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FOR THIS [NOT]ICE IS THE INVOCATION OF THE SECOND UNIVERSAL LAW For this is the law of Correspondence-as-above-so-below-as-belowso-above For

this law ensures that there is harmony-agreementcorrespondence between the essence of LOVE of the Positive Power > ONE-FATHER-SOURCE and the force of Law prevailing in the temporal mental-astral-physical sub aspects controlled by the subordinate prison warder - Universal-mind-negative-force For as everything is an aspect of LOVE there is no separation LOVE is ALL is ONE For in the WILL of the ONE-FATHER-SOURCE the second Universal law is now invoked in this physical Terra ensuring JUSTICE for all Soul men-women under the RULE of LAW which has been usurped by UNLAWFUL legal rules of the UNGODLY controllers of Soul menwomen For without knowledge-consent of Soul men-women this control is by the mind deception For the mind deception by the controllers of counterfeit courts is by the supplantation of the COMMON LAW Courts wherein lay the RULE of LAW For the mind deception by the controllers is by use of Unlawful Money-Mortgage and other technologies of the UNGODLY controllers For the UNGODLY Governance-Banking Corporations-entities-agents are to now cease and desist in controlling all aspects of the lives of Soul men-women TRUTH is LOVE For in the WILL of the ONE-FATHER-SOURCE the Fault Judgment of the 13 May 2011 on Queensland Corporate Governance entitiesdirectors-agents - Westpac Banking Corporation entities-directorsagents is activated for immediate payment by the named Vassalees whose physical assets are subject to LIEN to the Community entity Spiritus Fellowship for use at the WILL of the ONE For in the WILL of the ONE-FATHER-SOURCE the Fault Judgment 13 May 2011 is activated as the RULE of LAW catalyst-precedent for all righteous Soul men-women to receive fair compensation for damage to their human Rights from entities who caused Unlawful distress For the WILL of the ONE-FATHER-SOURCE is that we prodigal Souls Forgive all wrongs and Awaken to the Truth that we are IS-BE -

Immortal Spirit (IS) having a transitory (BE) ing experience within a temporal wave of the Ocean of Love > ONE-FATHER-SOURCE 17 June 2011 Terra Soul men-women-ambassadors-advocates Sui Juris in ONE-FATHER-SOURCE Spiritus helping Truth seekers SEE Community Reformation Action Group ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~