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Subject Index for Volume Thirty January 1999 to December 1999 Issues Nos. 704 - 726


This subject index covers issues of Workers Vanguard published during 1999, from issue No. 704 (8 January) through the end-of-the-year issue No. 726 (31 December). During this time, WV was published biweekly, except skipping three alternate issues in June, July and August. This index includes a supplement to WV published on 1 November following the New York City October 23 Mobilization to Stop the Klan. The fullest listing is by SUBJECT. Subject headings are arranged alphabetically. Entries are listed chronologically with two exceptions: all entries comprising a series are listed together immediately following the first entry of the series; corrections immediately follow the relevant entry. An asterisk (*) after the page location of an entry indicates that a correction follows. Entries are listed under subject heads. In some cases subject heads are broken down into subcategories. These subcategories are listed immediately after the initial subject head and preceded by a dot (). The numbers following each entry headline give the issue number, date and page number(s) for the article. Thus: Victory! All Charges Dropped Against Geronimo!, #708, 5 Mar. (12, 11) means the headline of the article, issue No. 708 dated 5 March 1999, beginning on page 12 and continuing on page 11. No entry is listed twice; refer to cross references for guidance in locating the subject head for particular articles. Cross references are of two types: those following the word see deal centrally with the subject head; those following the words see also are related articles. Subject heads in cross references are separated by a semicolon. Thus: Japan See Imperialism; Russia; U.S.: International Relations. means that articles about Japan can be found by going to the subject head IMPERIALISM, by going to the subject head RUSSIA, and by going to the subject head UNITED STATES and looking under the subcategory General.

Individuals mentioned in articles are usually not listed separately unless the article is primarily about the given person. Foreign political organizations are listed under appropriate countries, while U.S. political organizations are listed under their organizational names. Articles relating to foreign countries are listed under geographical headings and not necessarily under any other subject heading. Articles which deal centrally with U.S. foreign policy and threats or acts of war involving the U.S. will be found under U.S.: International Relations. The periodic columns by death-row political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal are listed under the subject heading ABU-JAMAL in the subcategory Message from Death Row; articles on his case and the campaign to free him are in the subcategory Defense Campaign. Articles on the war in Kosovo are listed under BALKANS in the subcategory General. Articles on actions against the war are in the subcategory Antiwar Actions while articles on the campaign to raise money for the workers at the Zastava auto plant which was bombed by NATO are in the subcategory Zastava Campaign. Articles on the New York City October 23 Mobilization to Stop the Klan are listed under FASCISM in the subcategory NYC Anti-Klan Mobilization. Abbreviations used in entries are:

C: Correction CSDN: Class-Struggle Defense Notes article L: Letter R: Review S: Series YSp: Young Spartacus article ______________________________________________________________________ Abortion See Woman Question. ABU-JAMAL, MUMIA Defense Campaign And see Partisan Defense Committee. See also Quote of the Week. Oakland Teach-In for Mumia Abu-Jamal Suppressed by Racist Vendetta, #705, 22 Jan. (12, 10) New Jersey Meadowlands Concert: Thousands Defy Cop Campaign Against Jamal Benefit (PDC statement), #706, 5 Feb. (12, 11) Police Invade NYC Conference for Mumia (YSp), #707, 19 Feb. (10) Racist Court Throws Out Jamal Hart Appeal (CSDN), #708, 5 Mar. (2) A Victory for the Right to Organize (CSDN), #708, 5 Mar. (2, 4) Mobilize the Power of Labor! Free Mumia Now!, #711, 16 Apr. (12, 6, 7) New Papers Filed in U.S. Supreme Court, #713, 14 May (2) IRS: Hands Off Defenders of Mumia Abu-Jamal!, #713, 14 May (2) An Exchange: Labor Opportunism, the Democratic Party and the Defense of

Mumia Abu-Jamal, #714, 28 May (4, 5, 8, 9) From the IG, IBT Lawyers for Liberalism, #714, 28 May (5) Workers Rearguard? Labor Opportunist Squirms (L), #716, 9 July (3, 13) Evergreen College Defies Sinister F.O.P., Honors Mumia, #716, 9 July (16, 15) Vanity Fairs Confession Hoax (PDC statement), #717, 6 Aug. (16, 14, 15) U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Appeal (PDC statement), #721, 15 Oct. (1, 9) Stay of Execution Granted, Danger Remains, #722, 29 Oct. (5) and 1 Nov. Supplement (4) Free Mumia! Abolish the Racist Death Penalty!, #723, 12 Nov. (3, 11) Message from Death Row Legalized Cop Violence, #708, 5 Mar. (10) What Justice Means..., #711, 16 Apr. (3) Serbian Demonstration Bombing, #712, 30 Apr. (5) Another Write-Up ... for Rapping!, #718, 3 Sept. (3) Waco, ... Again, #720, 1 Oct. (10) A Shadow of Justice, #724, 26 Nov. (15) Defend the TWU! Defend the Right to Strike!, #726, 31 Dec. (12) Affirmative Action See Education. Afghanistan See International Socialist Organization; Woman Question. AFL-CIO See Labor. See also China. AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD WORKERS Victory to King City Teamsters Strike!, #726, 31 Dec. (7, 12) AIDS See South Africa. AIRLINE WORKERS Court Slams American Airlines Pilots, #707, 19 Feb. (11) Albania See Balkans. ANTI-COMMUNISM And see also Civil Liberties: Cases; Cuba; Labor. Vietnamese Shopkeeper Besieged Over Ho Chi Minh Portrait, #707, 19 Feb. (12, 11) Elia Kazan: Hollywood Salutes a Rat, #709, 19 Mar. (12, 8, 9, 10) Anti-Semitism See Balkans: General; Fascism. Archives of the Marxist Movement See Fascism: General; Quote of the Week. ARMED FORCES And see Balkans; Puerto Rico; U.S.: International Relations. Marines Invade Oakland, #710, 2 Apr. (12, 8, 9)

Art See New York City; Quote of the Week. Asia See China; East Timor; Indonesia; Permanent Revolution; Russia; United States. Asian Americans See Anti-Communism; Civil Liberties: Cases; Fascism: General; Immigration. See also Labor. Attica Prison Massacre See Civil Liberties: General. Australia See East Timor; Permanent Revolution. AUTO WORKERS UAW Tops Push Sellout Partnership with Auto Bosses, #717, 6 Aug. (16, 15) For a Class-Struggle Fight to Organize Southern Auto!, #720, 1 Oct. (2) BALKANS General And see Abu-Jamal: Message from Death Row. See also France; Shipyard Workers. U.S./UN/NATO Hands Off the Balkans!, #706, 5 Feb. (1, 8, 9) Defeat U.S. Imperialism Through Workers Revolution!, #710, 2 Apr. (1, 2) Balkans Trip Wire, #710, 2 Apr. (1, 5, 6, 7) Down With U.S./NATO Terror Bombing!, #711, 16 Apr. (1, 9, 10)* Down With U.S./NATO (C), #712, 30 Apr. (11) Declaration of the International Communist League, #712, 30 Apr. (1, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11) Down With U.S. Cops of the World!, #712, 30 Apr. (1, 3, 4, 5) Big Lies for Imperialist War, #712, 30 Apr. (6) U.S. Rulers Target Serbian People, #713, 14 May (1, 6, 7, 8, 9) Down With U.S./NATO Terror War Against Serbia!, #714, 28 May (1, 10, 11) All U.S./UN/NATO Forces Out of the Balkans Now!, #715, 11 June (1, 12, 13, 14) Pogroms Drive Out Serbs, Gypsies: Imperialist Murderers Occupy Kosovo, #716, 9 July (1, 12, 13) Antiwar Actions And see Civil Liberties: Cases; Left Organizations; United Secretariat. See also Education. SYC Speakouts Demand: U.S./UN/NATO Hands Off the Balkans! (YSp), #708, 5 Mar. (3) ICL Protests Demand: Defend Serbia Against U.S./NATO Terror Bombing!, #710, 2 Apr. (3, 8) Chicago: SL/SYC Protests Labourite Warmonger Blair, #712, 30 Apr. (7) Zastava Campaign Campaign Launched for Aid to Yugoslav Workers, #713, 14 May (1, 7) German Spartacists Detained by Berlin Cops: Support Fund Drive for Yugoslav Workers, #714, 28 May (3) International Fund Drive Aided Yugoslav Workers (Spartaco), #719, 17 Sept. (3, 11)

Money Sent by ICL Sections and Fraternal Defense Organizations to COBAS Account for the Zastava Campaign, #719, 17 Sept. (3) BASQUES For the Right of Self-Determination for the Basque People! (Le Bolchvik) (S) Part 1, #710, 2 Apr. (4, 11) Part 2, #711, 16 Apr. (4, 5, 8) BLACK QUESTION And see Civil Liberties: General; Immigration; Labor; Labor Black Leagues; Police; Quote of the Week. See also Teachers. 25 Years After Defeat of Busing Boston Schools: Separate and Unequal (YSp), #706, 5 Feb. (12, 10, 11) Clinton Impeachment and Racist Reaction, #707, 19 Feb. (1, 7, 8) Black and Red The Class-Struggle Road to Black Freedom in a Workers America (SL statement at NYC Anti-Klan Mobilization), #722, 29 Oct. (8, 9) Class-Struggle Fight for Black Freedom, #723, 12 Nov. (1, 8, 9, 10) Decatur, Illinois: Thousands Protest Racist Crackdown on H.S. Students (YSp), #724, 26 Nov. (3) Black Panther Party See Abu-Jamal: Defense Campaign; Civil Liberties: Cases. Boston See Black Question. Brazil See Internationalist Group. BRITAIN And see Balkans. Condemn Violent Assault by Pro-Imperialist Socialist at Bloody Sunday Demonstration, #706, 5 Feb. (2) Busing See Black Question. Campus Repression See Black Question; Education. See also Mexico. Campus Workers See Mexico. CANADA And see also Auto Workers. Anti-Native Racism in Canada (L), #705, 22 Jan. (2) Bolshevik Tendency: Still in the Camp of Anglo Chauvinism (Spartacist Canada), #709, 19 Mar. (6, 7) Quebec: Nationalism and Class Struggle (Spartacist Canada) (S) Part 1, #720, 1 Oct. (3, 11) Part 2, #721, 15 Oct. (4, 5) Cannon, James P. See Quote of the Week. Car Haulers See Teamsters.

Caribbean See Puerto Rico. CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY (CIA) Drive CIA Recruiters Off Campus! (YSp), #709, 19 Mar. (3, 5) Chechnya See Russia. Chicago See Civil Liberties: Cases; Death Penalty; Fascism: General; Police. See also Balkans: Antiwar Actions; Partisan Defense Committee; Puerto Rico. CHINA And see Civil Liberties: Cases; Internationalist Group. See also Labor; Russia; U.S.: International Relations. Ten Years After Tiananmen: Fight Capitalist Restoration! For Workers Political Revolution! (S) Part 1, #714, 28 May (1, 6, 7) Part 2, #715, 11 June (8, 9, 10, 11) WTO Entry Means Mass Unemployment, Imperialist Plunder, #725, 10 Dec. (1, 7, 8, 9) Chomsky, Noam See Left Organizations. CIVIL LIBERTIES And see Abu-Jamal; Death Penalty. General And see Quote of the Week; U.S.: General. On Lincoln, Slavery and Habeas Corpus (L), #705, 22 Jan. (2) Free Dr. Kevorkian!, #713, 14 May (10) Court Ruling Spits on Survivors of Attica Massacre, #718, 3 Sept. (2) Cases And see Education; Partisan Defense Committee; Puerto Rico. See also Mexico; Near East. Chicago Cops Retool Sinister Red Squad, #705, 22 Jan. (12, 11) Victory! All Charges Dropped Against Geronimo!, #708, 5 Mar. (12, 11) Stop Deportation of L.A. Eight! (CSDN), #708, 5 Mar. (2) Drop Charges Against PL Anti-Kazan Protester! (PDC letter), #715, 11 June (3) Defend Santa Cruz Antiwar Protester! (PDC letter), #716, 9 July (15) Drop Charges Against RCYB Activists! Free AK Small Now! (PDC letter), #716, 9 July (15) Self-Defense Against Racist Terror Is No Crime: Free Joshua Edwards! (PDC letter), #725, 10 Dec. (11) Chinese Spy Hysteria Whips Up Anti-Asian Racism, #719, 17 Sept. (7, 10) Free Wen Ho Lee!, #726, 31 Dec. (2) Civil Rights See Abu-Jamal; Black Question; Civil Liberties; Labor; Labor Black Leagues; Police. Civil War See Civil Liberties: General.

Cliffites See East Timor; International Socialist Organization; Iran; Left Organizations; U.S.: International Relations. Clinton, Bill See Black Question; United States. Colonialism See East Timor; Puerto Rico. See also Quote of the Week. Communist Party USA (CPUSA) See Anti-Communism; Fascism: NYC Anti-Klan Mobilization. Cromwell, Oliver See Quote of the Week. CUBA Let Elian Go Back to Cuba!; Gusanos, Feds Abduct Six-Year-Old Child (YSp), #726, 31 Dec. (7) Culture See New York City; Quote of the Week. Darwin, Charles See Education; Quote of the Week. DEATH PENALTY And see Abu-Jamal: Defense Campaign. See also Quote of the Week. Stop the Execution of Gary Graham! (PDC letter), #704, 8 Jan. (2) Chicago: Death Row Prisoner Freed, #707, 19 Feb. (3, 6) Debs, Eugene V. See Immigration. Decatur, Illinois See Black Question. Democratic Socialist Party (DSP) See Permanent Revolution. Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) See Central Intelligence Agency; Left Organizations. Detroit See Teachers. Diallo, Amadou See Abu-Jamal: Message From Death Row; New York City. EAST TIMOR Independence for East Timor! (Australasian Spartacist), #709, 19 Mar. (2) No Imperialist Intervention! Independence Now! (Australasian Spartacist), #719, 17 Sept. (1, 6) All Indonesian and All UN Imperialist Troops Out Now!, #720, 1 Oct. (1, 4, 5) ECOLOGY Marxism vs. Eco-Radicalism (L), #705, 22 Jan. (2, 3)

Economics See Imperialism. EDUCATION And see Black Question. See also Mexico. Berkeley SYC Leaflet: Hands Off Ethnic Studies Protesters! (YSp), #715, 11 June (7) In Defense of Science! Evolution Banned in Kansas Schools (YSp), #718, 3 Sept. (16, 9) Egypt See Woman Question. Engels, Friedrich See Quote of the Week. Enlightenment See Education. Entertainment Industry See Anti-Communism. Espionage See U.S.: General. Evergreen College See Abu-Jamal: Defense Campaign. Evolution See Education. FASCISM General And see Quote of the Week. See also Civil Liberties: Cases. Klansmen Murder Gay Man in Alabama, #709, 19 Mar. (1, 11) Chicago, L.A.: Fascist Trail of Murder, #718, 3 Sept. (16, 13) No More Greensboro Massacres!, #722, 29 Oct. (11) New York City, 1939: Trotskyists Mobilized 50,000 Against American Nazis, #724, 26 Nov. (2, 4) From the Archives of Marxism: Trotsky on the Fight Against Fascism, #725, 10 Dec. (10, 11) Nazis Kill Black Youth in Indiana, #725, 10 Dec. (12) NYC Anti-Klan Mobilization And see Black Question; Spartacus Youth Clubs; Transit Workers; U.S.: General. See also Partisan Defense Committee. Labor/Black Mobilization Rides KKK Out of NYC, #722, 29 Oct. (1, 3, 4, 5) and 1 Nov. Supplement (1, 2, 3, 4) It Took Money to Drive the Klan Out of NYC, #722, 29 Oct. (4) and 1 Nov. Supplement (4) Partisan Defense Committee Call: All Out to Stop the KKK on October 23! (including list of endorsers), #722, 29 Oct. (6, 7) Speeches at NYC Labor/Black Mobilization, #722, 29 Oct. (10, 11, 14, 15) Postal Workers Support Labor/Black Mobilization, #722, 29 Oct. (15) Building the Anti-Klan Mobilization, #723, 12 Nov. (6, 7) Running Dogs of the Democrats: ISO Covers for KKK-Mass Labor/Black Mobilization Rattles PL (YSp), #723, 12 Nov. (5, 7)

Workers World, CP: Covering for Democrats, Disappearing the Reds, #723, 12 Nov. (7) Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) See U.S.: General. FRANCE And see Balkans: General; Basques. Protest LO Gangsterism Against ICL Trotskyists, #714, 28 May (3, 10) Fraser, Dick See Quote of the Week. Garment Workers See Immigration. Gay Rights See Fascism: General. Giuliani, Rudolph See Fascism: NYC Anti-Klan Mobilization; New York City. Greensboro Massacre See Fascism: General. GERMANY And see Balkans; Kurdish Question. See also Russia. Workers Protest Social Democratic Austerity (Spartakist), #722, 29 Oct. (16, 12, 13, 14) Gypsies See Balkans: General. Hart, Jamal See Abu-Jamal: Defense Campaign; Partisan Defense Committee. Health Care See South Africa. Heyman, Jack See Abu-Jamal: Defense Campaign. Hispanics See Education; Immigration; Puerto Rico. History of the Marxist Movement See Fascism: General. Hollywood See Anti-Communism. See also Civil Liberties: Cases. Homelessness See New York City; Police. Homosexual Rights See Fascism: General. Hospital Workers See Canada. House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) See Anti-Communism. IMMIGRATION And see Civil Liberties: Cases; Quote of the Week. Chinese Immigrant Workers in Racist America, #719, 17 Sept. (4, 5, 8, 9)

Down With Capitalist Rulers War Against Blacks, Immigrants!, #724, 26 Nov. (1, 8, 9, 10, 11) Impeachment See Black Question; U.S.: General. IMPERIALISM And see Balkans; East Timor; Quote of the Week. See also Puerto Rico. Big Oil and Imperialist Power Politics, #705, 22 Jan. (1, 8, 9, 10) INDONESIA And see East Timor; Permanent Revolution. Mobil Oil and the Indonesian Death Camp, #705, 22 Jan. (9) Bloody Assault on PRD Demonstrators, #716, 9 July (2) International Bolshevik Tendency See Abu-Jamal: Defense Campaign; Canada. See also Britain. International Brotherhood of Teamsters See Agricultural and Food Workers; Teamsters. International Communist League (Fourth International) (lCL) See Balkans; Britain; Canada; France; Kurdish Question; Mexico; Permanent Revolution. INTERNATIONALIST GROUP (IG) And see Abu-Jamal: Defense Campaign; Mexico; Puerto Rico. Correcting a Misstatement on IG Opportunism, #708, 5 Mar. (5) Mexico: IG Lies on Cardenista Popular Front (Espartaco), #712, 30 Apr. (2) IG on China: Looking for a Few Good Stalinist Bureaucrats, #715, 11 June (4, 5, 6, 11) International Ladies Garment Workers Union (ILGWU) See Immigration. International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) See Abu-Jamal: Defense Campaign. INTERNATIONAL SOCIALIST ORGANIZATION (ISO) And see Abu-Jamal: Defense Campaign; Fascism: NYC Anti-Klan Mobilization; Iran; Left Organizations. See also Balkans: General; East Timor; Police; U.S.: International Relations. The Cliffites and Police Strikes (L), #707, 19 Feb. (2) ISO and Religion: The Opium of Opportunists (YSp), #724, 26 Nov. (5) IRAN 20 Years of Islamic Dictatorship, #708, 5 Mar. (1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)* 20 Years (C), #717, 6 Aug. (3) Mass Protests Shake Islamic Regime, #717, 6 Aug. (1, 12, 13)

Iraq See Kurdish Question; U.S.: International Relations. See also Balkans: General; Left Organizations. Islam See International Socialist Organization; Iran; Socialist Action; Woman Question. See also Russia. Israel See Near East. Italy See Balkans. Japan See Imperialism; Russia; U.S.: International Relations. ji Jaga (Pratt), Geronimo See Civil Liberties: Cases. Kazan, Elia See Anti-Communism. See also Civil Liberties: Cases. Kevorkian, Jack See Civil Liberties: General. King City Teamsters Strike See Agricultural and Food Workers. Kosovo See Balkans. Ku Klux Klan See Fascism. KURDISH QUESTION And see U.S.: International Relations. Freedom for Ocalan!, #708, 5 Mar. (1, 4, 5) Free Abdullah Ocalan!, #716, 9 July (1, 9) Trotskyism vs. PKK Nationalism (Spartakist), #716, 9 July (8, 9,10,11,14) On the Iraqi Communist Party (L), #717, 6 Aug. (2) NYC Protest Demands: Free Ocalan!, #717, 6 Aug. (13) LABOR And see Abu-Jamal: Defense Campaign; Immigration; Police; specific organizations. NYC Labor Rally: Angry Ranks, Sellout Bureaucrats, #714, 28 May (12, 11) Sweatshops, Profits and Protectionism (YSp), #720, 1 Oct. (12, 6, 7) The Fight to Unionize the Open Shop South, #720, 1 Oct. (12, 8, 9, 10) Seattle National Guard, Cops Attack WTO Protesters: AFL-CIO Tops Push Anti-Communism, Protectionist Poison, #725, 10 Dec. (1, 2, 9) LABOR BLACK LEAGUES And see Fascism. Join the Labor Black Leagues! (LBL 10-point program), #707, 19 Feb. (6), #718, 3 Sept. (13), #722, 29 Oct. (2) and #726, 31 Dec. (5) Build a Workers Party, Tribune of the People!, #726, 31 Dec. (5) Latinos See Education; Immigration; Puerto Rico.

League for a Revolutionary Communist International (LRCI) See Balkans; Left Organizations; Russia. Lee, Wen Ho See Civil Liberties: Cases. LEFT ORGANIZATIONS And see Abu-Jamal: Defense Campaign; Balkans: Antiwar Actions; Internationalist Group; International Socialist Organization; Socialist Action; Spartacus Youth Clubs; United Secretariat; Workers World Party. Reformist Left and the Attack on Iraq, #704, 8 Jan. (6, 7) Liberals on Kosovo: Give War a Chance (YSp), #713, 14 May (3, 5) Lenin, V.I. See Quote of the Week. See also Balkans: General. Liga de Trabajadores por el Socialismo (LTS) See Internationalist Group. Longshoremen See Abu-Jamal: Defense Campaign. Los Angeles See Anti-Communism; Fascism: General; Police. See also Civil Liberties: Cases. Louima, Abner See Police. Lutte Ouvrire (LO) See France. MEXICO And see Internationalist Group. Mass Student Protests in Mexico (YSp), #709, 19 Mar. (4, 5) Mexican Government Threatens Crackdown Against Mass Student Strike (YSp), #717, 6 Aug. (4, 5, 11) SYC Statement of Solidarity with UNAM Strikers (YSp), #717, 6 Aug. (5) For Joint Strike Action by Workers and Students! (YSp), #717, 6 Aug. (10) Down With Government Repression Against UNAM Student Strike! (YSp), #718, 3 Sept. (6, 7) Defend the Mexican UNAM Strike! (PDC statement), #721, 15 Oct. (12, 9) Eyewitness Account of Mexico City Student Struggle (YSp), #721, 15 Oct. (6, 7, 8) International Emergency Protests: Down With Mexican State Terror! (YSp), #721, 15 Oct. (7) Down With State Repression Against UNAM Strike! (YSp), #723, 12 Nov. (4) South African Unions Defend UNAM Student Strikers (YSp), #723, 12 Nov. (4) Down With Mexican State Repression Against UNAM Strikers! (YSp), #726, 31 Dec. (6) Mobil Oil See Imperialism; Indonesia. Morenoites See Basques.

MOVE See Partisan Defense Committee. NAFTA See Teamsters. National Association of Letter Carriers See Fascism: NYC Anti-Klan Mobilization. National Question See Balkans: General; Basques; Canada; Kurdish Question; Puerto Rico; Quote of the Week. Native Americans See Canada. NATO See Balkans. NEAR EAST Free Mordechai Vanunu!, #721, 15 Oct. (2) Newport News Strike See Shipyard Workers. NEW YORK CITY And see Fascism: NYC Anti-Klan Mobilization; Labor; Police; Transit Workers. See also Abu-Jamal: Message From Death Row. Giulianis Racist Holy War Against Brooklyn Museum, #721, 15 Oct. (12, 9) Giuliani Bashes the Homeless, #724, 26 Nov. (16, 13) NYC Democrats Prey on Plight of Homeless, #726, 31 Dec. (3) New York Metro Area Postal Union See Fascism: NYC Anti-Klan Mobilization. New York City October 23 Mobilization to Stop the Klan See Black Question; Fascism: NYC Anti-Klan Mobilization; Partisan Defense Committee; Spartacus Youth Clubs; Transit Workers. Nicaragua See Permanent Revolution. Northern Ireland See Britain. Northites See Socialist Equality Party. North Korea See U.S.: International Relations. Nuclear Weapons See Near East; U.S.: General. Oakland See Abu-Jamal: Defense Campaign; Armed Forces. Ocalan, Abdullah See Kurdish Question. Oil Workers See Imperialism.

Orwell, George See Socialist Equality Party. Pabloism See Internationalist Group. Palestinians See Civil Liberties: Cases; Woman Question. PARTISAN DEFENSE COMMITTEE And see Abu-Jamal: Defense Campaign; Civil Liberties: Cases; Death Penalty; Fascism: NYC Anti-Klan Mobilization; Mexico. See also Labor Black Leagues. PDC Holiday Appeal Benefits Mobilize for Mumia (CSDN), #704, 8 Jan. (2, 3) Build the Holiday Appeal for Class-War Prisoners! (CSDN), #723, 12 Nov. (2) What Is the Partisan Defense Committee, #723, 12 Nov. (3, 11) October 23 Anti-Klan Mobilization: Labor/Black Power in Action, #726, 31 Dec. (4, 12) PERMANENT REVOLUTION And see East Timor; Iran; Mexico; South Africa. Australian DSP Southeast Asia: Trotskyism vs. Nationalist Reformism, #705, 22 Jan. (4, 5, 6, 7, 11) Persian Gulf See Imperialism; Iran; U.S.: International Relations. See also Left Organizations. Philippines See Permanent Revolution. Pilots See Airline Workers. POLAND And see also International Socialist Organization; Russia. Polish Solidarno: A Mans World (Platforma Spartakusowcow), #724, 26 Nov. (6, 13) POLICE And see Abu-Jamal; Civil Liberties: Cases; Fascism. See also International Socialist Organization; Labor. Riverside, California: Coldblooded Killing by Racist Cops, #704, 8 Jan. (3) NYPD Death Squad, #707, 19 Feb. (12, 10) Outrage Over NYPD Killing of Amadou Diallo, #708, 5 Mar. (12, 11) Spartacists at Harlem Hearing After Diallo Killing, #709, 19 Mar. (12, 11) As New York Seethes Over Diallo Killing: Beware Democratic Party Hustlers, #710, 2 Apr. (12, 10, 11) NYPD Racist Rampage Continues, #715, 11 June (16, 15) L.A. Cops Gun Down Homeless Woman, #715, 11 June (16, 15) Chicago Cops on Killing Spree, #716, 9 July (16, 15) On Community Policing (L), #718, 3 Sept. (3) Popular Front See Internationalist Group. Postal Workers See Fascism.

Pratt, Geronimo See Civil Liberties: Cases. Prisons See Abu-Jamal: Message From Death Row; Civil Liberties: General; Partisan Defense Committee. Progressive Labor Party (PL) See Civil Liberties: Cases; Fascism: NYC Anti-Klan Mobilization. Protectionism See Auto Workers; Labor; Steel Workers; Teamsters. Public Employees See Fascism: NYC Anti-Klan Mobilization; Teachers. PUERTO RICO And see also Abu-Jamal: Message From Death Row. IG Centrists Pander to Latin American Nationalism: For the Right of Independence for Puerto Rico!, #704, 8 Jan. (12, 8, 9, 10, 11) Defend Puerto Rican Independence Fighter Jos Sols!, #713, 14 May (12, 10, 11) Protests Over Vieques Bombing Range, #717, 6 Aug. (2, 14) Free Puerto Rican Nationalist Prisoners Now! (PDC letter), #718, 3 Sept. (3) Quebec See Canada. QUOTE OF THE WEEK The Communist Fight Against Imperialist Subjugation (Communist International, 1920), #704, 8 Jan. (2) Monopolies, Trusts and Imperialism (N. Bukharin and E. Preobrazhensky), #705, 22 Jan. (2) Black Liberation Through Socialist Revolution! (R.S. Fraser), #706, 5 Feb. (2) Oliver Cromwell: Bourgeois Revolutionary (Leon Trotsky), #707, 19 Feb. (2) The Capitalist State and Its Ideological Tools (N. Bukharin and E. Preobrazhensky), #708, 5 Mar. (2) Socialist Revolution and Womens Emancipation (V. I. Lenin), #709, 19 Mar. (2) Lenin and Trotskys Comintern: Party of World RevoIution (Communist International, March 1919), #710, 2 Apr. (2) For a Class-Struggle Fight Against the Death Penalty (James P. Cannon), #711, 16 Apr. (2) For Socialist Revolution to End Imperialist War (Leon Trotsky), #712, 30 Apr. (2) Defeat Imperialism Through Workers Revolution! (V. I. Lenin and G. Y. Zinoviev), #713, 14 May (2) The Stalinist Bureaucracy and Capitalist Counterrevolution (Leon Trotsky), #714, 28 May (2) Imperialism Breeds War For International Socialist Revolution! (Leon Trotsky), #715, 11 June (2) Vanguard Party, Key to Workers Revolution (Leon Trotsky), #716, 9 July (2) Imperialist War and Opportunist Socialism (V. I. Lenin), #717, 6 Aug. (2) Darwin, Science and Materialism (Friedrich Engels), #718, 3 Sept. (2)

Proletarian Unity and Defense of Immigrant Workers (Communist International, 1922), #719, 17 Sept. (2) U.S. Democracy and the Dictatorship of Capital (SWP, 1938), #720, 1 Oct. (2) Communism and Art (James P. Cannon), #721, 15 Oct. (2) Free Speech Liberals Shield KKK Racist Terrorists (Socialist Appeal, 3 March 1939), #722, 29 Oct. (2) For New October Revolutions! (James P. Cannon), #723, 12 Nov. (2) The Fight Against National Oppression (V.I. Lenin), #724, 26 Nov. (2) Monopoly Capital and Imperialist States (V. I. Lenin), #725, 10 Dec. (2) There Is No Partnership of Capital and Labor (James P. Cannon), #726, 31 Dec. (2) Religion See Education; International Socialist Organization; Woman Question. See also New York City. Revolutionary Communist Party/Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade (RCP/RCYB) See Civil Liberties: Cases. RUSSIA And see Balkans: General. The Grim Face of Capitalist Counterrevolution (S) Part 1, #706, 5 Feb. (4, 5, 6) Part 2, #707, 19 Feb. (4, 5, 9) Capitalist Russia in the New World Order (S) Part 1, #716, 9 July (6, 7, 14) Part 2, #717, 6 Aug. (6, 7, 8) Part 3, #718, 3 Sept. (4, 5, 14, 15) Defeat Russian Invasion of Chechnya!, #724, 26 Nov. (7, 12) Russian Question See Internationalist Group; Permanent Revolution. See also International Socialist Organization. San Francisco Bay Area See Abu-Jamal: Defense Campaign; Armed Forces; Transit Workers. Science See Education; Quote of the Week. Seattle Anti-WTO Demonstration See Labor. See also China. Serbia See Balkans. Sharpton, AI See Fascism: NYC Anti-Klan Mobilization; New York City. SHIPYARD WORKERS Victory to Newport News Shipyard Workers!, #711, 16 Apr. (1, 8, 9)* Victory (C), #712, 30 Apr. (11) Newport News Shipyard: Shut It Down Tight with Mass Pickets!, #712, 30 Apr. (12,

11) Newport News Strike: Key Battle for Labor in Open Shop South, #713, 14 May (12, 11) Newport News: Shut It Down Tight!, #714, 28 May (2) USWA Tops Choke Newport News Strike, #716, 9 July (4) Newport News Strike Scuttled by USWA Tops, #717, 6 Aug. (3) SOCIALIST ACTION (SA) And see Left Organizations. See also Balkans: General; Police. UCLA: Socialist Action Plays Footsie with Islamic Fundamentalists (YSp), #713, 14 May (5) SOCIALIST EQUALITY PARTY (SEP) And see Russia. Northites Salute Generals and Finks, #706, 5 Feb. (3) Social Service Employees Union (SSEU) See Fascism: NYC Anti-Klan Mobilization. Sols, Jos See Puerto Rico. SOUTH AFRICA And see Mexico. Brutal Murder of South African AIDS Activist, #706, 5 Feb. (1, 7, 8) South African Workers Battle Austerity, Union-Busting, #717, 6 Aug. (1, 13) South African Workers vs. ANC Capitalist Government, #718, 3 Sept. (1, 10, 11, 12) South Korea See U.S.: International Relations. See also Russia. Southeast Asia See China; East Timor; Indonesia; Permanent Revolution. Soviet Union See Russia. See also U.S.: International Relations. Spain See Basques. Spartacist League/U.S. (SL/U.S.) See Abu-Jamal: Defense Campaign; Balkans: Antiwar Actions; Black Question; Fascism: NYC Anti-Klan Mobilization; Spartacus Youth Clubs; Workers Vanguard. SPARTACUS YOUTH CLUBS (SYCs) And see Balkans: Antiwar Actions; Central Intelligence Agency; Education; Fascism: NYC Anti-Klan Mobilization; Mexico. Why I Joined the Spartacus Youth Club (YSp), #718, 3 Sept. (8) Join the SYC! (YSp), #723, 12 Nov. (4) After October 23 Anti-Klan Victory: Building the Revolutionary Youth Organization (YSp), #724, 26 Nov. (4) What We Fight For (YSp), #725,10 Dec. (3)

Stalinism See China; Internationalist Group; Kurdish Question; Quote of the Week. STEEL WORKERS Reject Protectionist Pact with Steel Bosses!, #716, 9 July (5) Students See Black Question; Education; Fascism: NYC Anti-Klan Mobilization; Labor; Mexico. Sweatshops See Labor. TEACHERS And see Education. Labor/Black Detroit Rallies Behind Teachers Strike, #719, 17 Sept. (2, 10) TEAMSTERS Teamsters Tops Nix Car Haulers Strike, Push Vile Anti-Mexican Protectionism, #715, 11 June (3) Victory to Teamsters Strike Against Overnite!, #723,12 Nov. (12, 11) TEXTILE WORKERS And see Immigration. Big Win for Unions in Open Shop South, #716, 9 July (4) TRANSIT WORKERS And see also Abu-Jamal; Partisan Defense Committee. TWU: No to Racist, Union-Busting Workfare Scheme!, #711, 16 Apr. (2, 3) Reinstate Victimized New Directions Supporter! Down With New Directions AntiUnion Court Suit!, #715, 11 June (2) Smash Racist Union-Busting Attacks on S.F. Transit Workers!, #717, 6 Aug. (9, 11) NYC Transit Workers: You Have the Power, Shut Down the City!, #724, 26 Nov. (16, 14, 15) Giuliani, Democrats Strong-Arm NYC Transit Union: We Need a Workers Party!, #726, 31 Dec. (1, 9, 10, 11, 12) Defend Labors Right to Strike!, Break with the Democrats For a Workers Party!, #726, 31 Dec. (8) Protest to TWU Local 100 Leadership: Union V.P. Urges Cops to Arrest Defenders of Right to Strike, #726, 31 Dec. (11) Transport Workers Union (TWU) See Transit Workers. Trotsky, Leon See Fascism: General; Quote of the Week. Trotskyism See Fascism: General; Internationalist Group; Quote of the Week. Turkey See Kurdish Question. Ukraine See Russia.

UNITE (Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees) See Immigration; Labor; Textile Workers. United Automobile Workers (UAW) See Auto Workers. United Nations See Balkans; East Timor; U.S.: International Relations. UNITED SECRETARIAT (USec) And see also Basques. A Craven Capitulation to Imperialism on the Balkans, #711, 16 Apr. (11) UNITED STATES General And see Black Question; Civil Liberties; Labor. See also Armed Forces. Clinton Impeachment and U.S. Imperialism, #704, 8 Jan. (1, 4, 5, 6) Waco Was Government Mass Murder, #719, 17 Sept. (12, 11) Democratic Party: Friend of KKK, Enemy of Labor and Blacks, #725, 10 Dec. (12, 11) International Relations And see Abu-Jamal: Message from Death Row; Balkans; China; Civil Liberties: Cases; Cuba; Imperialism; Kurdish Question; Puerto Rico. See also East Timor; Russia; Woman Question. Defend Iraq! Defeat U.S. Imperialism Through Workers Revolution!, #704, 8 Jan. (1, 7) U.S. Terror Bombers Bleed Iraq, #709, 19 Mar. (1, 11) U.S. War in Korea Was Mass Murder, #721, 15 Oct. (3, 10, 11) U.S. Imperialism Hands Off Iraq!, #723, 12 Nov. (9) United Steelworkers of America (USWA) See Shipyard Workers; Steel Workers. University of California at Berkeley See Education. University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) See Socialist Action. University of Chicago See Central Intelligence Agency. Vanity Fair See Abu-Jamal: Defense Campaign. Vanunu, Mordechai See Near East. Vietnam See Anti-Communism; Permanent Revolution; U.S.: International Relations. Waco Massacre See Abu-Jamal: Message from Death Row; U.S.: General. Welfare See Transit Workers.

West Europe See Balkans; Kurdish Question; specific countries. See also Imperialism. WOMAN QUESTION And see Iran; Poland; Quote of the Week; Socialist Action. See also Fascism: General. The Hideous Oppression of Women Under Islam (YSp)(L), #713, 14 May (4) Free Abortion on Demand!, #723, 12 Nov. (12, 11) For Womens Liberation Through Socialist Revolution! (YSp), #725, 10 Dec. (4, 5, 6) Worker-communist Party of Iran and Iraq See Iran. Workers Power See Balkans; Left Organizations; Russia. WORKERS VANGUARD Workers Vanguard Subscription Drive 1999 Quotas, #718, 3 Sept. (15) Week Two Totals, #719, 17 Sept. (5) Week Four Totals, #720, 1 Oct. (5) Final Totals, #721, 15 Oct. (3) Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation, #721, 15 Oct. (10) WORKERS WORLD PARTY And see Fascism: NYC Anti-Klan Mobilization; Left Organizations. See also Balkans: General. Workers World and the Democrats (L), #707, 19 Feb. (2) Workfare See Transit Workers. World Politics See Balkans; Imperialism; U.S.: International Relations. World Trade Organization (WTO) See China; Labor. See also Civil Liberties: Cases. World War II See Canada; Socialist Equality Party. Youth See Black Question; Education; Spartacus Youth Clubs. Yugoslavia See Balkans; Russia. Zastava Campaign See Balkans: Zastava Campaign. WORKERS VANGUARD 31 DECEMBER 1999