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Six -stroke engine

BY srija mokarala syamala narala mechanical engg mail ID : rvr&jc college chowdavaram Guntur


Diesel engines have wide range of utilization for automobiles. However, large problem is still related to undesirable emission.

To improve exhaust emissions from DI diesel engines, a new concept of Six Stroke Engine has been proposed. This engine has a second compression and combustion processes before exhaust process.

As the fuel in one cycle was divided into two combustion processes and the EGR effect appeared in the second combustion process, the decreased maximum cylinder temperature reduced NO concentration in the exhaust gas. soot formed in the first combustion process was oxidized in the second combustion process .Therefore, a six-stroke diesel engine has significant possibilities to improve combustion process because of its more controllable factors relative to a conventional four-stroke engine.

Six stroke the name it self indicates a cycle of six stokes out of which two are useful power strokes .the six-stroke engine with external and internal combustion and double flow is similar to the actual internal reciprocating combustion engine .however ,it differentiates itself entirely due to its thermodynamics cycle and a modified cylinder head with two supplementary chambers combustion and air heating chamber both independent from the cylinder .In this the cylinder and combustion chamber are separated which gives more freedom for design analysis several advantages result from this one very important being increase in thermal efficiency

The cylinder temperature before the second combustion process is high because of an increased temperature in the first combustion process, ignition delay in the second combustion process should be shortened. In addition, typically less desirable low cetane number fuels might also be suitable for use in the second combustion process, because the long ignition delays of these fuels might be improved by increased cylinder temperatures from the first combustion process.

Methanol was chosen as the fuel of the second combustion. The cetane number of methanol is low and it shows low ignitability. However, since methanol will form an oxidizing radical (OH) during combustion, it has the potential to reduce the soot produced in the first combustion process.

Six stroke engine is thermodynamically more efficient .By using six stroke engine we can reduce the fuel consumption by 40 percentage ,reduction in pollution . REFERENCE :