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Access the affect on Christianity of one significant person (In class essay tomorrow)

Martin Luther Augustan Monk (After beginning as a lawyer) Concession with sin sent to Uni of Wittenburg to earn a doctorate of theology After reading ROMANS verse 1:17 The just will live by faith he came to an understanding that faith alone could save Christians. 1521 excommunicated by Pope 1525 married ex-nun Kalrina von Bora and had 6 children Considered one of the most influential people of the Millennium Transformed Christianity brought religion out of the dark ages into the modern world Wrote many intellectual papers, that due to the invention of the printin press, were mass produced He protested against the Roman Catholic Church at a time when the RC (Roman Catholics) Church ruled over most of Europe.

Martin Luther How? Contribution immediate 1517: 95 theses Nailed on Church door(Wittenburg) A protest the sale and purchase of indulgences (forgiveness) A section to Pope Leo Xs request for the sale of indulgences to finance the reconstruction ST Peters Basilica Just one of the many writings that he produced Translation of the New Testament(2nd book of the Bible) from Latin to German (Old Testament follow in 1534 (mass produced) As a result of the opposition by the RC Church he is warned to withdraw 41 sentences from his writings. Ordered to attend the Diet of Worms (1521) needed to disown his beliefs or be named a heretic (so he went into hiding) Immediate result of the German translation of the Bible allowed ordinary people to read and interpret without the need to rely on the interpretations and lessons of the ruling clergy

Long term impact 1. Luthers Bible (first of its kind) Contributed to the emergence of a national German language First mass produced book Became a common possession in German 2. Caused a break away from the RC Church in the form of a new Christian religion called Lutheran, the first Protestant religion. We now have many protestant religions (Church of England, Methodist, Presbyterian etc) 3. Changes made to the distribution of the consecrated (blessed) bread and Wine taken during communion. Both now offered to all prior clergy (Church people could have wine). He also represented the bread and wine as symbolic Long Term impact Production of The German Mass and Order of Devine Service led to more freedom for Christians in terms of public worship. It allowed for variations of liturgical practice (public worship). Created instructional and devotional material Small catechism (for ordinary people) and large catechism (for pastors) due to poor level of teaching (at the time) by pastors. Still used today! Conclusion M.L attacked RC Supremacy and argued the need for a general council that could guide the Pope. Helped break the power base of the RC Church and develop a new faith based system in which the individual believer is more important than the Church and all its rituals (very devoutly religious) (Serious) He was a prowess and earnest man who believed in the transforming power of the Bible and aspired to make it accessible to everyone.