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Ayala Land TechnoHub

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The UPAyala Land TechnoHub is an information technology hub jointly developed by the University of the Philippines Diliman and property developer Ayala Land. It is located in Barangay U.P. Campus on Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City, Metro Manila.[1] It occupies 20 hectares (49 acres) within the 37.5 hectares (93 acres) of the U.P. North Science and Technology Park.[2]

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The entire development was listed as an approved IT Park by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority in February 2009.[3] This status makes export-oriented companies located therein eligible for temporary tax holiday, permanent reduced rate of corporate income tax, and other incentives.[4] IBM announced in February 2009 that it would open an Innovation Center at the park, its second inSoutheast Asia after the one located in Malaysia.[5] Convergys also inaugurated its contact center at TechnoHub in April 2009, along with two others simultaneously opened at Nuvali TechnoHubin Santa Rosa, Laguna and Asiatown IT Park in Cebu City.[6]

The TechnoHub is the second UP-Ayala joint project, the first being the U.P. South Technopark along C.P. Garcia and Katipunan Avenues; it is then followed by collaborations on Katipunan Avenue south of the U.P. Diliman campus.[7] In October 2006, Ayala Land announced that it would invest P6 billion over the following five to ten years to develop the Commonwealth Avenue property.[8] Quezon City mayor Feliciano Belmonte, Jr. signed an order in December 2006 adjusting the zoning classification of part of U.P. Diliman so that the project could legally proceed.[9]Critics have charged that the site represents stealth privatisation of part of the university and a gateway for private sector "vultures" to establish a foothold in the non-commercial university. Seven U.P. students were arrested for raising protests to this end during the hub's inauguration in November 2007; they were released without charges. [10]

The first batch of tenants began moving into the technology park in August 2008.[1] In October 2008, Ayala announced that ten startups would move into the northern technology park, in comparison to the nine already located in its southern counterpart.[7] In July 2009, Ayala and U.P. Diliman's opened a third collaboration, the DOST-PEZA Open Technology Business Incubator, at Katipunan Avenue; the new incubator planned to host companies focused on cloud computing and open source software development.[11]


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UP Ayala Land Technohub

UP AyalaLand Technohub is a new PEZA zone with a retail area at the center. If you're looking for a new hangout place in Quezon City, Metro Manila, this is it. Restaurants, coffee shops, a relaxing space. If you're also looking for a company or a job in information technology or business process outsourcing software development, software testing services, software qa, quality control, web testing services, customer service outsourcing, helpdesk outsourcing, you may want to check out this area.

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Excellent Security Guards at UP Ayala Land Technohub

I would like to commend the security guards at UP Ayala Land Technohub. Some of them still do the routine polite greetings like 'Good morning!' or 'Good evening!'. Some of them are also very gentlemanly. When I get off work at ridiculous times of the day, and I go to Commonwealth Avenue to wait for a bus, they actually do helpful things that are probably not part of their job description. One time when I got off work at about 5:30am, one guard actually did the waving at a bus for me and I was able to ride one fast. Another time, it was very very late, around 12:50am, no one else was around apart from one guard assigned at the gate, he actually went near me as if to accompany me as I wait for the next bus. Things like this are quite touching especially when you just had a truly long day at the office. I thank God for people like them.
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Friday, August 21, 2009

UP Ayala Land Technohub Yellow Cab Office Party

So we finally had that send-off! We ordered 2 large Yello Cab pizzas - the 4 Seasons and the New York Style. All for P1600+! Yello Cab Pizza in UP Ayala Land Technohub now accepts credit cards. And we also had ice cream and drinks from the UP Ayala Land Technohub MiniStop. Food and stories make quite a send-off! I'm quite sure it's a happy memory for our workmate. Well, all right. Hopefully. :)

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yellow Cab Pizza for a Simple Office Party at UP AyalaLand Technohub

Hello, how have you been lately? :) As for us, we're planning a simple send-off for a teammate who's leaving the company in a few days. We're thinking of having Yellow Cab pizza. It tastes good, it can be bought nearby, and it can be shared by many. :) The plan is not final yet. It's quite difficult to organize an event where the attendees are all busy. But then again, we all have time for what we want to do right? Anyways, if you want to check out Yellow Cab Pizza at UP AyalaLand Technohub, here's the contact number to call: 441-2222. Their websitesays that it is 24-hours open and accepts cards. I say, better to call first, if you are able to, just to be sure with those claims. :) Have a great week! :)

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Switch Apple Store and Globe Telecom at UP AyalaLand Technohub

Someone told me that her friend was renewing her Globe Telecom post-paid plan. Renewing post-paid plans with Globe Telecom is interesting as you can get a new phone for free or for a huge discount. So this friend wanted a Samsung Omnia but since the Globe Telecom shop she went to did not have stocks of the Samsung Omnia, the shop gave her an iPhone instead! You see, we have a Globe Telecom post-paid plan. There's a Globe Telecom store at UP Ayala Land Technohub. There's also a Switch Apple Store there. All I need to do is visit these stores and do some shopping! Er fishing. Err window shopping for now. :)

For other retail shops at the UP AyalaLand Technohub, click here.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Reyes Barbeque and Mr. Kabab Now Open at UP Ayala Land Technohub
Two more restaurants have opened their branches at UP Ayala Land Technohub. Mr. Kabab and Reyes Barbeque. I have not checked them out yet. :) For other restaurants and shops at UP Ayala Land Technohub, click here.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Love-Hate Relationship with UP Ayala Land Technohub

I have a love-hate relationship with my work location. I have said before how I love working at UP Technohub and how it pisses me off everytime I go home. Guess what, yesterday Monday, the area was well lit! Praises to the planners of the Technohub! Now, if there will only be designated loading and unloading areas - one for buses, one for jeepneys, one for vans, that should be so fine. Posted by April at 6:10 AM No comments: Links to this post

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

What I Do Not Like About UP Ayala Land Technohub

I love working at UP Ayala Land Technohub. But there is one thing that really pisses me off. I think that UP Technohub is sooooo not bus-commuter-friendly. It does not have designated loading and unloading areas. This is what happens when I go home from work every workday. It usually is around 7pm. I go out of Technohub through the middle gate. That is gate 2 I believe. I need to ride a bus. The area is toooooooo dark!!! If I wear dark-colored outfits, the bus drivers will never see me. So I try to wear light-colored attires. As there are no designated loading and unloading areas, wherever I stand, jeepneys, vans, and cabs go loading or unloading. Drivers of these smaller vehicles also always stop by me thinking I will ride their vehicles. So, when the buses pass by, even if I use all my God-given abilities to wave and catch the attention of the bus driver, they do not see me!! How can they see me when I am blocked by all the jeepneys, vans, and cabs?!! Buses usually use the middle lanes. They do not go to the outer lanes unless they see a passenger waving their hands like crazy. Sometimes, even if they see me waving like hell, they still don't stop. It's too late to swerve to the outer lane and stop given their momentum. Besides who would have thought that someone needs a ride in that very, very, very dark area?! So I usually wait an average of 30minutes before I miraculously catch a bus. Most of the time, I am able to get a ride because a bus is unloading a passenger so it has to stop, and so I can run to the bus and thank heavens that that part of my day is finally over. Effective lighting of the area would be truly appreciated.

This is a list of technology centers throughout the world. Governmental planners and business networks like to use the name "silicon" or "valley" to describe their own areas as a result of the success of Silicon Valley in California.


1 Americas 2 Africa 3 Asia 4 Australia 5 Europe 6 See also 7 References

[edit]Americas Bolivia Cochabamba

Brazil Florianpolis Campinas, So Paulo, So Jos dos Campos, So Carlos (The Silicon Valley of Brazil). Porto Digital - Recife Vale da Eletrnica - Santa Rita do Sapuca

Canada Markham, Ontario - home to the Canadian head offices of Sony, Avaya, IBM, Motorola, Toshiba, Lucent, Sun Microsystems, Apple, American Express and AMD Graphics Product Group Waterloo, Ontario - home to Research in Motion BlackBerry Silicon Valley North - the National Capital Region around Ottawa, Ontario Greater Toronto Area - specifically Mississauga and Brampton Cit Multimdia, Montreal

Colombia Parquesoft - Cali

Mexico Guadalajara, Jalisco PIIT Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

Puerto Rico Las Americas Technology & Research Park Development - Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Guanajibo Research & Innovation Park - Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

United States Automation Alley - Metropolitan Detroit (primarily Oakland County, Michigan) Brainpower Triangle - Cambridge, MA, Somerville, MA Cummings Research Park - Huntsville, Alabama Denver Tech Center - Denver, Colorado Dulles Technology Corridor - Northern Virginia near Washington Dulles Airport Florida High Tech Corridor - Central Florida Eastside - Puget Sound Golden Corridor - Near Chicago's O'Hare International Airport and Northwest Suburbs Illinois Technology and Research Corridor - DuPage County, Illinois University of Kentucky Coldstream Research Campus Optics Valley - Tucson, Arizona Research Triangle - North Carolina Route 128 - Massachusetts Silicon Alley - New York City Silicon Hills - Austin, Texas and its suburbs Silicon Forest - Portland, Oregon Silicon Prairie - Metropolitan Dallas (primarily the northern region and its suburbs) Silicon Valley - San Francisco Bay Area Tech Coast - Southern California Tech Valley - The Capital District area of Albany, NY Telecom Corridor (an area in the Silicon Prairie) - Richardson, suburb of Dallas, Texas Texas Medical Center - Houston, Texas

- Lexington, Kentucky

[edit]Africa Algeria Technopole of Algiers - Cyberparc of Sidi Abdallah (under construction)

Egypt Smart Village, Cairo

[citation needed]

Mauritius bne Cyber City

Morocco Agadir : Haliopolis Casablanca : Casablanca Technopark, CasaNearShore Fes : FsShore Oujda : Technopole Ibn khaled

Rabat : Technopolis Tangier : Tangier Technopole

South Africa Technopark Stellenbosch, Stellenbosch


Zhongguancun in Beijing.

The interior of a building in theTechnopark, at Thiruvananthapuram(Trivandrum).

Burma Yadanabon Cyber City

China Chengdu Tianfu Software Park - Chengdu, Sichuan


Dalian Hi-tech Zone & Dalian Software Park - Dalian, Liaoning Jiaxing Software Park - Jiaxing, Zhejiang (referred to as "Zhejiang's Silicon Valley") Shenzhen Hi-Tech Industrial Park - Shenzhen, Guangdong Hunnan New Area - Liaoning Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park - Shanghai Xi'an Software Park - Xi'an, Shaanxi
[4] [5] [3]

Zhongguancun - Northwestern side of Beijing, also called Haidian Science Park

Hong Kong

Cyberport - Hong Kong Island Hong Kong Science Park - New Territories

India Iran Pardis (The Pardis Technology Park), (Iran's Silicon Valley)

Bangalore (The Silicon Valley of India), ITPB Tidel Park - Chennai HITEC City - Hyderabad Kolkata - West Bengal The Knowledge Corridor - between Pune and Mumbai Pune Technopark, Trivandrum - Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala Gurgaon, Haryana - near Delhi Noida, Uttar Pradesh - near Delhi IT Park - Chandigarh

Israel Tel Aviv/Mediterranean Coastal Region - referred to as Silicon Wadi

Japan Kansai Science City, on the borders of Kyoto, Osaka and Nara Prefectures Tsukuba Science City, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture Yokosuka Research Park (YRP), Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Malaysia Multimedia Super Corridor / Cyberjaya - Kuala Lumpur

Pakistan Arfa Karim Technology Park (former Software Technology Park) - Lahore IT Media City - Karachi

Philippines Silicon Gulf - Davao City (The Silicon Valley of the Philippines)

Singapore Singapore Science Park


The southwestern corner of Singapore

South Korea Digital Media City, Seoul

Samsung Town, Seoul Teheran Valley, Seoul Songdo Science Village, Songdo International City, Incheon Daedeok Science Town, Daejeon

Taiwan Hsinchu Science Park, Hsinchu City & Hsinchu County Southern Taiwan Science Park, Tainan City & Kaohsiung City Nankang Software Park, Taipei City Neihu Science Park, Taipei City Central Taiwan Science Park, Taichung City & Yunlin County
[11] [10] [9]

Turkey Ankara Cyberpark - Ankara Metu Technopolis - Ankara



Thailand Thailand Science Park, north of Bangkok Software Park Thailand, Bangkok

UAE Dubai Internet City, Dubai Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai Dubai Media City, Dubai

Vietnam Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park, Hanoi Saigon Hi-tech Park, Ho Chi Minh City Da Nang Hi-tech Park, Da Nang

Qatar Qatar Science and Technology park, Qatar

Saudi Arabia ITCC - Information Technology and Communication Complex, Riyadh

[edit]Australia Australia Melbourne, (Digital Harbour at Docklands) Macquarie Park, Sydney, NSW (including the Research Park - Macquarie University)

Western Australia: Bentley Technology Park, adjacent to Curtin University of Technology

[edit]Europe Armenia ViaSphere Technopark - Yerevan

Austria Softwarepark Hagenberg - Hagenberg, Upper Austria

Belarus Belarus High Technologies Park - Minsk

Finland Otaniemi - near Helsinki

France Agen : Agropole Aix-en-Provence : Europle Mditerrane de l'Arbois : technople de l'environnement* Albi : Innoprod Technopole Angers : Angers technople : Parc scientifique de Belle-Beille et Parc scientifique des Capucins* Avignon : Agroparc Archamps : Archamps (technople), technople euro-suisse Belfort : Belfort technople Besanon : TEMIS (TEchnople MIcrotechnique et Scientifique de Besanon) Bidart : Technople Izarbel Bordeaux : Bordeaux Technopole : Bordeaux Montesquieu, Bordeaux Unitec, Bordeaux Technowest Bourg-en-Bresse : Alimentec Boulogne-sur-Mer : Boulogne Technopole (Filire halieutique) Brest : Brest-Iroise Technople - Institut polaire franais - Paul mile Victor Castres : Castres-Mazamet Technopole Cayenne : Guyane Technopole Cergy : Val d'Oise technople Cherbourg : Technopole Cherbourg Normandie

Clermont-Ferrand : Pascalis ; Biopole Clermont-Limagne/Incubateur Busi : technople des sciences du vivant

Compigne : Compigne Ple Technologique Grenoble : Inovalle (anciennement ZIRST: Zone pour l'Innovation et les Ralisations Scientifiques et Techniques)

vry : Gnopole Gif-sur-Yvette : Incuballiance Illkirch-Graffenstaden : technople spcialis dans les biotechnologies et les technologies de l'information

Le Barp : Parc scientifique et technologique Laseris Le Bourget-du-Lac : Savoie Technolac Le Mans : Le Mans Technopolis* Lannion : Anticipa, Technople du Tregor Laval : Laval Mayenne Technopole* Limoges : Ester Technopole* Lorient : Lorient technople Innovations Loos : Eurosant Lyon-Villeurbanne : La Doua domaine scientifique ; Technopole Lyon mtropole innovante Marseille : Marseille-Provence Technople ; Chteau-Gombert. Metz : Metz Technople*, Technople-Grigy Montpellier : Montpellier Mditerrane Technopole Mulhouse : Mulhouse Technople ; CEEI Alsace Nancy : Technople de Nancy-Brabois Nantes : Atlanpole* Nmes : NRC Technopole (Nmes Rhne Cvennes Technople) Orlans : Orlans Val de Loire Technople Paris : Agoranov ; Paris Biotech Sant ; Paris Technopole ; Paris Saclay Pau : Helioparc ; Pau Cit Multimdia Perpignan : NauteaTechnopole Nautique de Mditerrane Ploufragan : Zoopole developpement Poitiers : Technopole du Futuroscope* Quimper : Technople Quimper Cornouaille Reims : Technople Made in Reims

Rennes : Rennes Atalante* Technopole de la Runion Rouen/Saint-tienne-du-Rouvray : Technople du Madrillet Saint-Beauzire : Biople Clermont Limagne : technopole des sciences du vivant Saint-Marcel : Valmaris technople Soissons : Aisne Technople Sophia Antipolis - between Nice and Cannes Strasbourg : Alsace-Biovalley Talence : Incubateur Rgional d'Aquitaine Toulon : Toulon Var Technologies Toulouse : Toulouse Sud-Est : Agrobiopole, Labge-Innopole, Aerospace Valley Tours : Deux-Lions District Troyes : Technopole de l'Aube en Champagne Valbonne : Sophia Antipolis Vannes : Pays de Vannes technople Villeneuve-d'Ascq : Technople Lille Mtropole

Germany Chausseestrasse, Berlin, Germany (was called the "Silicon Valley" of Germany in 2000) Chemnitz, Germany (The Technologie Centrum Chemnitz Germany) Dresden, Germany (The Silicon Valley of Germany) Karlsruhe, Germany (TechnologieRegion Karlsruhe)

Ireland Dublin, Ireland (The Silicon Valley of Europe, due to its high number of technological EMEA centres) Limerick, Ireland The National Technology Park and European home to Intel, Analog Devices, DELL, Kemp, Gilt and MissionV Shannon, Ireland WestPark

Netherlands High Tech Campus Eindhoven - Eindhoven Technopolis Innovation Park Delft - Delft

Norway Fornebu - Akershus


Taguspark Instituto Pedro Nunes - Coimbra

Romania Bucharest Cluj Napoca

Russia Biysk Chernogolovka Dubna Fryazino Innopolis, Kazan Koltsovo Korolyov Michurinsk Moscow Obninsk Petergof Protvino Pushchino Reutov Skolkovo (Russian Silicon Valley) St. Petersburg Troitsk Zelenograd Zhukovsky

Spain Parque Cientfico y Tecnolgico de Albacete - Albacete Parque Cientfico de Alicante - Alicante Parc Tecnolgic del Valls - Barcelona Parc Cientfic de Barcelona - Barcelona Parc d'Innovaci La Salle - Barcelona Parque Tecnologco de Bizkaia - Bilbao Parque Tecnolgico de Burgos - Burgos, Len Parque Tecnolgico de Len - Len Tecnolgico de Boecillo - Valladolid Andalusia Technology Park - Mlaga Aeropolis (Parque Tecnolgico Aeroespacial de Andaluca) - Seville Cartuja 93 - Seville
[15] [14]

Parque Cientfico y Tecnolgico de Cantabria - Santander San Sebastian Technology Park - Saint-Sebastian Parque Tecnolgico de Galicia - San Cibrao das Vias (province of Ourense SEPIVA (Valncia Parc Tecnolgic) - Valencia Innova - Valencia Parque Cientfico Tecnolgico de Gijn - Gijon Parque Tecnolgico de Andaluca - Malaga Parque Cientfico-Tecnolgico de la Universidad de Alcal - Madrid Parque Cientfico de Madrid - Madrid Parque Cientfico de Leganes Tecnolgico - Madrid Parque Balear DE Innovacion Tecnologica (PARCBIT) - Palma de Mallorca Parque Tecnolgico Walqa - Huesca Parque Cientfico Tecnolgico Aula Dei - Zaragoza

Sweden Kista - Stockholm

Turkey ITU Ar Technopolis, (Istanbul) Ar Technopolis

United Kingdom M4 corridor - between London and Reading Silicon Fen - Cambridge Silicon Glen - in Central Scotland

Zambia National Technology Business Centre (NTBC) - Lusaka



List of research parks Research-Intensive Clusters List of places with "Silicon" names


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22 June 2009

As part of its ambitious broadband project, the City plans to set up techno hubs where people can access the internet and boost their technology skills.

HE City's broadband project will not only be a key conduit for sustained economic growth, but it will be a

vital tool to transport citizens to digital fluency.

Orange Farm has been identified as a techno hub This is according to Vumani Mangali, the assistant director of information communication technology (ICT) in Joburg's economic development department. He says that besides transforming the way the City delivers its services, broadband will also offer "beneficiary programmes" to its residents. "These programmes linked to broadband are meant to empower citizens. They will provide access to ICT infrastructure, ICT skills, business advice and job advisory support for disadvantaged communities." The main focus of the broadband beneficiary programme will be multi-service digital centres - techno hubs - that will house existing and future programmes aimed at helping people develop, among others, computer, entrepreneurial and job-seeking skills. These techno hubs will be a joint effort between the economic development and community development departments, and focus on previously disadvantaged areas, according to Mangali.

One stop shop


"By establishing the techno hubs, we will be creating a one stop shop' for learners wishing to advance themselves in computer technology and in the process open up their chances of being marketable when they go out looking for His department is busy designing the techno hubs. Orange Farm has been identified for a techno hub, which hopefully will be established in one of the township's community centres. The service provider for the broadband project has been chosen and the City is busy with auditing. However, Mangali concedes that it still has a huge task ahead to bring the new communication technology to its citizens.

"Before we came up with the idea of techno hubs, we asked ourselves the question: how can we advance the lives of the people living in townships through improved technology? "For example, how will a sewing project in the township benefit from the setting up of a computer centre at the same premises? [The answer is] they will be able to use computers, draw up their own fliers and even create their own websites." In other words, he adds, on top of helping people acquire digital skills, techno hubs will help to develop small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs).


"People in the age groups between 40 and 50 can also come for help because they are the ones mostly looking into establishing their own businesses. So we won't be exclusively concentrating on youth - we want to create a kind of vibey' environment for youth and small business development." Because most townships lack internet cafes, a concerted effort will be made to encourage young people to open up internet cafes. "In consultation with ward councillors, we would also like to see a situation where youth are able to own their own businesses in the ICT [sector] in townships." There are already established sites around the city where techno hubs can be set up. These include the youth advisory centres in Randburg, Yeoville and Bellavista. More sites are planned for Ivory Park and Diepsloot. To ensure the techno-hubs are sustainable, corporates and companies will be encouraged to "adopt a hub", Mangali explains. "Companies will be encouraged to donate computers and provide training for techno hub staff."

Read more:

State-of-the-art, full-feature training facilities are available in my design to meet specific computer/technology-based training needs. Techno-Hubs are located at AIU Central Office and Steel Center Area Career and Technology Center. Specifications Techno-Hub at 475 East Waterfront Drive 29 Pentium 4 PCs (1 teacher station, 28 student stations) connected to a Novell Netware network server; networked laser printer, T-1 Internet access, document camera, wall-mounted SmartBoard interactive whiteboard, and ceiling-mounted LCD projector. Techno-Hub at Steel Center CTC 25 Pentium 4 PCs (1 teacher station, 24 student stations) connected to a Microsoft Server 2000 network server, networked laser printer, T-1 Internet access, wall-mounted SmartBoard interactive whiteboard, and ceiling-mounted LCD projector. Installed software includes Windows XP, Microsoft Office 2000/XP Suite. MS MapPoint, MS Visio, and MS Class Server. For an additional charge, software can be installed/removed by an AIU technology support person. Cost: Techno-Hub use fee $150/half day, $300/full day weekdays, $375/day for Saturday* use.

Technology Support: No charge during normal business hours; $75 for evening* Software Installation/Removal*: $70/hour *Evening/Saturday and Software Support: arrangements must be made at least three (3) business days in advance of the event in order to assure availability. Use of Central Office facility after normal business hours carries an additional Security fee of $60 and air conditioning at $28/hour after 6:00pm weekdays, 2:00pm Saturdays.

Cottage Industry Technology Center (CITC)

This techno hub will implement programs and projects aimed to provide production enhancing technologies and processes, tooling and equipment, product sample making/materials manipulation, and other related business development services to community based enterprises, marginalized groups, cooperatives, associations, and other self-help groups with the end-view of transforming them into sustainable and competitive. It will also helps develop other government and non-government entities as local non-financial Business Development Service providers. it will also provide skills training, technical consultancy, and common facility services to micro, small, and medium enterprises as well as to the fully , functional, sustainable and cozy executive homes. Services Technology Transfer and Skills Training

Fine Jewelry Footwear Furniture and Builders Woodwork o Specialized courses on bamboo, wood, and metal products Giftwares and Holiday Decors o Specialized courses on basic handmade paper making, basic and advance handloom weaving, stuffed toy making, giveaways, artificial flower making, fossilized flower, making, holiday decors, pottery, handloom weaving technology, advance handloom weaving, dyeing of indigenous fibers, basket weaving, advance basket weaving basic dressmaking, food processing, among others.

Technical Consultancy Services Helps producers in technology upgrading, product design and development, troubleshooting, tools and equipment selection, and inishing techniques, among other areas in the production process Common Facility Services Includes a wide range of tools and machines for furniture-making, builders woodworks, bamboo-rattan crafts, metalworking, handloom weaving, pottery/decorative, ceramics, footwear pattern grading, and fine jewelry making CITC CITC Dormitory for in-house trainees Library

Contact Office Cottage 20 Tel. of Russet Industry St., No.: the SSS Executive Technology Village, (+632)

Information Director Center City 941.4561


Fax: E-mail:



Welcome to FFTC
Over the past 40 years, FFTC as a regional information center in the Asian and Pacific (ASPAC) region has played an immensely important role in collecting, exchanging, and disseminating information on a wide range of modern and practical technologies, covering the full spectrum of small farm needs and activities relevant to the region. Through its various activities like seminars and workshops, training courses, and regional surveys, we have accumulated a huge body of knowledge and information on agriculture made possible through the works of hundreds of people from member countries and partner institutions. Disseminated through publications, training courses and demonstration projects, these knowledge and information have given countless resource-poor farmers and extension specialists in the region new opportunities and new solutions to their problems. Five years ago, the Center made available free-of-charge on its website the full text of its publications for the last 15 years. Since then, theFFTC website and database has become an important information resource on Asian agriculture, particularly by the national extension systems of the region. The growing use of the FFTC website/publication database gave a larger number of people access to the Centers technical and practical information on sustainable agriculture. We welcome you to this much improved, more user-friendly FFTC website, re-designed and renovated to enhance the Centers technology transfer mission, facilitate interaction and networking among partner institutions within the region, and make possible a more costeffective way of disseminating practical information to our users, particularly the small-scale farmers.

Aerospace technology center rises in Baguio

By Vincent Cabreza
Inquirer Northern Luzon
4:56 pm | Saturday, August 11th, 2012 0 361 24

JERRISON Tiong demonstrates a deburring operation using a pen grinder aided with microscope lighting and fiber optic light.

BAGUIO CITY, PhilippinesJerrison Tiong is still in his 20s, but he recast himself from a licensed mechanical engineer in 2008 into the president and value stream manager of the start-up firm that will soon provide the needs of Moog Controls (Philippines), a manufacturer of aircraft parts at the Baguio City Economic Zone. Tiong convinced businessmen to invest P12 million in his firm, Aurochs Aerospace Precision Manufacturing Co. Since July, he has been monitoring future employees, who undergo training courses in precision machining and bench work that would hone their skills in shaping electronic and manual actuator components, according to international quality standards. Moogs Philippine division produces actuators, which control airplane wing rudders, for most American and European aircraft manufacturers, said Edward Frenzel Yapyapan, a Cordillera trustee of the Metalworking Industries Association of the Philippines (MIAP). Expansion plans Recently, the firm had determined that tapping a local supply chain would improve its overhead costs and render obsolete the companys expensive expansion plans, Yapyapan said. Moogs future supply deals with Tiong is, for all intents and purposes, an example of outsourcing, he said. But it is the kind that taps a homegrown supply chain, which Tiong and many metals industry advocates see as rising at Baguios idle Loakan Airport near the zone. Commercial flights have not been operating from the citys historic airport for years now, thus making it a potential expansion area for the BCEZ. But in the near future, the Loakan Airport could serve as the hub of an aerospace technological park, composed of private machinist companies and service contractors that would build parts required by Moog and other airline manufacturing suppliers. A Baguio aerospace techopark fulfills the final stages of Project CREAMM, which stands for Clustering of the Regional Enterprises of CAR (Cordillera Administrative Region) for Agro-Industrial Machinery and Parts Manufacturing.

PRECISION instruments train machinists to shape components suited for aircraft.

In a paper by research group, Cordillera Industry and Energy Research and Development Consortium (CIERDEC), CREAMM was designed as an industry down-streaming program by the Cordillera Regional Development Council to improve the productivity and competitiveness of the metals and engineering micro, small and medium enterprises in the region by organizing them into clusters and raising their competency level [in order to] enable them to cater to the equipment and parts requirements of the Moog Controls Corp. Tesda programs Yapyapan said constructing metal parts for airplanes is no different from manufacturing bolts for an automobile, so training programs designed and offered by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (Tesda) for future Moog suppliers and contractors will bridge only minor gaps in techniques and the science. He said that what Moog requires from its homegrown suppliers are efficiency and the machinists dedication to keeping within world quality standards. Baguios new role as a potential center for aerospace machinists is also timely, Yapyapan said, because the city churns out hundreds of university graduates each year which Moog and other aircraft manufacturing firms could tap for manpower or service contract needs. Arthur Lucas Cruz, executive director of the governments Metals Industry Research and Development Center (MIRDC), said aerospace technology is the next sunshine industry that should draw the interest of local businessmen. Manufacturing programs

DEGREASING machine removes oil and grease that accumulate during the machining process. PHOTOS BY EV ESPIRITU/INQUIRER NORTHERN LUZON

He said Asian countries like China have launched their own airplane manufacturing programs and will soon require parts suppliers which a Baguio aerospace park can provide. The metals providers of this future park can also augment the needs of other future industries, Cruz said, citing a proposed e-train project to link the Subic and Clark economic zones with Metro Manila, and a project that aims to design a new fast-charging battery. He said the potentials of aviation are not even considered by government planners, who have allocated more funds for an automotive industry buildup. The private sector should be interested in building the Baguio aerospace techopark, and it should start with Tiong, Cruz said. Tiong added: If you note the global demand for commercial aircraft, almost 24 percent of the backlog from 2010 to 2030 are from the Asia-Pacific region [and] 14 percent is from China. So [the demand amounts to] almost 40 percent in our neighborhood. What propelled Asia-Pacific demand for aircraft is the growth of tourism and low cost carriers. We have had Moog [at the Baguio economic zone for decades] and its been a major player in the aerospace industry. It is looking for suppliers and that demand gave MIRDC the initiative to tap small enterprises to supply Moog. The market is huge. The potential is huge. And Baguio is the best place [to exploit this], he said.

East London Tech City

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East London Tech City (Tech City for short) is a media and technology hub located in Central and East London, United Kingdom.[1][2][3] Tech City broadly occupies the part of London's East End between Old Street (the boundary of Central and East London) and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford.[1] Cisco, Facebook, Google, Intel, McKinsey & Company and Vodafoneare among the companies which have committed to invest in the hub.[4] Imperial College London, Loughborough University, City University London and University College London have agreed to be academic partners of the hub.[5][6] The hub is modelled on Silicon Valley in the United States.[1]

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In 2008, there were around 15 media and high-tech companies in close proximity of the Silicon Roundabout, which forms the heart of Tech City. Plans to help accelerate the growth of the hub were announced by Prime Minister David Cameron in a speech given in east London on 4 November 2010.[4] A year later, Cameron announced that he was appointing entrepreneur Eric van der Kleij to lead the initiative.[7] By 2011, approximately 200 firms were occupying the area, signifying a rapid increase in interest.[8]

Barclays has agreed to create a new facility to provide specialist banking services to technology companies based in Tech City.[5] BT has agreed to accelerate the roll-out of superfast broadband in the area surrounding Tech City.[5] Cisco has agreed to establish an Innovation Centre in the Olympic Park focusing on technical excellence.[5] Facebook has agreed to create a base for their Developer Garage programme in the hub.[5] Google has agreed to create an Innovation Hub in East London to develop next-generation applications and services (whilst retaining its UK headquarters in central London).[5] Imperial Innovations, the technologytransfer company of Imperial College London, has agreed to advise on the creation of an accelerator space for spinout companies at the Olympic Park.[5] Intel has agreed to establish a new research lab in the hub focusing on performance computing and new energy efficiency technologies. Loughborough University and University College London have agreed to work with the Olympic Legacy Company to establish a bridge between academia and enterprise in the Olympic Park.[5] McKinsey & Company has agreed to provide advice on the creation of the hub and to help to new companies starting out in the area.[5] Qualcomm has agreed to provide intellectual property advice to start-up companies based in the hub.[5] Silicon Valley Bank has agreed to establish a UK-based bank to provide financing for technology and life science companies based in the hub.[5] Vodafone has committed to bring its Vodafone Ventures investment fund to the hub. [5] Amazon has opened its Digital Media Development Centre in Tech City.[9][10]

The development has met with some criticism. Think tank 'Centre for London' said the development had little focus and could be counter-productive. The think tank also raised concerns over a skills shortage, connectivity, lack of mentoring and rising costs.[11] Tech City has been called a "marketing gimmick" on the wrong side of London (away from Heathrow Airport) with costs still over 30% more expensive than any city outside of London.[12] James Dyson criticised the government for spending money on the scheme to attract international companies who drive up rents instead of helping start-up and hardware companies who argues have greater

potential than software and internet companies.[13] Many of the companies are not in fact technology producers, but media companies that are consumers of technology produced elsewhere.



Silicon Fen[14] Silicon Glen MediaCityUK The Sharp Project

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The UP-Ayala Land TechnoHub commercial complex, which focuses on information and technology businesses, is still part of the UP-Diliman Campus grounds (the 37.5-hectare North Science and Technology Park) though it's already across the "proper". It serves as the hub for huge companies like IBM, Manulife, HSBC, and other BPO centers. The area was developed by Ayala, as suggested by its formal name, and true enough, you will really feel the signature Ayala atmosphere - some say this is a mini-Trinoma but it resembles more of a cousin of Serendra. Restaurants and coffeeshops are present and with the very relaxing open-space environment, one will say that he can stay here for a day! Restaurants and establishments found here are: Yellow Cab, Old Spaghetti House, Flapjacks, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Razon's, Le Ching Tea House, Kanin Club, Gerry's Grill, Mister Kebab, Tokyo Tokyo, KFC, Reyes Barbecue, Seafood Island, Red Kimono, Ral's, Pizza Hut, Figaro, Starbucks, Mercury Drugstore, Timezone, Bench Fix, National Bookstore, Mini Stop, Switch Apple Store, BPI, China Bank, Globe Business Center. Business buildings are also located here like HSBC, Manulife, Ayala Foundation, Inc, IBM, Convergys, Pointwest. Business Centers such as TechPortal, Delta, and Alpha houses a lot of BPO companies. Mezza Norte, Mercato Centrale's "sister" can also be found here every Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays 6pm to 3am. If you're an old timer around the QC Circle - Commonwealth Area, you would remember that this is the same grassy space where the Paskong Pasiklab carnival and peryahan was usually situated.

Directions on how to travel/commute/get to UP-Ayala Land Technohub: Remember that UP-Ayala Land Technohub is along Commonwealth Avenue. The nearest major landmark is Philcoa (a lot of jeepneys and buses passes through this area every day). Nearest MRT station is Quezon Avenue and North Avenue.

From Cities south of Quezon City: Option 1. Ride an MRT bound for Quezon Avenue. From here, ride jeepneys bound for PhilCoa or Fairview. Ask the barker or the driver to drop you off Technohub. Be specific with the building as there are many overpass in the area (though they are near each other actually). Option 2. Ride an MRT to North Avenue. Look for the the North Open parking where there are FX traversing the UPAyala Land FX route. Option 3. From EDSA, ride a bus that is bound for Fairview or Commonwealth. Asked to be dropped off Technohub. From Manila/LRT Area: Option 1. Ride an LRT1 (Yellow Line) bound for EDSA-Taft station and transfer to MRT . bound for Quezon Avenue. From here, ride jeepneys bound for PhilCoa or Fairview. Ask the barker or the driver to drop you off Technohub. Be specific with the building as there are many overpass in the area (though they are near each other actually). Option 2. There are jeeps and buses already plying the route of SM-Fairview from the Quiapo area. These will pass by Ayala Technohub already. Option 3. Ride an LRT1 (Yellow Line) bound for Doroteo Jose and transfer to Recto Station of LRT2 Purple Line and ride the LRT2 Purple Line until Cubao. Transfer to MRT bound for Quezon Avenue. From here, ride jeepneys bound for PhilCoa or Fairview. Ask the barker or the driver to drop you off Technohub. Be specific with the building as there are many overpass in the area (though they are near each other actually). If you are coming from Espana or Quiapo, you can ride a jeepney bound for Quezon Avenue and transfer to jeepneys going to Commonwealth. There are also those bound for Commonwealth already so be on the lookout. If you are coming from University of the Philippines (UP), you can ride any of the following jeepneys: UP-SM North, UP-Pantranco, or UP-Philcoa. This will bring you to Technohub. For private vehicles, UP Ayala Land Technohub is along Commonwealth Avenue and very near the Philcoa area in QC Circle. From EDSA, you can go through East Avenue, Quezon Avenue, or North Avenue and take the Elliptical Road until you turn right to Commonwealth Avenue. You will need to take the U-Turn to go to the other side of Commonwealth (where Technohub is located). Be on the lookout for the signs on where you can take proper u-turn. Of course, you can ride a taxicab from any area around the metro and just mention "UP Technohub" or "Commonwealth/Philcoa" and the driver already knows where to go.

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Iloilo-AyalaLand TechnoHub

DEVELOPING THE CITIES OF THE NEXT WAVE The Iloilo TechnoHub will be composed of three buildings with support facilities and amenities for BPO firms. Its maiden structure, the Iloilo BPO Building, is envisioned to be a three-story, Grade-A facility which will be the prime office real estate solution for BPO locators. There will also be approximately 500 to 700 sq m of arcaded retail spaces at the ground floor. Located in a city with around 17,000 to 18,000 graduates a year infusing fresh manpower to its labor pool, the Iloilo TechnoHub is in close proximity to schools (Ateneo), hospitals (Doctors Hospital), and the downtown area. FOR LEASING INQUIRIES, PLEASE CONTACT: Rick Yupangco: landline: (+632) 908 -3843; Mobile: +63(917)8046334 Jennifer Gallaga: landline: (+632) 908 3794; Mobile: +63 (917)8624160 Sophia Moreno landline: (+632) 908-3809; Mobile: +63(917)5790034 Mac Itaralde landline:(+632) 908-3770; Duo: (+632) 6238902; Mobile: +63(917)5898270 OR VISIT: Ayala Land Businesscapes Commercial Business Group Office Leasing and Operations Ayala Land, Inc. 2nd Floor, Tower One & Exchange Plaza

Ayala Triangle, Ayala Avenue Makati City 1226 Philippines.

UP-AyalaLand TechnoHub

Found in Quezon City, about 15 kilometers north of Makati City, the UP-Ayala Land Technohub (UPTH) is at the center of a thriving campus development with all the support facilities and amenities required by technological and scientific firms. Developed in collaboration with the countrys premier academic institution, the

University of the Philippines, our innovative low-density complex is PEZA-registered and ideal for Business Process Outsourcing firms. A pioneering collaboration between industry and the academe, the Technohub is envisioned as an integrated community of science-and-technology companies creating a dynamic learning and entrepreneurial laboratory at the very home of young and brilliant minds. Beside our office buildings is a 3-hectare central park with a man-made lagoon, retail areas, campus apartments and a business hotel. A Tech Portal and Retail Plaza are also centrally located within the Technohub. Office Component

The office component consists of 10 low-rise buildings developed in phases with an approximate gross leasable area of 10,000 sqm. The complex is a PEZA registered facility that allows multi-national companies to benefit from this government investor initiative

Accessibility Transportation options are widely available from wide open parking spaces to public transport hubs connecting to the Trinoma terminal and the MRT. Ejeep (battery powered vehicles) routes are available within the complex at a reasonable fee which allows sustainable mobility. The development is Accessibility Law(BP-344) compliant, being equipped with handicapped facilities and pathway provisions which makes the area very disable friendly and accessible even for the elderly. Amenities

The Science & Technology Park is approximately 37.5 hectares and forms part of the University of the Philippines campus. Situated right along Commonwealth Avenue, a major 8-lane thoroughfare, it is highly accessible to public transportation and will be even more attractive when proposed MRT line 7 (running along Commonwealth Avenue from North Triangle to Bulacan with a spur line to Katipunan Avenue) is constructed. UP TechnoHub showcases Ayala Lands expertise in designing landscapes that provide a natural sense and unique experience within the core of the complex, which serves as a getaway and oasis in the busy metropolis. It is equipped with a jogging path and covered walkways connecting all of the buildings and amenities, which ties the buildings together to form a sensible synergy between nature and technology.

A wide array of amenities offers its locators a unique blend of work-life balance. It is equipped with state-of-the-art telecommunications facilities and utilities necessary for the campus to develop and thrive as an ideal workplace. Complete with a SportsHub facility offering basketball, volleyball and badminton courts, it fulfills the physical recreation and fitness requirements of the occupants and promotes a work life balance, while engaging a healthy lifestyle for existing locators. The facility also offers venues for trainings, seminars, conferences and other corporate events. A Businessmans Hotel (Microtel) provides reasonably-priced rooms for business travelers, including expats assigned to locator companies. A complete retail component strongly supports and complements the needs of the occupants through the wide spectrum of merchant mixes from food and recreation to leisure and gadgets/technology products.

The complex is supported by a 100% emergency power system, with complete fire detection, alarm and suppression system. Stair and hallway widths were generously designed to provide comfort and ensure safety during emergency egress. Telecommunications are open to all interested service providers and can

accommodate multiple telecommunication infrastructures for redundancies. Manila Water Company delivers a 24-hour supply of clean and safe water as well as sewerage and sanitation service to the development. 24/7 Security, Housekeeping, Technical and Property Management support are also provided.

Executive home
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Executive home is a marketing term for a moderately large and well-appointed house. Such houses were formerly described as mansionettes or bijou residences. The word mansion historically denotes homes with more character or uniqueness than an average executive home. This is because executive homes are usually constructed among homes of very similar size and type by a subdivider on speculation; they are generally built en-masse by development companies to be marketed as premium real estate. Executive homes can differ from traditional mansions mostly in their parcel size, since many of these newer homes are built on increasingly small lots so developers can maximize available acreage. Executive homes are generally found in outlying suburban areas because lot sizes in older neighborhoods generally are not conducive to new residences of this large scale. However there have been many instances of developers buying large lots or multiple lots in historic neighborhoods, demolishing the older homes and building executive homes. This may have the effect of destroying the setting of older neighborhoods, and

adversely impacting the integrity of historic districts. These lots are in desirable neighborhoods, and desirable school districts, and are close to urban centers, so the trend will likely continue. However, some communities such as Wellesley, Massachusetts and Austin, Texas have created policies and ordinances to retain older neighborhoods against these development pressures.

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