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February 21, 2013 Honorable Frank J. Jordan, Jr. Judge of Superior Courts Government Center P.O.

Box 1340 Columbus, GA 31902-1340 Re: Civil Action File No. SUI3DM409 Linda Ellis v. Matthew Chan Your Honor: The purpose of this letter is to express my support for Matthew Chan and to express my desire that you deny Linda Elliss request for a Stalking Protective Order. I first came in contact with Matthew Chan approximately a year ago when I was researching the actions Linda Ellis was taking to extract settlements from those who had allegedly violated her copyright of The Dash Poem. My research brought me to (ELI), a site founded by Mr. Chan. I found the site to be a tremendous source of information for people dealing with corporations and individuals aggressively (or over-aggressively, in my opinion) defending the rights associated with their copyrights. I know the question on the table today between Mr. Chan and Mrs. Ellis is not about copyright law, so I will not burden you with my opinion on the tactics used by Mrs. Ellis. I do want to express my belief that Mr. Chan represents absolutely no threat to Mrs. Ellis (or anyone else) that warrants a Protective Order. This is based on my multiple interactions with Mr. Chan via email and telephone over the past year. In fact, I have observed Mr. Chan being the voice of calm and reason in emotionally charged situations multiple times in the last year. The internet is a disruptive technology. The history of disruptive technologies teaches us that regulations and laws cannot change at the same space as technology. This results in periods of time when existing regulations and laws do not adequately perform their function and need to be updated. While I have no doubt that our copyright laws will eventually be modified, it is sites like ELI that provide an invaluable service to those that find themselves inadequately protected by existing regulations and laws. Mr. Chan is doing society a service with ELI and should be commended for the content and community and activism he has created. While Mr. Chan is a vigorous advocate for his point of view and his advocacy of his beliefs is no doubt an annoyance to those who disagree with him, my experience has been that his actions are thoughtful and legal, his character is strong, and he has exceptionally high integrity. Mrs. Elliss request for a Protective Order is, in my opinion, without merit, a waste of scarce judicial resources, and should be denied. Thank you for taking time to read this. Sincerely,