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A Study on Customer Satisfaction towards poorvika showroom 1. Name: 2.

Age: a) Below 2o years b) up to 20-30 year c) 31-40 years d) above 40 years 3. Gender A) Male b) female 4. Occupation A) Agricultural b) Student c) Employment d) Homemaker e)other specify________ 5. Education a) School b) Student c) PG d) other specify___________ 6. Family type a) Joint family b) Nuclear family 7. Income level a) Below 10000 b) 10001-25000 c) 25001-50000 d) above 50001 8. Marital status a) Married b) unmarried 9. Earning members a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4 e) more then4 10) Area of Residence

A) Rural b) urban c) semi-urban 11. Whether they welcome you? a) Yes b)no 12. Whether they provide all brands? a) Yes b) no 13. What is your opinion about the brand? a) Excellent b) good c) fair d) poor 14. Are they assisting you when you enter the showroom? a) Yes b) no 15. How do you came to know about the provide showroom? a) Through advertisement b) Relatives and family c) Net d) other specify______ 16. How long you prefer poorvika showroom? a) Below 6 month b) 6month-1year c) 1 year-2year d) above 2year 17. Why do you prefer poorvika showroom? a) Goodwill b) Recommended by relatives c) Recommended by friends d) others specify__________ 18. How often you change your mobile? a) Below 1month b)1month 6 month c) 6month-1year d) above 1 year

19. What type of brand you prefer? a) Nokia b) Sony c) Samsung d) apple e) Black berry f) Others specify______ 20. What type of phone would you like to have? a) Basic model b) Flip phone c) slide phone d) Tough e) Luxury fashion f) smart phone 21. What do you consider important when choosing? a) Functionality b) Name of the brand c) Look and feel d) Application store e) connectivity f) pricing 22. Is there a good parking facility? a) Yes b) no 23. Rate the level of employees behavior. S.No Attributes 1 Polite , courteous , professional 2 Spoke clearly and understandablely 3 Knowledge about your questions 4 Able to resolve your questions 5 Followed up with the questions 1(Lowest) 2 3 4 5(Highest)

23. Rate the following which is most important characteristics for choosing the poorvika showroom S.No Attributes Satisfied Highly Satisfied 1 2 3 4 Price Brand image Location Service provide by showroom 5 6 7 8 9 Display Accessories Advertisement provided Quality level Insurance provided by showroom 10 11 Availability Information inside the showroom Dissatisfied Highly dissatisfied

24. Rate the following questions S.No Attributes Satisfied Highly Satisfied 1 The store has modern looking equipment and fixures 2 The physical facilities at this store are visually appealing 3 This store has clean attractive and convenient public areas(fitting rams) 4 The store layout at this store makes it easy for customer to find what they need 5 When this store promise to do something by a certain time it will do so. 6 This sore performs the service right the first time 7 Employee in this store have the knowledge to Dissatisfied Highly dissatisfied

answer customer questions 8 Customer feel safe in their transaction with this store 9 Employee in this store give prompt service to customer s 10 The store gives customers individual attention 11 Employees in this store are too busy to respond to customers requests 12 Employees in this store tell customer exactly when service will be performed. 13 Employees in this store treat customer courteously. 14 When a customer has a problem this store shows a sincere interest in solving it. 15 Employees of this store

Are able to hand able customer complaints directly and indirectly 16 This store offers high quality merchandise 17 The store has operating hours convenient to all their customer 18 The store accepts most major credit cards

25.If Suggestion any