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Success A combination of passion ,dedication, and self-satisfaction

This article is going to deal with what is success, is success a comparative study, who is actually a successful person?? And is success mere a personal satisfaction! What role does time management play to become a successful person? What are the secrets of success? Is success really time bound?

Success is a feeling of happiness and encouragement, to reach another

level. The best is never defined and excellence is a journey what I personally think is Best is not relative or comparative to other people. Best is an effort which one gives to reach his / her personal goal, ambitions, which are also aligned with the community targets. Best is a measure of effort i.e. The degree of effort. And remember that effort is regardless of the circumstances. And the efforts are powered by realistic hopes and strong believes, which calls the need for passion, confidence in your belief and hence success is obtained. Also at the ground level, success is the degree of confidence in yourself and your belief. Success requires a personal definition for it always what is success according to you a) in limited time and b) in wholesome time {long time}.It is a competition of you with yourself. It involves pushing the limits which will ultimately result in pushing the results. Also the law of nature says - you can either push down or you can push up !but you cant remain constant with similar push always as the circumstances keep on changing. This exercise gives the real happiness, the real pleasure. Think what is difficult for you to achieve and then write it down the possible steps that could be taken to achieve that

hypothetical and hence after days/months; realize that you are on the verge of achieving that targets all your targets by achieving 75% of them.

Why there are so many people on earth? Answer is they are to assist you to achieve that hypothetical. You can learn from them i.e. Learn from their input and not from their output or their targets as they may be aligned to their personal goal. Some tricks and habits can be adopted from others and remember that your best friend is your brain itself which will continue assisting you in the real best way, in success and in failure.

A fact that must be kept in mind that more you achieve the more modest you should become as you are achieving /you have achieved that hypothetical because the nature has faith in you as you are going to give back something better to the nature (society).

Rishabh Lala Dual Degree Civil Branch