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PRELIM EXAM PDN 101/TH/6:00-7:00 PM/


AESTHETIC VALUES Aesthetics is the study of beauty; Aesthetic value is the value of something because it is beautiful. Beauty as a value or
aspect of worth and Artistic quality

Those features of a work that contribute to its success and importance as a work of art: the features upon which its significance or beauty supervene. They include the form, content, integrity, harmony, purity, or fittingness of works.

Examples: A car has value because it gets you from A to B, because it's good on gas, because there is lots of room in the back. But if you value your car because it looks good, that's aesthetic value. A building may serve its function and look like a dump, but some buildings are not only functional but beautiful as well, and are valued for it. You can say the same about practically anything in the world, so you should have no trouble finding examples. SPIRITUAL VALUES
The values of truth, righteousness, peace, love and non-violence are found in all major spiritual paths. These spiritual values are also human values and are the fundamental roots of a healthy, vibrant, and viable work career.


Spiritual values are the way you believe in your own god and if you have any rules like praying before you eat,and if you have any boundaries such as marriage before sex. That which benefits our souls, motivates us toward worship, and connects us consciously (or perhaps even unconsciously) with the supernatural.
Spiritual Values are how you represent what you believe in when it comes To religion/Spirituality, and sticking to what you believe in without being hypocritical.

Examples: Takot sa Diyos (God-fearing) you fear God in whatever you do in your life, you always assumes
for his guidance. Pagkamadasalin (Piousness) being madasalin is a spiritual value because you always appreciate everything that God had given you from day to day Pagiging Pala-simba (Being a mass-goer) you always find time to visit Gods kingdom and listen to his words and applies it your life



PRELIM EXAM PDN 101/TH/6:00-7:00 PM/


Social value means the norms or forms of behavior which are widely acceptable and admirable in society. Social are the root of all virtues that pave the way for the harmony of a society. It is the social values that are the key to the development of a society. It also refers to the life style that people think that they should accept. In the past, honesty, sincerity, truthfulness, piety, fellow feeling etc. were regarded as the social values.

Examples: Respect for Others (individuals, cultures, races) Respect for Elders Results-oriented Romance of LifeRitual 5.) THREE BASIC PHILOSOPHIES OF LIFE Respect for the Individual Responsibility Right to Bear Arms Rule of Law, Legality