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Berkeley United Methodist Church
2407 Berkeley Ave. Austin, TX 78745 (512) 447-6633 Fax: 851-8438 Childcare Center: 443-3509 Ministers Members of the Congregation Pastor Rev. Jeanne Devine Director of Music Victoria Schwarz Pianist Dr. Tyler Mabry Media Manager Elizabeth Walters

Davy Crockett helped me understand Jesus. The Alamo helped me understand Calvary. I was 6 years old at the time, and Walt Disney had spread the story of the King of the Wild Frontier far beyond his native Tennessee and his last stop, Texas. Most TV shows assured us kids that even when the hero got into serious trouble, he always survived. The last episode of The Adventures of Davy Crockett turned out differently. Davy and his companions did not survive the Mexican Armys siege of the Alamo in San Antonio de Bexar on March 6, 1836. This was a great deal for my 6-year old mind and heart to deal with. Why didnt Davy win the day? How could my hero have been killed? Hearing the gospel readings on the Sunday before Easter, and then on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, I had the same struggle. Why didnt Jesus come down from the cross, call down legions of angels to smite the cruel people who were killing him, and establish Gods kingdom without dying for it? Years later, I encountered Martin Luthers explanation of Gods way of salvation and victory over sin and death. Preaching in the Christmas season, he said: Why does our God do such preposterous things? He puts a Babe in a crib. Our common sense revolts and says, Could not God have saved the world in some other way? I myself would simply have called in the devil and said, Let my people go. Surely the God who in the beginning said Let there be light, Let there be firmament, Let the dry land appear could have said to the devil, Give me back my people. Instead he sends a helpless child, and then he suffers him to be nailed to a cross. Caiaphas and Pilate said, He is nothing but a carpenter. And then in his weakness and infirmity he crunches the devils back and alters the whole world. He suffered himself to be trodden under the foot of man and to be crucified, and through weakness he takes the power and the Kingdom. Gods ways are not our ways. We know that. During Lent, we may struggle with the way of the cross and acknowledge how often we go a different way. Worship not only on Palm Sunday and Easter, but during Holy Week. We can prepare ourselves for the profound joy of Easter by taking seriously the way God chose to redeem us, to take us back, to reconcile us through the cross of Christ. Your Pastor ~ Jeanne Devine

Administrative Assistant Tara Nash Childcare Director Allison McGillicuddy

Farewell to Tara Nash

For the last 4 years, Berkeley has been blessed by the skilled and dedicated service of our administrative assistant, Tara Nash. She has an opportunity to return to full-time employment in her field of experience, oil and gas leasing, with a company in Austin. Her last day at Berkeley will be Thursday, March 7. The Staff-Parish Relations Committee will host a come-and-go reception for Tara in the Fellowship Hall on that day, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. If your schedule permits, please stop by to express your appreciation to Tara. Cards and gifts may be sent directly to her home, 3335 Mulberry Creek Drive, Austin, TX 78732. We all wish Gods continued blessings on Tara and her family.

Come One, Come All!

Submitted by Brenda Johnson

Berkeley UMC has three United Methodist Women (UMW) circles. The Women in Action (WIA) Circle meets every second Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. in the CLC. The Women in Gods Grace Circle meets the third Saturday at 7:30 a.m. in the CLC for breakfast followed by a lesson. The Young Womens Circle (ages 16-40) meets the third Saturday of the month in the CLC. We welcome all who are interested to join us! Watch for the UMW meeting announcements in the weekly email notices and Sunday bulletins. For additional information contact Brenda Johnson, 447-3682.

Book Review: Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander, M.D.

Submitted by Kathy Beth Stavinoha

In the past year Ive read four books about people who claim to have been to Heaven. Two were written by the parents of children who experienced their journeys, and two were written by the individuals who had their encounters as adults. There is no question in my mind that three of these events really did happen. I feel fairly confident the fourth one occurred. Friends with whom Ive shared these books have had reactions ranging from belief to skepticism. Proof of Heaven was written by neurosurgeon Eben Alexander, a compassionate but dedicated scientist. He had heard his own patients talk about near death experiences (NDEs) and discounted them. Then he experienced his own NDE after his brain was infected by a rare illness. He lay in a coma for 7 days, being kept alive by machines. Test results showed brainstem damage. The part of his brain which controls thought and emotion was non-functioning. Despite this, he has vivid recollections of being elsewhere.

One thing which struck me, while reading the book, is the communication he experienced while in the Core, as he referred to part of where he passed his time while in a coma. I have experienced a watered-down, slow-motion version of what he described, in that I have gone to the Lord with a concern, and His answer has popped into my head. It struck me as being similar to the way he communicated with God while in his unconscious state. I was drawn to this story about a case that made medical history and defies scientific explanation. The doctors treating Dr. Alexander cautioned his family that even if he lived, he would not be the husband/father/neurosurgeon he had been. They were both wrong and right. Did his journey take him to Heaven? He believes it did, but he had to reconcile his NDE memory with his scientific views. I too believe he went to Heaven. I recommend that you read it and decide what you think.



While St. Valentines Day has come and gone, the great love of God and his only son, Jesus Christ are always with us. As Jesus sat down with the least of us he asked us to carry his message not just through our words, but also through our deeds and even our very thoughts. I admit I am not the best at carrying the message by the spoken word. Sometimes I am better at expressing THE WORD through writing and other times by my actions and other gifts God has granted me. God created each of us with unique talents. Examples of some of Gods gifts are people comfortable with witnessing to others, those blessed with the gifts of voice or playing musical instruments, those with administrative skills, those who cook breakfast early on Sundays then drive downtown to feed the hungry at the Work Corner, the many who offer financial support for various individual ministries in addition to monthly giving and many, many more! Whatever your method of expressing your gratitude and sharing in the ministries at BUMC, God bless you! With the great outpouring of your love, this church supports ministries not only specific to this congregation, but also United Methodist ministries around the world. I hope to see you in church on Sundays! Stewardship through generosity by the Berkeley UMC congregation: January Mission Focus Offering: Honduras Mission $830 February Mission Focus Offering: United Methodist Free Store $305 Heifer Fund: $337 Pastors Discretionary Fund: $33 Upcoming opportunities to give generously to the glory of Jesus Christ: March Mission Focus Offering will go to support One Great Hour of Sharing. In 1946, One Great Hour of Sharing began as a special effort of the Episcopal Church. In 1949, the observance became ecumenical. Originally, congregations reserved one special worship hour during the year for people of faith to contribute over and above their regular offerings. Today different denominations celebrate One Great Hour of Sharing on various dates, but the cooperative spirit remains. One Great Hour of Sharing offering, a United Methodist Special Sunday, enables the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) to respond to disasters around the world by covering its operational and administrative costs. Unlike other mission programs, UMCOR receives no World Service or other apportionment money. By giving to One Great Hour of Sharing, you enable UMCOR to keep the promise that 100% of designated gifts will go to support the designated PROJECTS. Please give generously to the One Great Hour of Sharing on March 3. Your gift can make a difference in the lives of those who are hurting. Worship needs you! Attend church each Sunday! Invite a friend. Participate in worship. Serve as an acolyte, media operator, join the chancel, bell or childrens choirs...worship! Contact the church office (447-6633) to learn how you can make a difference. Saint Louise House: Our UM Women and others continue to offer assistance to the women and children in need at Saint Louise House. Please contact Carolyn Brown (443-2600) if you are interested in helping with this ministry. Visit a homebound or hospitalized member. Contact Claudia Wenzel (441-3285) or Mary Lynn Smith (2826054) for this and other service opportunities. Your Pledge to BUMC: Please help keep your giving current. Our mission depends on you! Commitment Giving Cards are available on the small table in the foyer. If you have any questions about pledging, please contact the church office. Berkeleys Committee on Stewardship extends a warm thank you to everyone for supporting Christs mission at BUMC. No cash? No checkbook? How can you pay your pledge? Call or come by the church office or speak with Berkeley Treasurer, Ray Curtis (280-1313), for tips on setting up online bill pay or automatic draft. Its easy! Contributions to this column are always welcomeplease email Kimberly Gamble at


Submitted by Carolyn Brown

Birthdays 3/4 Glenn Dunn 3/5 Carol Denton 3/6 Marilyn Wasson 3/10 Patty Gaston 3/12 Ineke Dunn 3/15 Chris Burnett 3/24 Marshall Trudell 3/27 Ann Moses 3/31 Linda Green Anniversaries 3/20 Rich & Teresa Errington 3/23 Summer & Robert Kaylor

Did you know.that there are homeless students in our high schools? This year BUMC is going to participate in the global Change the World Weekend, part of the Rethink Church movement. We are going to raise money that will be given to Crocket and Akins to aid their homeless students. We want to involve the neighborhood in this event. There will be food and other items for sale and possibly an activity for the children. Watch for more information in the coming months, but there are a few things you can do now: *Put the date on your calendar; *Think of something you can donate that can be raffled off; *Use your creative talents to make something that can be sold. We are a generous congregation. With your support we can help Change the World for some students who otherwise have almost nothing.


Saint Louise House is one of more than 300 non-profits in Austin that have joined forces with I Live Here, I Give Here to crank up the spirit of giving with a 24-hour online philanthropy campaign called Amplify Austin . Amplify Austin challenges those who support Austin non-profits to increase their spirit of generosity and encourage others to do so as well. The goal of Amplify Austin is to raise to $1 million from 7 p.m. March 4 - 7 p.m. March 5. For more information visit uncategorized/were-cranking-it-up-with-amplify-austin/

Free StoreUpdate
A ministry of the Austin District, the Free Store is set to open on April 6 at 1717 E. 12th Street in east Austin. Upholding human dignity is the mission of the Store, which makes good used clothing and household goods available to our neighbors. All churches in the district are invited to donate and to volunteer. Detailed information about donation drop-offs and volunteer opportunities are available on the website, (Please note: We are not collecting and storing donations at Berkeley UMC.) Bishop Dorff will conduct the dedication ceremony on the afternoon of Sunday, April 7.


Submitted by Susan Curtis

Montopolis Friendship Community Center is a United Methodist Women-supported facility in the Montopolis neighborhood, comprising a thrift store; Mother's Day Out Program; and Colorado Hall, a large meeting room where the neighborhood community comes to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, wedding receptions and other community events. MFCC needs a NEW ROOF over the Colorado Hall! The $4000 cost is not covered in the annual budget, so they are asking for help from Austin area church members. You can help by buying one square foot of shingles for $3.33 OR 3 sq ft for $10.00! A little help from many will add up quickly. Berkeley United Methodist Women has made a generous donation of $500 to this effort, but we wanted to offer the opportunity to other church members who might like to contribute, above and beyond your regular giving to the church. If you choose to donate, please mark your envelope or check "Montopolis" so the church can direct it to this special effort. Check should be made to Berkeley UMC.

Shared Ministry at the Work Corner

Youth and adults from Bee Creek United Methodist Church have twice joined Berkeleys members to serve breakfast and minister with downtown neighbors at the Work Corner. On Sunday, February 24, 11 youth and 5 adults, including youth director Tracy Sherrod, joined Julia Lancaster and Ron Mead, and donated ankle socks, apples, oranges and cinnamon rolls, in addition to the usual hot breakfast items provided. This partnership began thanks to Berkeleys former pastor, Rev. Jeannie Whitehurst, who serves parttime on the Bee Creek church staff and recommended the Work Corner to their missions team at the end of 2012. Members of both churches assembled gift bags to be distributed at the Work Corner on the Sunday before Christmas. Tracy noted that people wanted to return in February because they enjoyed the Work Corner experience in December. Other donations from Bee Creek UMC to the Work Corner include aluminum foil, paper bags and disposable food trays, and $405 to purchase eggs. This partnership demonstrates how connections between and among United Methodists can expand ministry and bless our neighbors. Thanks to Jeannie, Tracy, and the dedicated workers from both churches who participate in the Work Corner ministry.

Plastic Bags Needed

Church food pantries need your clean plastic bags for future clients. As of March 1, merchants will not offer single-use plastic bags to customers. However, Berkeley and the Church of the Nazarene on Manchaca Road request that you donate any surplus plastic bags you may have at home. Please bring them to the church and place in the basket inside the front door where donated food items are collected. Thank you.

Discipleship is an everyday lifestyle, not an occasional drop-in visit

from Lead Like Jesus Daily Devotional, Feb. 6

Thank You
Jim and Betty Barnes would like to thank the many friends who have supported us through cards, visits, and calls following the death of Bettys father during the Christmas holidays. We are truly blessed with our extended family at Berkeley!

Update on Katie Frederick

Last summer, Katie Frederick chose Berkeley UMC as the site for her 10-week summer internship for Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Katie completed her APTS coursework in December 2012. Recently she was one of five graduating seniors who were awarded fellowships in recognition of their outstanding academic achievement, Christian character and promise for ministry. Katie received the Janie Maxwell Morris Fellowship of $4000 to pursue further graduate study. Next September, she will begin a yearlong residency in Clinical Pastoral Education at VITAS Hospice in San Antonio. Katie and her husband, Greg, recently moved to the Seguin/ New Braunfels area. She continues to pursue ordination as a deacon in the United Methodist Church. I had a great experience being at Berkeley. Its such a welcoming congregation, said Katie in a recent email. We wish Katie all Gods blessings as she continues her ministry journey, and congratulate her on the award of this fellowship.

Dear Berkeley Family, Thank you so much for your loving support and prayers and offers of help during my recent surgery and now my upcoming trips to MD Anderson for treatments. It is such a blessing to have a church family like we have. As always you have demonstrated Gods love in every way. Thank you. Polly Aranda


$ 19,329 $ 22,302 $ 2,973


BERKELEY UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 2407 Berkeley Ave. Austin, TX. 78745 (512)447-6633 Email: ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED

Jesus is the author, finisher, and perfecter of our faith, says Scripture. He is the first, the last, the beginning and the end, the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. He is our resurrected Lord. Our Life as Christians is all about being transformed into His image. The habits of solitude, Scripture, prayer, unconditional love, and mutually supportive love in the body of Christ, are meant to give us staying power in our Christian life journey. How are you being strengthened to conform to the mind of Jesus through these habits?

So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.--Colossians 2:6-7 adapted from Lead Like Jesus Daily Devotional, January 14