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Laurel Schwaebe

4201 Massachusetts Ave NW, Apt 7083W, Washington DC, 20016 970.799.1879

Minor: Chinese Language

American University, School of Communication Bachelor of Arts: Film and Electronic Media Beijing University, Study Abroad: Chinese Media

Washington, DC
December 2012; GPA 3.5/4.0 Major GPA 3.8/4.0 September December 2011

Beijing, China

Work/leadership Experience
Creative Strategies Media LLC, Production Assistant Falls Church, Virginia
Student-run and hosted television shows. Editted scripts, did research, and generally supported the writer/producer/director for the company.

January 2013 Present

American University Television, Public Relations Director TechtAUk; Capitol Politics, Crew

American University: Washington, DC

May 2012 December 2012 October 2010 December 2012

Student-run and hosted television shows. Headed work promoting external and internal communication for television station, including newsletters and advertisements. Managed filming from both the studio and behind camera; utilized devices such as the teleprompter, soundboard microphones, and cameras.

Party Animals DC, Jobs listed below* Washington, DC

Intro to Studio Production class lead by Professor Sarah Menke-Fish, worked with NBC4. Shot, editing, and worked in the studio on 18 episodes of Party Animals for NBC4. The show focused on the locations at which politicians relax and biases of certain venues. *Editor, Director, Assistant Director, Producer, Host, Camera Operator.

August December 2012

Natures Voice, Intern

Alexandria, Virginia
March August 2012

Water conservation organization. Managed and updated social networking sites, provided feedback on application development, worked on promotional materials, and created graphics for the organization.

Novel Energy, Intern

A Canada-based oil extraction equipment company. Worked for the Chinese Culture Promotion program of the company. Contacted Influential people in the United States, Europe, and China to discuss the promotion of Chinese culture; edited translations and provided feedback on the company website; planned and hosted several networking events.

September December 2011

Beijing, China

Special Skills
Languages: Proficient in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. Technical Skills: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel.
Skilled with both Mac and PC computers.

Social Networking: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Media Skills: Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash,
MailChimp, Instagram, Hoosuite, and Tumblr. Illutrator, and InDesign. Editing skills in Final Cut X and 7. Skilled with DLSR and studio cameras.