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Brands Building the KFC Global Brand

Micky Pant YRI Chief Marketing Officer

KFC International Strong 06 Performance

5% SSS Growth Nearly 300 More Traditional Restaurants

BYA Update
Solid sales growth across the world, with renewed strength recently
South Africa Middle East Netherlands Europe FBU Mexico Asia FBU Australia U.K. France India Japan Germany Russia YTD 17% 9% 8% 7% 6% 5% 5% 4% 4% 1% Flat -1% N/A

Note: YTD same-store-sales growth above are estimates, including results from both company and franchise restaurants

Australia Contemporary Store Design Has Added to Brand Strength

U.K. Asset Base Has Improved

France Record Unit Volumes Provide Model for W Europe

S Africa Clear Brand Leader with Very Contemporary Asset Base

India Intend to Capitalize on Explosive Retail Growth

KFC India Poised for Long-Term Brand Leadership

Now in 9 cities across the country Growing sales momentum Plan to invest significant marketing dollars in 2007


KFC Contemporary Look and Feel in International Markets


Pakistan Japan

Bahrain Abu Dhabi

Strategy for Continued BYA Growth

Clear Brand Positioning Menu vision that creates Global Brand with a Local Heart Rich pipeline of new ideas Build Global Brand Stature that keeps brand young and vibrant

KFC Has Competitive Edge . . .

. . . Vs. Principal Global Competitor in Taste Attributes % Markets where KFC Beats Principal Competitor
100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0%


Tie Lose
Taste Dinner Quality Complete Meal

Focused on Our Taste Heritage Globally

When you add it all up, its all about tasty, finger lickin good food and the sheer pleasure of eating it. No place understands that more or does it better than KFC.

Local Adaptation of Global Taste Theme

UK Australia Canada France South Africa Malaysia CaribLA Asia/India MENA Its Finger Licking Good! Youve got Great Taste Cant beat the Taste The Taste Lives Here Taste the Difference

Local Execution Combined with Global Essence Maximizes Creativity


Unified Taste Positioning Around the World Has Helped Give KFC a Solid Focus for Brand Building Strategies and Tactics
Taste at the core
Focused advertising Focused advertising Improved food footage Improved food footage Consistent tagline & VO Consistent tagline & VO

Focused Product Dev. Focused Product Dev. Better calendars Better calendars

Theres nothing like the irresistible taste of KFC. Only KFC is real chicken made with the Colonels Secret Recipe.

Better Menu Boards Better Menu Boards Enhanced Food Photography Enhanced Food Photography

Clear Pipeline Direction Clear Pipeline Direction Easier to spot best practice Easier to spot best practice

Beginning to Translate to store Beginning to Translate to store dcor and packaging dcor and packaging

This Has Produced Big Ideas for Future Growth

Boneless Original Recipe - boneless white

and dark meat fillets with OR marinade & breading

Boxed Meal Taking a traditional

lunch time sandwich and elevating it into a lunch/dinner meal proposition

Hot Rods whole muscle chicken pieces in spicy marinade and breading on a skewer

Summer Drinks Coffee sundae, modena real

Raspberry Sundae, cyan Aloe Juice and a Yoghurt Drink

Famous Bowls mashed potatoes, layered with sweet corn, bite size pieces of crispy chicken, home-style gravy and shredded cheddar cheese.

Hot & Spicy Fish Sandwich - tender real fish

fillet, marinated and breaded in Hot and Spicy flavor, served on a cornmeal dusted bun with Tartar sauce.

Veggie Bucket - fresh vegetables, coated in 11 Herbs & Spices and fried golden brown to seal in the flavors.

Move to the New Logo Punctuates Taste

Old Logo

New Logo

Youthful energy Apron to signal his passion for great tasting food Friendlier, more welcoming Phased execution approach being developed carefully, but deliberately generating positive spin

Global PR Event Announced It to the World!

World Class Packaging with New Colonel Logo

All YRI markets involved in design brief and selection Design is flexible to local market needs. (Text is localized.) Phased introduction across YRI starting Q1 2007

KFC Menu Boards Are Being Upgraded Using Industry Best Practice

1. 2. 3. 4.

Harmonized Color Palette Larger Food Shots Scientific Layout Consolidated Prices

New Menu

1. Easier Navigation 2. Enhanced Taste Appeal 3. Clear sub-branding

Example: MENA

Started Stature-Building Activities for KFC with Global Sports Initiatives

NBA Europe Live in France

ICC Champions Trophy, India

Twenty-20 Cricket, Australia

YRI Key Strength Ability to Understand Local Culture and Advertise Accordingly South African TV Advertising examples
We successfully market to multiple market segments. Local management has developed deep insights into local culture. The needs and aspirations of different social groups are widely different.

Clear Brand Strategy for KFC and 2006 Results Point to Finger Lickin Good Future
1. Global Brand Essence Great Taste 2. Menu Vision Global brand with a local heart

3. Brand Image and Assets Contemporary And Youthful

4. Brand Stature Using our global scale

Pizza Hut Same Marketing Principles Are Delivering Successful Growth

Clear Global Brand Positioning (Sharing Great Times) Exploit rapidly growing Home Service opportunity worldwide Menu Vision that creates Global Brand with a Local Heart Build Great Restaurants that keep the brand contemporary and vibrant

Pizza Hut Broad Menu Principles Allow for Creative Local Adaptation

Cheesy Bites

Cheese Burst

Shawarma Pizza

Continual Asset Improvement Keeps Brand Contemporary and Vibrant