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Why Further Development in Human is likely

Their empty-full vaunt, I salute

Buzz of ethics, I want to mute;
Certainly we transcend – a great boon
Today Monkey aims at the moon;
However, is this empty or full? I shout.

My limerick above is what I want to explain-

The state of the world must be an expression of what we are and where we are. I
ask confidently, "who can say we are a complete self?" Man's razor-sharp mind is hitherto
not that incisive, which can cut every query into an answer. So, the current state of man
must be translational. A narrow mind of this biology student suggests neither this state is
the 'final' as hinted by T. de Chardin nor it is as passive as attributed by Darwin. Those
who don't believe, I believe are in danger of losing the path to Perfection.

An ant to me is equally intelligent as us. While we walk easily on the spherical

earth, they can roam on sphere, square, cuboids and indeed everywhere. Only in vacuum
these tiny intelligentsia have not been able to stick, which is analogous to our inability to
hover like a hawk in an open sky. They can walk over our body but we cannot do so.
Doesn't it feel heavy that we call ourselves the most intelligent being?

Let's assume a swarm of ants attacks us. With singleton physical body, we can do
nothing. We will be destroyed. Weapons of mass destruction cannot destroy a tiny mass at
that moment! Isn't our further development necessary then? This necessitates the
possibility of enhancing the human being in the biological perspective. It seems funny but
can anyone confirm that ants don’t outnumber human beings on the earth? Is our
technology so advanced to scan the contents of communication between any two
organisms? It's a shocking reality that many living entities do understand us but we don’t
understand the latent side of other creatures. This is what makes me deduce that the
saturation of our development is only evident in totality, not in isolation. Tiny creatures
like ant are stronger than an individual man caught in wild amidst the ants.
Let’s imagine we encounter a tiger in the wood. We can do nothing but to run for life.
What a glorious event it would be for an artist or a poet to portray the omnipotence of a
so- called master of all creatures called human being!!

The degree of intelligence is judged by other's inefficacy and contrasting it within

us. We never compare each other's idiosyncratic capabilities, the comparison that depicts
our low-level consciousness and throws us in the list with other animals. Due to this, we
always rate our status above others since we have not been able to develop a technique to
collate the acumen.

It seems we have reached the average of time and technology and man is moving
ahead with leaps and bounds making new discoveries. Our approximate habit of taking
"Average as the whole" has confused us here. Human beings consider themselves at the
point of completion of evolutionary process. I think it is shown by the diversion of their
aim from the 'Want of satisfaction' to the 'Need of luxury'. Few leaders of thought said
man alone could be crowned as the zenith of wisdom; I say there is an infinite room to
perform more. It deems necessary for the humans to continue the efforts of undoing the
labyrinth of life’s complexities.

© Kedar Ghimire 2003