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PO Creation Mobile Workflow Object

Posted by Nandi Kishore Nov 17, 2012 This blog shows PO creation in SAP from Mobile Workflow .

Table of Content:
i. BAPI creation ii. MBO creation iii. Mobile Workflow creation iv. Execution i. BAPI creation : Here structures YPOHD ( used for PO header info ) ,YPOITEM ( used for PO item info ) contains fields which are mandatory for creating PO from BAPI.

Created an RFC enabled F.M internally calling BAPI 'BAPI_PO_CREAT1'.

ii. MBO creation :

Mobile project 'mypocr' is created with MBO 'Mypocreate' having datasource from backend SAP ,calling BAPI YBAPI_POCREATE.

Execute BAPI with some deafult parameters.

Maintain mapping between Message attributes,removing other all mappings for Return table

MBO object will looks like below

Personalisation keys POHD(header info),POITEM( item info) are created which are of Transient type

Personalization key mapping is maintained with load parameters of MBO.

iii. Mobile Workflow creation:

Mobile workflow 'Pocreate' is created having MBO placed in the form.

Inserted a new screen 'Item Info' to maintain PO Item related entries

PO header related fields along with field keys are created in Start screen of the form

Menu item 'Enter Item Info' is created of type 'OPEN' navigating to screen 'Item Info' screen.

Item related fields along with keys are created in 'Item Info' screen.

Menu item 'Create PO' is maintained of type 'Online Request' for execution of MBO .

Mapping is maintained between Personalization key fields with fields in Start,Item Info screen .

Mobile workflow looks like below

iv. Execution:
Execution in simulator

PO display in SAP which is created above

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