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Shill Groups

Not all organizations alleging to be credible are so. Sundry, fake groups with ties
to the establishment spread like a fungus to poison unsuspecting people. We’ve
been warned before of the wolves in sheep clothing. Anybody can list hundreds
of these shills, but I displayed 5 because in the 21st century; each one of them
play a grave role in the policies of the United States and the world. Don’t ally
with them even if they inquire you to.

The Council for National Policy

The Council for National Policy formed in secrecy at 1981 by Tim LaHaye
(whose books have the Masonic Knights Templar logo on them) and others.
Their goal from the start is to rightfully promote moral values. Their problem is
that they seek to achieve that through the theocratic (and other negative) means.
Additionally, some of its members are connected with evil purposes and Secret
Societies. Emulating the Council on Foreign Relations in its infrastructure, all of
them meet 3 times a year.

The meetings aren’t shared with the public, but within themselves. Nelson
Bunker Hunt was its 3rd President from 1983-1984. Hunt was not only was with
Bill Bright as board member of International Linguistics Center in Dallas (a SIL
associate) with board meetings with Trammel Crow, a Rockefeller business
partner. Hunt also supports the John Birch Society.

He’s a Knight of Malta, a member of the IAAEE (International Association for the
Advancement of Eugenic and Ethnology, a racist eugenics organization's
headquarters in Scotland. In the U.S., Lord Malcolm Douglas, a member of the
British Cliveden Set, established it and he supported Hitler during WWII).
The elite and some of their “evangelical” leaders were noticeable members of it
like Oliver North [host of FOX’s “War Stories”, Knight of Malta, a participant of
Operation Phoenix where 60,000 + Vietnamese civilians were killed, and he
received aid from the Unification Church with his fellow Knights of Malta pals
for Contra operations in Latin America], Howard Phillips [director of the
Conservative Caucus and served on the advisory board of the U.S. CWF, the
United Council for World Federation of the World Anti-Communist League, a
multinational network of Nazi war criminals, Latin American death squad
leaders and North American neo-fascists], and Jack Kemp (a 33rd Degree
Freemason). Pat Robertson, James Dobson, Ralph Reed Jr., Jesse Helms (a 33rd
Degree Freemason), etc. are in the CNP.

John Ankerberg (despite writing a book against the Masons) is connection to

Rich DeVos, a 33rd Degree Freemason and Ankerberg is in the Council for
National Policy. Hence, it has been documented for years that CNP folks are
linked to dictators in Latin America and fascists globally. It could be possible that
they might try to sue a theocratic tyranny in America as a prelude to Lucifer’s
New World Order.

The John Birch Society

With decades of its existence, the John Birch Society should have changed major
aspects of this society, but the benevolent dictatorship still remains here.
Obsessing with Communism is their M.O., but they refuse to delve into the
Bilderberg Group, Pilgrim Society, Rosicrucians, the 13 main Illuminati families
expressed by Fritz Springmeier, and others, the fake Left/Right Paradigm, etc.
Essentially, they are a Hegelian Dialect which the elite prop up to desensitize the
world. Supposedly left and right freedom groups are made so the people won’t
see the nexus or the big picture of one world government plot beyond ideologies.
Ex-JBS individuals wrote the Belmont Brotherhood in 1977 being one of the
earliest exposes on the John Birch Society.

One of its strongest arguments proving that the JBS was a shill was its acceptance
of Freemasonry while still claiming an Illuminati conspiracy. Yeah, it’s an
Illuminati conspiracy fact, but Adam Weishaupt (a Mason and founder of the
1776 Order of the Illuminati) and other Masons are apart of it. In fact, Karl
Marx who promoted Communism was a Grand Orient Lodge Freemason who
had help from the League of the Just, an extension of the Illuminati in the 1800’s.
Lady Queen borough’s Occult Theocracy in Chapter LXXXV described the first
Communist International from 1864-1872 as Masonic.

JBS founder Robert Welch loved Masonry and that’s the reason that many
Freemasons were in the John Birch Society like Robert D. Love (a 32nd Degree
Freemason who left), T. Coleman Andrews (a 32nd Degree Freemason), Ralph E.
Davis, Cola Codden Parker (part of the mysterious Newcommen Society, a
group with ties to the Pilgrim Society and the English Speaking Union), Joseph
Bracken Lee (a 33rd Degree Freemason), etc. There is no doubt that Freemasonry
is an evil group and it’s time to be a man and fully expose that fact to you. In
1979, Congressman and JBS member Lawrence McDonald (General Patton’s
cousin) formed the Western Goals Foundation, a front for the JBS intelligence
network. Ending in 1985, it bypassed legal restraints to spy on American citizens
supplying that information to the LAPD. John Rees’ (a JBS member and early
members of the Western Goals Foundation) Information digest supplied the FBI,
CIA, and National Security Agency information. During the JFK assassination,
they wanted to place an ad entitled “Wanted for Treason” to slander JFK.
Communism and fascism are 2 expressions of the same conspiracy. Both are evil,
but to be obsessive of them is used as a distraction so people can be led into pre-
emptive, violent government insurrection, which is forbidden by the Bible
(Romans 13:12, 1 Peter 2:13-17). The Bible does support refusal and resistance to
government decrees that are against our religious beliefs, self-defense, saving
souls, legitimate civil disobedience, and exposing the N.W.O.


Under the guise of defending civil liberties from the Bill of Rights and the rest of
the United States Constitution, they oppose certain civil liberties themselves.
While they correctly promote some civil liberties, condemn Patriot Acts 1 and 2
along with the Alberto Gonzales-related memos; they secretly support GPS
systems. Only independent and alternative thinkers are the real opposition not
mainstream accepted plus government aligned entities. Many founders of the
ACLU are either related to Communists, socialists, or inside the CFR including
Felix Frankfurter (CFR member and according to Dr. Burns, a member of the
Intercollegiate Socialist Society), Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Scott Nearing, Morris L.
Ernst, William Z. Foster, etc. Roger Baldwin is the most prominent founder and
evidence points to him as a supporter of the Communist party. In fact
Communist Emma Goldman tutored him in Lenin and praised her.
After his release from prison for draft evasion, many Communists attended his
party like Agres Smedley [who would become a Soviet espionage agent in
China], Norman Thomas (the patriarch of the Socialist Party_, Louis Bundenz,
Carliss Lamont, Soctt Nearing, etc. Roger Baldwin directed the ACLU for 30
years and in 1935 said that:

“I am for socialism, disarmament, and ultimately for abolishing the state itself as
an instrument of violence and compulsion. I seek the social ownership of
property, the abolition of the properties class and social control of those who
produce wealth. Communism is the goal.” (“Billy Braham and His Friends: A
Hidden Agenda?” by Dr. Cathy Burns, pg. 14 plus Burns used tons of sources to
derive that quote.)

Burns also reported that Baldwin sent a letter to Louis Lochner in 1917, head of
the Bolshevik People’s Council of America praising socialism and wrote in favor
of Joseph Stalin. The ACLU President in 1996 was apart of the CFR as well. They
even aided citizens in defense of those who helped Castor and supported the
PFLPC (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine), a radical Marxist branch of
the PLO. An ACLU attorney appealed the 1987 decision of deported members of
the PFLPC out of America. ACLU Executive Director Anthony D. Romero is a
member of the CFR being a homosexual activist attorney and previously was a
top staff member at the Ford Foundation. Stanley Steinbaum was a long time
patriarch of the ACLU in Southern California, one of the organizations’ most
influential chapter, is a CFR member. The ACLU was a smokescreen of being
pro-Constitution on the surface, but is Communist, anti-liberty in reality. You
can look at the time in a matter of decades to expose the ACLU’s corruption. In
1952, they led a campaign against exposing the Communist element in the
entertainment industry, in 1962 they eliminated voluntary school prayer and
Bible reading throughout the public schools, they endorsed Doe v. Bolton and
Roe v. Wade in 1973 to have abortion on demand, they’ve banned the teaching of
creationism in public schools at 1982, and argued against prayers before High
School games in 1986.

Even today, they support eliminating religious displays which is the freedom of
religion, love pornography to be expressed even by children, etc. The ACLU is
controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations, a globalist group. According to
Mark Mays’, “The ACLU Socialist Front”, [in its] the “first 60 years 80% of ACLU
Board and Committee Members had Communist affiliations or involved in
defending Communists.”

Left Gatekeepers

Left Wing Gatekeepers front a phony face, while using the “left/right” paradigm
to divide the nation. They falsely make all those from the right as evil and all
those from the left as good. Amy Goodman from Democracy Now, and New
Republic combined as one unite are representative of these 21st Century
Gatekeepers. They all share the mainstream accounts of 9/11 which is a total lie.
The government engineered the attacks and it wasn’t just foreknowledge. They
let political ideology cloud their minds to believe in their ideals when the
globalists use parties as a mirror to deceive individuals. The New Republic is
even breaking their fellow travelers in advocating a stronger military policy on
this “war on terror.” Many of these gatekeepers are funded by the CIA and other
large Foundations like Ford, etc. You can call Amy’s Democracy Now,
Disinformation Now. Ha ha ha ha !!!!! David Corn is another left gatekeeper. He
seems to be emotional in rightfully calling Bush a liar, but supports the evil CIA
agent Ted Shackley. He defended the Warren Commission, defended the CIA
when Gary Webb in 1996 proved that the CIA once and for all were involved in
the Contra cocaine trade to America in the 1980’s, and attacked large peace

Others are Molly Ivins, Move (supports the fake, illegal, immoral “war
on terror”), Noam Chomsky (the infamous leftist who believed that JFK’s death
wasn’t a product of a conspiracy), Alexander Cockburn (part of Counterpunch,
who believes the Warren Commission and disrespects people who believed that
the 2004 election has vote fraud and U.S. government complicity in 9/11), Larry
Bensk (of Pacifica Radio), etc. Then there’s Clip Barlet with links to the CIA,
ADL, and the Shill John Birch Society proven by the Patriot Tim White from
Phantom Truth Forum and other people. is
a link with a chart linking them to the CIA, Ford Foundation, CFR, Carlyle
Group, and Trilateral Commission.

The Heritage Foundation

The Heritage Foundation appears as for the family and conservative values, but
they interlock with international institutions along with the Rockefellers. They
also promote the UN’s Goals 2000 which is a government takeover of our
education system and the promotion of charter schools, a danger to public,
private, and home schooling. “Faith-based initiatives” aren’t only a violation of
the establishment clause of the Constitution, but allows the government to run
aspects of churches that get grants for participating in community programs
which is socialistic.

Paul Weyrich is a member of the Heritage Foundation, yet he’s supplied by

Richard Mellon Scaife (a liberal, abortion funder, and privatization sponsor plus
part of Clinton’s impeachment campaign). The Coors Brewery family funded
Weyrich also which promotes evil alcohol usage which is detrimental to your
brain, liver, kidneys, and lungs. They are pro-United Nations by have been listed
as a NGO officially linked with the U.N. Department of Public Information. They
won’t also expose the U.N.’s Millennium Assembly or Charter for Global
Zell Miller

I guess many people wanted my opinion of Zell Miller. Zell Miller is not a real
conservative. A conservative stands for liberty, freedom, and justice like liberals and
libertarians also do. Miller stands for tyranny by supporting the Patriot Act, which is an
illegal law. That is why hundreds of cities across the country now are passing resolutions
rejecting its enforcement unto them being unconstitutional which it is. Conservatives
stand for justice. Miller supports the ex-President George W. Bush who is anti-
liberty, anti-gun, and pro-illegal wars. Bush wanted Federal troops to be all around our
land and highways (performing law enforcement or monitoring related duties), which is a
direct violation of the Posse Comitatus Act and Bush promoted the torture-based memos
which is immoral. If you think that torture or “enhanced interrogation” is moral ,
then you must look at American troops during WWII being tortured, slavery unto
blacks in America, Jews being murdered plus murdered by Nazis in concentration
camps, and Communist totalitarian centers like the Soviet Union , Vietnam, and
China (having torture). He is a traitor to conservatives, liberals, and libertarians who
honor freedom with zeal and fervent passion (and those who supports this nation in
opposition to the policies of the previous Bush administration).

George W. Bush in his Presidency was out of line. Folks from across the political
spectrum have criticized his folly. Bush supported a possible Assault weapons ban
and follows the globalist trade agreements (like the IMF, the WTO, and NAFTA).
These policies have overridden our national sovereignty, ending myriad of jobs, and
exploiting the Third World (with little to no massive economic improvement). It’s a
moral necessity to be honest without deception. Bush’s economic legacy is very weak
by the end of his term with an over trillion dollar deficit.

That's real and the many critics out there can say nothing to refute it. A patriot sometimes
will not support the President all of the time for mere convenience or basic submission to
an established order, but oppose the President if he gets out of line within his work.
Today, Zell Miller is a critic of Barack Obama administration, which is his right. Yet,
Barack Obama is following some of the same policies as George W. Bush has, especially
in dealing in terms of foreign policy. Zell Miller is not pro-life by supporting the
inefficient embryonic stem cell research. That research destroys human life and IPS can
easily replace embryonic stem cells too (In other words, induced pluripotent stem
cellshave embryonic like charasteristics, but it doesn’t involve murdering human life at
all). Adult stem cells and iPS can treat over a dozen of diseases. He is also anti-gun by
wanting people under 18 to not own a gun. What about a child learning how to shoot in a
parent’s own property (and they are not committing a crime). Miller wants exceptions to
this, but not everyone under 18 with guns are criminals.

I can see Miller dissenting with the Democratic candidates on many specific issues, but
he's not offering inspiration to them but mocking and ridiculing them. Zell Miller is a
neo-conservative puppet of the establishment (with its agents in the CNP and other like
organizations). He believes in fake patriotism, illegal wars, and he once channeled Chris
Matthews to a duel for no reason whatsoever. We should focus on real issues like
exposing poisons in our water, air, etc. like fluoride in our water, mercury, arsenic, and
other pollutant. We should support protecting the environment, but not at the expense of
promoting a discredited theory like man-made climate change (which have been disputed
by hundreds of mainstream scientists and researchers not just politicians). What should
we do then? We must speak out and act with passion and assertiveness to take our
country back. Zell Miller is also a Freemason, so that is interesting to know as well.
Saint Brigitta Exposed

As we know, there are many shills on the Internet. I have named them in 2008.
Now, it's time to expose someone else (named Saintbirgitta, who promotes an
Antichrist pro-Roman Catholic agenda. Some people have called their agenda
cultic, which it is) who spread disinformation in 2009. Saint Brigitta and her
supporters are other shills as well. They are a small group of people who
idolize an old Swedish Catholic "saint" called Saint Birgitta who claimed to
have received many revelations from Jesus Christ. These visions were
complied and put into several books. The Bible forbids idolizing saints (as
found in Isaiah 42:8), praising images, or venerating people at all. The Bible in
1 John 4:1 warns us that: "...Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the
spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone
out into the world..." I heard of Saint Birgitta back in early 2008. I knew the
person promoting her were Roman Catholics (who were pro-Vatican I). That's
interesting since the Bible mentioned nothing about purgatory, nuns, and Popes.
This easy example refutes Roman Catholic doctrine easily. This person's views
are widespread in Youtube in order to try to infiltrate the Patriot and 9/11 Truth
Movements. This isn't going to work just like the New Agers (like Jordan
Maxwell, Michael Tsarion, and others) trying to control the Patriot Movement
hasn't worked in times past. Saint Birgitta teaches heresies and false teachings.
Usually, Saint Birgitta rips off Youtube videos and uses their own messages on
them. This person on Youtube has multitude profiles to promote Saint Birgitta's
lies. These profiles include ThePassionOFChrist, catholicjesusgod, and others.
They promote the saint lying website of I wouldn't go
into the site because of its false doctrine. There are many reasons wrong with
Saint Birgitta and the person promoting her words. The man on Youtube
promoting her believes in the additional revelations of the dead Birgitta. He
believes in these revelations when the Bible says that we aren't supposed to
communicate with the head (Deut. 18:11). vulle8b is a Youtube follower of St.
Birgitta. People like that try to direct people to St. Birgitta under topics like
ghosts, prophecies, the end of the world, and the new world order. These
doctrines are similar to the evil from the group called Most Holy Family
Monastery. They believe that only Catholics can be saved. Once member is a
person named Michael Dimond. People like Dimond ignore the Inquisition and
other wicked histories of the Vatican. They claim to have the truth, yet promote
the evil authoritarian proclamations of the Council of Trent.

He says that Birgitta's revelations are inspired, and inerrant, but that's false (He
even says this when many of these false teachings conflict with God's Word).
God's Word is above Birgitta's false revelations. hetgow from Youtube
confronted the person promoting Birgitta's teachings. The person mocked the
Bible as not relevant today and this is to usher in Jesus Christ in his second
Coming. This is wrong since the Bible is to remain forever and The Book
Revelations have heavy consequences for those who try to add (or subtract) form
the Word of God. This birgitta might be a lying spirit. It gets worse. The person
promoting Birgitta lies and says that all people must be celibate (even if they're
married) or your a child of the Devil. The truth is that sex in married is holy and
righteous. Sex done in the right manner is never evil at all. 1 Corinthians 7
praises marry. This person lies and says that having children is against God's will
(and even if you own a TV, you're not a real believer plus you're condemned to
Hell). Sex causes children and children is a blessing from the Lord. Also, owning
a TV isn't a sin at all. Forbidding to marry was exposed by the apostle Paul as a
doctrine of devils that will exist in the latter days (That is why God has given this
person over to a strong delusion as found in 2 Thess. 2:11). We are living in the
latter days now. Of course, the person (who promotes Birgitta) agrees with
salvation on works (when the Bible says that God's grace is sufficient for
salvation as found in Romans 11:5, 6, 2 Timothy 1:8-10, and other scriptures.
Works are done after salvation and are never done to get saved at all. God saves
humans alone not humans). We should never follow the words of a dead woman
over the teachings of Jesus Christ at all. The birgitta site has truth mixed with
error. The lesson here is that we should never follow a man, except God alone.
We should test everything as the Scriptures stipulate. You should never take my
word on anything I mention here. You ought to check my words with God and
His Word (i.e. The Bible) along with using discernment. So, saint Birgitta (and
the person on Youtube promoting her) are wrong since they want to obey
someone other than Jesus Christ, the person said that the Bible is not for today,
the heresy of St. Birgitta teaches mandatory celibacy for all humans (which is
unbiblical also), and the person wants to do things that conflict with God's Word.
This pro-Saint Birgitta person is also a coward. The reason is that when
Christians exposing this guy's false pro-Catholic teachings, he will block people
from commenting on his stolen videos. Cowards refuse legitimate discussion.
The pro-Saint Birgitta person promotes the theory that 2012 will be the end of the
world. The 2012 paranoia is the same thing promote by New Agers (even in the
History Channel) as the beginning of the Age of Aquarius or the new world
order. 2012 won't be the end of the world for many reasons. One is that Matthew
24:36, 42 says that no human knows when the end will come except the Father.
We should know the end times, but not place dates on the end at all. Antichrist
cults just like Islam and Mormonism believe they are new revelations, but view
their tenets as authoritative or greater than the infallible Word of God. The
saintbirgitta cult mixes truth with lies (like believing that extra biblical practices
merit salvation like reading Birgitta's writing over plus over again. They view
people can't understand the Bible or know God without their books of
"revelation." That's a lie of course) to get people to accept their agenda. So, we
need to keep the fight of faith and endure to the end. We should stand with
God's Word and Wisdom. We ought to reject the heresy of St. Birgitta including
the following of this false saint.

By Timothy