ensure that Australia become a country that will lead the rest of the world, and that ALL Australians will then benefit from a such position. The current political climate and the puppetry that is presently happening in front of all Australians is just plainly appalling. Our politicians have lost their ways and have lost the real reasons they have a make Australia the best place to live for all Australians. The country with A FAIR GO is gone, down the drain; it is only a mere souvenir as nothing in the present society, in Australia, is fair! My intentions are to set the first stones of what is going to build the Australia of the twenty first century and beyond. An Australia, open to growth, an Australia that is going to be not only an example but will also be a World leader in Health systems, in agriculture, hydrology, use of renewable sources of energy and sustainability . A strong Australia using technology and people skills will develop a new society that will be the envy of the rest world. Am I a dreamer? Am I crazy? or Could it be that I am on the right track to really create the political revolution that will change Australia forever. Reformatting Australia, to see the emergence of a New Australia with elected politicians who will be accountable but also ready to embrace the necessary changes. I invite you to read....and decide .... My voice can become yours...if you do feel I am on the right track, support my ideas, and contact me at . Thank you PS: have you recently looked at each political party website? They are only tackling basic and small issues to try to gain people approvals, there is no real plan to fix Australia. May be it is time for you to vote for Australian Voice.

2 My Vision:
My goal is to set the first stones of what will build the Australia of the twenty first century and beyond. An Australia, open to growth, an Australia that will not only be an example but also a World leader in Health systems, in agriculture, hydrology, use of renewable sources of energy and sustainability. A strong Australia that will use technology and people to develop a new society that will be the envy of the rest of the World. In order to start a "new" society, we need, as a nation to look at what has been accomplished in the past, what have we done right , and what we have done wrong, what do we want, What can be done and how. We will need to learn from our mistakes, we will need to embrace technology like never before and use it to make the life of EVERY AUSTRALIANS an example, that the rest of the world is going to envy. We will need to believe. What I am inviting you to join, is a reform of our environment, our ways of life, we will need to be a calculated risk taking nation. What we will achieve as a nation will be an ever growing country accepting new migrants in numbers never seen before, that will assist us in our goal in building a safe, self relying country, no longer dependent of the rest of the world. We will look in our gardens and backyards to see what is wrong and how we can fix it, the priority will be set in looking after each Australian before we start helping others. Having said so I am not inviting you in a journey that will create a nation of assisted Citizens. At contrary, everybody will have to participate to build that nation of the future that will guarantee that All Australians will live a decent life, as we will have abolished poverty and unemployment. Yes it is an enormous undertaking, but possible if we all put on our weight. We, as a nation, will have the most important referendum that has ever been done and as a nation we will discover how we want to live now and how we want our children to live. Everybodys vote will be EXTREMELY important. The decisions taken during that referendum may well free us from the present Monarchy helping us to have a step forward toward a real democracy, a republic, the Republic of Australia may be (my personal preference). It doesn't really matter as long as changes are possible. We are not talking about having a communist or socialist or anarchist Country either, but we need changes to our laws in order to move forward. Moving forward will necessitate to undo many laws, specially those from local councils. Too much power has been given to local councils and over the last two decades we have seen so many new laws that most of us don't even have the idea they exist, we need to abolish all those. We need a nation that will be freewith the freedom of being happy....we want more freedom given to us but also much harsher penalties/ punishment for those who commit an offence. Over the next few pages I am taking you in a voyage of my mind (no drugs there! ) but also, I hope, into the future of Australia. The ideas presented have been in my mind for a long time. I have watched how our politicians waste our money. They 2

appear to us as being distant clowns that put up a show to entertain us. But we don't see much of what they are doing....Our current politicians have lost their ways; they are spending their time making our lives more complicated. We can hear about a carbon tax to cope with the "global warming"....but we can't see real concrete changes that will actually make sense to stop that so called global warming, if there is one. Why can't they pull their fingers out of their ass and start to really plan and develop Australia so that everyday Australians can live happy lives. Why can't our politicians offer true changes that will assist our farmers, our mining industry, construction industry, our Heath system, our judiciary system and so on ..... The reason why, is because any politician offering a real reason, a real solution, will gamble his job.....that is it ... our politicians are too comfy in their seats, they are willing to put up a show of words and be present in the puppetry but they WILL NOT OFFER REAL CHANGES because changes mean people are scared, people are reluctant to change their our politicians use our fear of changes and keep us entertained with their shows. It is time for everyday Australians who do not have a high paid government job to come up, speak, shout out loud, that changes are needed. Australians are not happy, and the Australian people want to be guided with new changes. As an Australian, I am offering you my ideas, my vision of an Australia that will have a striving economy, an Australia embracing new migrants, an Australia that will become the world leader in environment changes at a level never seen before, an Australia that will become the world leader in a health system, in a schooling system, a leader in being a country where no one is left behind, on the floor in a cold winter night, a leader in agriculture, a leader in embracing emerging technology and people power. Ultimately, by 2040 2060, my vision see a developed Nation, that by embracing technology and people power, will have build the " World garden" from what was once the World driest continent on Earth and is now the first Nation in the World, the feeder of the World. A nation that was visionary and who believed in a man dream and stood by his ideas ultimately turning the driest continent into the gold of the future....

SUMMARY Preamble - My vision Summary Education Health Immigration Justice system More freedom with less laws but much harsher penalties for offenders 8) Terraforming Australia a) Lake Eyre & other hydrological projects b) The Great artesian Basin c) Our rivers 9) Agriculture reform 10) Food supply 11) Household utilities supply 12) Review of Politicians pay 13) Workers compensation systems review 14) Tourism 15) Council powers review 16) Petrol 17) Gay marriages - Abortion 18) Public transport 19) Euthanasia 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) p1 p2-3 p4 p5 p6 p7-8 p9-11 p12-22 p13-16 p17-18 p19-21 p22 p23-24 p26 p27 p28-29 p30 p31 p32 p33 p34 p35

- Education:
We need an overall reshaping of our education system,so that students classes start at 08:00 am and finishing at 17:00 without home works. An updated curriculum that will place Australia, as having an elite schooling system. While the teaching will be between 08:00 and 17:00, the school will be open from 06:00 till 20:30. This new opening hours of school will assist parents that need to work, but also will open new possibility for a wide range of Australians that were limited by the old system, part timer and casual may be able to work full-time or longer hours. the extended schooling hours will also assist parents to cope with the lack of appropriate before and after school care. The Australians children will benefit from a better education, parents will have more time to organize their lives and the Australian workforce will benefit from extra workers availability. Classes with conventional teacher will be dropped with larger classes with teachers on giant screen as well as individual teaching pod (a pod in which a student will have a desk and a wide touch on computer screen where lessons will be given, allowing each child to develop at his/her own pace). This new system will also assist in coping with the shortage of qualified teacher. In order to help children with issue in learning, or should a student miss the class, the same classes can be repeated anytime with "teaching assistant" present to assist those students with issues and the same class will also be available online for a month (after the lesson is given), this new system will place less stress on the student which will then reflect on results, it will also address the shortage of teachers and will on long run cut the high cost of running a state of the art teaching facility . Please note that the present subject is still in development.feel free to re-visit this page for updated content in next few days.

- Health: A review of funding and co-operation with overseas manufacturers to deliver us with state of the art systems and equipments at a fraction of what blood sucker contracted companies ask us to pay for here. Taking the government facilities for cash cow must stop. It will be an end of government contractors and each hospital will be responsible to tract down the best suppliers for the product they want from the Government list of overseas manufacturer suppliers. Concurrence will drive the prices down allowing to redirect those savings toward more appropriate resources. I am already hearing those comments that says that we should use only Australian made products. The reality is that we cannot do that has it will kill our health system. We need to use overseas manufacturers to ensure the viability of the re-structure of Australia, then once everything is working smoothly, we will then replace those overseas manufacturers if possible and aimed at finding Australians manufacturers that can produce quality products as required at an affordable price. A review and adjustment of the pay of ALL workers that assist our health system to function will be done in order to ensure All employees of our Health system are paid fairly and proportionally to their contribution in the Health system and society.....the same reform will apply to services such as police, firefighter, security, army forces etc....A general review of all employees by the health services will be undertaken in order to get rid of employees who have been given job by connections instead of merit as it is widely the case. Creation of a MEGA HOSPITALS in each major cities , for example in Sydney creation of a MEGA hospital where is Moore park. Multi-levels underground car parks, several levels of hospital wards etccovered by a new park (on roof of building) that will provide a great view of the city. Such a building should be developed and finished within few years (the small time frame is possible as other countries have shown us majors projects of such complexity can be done in a very short period). It will be the home of a new "RPA hospital" with state of the art facilities. It will have annexes that will cater for the increase of aged population and the increase of mental illnesses. Please note that the present subject is still in development.feel free to re-visit this page for updated content in next few days.

- Immigration:
It is inevitable that we will have to accept more migrants. Instead of seeing it as a problem lets turn it to our advantage. A review of our resources to calculate how we can amalgamate a large number of migrants every years. Processing those with ID papers and immediate deporting of those without. A dramatic increase of immigration staffing and their resources will be needed to ensure a smooth processing of large number of immigrants. We are going to take another 25 millions new migrants. those migrants will be granted visa and temporary residency for 10 years. if no offences are committed the person can then apply to become a citizens. Should the new migrant commit an offence (Where someone else is injured or where there is a loss of $500 or more) within the 10 years, the new migrant is allowed 30 days to finalise his life here and he will be deported back to his country and no further visa allowed to enter Australia. Should the person be a family member. The other members of the Family can remain in Australia. All new migrant will be micro shipped and will have to adhere to the "residential laws " that will have been passed. The new migrants won't be allowed to enter our current majors cities for a period of two years. They will all be provided with a house ( please note the house are concrete block houses with flat roof and a hydroponic garden on top- not painted houses. All house comes with an a/c,1 fridge,1 tv, 1radio, free internet connection,1phone,beds and a voucher of $2000.00 for groceries. the size of the houses depend on the size of the family. one person unit to a 5 bedroom houses will be built. for family over 5 , extra bedding will be provided and another house given for over 10 persons family with at least 3 adults). Adult migrants will be provided with an employment. Should they loose their employment for whatever reason, except for health reasons, then the migrant won't have access to the medicare. Working migrant have immediate access to medicare. Thanks to our dry land conversion into farming area and vast hydroponic crops we will need a lot of people. Although priority of job will be given to Australians it is expected that most migrants will work in farm land of other parts of agriculture, mining, building and food processing industries. A special class of visa will be granted to migrants with skills in medical or building industry so they can live and work in the majors cities and assist in building and staffing the mega hospitals.

Another visa class will be created for those migrants that will agree to work under the Australian minimum wages for 10 years (to recover cost of their fully furnished house) in mass production factories that will be developed to assists us compete with overseas manufacturers. Those migrants qualify for house settlement as well. Visas for the army : Visa will be given to the migrants that speak and understand some English as per IELTS test. Those Migrants can join the Australian new ground Army that is going to be made of 1,000,000 new migrants. that new ground army will be used to cope with mother nature upset times such as raging fire, floods, etc....with that kind of manpower we are going to reshape Australia and use its natural resources to the best to ensure that our ways of life is preserved and well set for the future. That ground Army will also act as a deterrent against some nations ambition in conquering what is going to be the garden of the world.

- Justice system: Security and safety:

A review of our justice system and how we can incorporate technology to help us deal with illegal doing and offences. More power to the police force. Harsher penalties and more appropriate sentencing. The creation of super-jail in the outback to deal with dangerous offenders, and use local jails for those offenders on shorter sentences. A review of our police forces will also be necessary, as the nation will grow, so the need for more police presence will be. We will have a police force provided with the necessary powers and state of the art equipments to ensure they can safely make our nation a safe one. With all this, a proper wages adjustment will be needed to ensure that the risk those brave people encounter on a daily basis is duly paid. This will also ensure that there wont be any corruption temptation once they earn a decent pay. Australia of today is made of fear , lies , deception , monopole ,racism, delinquency, violence and greed just to name a few. Lets take the classic example of our Justice system . Most of us wonder if there is one. As for me I think the system lost his way long ago and justice is no longer served. It is more about the game lawyers put in front of us than trying to serve justice. You got lawyers that get case dismissed because a technicality, even if their client is guilty. You got people killing others in car accident because they were under the influence of whatever substances and their lawyers will plead diminishing circumstances /responsibility, that is just plain wrong, those people made the decision to take those substances and they should be accountable for whatever happen after, but no, these days, they are set free with a slap on the hand, what justice is that? The level of delinquency, violence, vandalism, theft etc.. Has dramatically increased and our so called justice system is slapping hands instead of really render JUSTICE. Most sentencing are on the border of jokes. We are told it is due to our jails being overcrowded, so our Judges decide to let petit offenders walk free with cautions and small slap on their hands where the hell is the deterrent here? You got those committing offences laughing out loud and of course re-offending, making other people life miserable. Why honest people have to suffer at the hand of re-offenders or even offenders? Why can our society wake up and start to smell the mess it has created by allowing rights to those offenders? It is going to get much worse murders, bashings ,thefts ,car jacking ,home invasions etc

Do we want this in our daily life, we have lived with those till today, do we want to have our children living in hell because we are too weak to make the right decisions NOW? Decisions to be harsh on offenders! Yes it is the only way to solve many of the issues we have. Let s borrow some other countries systems and let s tailor it to our countrys needs. By example, mandatory sentencing, Lets bring public flogging for all offences occasioning cost / loss of less than let say $500 (small theft / graffiti etc..) . Let s bring fingers amputation for offences up to let s say a cost/loss of $1000 or for small body injuries. let s bring more limbs amputation for more serious offences . Lets have public flogging again for those on first offence for speeding over lets say 10kms/hour or those caught drink driving for the second offence let s get their fingers out . Let s reintroduce the death penalty for those occasioning death . ..I know , human rights activists and their friends for the civil liberties are going to crucify me But I wont stop there,Let s have it all televised for the public to watch , let s name those committing offences , no matter what their age is .Let s get rid of all those money hungry lawyers , let s introduce a system where all those involved in serious offences will be subjected to lies detectors as well as hypnosis and let s have a special committee review those results. Under hypnosis it is not possible to lie and it is actually possible to remember more details therefore it is possible to have a better understanding of what has really occurred. Of course all this need to be well monitored in order to avoid abuse , but look at it it will be a major deterrent , and it will make the trouble makers think twice before acting stupidly, it will certainly reduce the crime /offences rate , it will free our jails , it will provide a better justice where the criminal are actually punished instead of walking our streets free to arm someone again. It will save huge amount of money as jails inmates numbers will plummet , the saving made can then be channeled to our public health system that our actual politicians try so hard to kill (yes, they have made no effort of developing significantly the public health system and instead they provide more financial assistance to private insurer!). So if from being very strict , harsh and loose a few human rights we can then have a more peaceful society with more respect for one another with less crime and a sense of justice re-established , if we can then take care of our health system as well as our homeless and older people so why not ? why not establish a new system that will create a country where everybody will have a fair go . So do we want justice? do we want to be able to walk trouble free at night in our cities streets ? do we want our children to play freely in our parks ? do we want to be able NOT to lock the back door or windows and have everything still in the house when you come back hours later ? do we want to know who are the offender (easy to spot no limbs remember ;-) .Do we want free reality tv ? (televised public flogging , limbs amputations ,decapitation (as death by injection is too costly ..we need money for our hospitals !).


Let s say enough is enough, let s pressure our representatives to change laws to make this model society possible and let's replace them if they are reluctant to develop the society of tomorrow Some other changes needed will be : We will have to stop favour those minority groups, everybody will have to be treated the same. All those amputated will have no right to dole and public assistance programs

- Train those lawyers to become hypnosis specialist so that at least they end up being useful to society. Feel free to voice your opinion toowrite to the papers speak to your friends and colleagues, your family, become a member on this site, start a discussion on our forum page.....get things moving .We have to choose from continuing the way we are and have a society that has its citizens living in fears and over controlled with nonsense laws.....or do we want a society where our kids can play safely in the park down the block....? With the latest one we may appear to loose some freedom but the gain is our peace....


- Terraforming Australia:
The idea of Terraforming Australia isn't new, but I believe my approach is feasible now compare to others who see it possible, in future only . in few decades. In Australia we have an immense amount of unused land. If were to turn this land into cultivable one,we could solve many issues concerning us, The Australian people, but also the rest of the world. Imagine having a green country, by this I mean a country totally cultivable, as well as with immense forests, immense lakes, immense swamps etc. Australia could not only become the gardens of the world, selling food to the rest of the starving world, but also a prime destination for tourists, developing our economy like never before. To do so and experience all the benefits we will need first to undergo a change in culture, immigration, and the way we think when we are looking at creating cultivable areas. To terraform Australia we are going to need to think big and expensive, we are going to need to take calculated risks as nothing like what we are going to undertake has NEVER EVER be done on Earth. The changes and the astronomical amount of work needed will necessitate help from other countries in order to turn the table and be able to terraform Australia before the world population explode out of control and result in war for food and resources.

We have to act now to start harvesting the benefits of the terraforming in less than 20 years..if not it will be too late
Please kindly note that I do not have all the answers but I hope that othersmay be you... reading this will have them, and that together we can make this happening NOW! So please read on, on what I believe should be the first steps in Terraforming Australia.


Lake Eyre project & other hydrological projects:

Lake Eyre Basin is one of the world's largest internally draining system covering about 1.2 million square kilometres, almost one-sixth of Australia. Lake Eyre itself is the fifth largest terminal lake in the world. The Lake Eyre Basin includes large parts of South Australia, the Northern Territory, Queensland and some of western New South Wales.


We are going to undertake a massive project. We are going to turn the empty lake Eyre into a massive lake 180 kms via 80 kms, that will not only provide food via its new fishes but also the agriculture that will flourish on its bank and the adjacent semidesert areas that we are going to turn into crop cultivation. Phase one will consist in selecting several majors mining/excavating companies that, working together, will "take off" the first 20cm or so of the ground on the lake Eyre where thrive wide varieties of eggs of fishes/prawns and flora that usually are buried there waiting for the next wet seasons before hatching ..., this layer will be then


dumped back in the lake after the full deep excavation. The next 50 cm or so are rich in deposit from hundreds of years of deposit of alluvial matter. This 50 cm will be dig out, then it will be placed around the lake where it will be utilized to grow crops as well as being mixed with semi arid grounds elsewhere to again provide grounds that will be turned into farming areas. Phase two: the digging of the lake: as presently when full the lake is in average 4m deep only,.... Except for a two hundreds meter band from the "borders/shore" of the lake, the mining companies will dig out until the lake average a 20 meters depth. That part of the phase two, should take no more than 3 years (I know a massive undertaking but feasible if we have overseas help). At the same time we are going to build the most expensive, the most enormous De-desalinization plant that will fill the lake and maintain it full (providing for our agriculture)The lake with an average depth of 20 meters will contain about 224,000,000,000 cubic meters of water. The annual evaporation, if left as it is will evaporate a staggering 24,400,000,000 cubic meters of water (10%) per year. We are going to tackle the evaporation issue by creating floating communities and recycling millions of plastic products to form floating clear plastic squares that will be placed/ anchor to cover most of the lake except for two hundreds meters band from the shore/border and for the boat navigation channels and the harvesting areas as well as for the aeration zones, that will consist of pumps with solar panels that will pump the water into the air so that the water has sufficient air to sustain fishes. We can then expect to lose only about 2,400,000,000 cubic meters of water per year to evaporation (10% of the initial evaporation). Our agriculture around the lake is expected to need another 50,000,000,000 cubic meters of water, the people consumption is expected to be 10,000,000,000/year. So our yearly water usage will be, for that project, an average of 62,400,000,000 cubic meters of water. Part of phase two will also start the redirection of various rivers to collect the fresh water that will normally end up in the oceans, more precisely we need to redirect part of healthy rivers flows to fill the Diamantina river that runs from Queensland and NSW to the lake , the coopers creek from NSW and the Georgina river . 1989 floods saw those 3 rivers providing the lake with a flow rate of 30,000M3/ seconds which correspond to fill the lake in less than 10 days at that maximum rate. Having these 3 rivers healthy again will provide a lot of the lake Eyre supply of fresh water. Such projects like any other I am proposing you will be monumental ones, but once again, I will say that with the technology and the people, anything is achievable. We also need to take advantage of an unique disposition of Australia...our surface river system in most case run from the "borders" of Australia toward the centre of Australia ,this is unique as everywhere else in the world the opposite occurs(river runs from inland toward the sea borders). In addition the massive underground network of rivers and lake in Australia is doing the same thing, making it easy to provide the inner arid part of Australia with water. This unique way the rivers are running is going to be the major reasons why we CAN develop the most arid part of Australia. We also need to be able to harvest flood waters and redirect them directly into the underground river systems instead of having to suffer from the devastating floods. Phase 3 will be to prepare large amount of fishes in nurseries. Please note that those nurseries will not


only provide the tonnes of fishes we will need for the lake Eyre but will also be used afterward too. Phase 4 will be the filling up of the lake that should take few weeks in the surface and underground river systems are used in addition to the desalinisation plant. Phase 3 will also be when settlement around and on the lake Eyre will be completed. The new immigrants and the Australians that choose to, will have the possibility to move into those new settlements and live as per the conditions*. Turning the dry lake Eyre into a lake full of marine life, with large amount of people, several new farming zone, tourism ...a new economy, a boost of fresh products and fishery product export, providing Australia with a new exceptional asset. The life created along the river will allow new population grow in areas otherwise deserted. Those new population areas will be the back bone of our immigration grow as well both intimately linked. With such Hydrological project will also be creation of wet lands sanctuaries for our natives animals and migrating birds.We will convert our waste to create giant style umbrellas that will be positioned over the wet lands to provide animals with shade and also limit the evaporation....imagine finally having a real use of our recycled goods... Together We are going to give life to one of the most arid area in the World. It will be hard, challenging but the rewards are certainly worth it all. Australia will experience a growth like never before. We are going to be the envy of the world. The new garden of Eden, rising from the arid soil of Australia. It can be expected to become a world tourist destination as well (long boat travel on an extensive rivers and Lake Network within Australia by example, Or may be to visit the underwater cities we are going to build at the bottom of the lakes we are going to create ...yes why not use the opportunity to construct megastructures at the bottom of each lakes we are going to create, with massive glass windows so that the marine life in the lakes could be awesome will it be? And while the detractors will say it is a stupid and totally mad plan and a total waste of money that will see no return, I am saying the conversion of the lake Eyre not only will help Australia grow but will show the world that project like this one that require massive investment and calculated risk is really worthwhile.This project will be the first of several ones of the same amplitude. Using the Eyre basin to form more lakes in strategic position, and not forgetting the environment we will also crate hundreds of square kilometers of swamps as wild life sanctuaries. The use of long forgotten dry river beds in the Australian outback will see again water running in it. water bringing life to new cities in the middle of what was once the driest continent on Earth, now about to be changed by man to become the world supplier of fresh produces. - In addition to fish I see the development of mass production of rabbits, kangaroos,crocodiles, camels and goats as those animals can adapt to the harsh conditions of Australia. Please note that since scientists have already grow some meat, it won't be too long before they can add taste and smell to it to make it appealing before mass producing which time we may stop killing animals for meat and just grow it. The idea of 16

Terraforming Australia isn't new, but I believe my approach is feasible now compare to others who see it possible in few decades.

- The Great Artesian Basin:

The Great Artesian Basin is one of the largest underground water reservoirs in the world. It underlies approximately 22 per cent of Australia occupying an area of over 1.7 million square kilometres beneath the arid and semi-arid parts of Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and the Northern Territory.



Source: Qld NR&M Modified after Cox, R and Barron, A (1998) The nature and use of the Great Artesian Basin. Proceedings of the National Agricultural and Resource Outlook Conference. Canberra 3-5 February 1998. ABARE]






- possible location of man-made lakes with wet lands around them too Dried and current rivers(above)





- Agriculture Reform:
Create massive green houses for hydroponics crops in outback Australia and use bio-engineered crop to provide our nation and send the overstock to China and other nations. At the same time we will create fertile grounds /dirt new farming areas (terraforming the outback) in presently unoccupied and semi desert areas. It is an ambitious project that will secure some fertile grounds for future development and growth. In future, China and India are going to need a lot of food to feed and increasing population and Australia will be there to provide them what they need. Fresh food is going to be the gold of the twenty first century. We are going to cash in by preparing ourselves to supply those insatiable countries. We are going to irrigate massive outback areas, we are going to utilize Australia massive underground water resources but in order to avoid salt water sneaking in as we take the fresh water, we are going to replenish those undergrounds supplies upstream so that we create a sustainable system. That is only going to occurs if we use the state of the art technologies available such as massive desalinization plant powered by molten salt reservoir that require solar power, as well as power from turbines powered from the water release.


- Food Supply:
Fishes to be released in The Australian intricate underground water systems, containing massive lakes and rivers in a massive basins that is under 4 states. A proper mapping of all those undergrounds network will be needed to ensure we understand the various current present, how to select the fishes we are going to release and how we are going to harvest them when needed. This is a feasible project but will require a massive undertaking. At present it appears that the undergrounds river network actually runs from the coastal areas toward the area under the lake Eyre which mean that replenishing the underground network of river and lake will be more easy as we should be able to partially divert normal above the grounds rivers to connect those undergrounds ones, offering the ability to tap downstream, at the center of Australia to irrigate once again the previously arid areas and see life flourish again. But once up and running it is going to provide Australia with another unique resource, a fresh supply of new kind of underground fishes that will join our genetically engineered crops to feed us and the rest of the world. It will be another massive project that is going to require vast amount of financial input but the rewards in few decades is going to be astronomical as food supplies around the world will be depleting very quickly. Why do we need to have more water and divert our rivers and start on crazy but needed gigantic project?

Food shortages could turn us vegetarian by 2050

The worlds population could become all but vegetarian by the year 2050 because of water shortages and a spiralling population, scientists have warned. At present, humans consume around 20 per cent of their protein from animal-based products. But research from some of the top water scientists in the world suggests this will have to drop to five per cent by the year 2050 to feed the extra 2 billion people who are expected to be alive. Animal protein-rich food uses five to ten times more water than a vegetarian diet. Scientists have also proposed eliminating waste and increasing trade between countries as other solutions to the possible crisis of water scarcity limiting food production. There will not be enough water available on current croplands to produce food for the expected 9 billion population in 2050 if we follow current trends and changes towards diets common in western nations," the report, called by Malik Falkenmark and colleagues at the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) said. "There will be just enough water if the proportion of animal-based foods is limited to 5% of total calories and considerable regional water deficits can be met by a reliable system of food trade, continues the reports, called Feeding a thirsty world: Challenges and opportunities for a water and food secure world'.


"Nine hundred million people already go hungry and 2 billion people are malnourished in spite of the fact that per capita food production continues to increase," they said. "With 70% of all available water being in agriculture, growing more food to feed an additional 2 billion people by 2050 will place greater pressure on available water and land. "The UN predicts that we must increase food production by 70% by mid-century. This will place additional pressure on our already stressed water resources, at a time when we also need to allocate more water to satisfy global energy demand which is expected to rise 60% over the coming 30 years and to generate electricity for the 1.3 billion people currently without it," said the report.



We need to consider a government sponsorship for every household system that will create energy and supply water. We will need to review the feasibility of providing every Australian household with a turn on key system that will provide the household with electricity, water and a/c (and even gas in some households) . Yes the technology is here and can be used. If we were to mass produce a combined system that will include a convective lens mounted on a bracket that follow the sun movement during the day, having that lens heating up a molten salt reservoir that will store the heat that will produce the electricity / heat & cool for the water system / and the power for a compact super de-humidifier that will collect some of the air humidity and by condensation provide several liters of water every days / the standard solar panel and batteries system as well as a wind turbine.As for the gas, I am referring to those similar human waste underground cittern that collect the gas from the decaying waste and use it for appliances such as cooking ( although this system is simple, it also require time to begin the production of enough quantity of gas but I guess there could be the possibility to provide enough decaying matter with the installation.) / another water recycling idea is to use the number oneurinecollection for treatment and reusing. Being mass produced the system will help every households to minimize their spending on energy and water, reducing the demand on the current infrastructures. Certainly worth looking into it.



Review and adjustment of politicians benefits and pay.

The harshest part of my reform is to calculate an adequate pay for each level of our politicians as well as which benefits they really should have. This will shows the rest of Australia that we are all in the same basket and that we have to stop that non-sense of greediness that rot our country presently. A new adjustment to how politicians should behave and how new law should be presented with a pros and cons to be brought up by the government and the opposition and a proper behavior, stopping those non-sense Pickering that is our presently daily feed.


Workcover and insurance web of deception:

Review of compensation laws for injured worker with an overall of workcover and the establishment of a national plan to replace it.The current system is based on a change of the common laws in 1987. since that date the governments have been changing the laws, they have breached the Australian and commonwealth Constitution and create discrimination of injured workers by taking away their rights to compensation. The various governements have created a system, similar to a spider web where once the injured worker is in, the poor bugger is doomed, at the hand of the employer's insurance who is running the show, Deciding and paying for the injured worker's medication, treatment,doctors, specialists, lawyer etc....manipulating evidences at time, to provide workcover commission with erroneous reports that if it was happening in the public system will be corruption and dealt with it as it should be. I am referring to: (WORKERS COMPENSATION ACT 1987 - SECT 151E Application-modified common law damages.) in regards to compensation for injured workers in New South Wales and in Australia. The Current NSW law (section : 151H No damages unless permanent impairment of at least 15%) do NOT allow an injured worker, to make a claim for compensation for past,present and future economic losses, medical costs etc...if the person is found to have less than 15% WPI (whole person permanent impairment). The law was passed on 30/06/1987 to avoid employers' insurances having to deal with a large amount of compensations claims, in which a great part were dubious claims. So instead of finding a way to identify which claims were genuine and which ones were fake the government took the easy way and decided that workers with a WPI of 15% or more could make a claim within a 3 years time frame if there were no preexisting conditions that contributed to the injury....this law has a major discriminate workers with WPI below 15% and doesn't provide any support, meaning that an injured worker with less than 15% WPI and unable to work has no way to provide for his family.

The current law is unconstitutional and is in direct contradiction with the Australian constitution and the Commonwealth Constitution, both of them clearly stating that all Citizens should be treated as equal. It is unacceptable that the government can discriminate injured workers in NSW by denying them the right to claim compensation when they can no longer work and provide their family. It is unacceptable that an injured person cannot access his/her compensation rights and be forced to go through surgery to reach the minimum of 15% WPI and be able to claim compensation.


It is unacceptable that in the current system,doctors, specialists,lawyers etc... are paid by the employer's insurer allowing biased reports in favor to the insurance to be made, to secure future business from the insurer.(refer to "personal experience") It is unacceptable that workcover approved an employer's insurer biased reports at the detriment of an injured person (refer to "personal experience").

It is unacceptable that the guidelines for specialists to assess WPI, provide clear guidance to classify the WPI from zero % to 9% and from 20% to 100% but do NOT provide any guidance from 10% to 19%, leaving it to the specialist to present his/her opinion and for the insurance specialists to contest easily that opinion and offer a much lower WPI opinion ...all in order to avoid paying compensation. It is unacceptable that the government restrict lawyers in NSW to advertise their services pertaining to work injuries claims. The above mention few aspects of the current system that need to be addressed and a new system need to be created to allow an injured worker to have its claim properly and fairly identified and checked and allow the injured worker to claim even no matter what WPI percentage its injury has been classified for.


- Tourism:
While each state tries hard to attract foreigners to our shores, it may be time to truly create a national campaign as well as providing true activities to our visitors. Not enough is done to enphasis what Australia has to offer. It is evident that our terraforming efforts are going to create a large influx of visitors as we are creating massive new infrastructure and changing the shape of Australia forever while respect it. Whether it is going to be the massive diversion of our river system, the exploitation of our underground rivers and lakes systems or the inland sea we will create, there is no doubts we should be able to cash in with increase in the number of visitor.

Naturism (multi-billions industry):

One of the growing industries that should be looked into is naturism: - Support of naturism and development to attract tourists. Naturism and Nudism is a multi-billions dollars industry in Europe and that we have in Australia some of the World best beaches as well as a great climate, we should explore the possibility to cash in that industry, specially as our Asian neighnours are discovering the benefits of nude living and socialising, making this new emerging industry in Australia a potentially very profitable one for Australia if properly managed.


- Councils power review:

Revoke council powers and initiate a commission with the purpose of reviewing all councils laws and either approve them with possibility studies to implement them on a national level or just revoke them if stupid such as need to walk your dog or .. the swimming pool fencestoo much regulations stop the Australians people enjoying their lives. As a government we are obliged to provide some structures but we need to exercise caution and not overdoing it. Example: Decreeing that all swimming pools need fences because few children have drowned is over-reacting and make everybody suffer because some parents have failed to supervise their child and instead of accepting it and dealing with the guilt they direct their energy to obtain some support from a politician who jump on a people cause to gain support for his own agenda. We must also appreciate that while such law may help save some child it is about a better parenting first and should be at the discretion of home owners whether they want a fence or not. It is absurd for the government to legislate such thing. It may help the economy and a particular industry as the demand for fences to meet the new law, increase dramatically, it is still not a necessity and should not be enforced nor anyone should be forced to fence their pools it should be their choice. We need to abolish all those small and petty laws that make our everyday a misery but at the same time we need to be harsh when offences are committed!


- Petrol:
A commodity that we are extracting in sufficient amount to presently cope with the demand, yet we are paying well too dearly. A review of our petrol resources will be needed to see if we extract enough and if we can treat it ourselves and supply our own market, without having to buy some from the middle east at an over priced mark up. We should be able to then see the price drop to an acceptable price of about $0.80/liter.We have recently been advised that there is a giant underground petrol reserve in mainly South Australia (but also in part of Northern Territory/ Western Australian/ New south Wales/). this reserve has enough petrol in stock to provide Australia with enough petrol for its internal use but as well as for exporting , all for the next 150 years. The actual reserve place it as the World largest.


My position on gay marriage is as follow: No more discrimination of people based on how the feel about someone. The law need to catch up with the development of the society. It's hard to believe that in 2013 Australia doesn't recognise the love, partnership and dignity of the union between two people who love each other. The government of a country should not interfere in the matter of feelings between two people. Therefore Gay marriage should be allowed as any other marriage without discrimination and with the same legal rights as any other union between two people.

This controversial subject has devided people and the country for decades. It is now time to make a decision once and for all. Abortion should be legal and any unwanted pregnancy should be terminated if the woman carrying the baby think so and want to go through the process. A support system should also be implemented to ensure the woman receive psychological support during and after the process.


- Public Transport:
The public transport in Australia is a total disgrace. Only in third world countries is that we can find such public transport. The shame is very embaracing as we try to entice more foreigners to visit our country. We need to take example from France, England and Hong Kong, those 3 boutnries, despite being totally different have succeded where we have misarebly failed. We need to hire those engineers who have completed such great public systems in their respective country and we need to find the money to do even better. Australia is a very large country, and once we start to terraform it and get millions of people to migrate, we will have the power to sustain a much larger and better infrastructure. We will need extra rapid train such as the TGV in france to be able to get from Sydney to Perth via majors south cities in only few hours. There is no need to debate the above amymore , we need to act as part or outr terraforming plan.


This controversial subject need to be once and for all resolves as people are literally dying to wait an official position. Under our Governemnet Euthanasia will be available to long time sufferer based on the systems available in other countries. It is evident that several safeguards will be needed to avoid abuse of the system, but we should also avoid unnecessary delays are at the end we are talking about human beings waiting to die because their life is hell. So let be considerate and allow them to pass away in their own terms.