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Why we Exist

We believe the 1950's way of doing church is failing to reach out to non-believers. In many cases, today's churches are more preoccupied with meeting the needs of the most vested members instead of those who have yet to walk in their doors. This ministry's purpose is to reach out to people that traditional churches cannot relate to alone. We believe the sole source of doctrine is the Bible and that a genuine decision to accept Jesus Christ is the way to a changed, fruitful, and eternal life. OUR PURPOSE To lead people to a productive, lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ. OUR FOUNDING VERSE That if you confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. Romans 10:9 MINISTRY TEAM Our ministry team was created to administer the activities of the church and are elected at the ministrys annual meeting held in February. Meetings are held the first Sunday of every month following worship unless otherwise announced. Ministry team meetings are open to anyone that has ever attended worship at Church WithOut Walls. We do not maintain church memberships. The official ministry team is comprised of at most five members. Huberta Jackson and Mary Summa served as secretary and treasurer until November 2011. Our final team membership for the year was as follows: Aaron Baker, President Blaine Moore, Vice President Shallon Collier, Secretary Janice Bane, Treasurer Cathy Baker, Member To learn more about the ministry team and its duties, see the ByLaws, attached in the Appendix. 2011 GROUP LEADERS Adults: Chad Summa is a native of Lawson, Missouri and a graduate of Central Christian College of the


Bible (CCCB) with a Masters in the Old Testament from Cincinnati Christian University. Chad is currently finishing a PhD program at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis and is a professor of Old Testament Studies at CCCB in Moberly and lives with his wife, Mary, in rural Huntsville. Volunteers helped finish the year when the Summas ended their service at CWOW: Aaron Baker, Kelly Foley of Kirksville and Marty Lowe of Shelbina. Young Adults: Aaron Baker is an Atlanta native and serves as the president and co-founder of the ministry. A Mizzou grad, Aaron is the Chief of Staff to Missouri Sen. Bill Stouffer. Aaron has a love for teaching new believers. Teens: Erica Baker was raised in

La Plata and is a graduate of Moberly Area Community College with an emphasis in early childhood education; she works as a nanny in Columbia. Erica also helps provide breakfast every Sunday morning before worship. Middle School: Kyla Wilcox is a graduate of Macon High School and served on staff at Macon First Baptist Church as the director of AWANAS. She is the mother of three and married to Jimmy, who helps with the church facilities and lawn. Elementary: La Plata native Justine Bane is a graduate of Culver Stockton College in elementary education. She served as the elementary teacher through the entire year.

Nursery: Huberta Jackson is another Atlanta native who has returned to the area. Huberta is a graduate of Hannibal-La Grange College and has worked for the Division of Family Services for more than 20 years. She has two children, Trevor and Stephanie. ELDERS & DEACONS There are currently no elders named for this congregation. Aaron Baker was elected deacon on November 1, 2009. Chad Summa was elected as deacon on April 3, 3011. FRIEND OF CHURCH WITHOUT WALLS AWARD Each year, a Friend of Church


WithOut Walls award is given to an individual our couple that have supported the ministry with their prayers, work or financial gifts. Previous award recipients include: 2011: Angela Schultz, Atlanta, MO. 2010: Richard & Jackie Thomas, Madison, MO. 2009 Cindy OLaughlin, Shelbina, MO. WHAT WE DID IN 2011 Rotated volunteer teens as nursery leaders including Shalyla Collier, Taylor Howlett and Felicity Wilcox. Teens Austin York and Tristan Collier helped with roof repairs. Sponsored the local junior high school girls softball team including yellow CWOW shirts. Twelve of the fourteen students have participated in the ministry. Shallon Collier was one of the coaches of the team. Performed our first wedding for CWOW family members: Mr. & Mrs. Derrick & Le Kia (Waite) McQuitty. Took high school students on campus tours in St. Joseph and Warrensburg. Participated in the Atlanta Homecoming with kids games and a parade entry led by Ruth Downey. Hosted a family swim night at the Kirksville Aquatic Center

including Ashlea Penningtons baptism. Students enjoyed dinner at Taco Bell afterwards. Sent a mission team to Joplin prepare meals for tornado cleanup volunteers and to distribute food and household items. The first crew included 25 volunteers: Dianne Diamond, Brianna Farrell, Aaron & Erica Baker, Erick Thornton, Ashley Gordon, Austin York, Baylee Thornton, Derrick Thornton, Phoebe Dowell, Kirsten Gilliland, Corey Smothers, Skyla Smothers, Julie Smothers, Shalyla Collier, Tristan Collier, Abbie Parton and Amelia Smothers. Sent a second team of fourteen to Joplin including Katy Baker, Shalyla Collier, Phoebe Dowell and Samantha Reed, Lana Allen, Amelia Smothers, Cordel Bane, Justina Reed, Aaron Baker, Stephanie Prewitt, Neil Sampson, Zach Small, and Richard and Cathy Cochran. Hosted a movie outing for adults to see Courageous and a tour the home of Chad and Mary Summa near Moberly. Sponsored Haley and Tabitha Gatts to a summer camp, Generation Joshua.

Sponsored a group of 20 teens and adults to see a drama, Heaven and Hell at United Trinity Church in Macon. Dinner at a local Mexican restaurant followed.

Participated in a benefit for Sam and Sherri Smothers family, helping the Elmer Community raise the roof for the familys home. Sponsored Ojuanna Smith to a Christian Rodeo Camp in Unionville (pictured). Took responsibility of upkeep, maintenance and insurance of the property at 619 South Williamson Street in Atlanta.


Held a points contest for teens to encourage good habits like attending and bringing Bibles and friends to church. The prize was tickets to a luxury suite at a Mizzou basketball game. Shalyla Collier and Katy Baker were the winners. Held a prayer vigil for Vincent Elrod after a fatal car accident killing one local teen. The ministry later organized a money bomb for the local student, raising more than $1,500 for his care and other costs. Hosted adult game nights at the church for weekend fellowship.

Donated $250 to Russell and Carol Barr for their mission to France. Hosted Rock-n-Taco Tuesdays, Super Sundays, Saturday Night Lives and a YouTube Night as a way to connect with local teens. Hosted missionaries Jed and Kayla Olson to discuss their ministry in Cambodia. CWOW serves as their sending agents, saving an estimated $2,000 annually. The ministry also donated $250 in 2011 to their ministry, Mission Forward.

Launched an event calendar including reservations for the facilities, events at Atlanta C-3 Schools, and events at CWOW on the ministrys website. Hosted author and former lesbian, Janet Boynes, as a guest speaker. The ministry now supports Janet Boynes Ministries with a monthly gift of $100. Donated $300 to Trinity United Methodist of Church of Brookfield in appreciation of the use of their vehicles. Sponsored Phoebe Dowell to attend World View Academy in


Columbia, MO in the full amount of $695. Hosted Never Blue Avenue from Columbia to lead worship during several weekends. Supported Lauren McElhaney of Bevier for a short-term mission to Greece in the amount of $250. Assisted locals with electricity and water bills in the amount of $599.96. Sent Stephanie and Huberta Jackson to Financial Peace University. Continued liability insurance. Ordered new Church WithOut Walls tshirts: blue and black. Took teens to Christian Xplosion in Sedalia including Mercy Me. Hosted hunters from Michigan in the house church to raise funds for the ministry. Hosted trainings for a local small business including the use of our audio visual equipment. Broke Sunday attendance record at 75 on April 17, 2011.

Hit a monthly average attendance high of 60 in March 2011. Maintained a Caring Bridge site, organized a money bomb, and provided in-home care for Kim Moore during her battle with cancer. Sent four students to Bonkers as an attendance reward. The group included Javeen Collier, Ojuanna Smith, Danielle Welch and Julie Smothers. Don and Anita Smith led the group to Columbia. Continued a computer lab program for college students and

Made 300 cherry pies for a fundraiser for the womens ministry trip to Women of Joy. Invited Ken Lundstrom and Kelly Foley of Kirksville and Marty Lowe of Shelbina to fill in for Chad Summa. Contributed $300 to Central Christian College of the Bible (CCCB) and worked with volunteers from the campus to assist with classes. Continued God Rods Ministry with a performance at our Easter program. Hosted monthly Potluck Sundays at the church. Started a Hornet Pack ministry to fight childhood hunger on weekends away from school. Made Valentine care boxes for seniors in the area. Started a womens prayer partner ministry led by Anita Smith. Organized a Skating Party with 34 local children and adults in attendance. Afterwards, the group returned to the church for a

the community including four laptops and a wireless printer. Observed communion on a monthly basis.


20 banana split, a devotional and prayer. Hosted an Easter Egg Hunt including 5,000 eggs and goody bags, 25 local teen and adult volunteers and more than 300 children and adults participating. The hunt included praying with families, explaining the stations of the cross, iTunes cards for teens and gas cards for adults. An anonymous donor provided $500 towards the event. Sponsored a group of six women to the Women of Joy Conference in Loisville, KY: Erica Baker, Brianna Farrell, Dianne Diamond, Mary Summa, Lori Jackson and Pam Sampson attended the conference featuring Casting Crowns and Gretchen

Carlson from Fox and Friends. Celebrated Graduation Sunday with leather-bound NIV Study Bibles gifted to high school graduates Aaron Sampson, Nathaniel Lush, Brianna Farrell, Jeana Bane, Cody Benowitz and Tara Pore. Sixth Grade graduates received red leather NLT "Live" Bibles including Molly Waddle, Tanner Smith, Danielle Welch, and Julie Smothers and Tristan Borron. A blue and red cake prepared by Ruth Downey was enjoyed at a reception following worship, each side represented the Atlanta Hornets and the La Plata Bulldogs, respectively. Hosted a Summer Campout, with six students baptized during

the weekend. The eventual r included a bonfire and weenie roast. Organized an outdoor movie night at the ministry. The evening included a swimming-pool-full of popcorn and the playing of Toy Story on the exterior of the house church. Fed more than 300 Thanksgiving meals at our annual Fall Smorgasbord, raising more than $5,000 for the ministry at The Silver Rails event center in La Plata. Provided a Christmas program including the reading of the Christmas story in Luke 2 on the Sunday before Christmas. No worship was held on Sunday,


December 25, 2011. Traveled to the Xtreme Youth Conference with 18 students and adults sponsored by the ministry. Entertainers included Toby Mac, New Song and the Dave Crowder Band. Speakers included David Nasser, Tom Richter and Cody Deese. Kyla Wilcox, Aaron Baker and Zach Small served as adult chaperones. Students attending included Justina Reed, Tristan Collier, Danielle Welch, Jeremiah Rhoads, Kailin Dunham, Tanner Smith, Lance Couch, Vincent Elrod, Felicity Wilcox, Tagan Brookhart, Jade Whitesel, Katie Ogden, Eran Frasier, Demetri Thomas and Brandon Wilcox. OUR HISTORY Church WithOut Walls Ministries met for its first worship service on April 13. 2008, to reach people of all ages that may not be reached by traditional churches. The mission statement of the ministry was to lead people to a productive, lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ. After meeting at the Olde Atlanta Locker Restaurant, the community building and park, the congregation began worshiping as a house church in a home purchased by Aaron and Erica Baker via foreclosure sale at 619 South Williamson Street. They were the only bidder at the courthouse steps the date of the sale, October 16, 2008. The facilities have provided a great layout and location for activities.

Aaron and Erica Baker, Cathy Baker, the late Linda Gladhill, the late Lynnette Gladhill, Kerry Green, Huberta Jackson, Barbie Kitts, and Sharon Pennington were adults active in helping to meet the ministrys early purpose in its first year. Debbie Cain became a part of the ministry in the summer of 2008 to help with the elementary small group. The group described their doctrine as fundamentally Bible-based, with Methodist hospitality and Baptist zeal for Salvation. A majority of those attending worship in the ministrys first year were 30 years old or less, including a large portion of teenagers actively participating in the planning and execution of ministry activities. In its first year, the ministry sent a group of 34 youths and adults to a youth revival in Branson. This event helped grow the ministry,

including the addition of several families from La Plata. Some of the more active youth in the ministrys first year included Autumn Zahn, Brock Simons, Cindy Erwin, Sam and Cody Benowitz, Derek Wertz, Derrick McQuitty, Jesse Likes, Nathaniel Lush, Robert and Rodney Nearhood, Stephanie Jackson, Tricia and Tara Pore, and Zach Reed. Several of these students participated in a mission trip administered by the ministry to Chicagos south side in the summer of 2008. By the end of that first year, Aaron Baker was leading the adult small group, Erica Baker taught teens, and Debbie Cain was in charge of the elementary class. Volunteers took turns assisting in the nursery. Adults also met for ministry team planning meetings weekly on Sunday evenings, including a Bible Study. In 2009, the ministry


team began meeting on the first Saturday, monthly. Today, the ministry meets following worship on Sundays. Kerry Green was instrumental in establishing the paperwork and nonprofit status for the congregation through the help of a local accountant and lawyer. Aaron Baker leads worship most Sundays with the help of Rodney Nearhood. Grant Roberts, Merzaydee Moore, Cody Benowitz and Pang Her have all led the praise and worship music. Today, Sunday morning worship services still include a trademark countrystyle breakfast provided by the ministry and its volunteers. These meals include a weekly rotation of items such as pancakes and bacon and biscuits and gravy. The congregation continues to not have paid staff or a pastor. There is no official membership roll. All brothers and sisters are responsible for meeting the needs of those in the congregation and community. Many of the founders of the ministry were active in the Atlanta United Methodist Church. Historically,

participants have been from a variety of backgrounds including Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Catholic, and Christian Churches. The ministry is best known for its invitation and outreach in the community and its work with local youth. BAPTISMS Baptisms performed at Church WithOut Walls include: 1. Cody Benowitz, March 21, 2009 by Aaron Baker at the Macon Comfort Inn. 2. Rodney Nearhood, October

3. 4. 5. 6. 7.


4, 2009 by Aaron Baker in the yard at CWOW. Katie Ogden, June 19, 2010 by Aaron Baker in a pool near CWOW. Tristan Borron, June 19, 2010 by Aaron Baker in a pool near CWOW. Kirsten Gilliland , June 19, 2010 by Aaron Baker in a pool near CWOW. Christina Pennington, June 19, 2010 by Aaron Baker in a pool near CWOW. Sharon Pennington, June 19, 2010 by Aaron Baker in a pool near CWOW (rebaptism by immersion). Ojuanna Smith , June 19,



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16. 17.

2010 by Chad Summa in a pool near CWOW. Aaron Baker, June 19, 2010 by Chad Summa in a pool near CWOW (rebaptism by immersion). Phoebe Dowell, June 20, 2010, by Aaron Baker in a pool near CWOW. Derrick McQuitty, June 18, 2011, by Aaron Baker in a pool near CWOW. Le Kia McQuitty, June 18, 2011, by Aaron Baker in a pool near CWOW. Lance Couch, June 18, 2011, by Aaron Baker in a pool near CWOW. Tanner Smith, June 18, 2011 ,by Aaron Baker in a pool near CWOW. Trista Smith, June 18, 2011, by Aaron Baker in a pool near CWOW. Javeen Collier, June 19, 2011, by Aaron Baker in a pool near CWOW. Ashlea Pennington, October 22, 2011, by Aaron Baker at the Aquatic Center in Kirksville.

Baptisms are a public way to acknowledge our entry into the church and our decision to make Jesus Christ Lord in our life. Items to consider before being baptized: 1) Have you accepted Jesus Christ as Lord in your life? 2) When / how you came to this decision. 3) Do your actions reflect a changed heart and your lifelong commitment? 4) Are you committed to making your body and your life a living sacrifice to God by studying his word, worshiping him regularly, building

time or facility and 2. The Christian to perform the baptism. Anyone interested in learning more about being baptized should discuss the matter with a small group leader at Church WithOut Walls. INFORMATION FOR VISITORS Guests who have or could visit Church CWOW should receive the following information by personal visit followed by a written note: Where is the church? We are a house church located at 619 S. Williamson St., Atlanta, MO 63530. We are one block west of the school and three blocks south of the city park. The home rests at the southwest corner of the city of Atlanta. What do you believe? Our purpose is to lead people to a productive, lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ; our founding verse is Romans 10:9: That if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. You will find that our presentation of the Gospel is compatible with

up his church here on earth and sharing your faith with others? 5) Do you understand you are not saved by water nor by good works, but by Gods grace through the acceptance of Jesus Christ as your savior? Once the above items are satisfied, the following must be determined: 1. A date, time, and location for the baptism; this could include worship at WOW, an event at WOW, or any other

We baptize to follow what Jesus instructed us to do as an outward expression of our faith.


most Protestant churches in America. Our adults include folks with a Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, Catholic, and Independent Christian Church backgrounds. What is your service format? We begin breakfast at 9:30 A.M. and worship at 10 A.M. By 10:30 A.M. we break into our small groups. Those small groups end at 11:30 A.M. We strive to provide an inviting and friendly atmosphere. A large, country-style breakfast is provided each week with coffee mugs provided to all attendees. We use acoustic guitars or recordings to lead contemporary praise and worship songs.

We work hard to provide Christcentered small groups divided between preschool, elementary, teens, and adults. We do not do sermons, except for the last Sunday of each month when a guest speaker is invited to share his or her testimony. Are you just a youth ministry? No! Although God has blessed us with a large number of teens at worship services, we are a church made up of every age group. Of course, children do have a special place in our hearts. Who is your pastor? We do not currently have a paid pastor. Each of the small groups has a leader that presents their Biblical small group lesson and discussion. Aaron Baker typically

leads a portion of our morning worship and serves as a deacon. Our participants do not expect to be pastored by one individual. Each person committed to the purpose of the ministry is called to minister to the needs of the church family and beyond. How do I fit in? We will strive to provide you with the opportunity and the resources to grow in your faith and understanding of God's plan for your life. You can become as involved as you choose. Our focus is becoming a church where everyone can belong and serve - no matter their maturity and knowledge. What do I need to wear?


Will I be contacted or placed on a mailing list? Those that participate in any part of our ministry receive a quarterly newsletter unless requested otherwise. We also try to follow up with guests to thank them for attending and to answer any questions. However, any further contact would be up to you. Summary: We are serious about our mission to lead people to a productive, lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ. We care more about folks that have not yet become a part of our church than our most vested members. We are here to be Christs church on earth, not to divide. We would love for your family to be a part of ours. WHAT WE TEACH Christian education is a focal point of our ministry. It is our hope that graduates of each small group would know and understand the following truths: Nursery: God created the world. (Genesis 1:1) Jesus was born in a lowly manger and is the son of God. Jesus died on a cross for our sins; on the third day he rose from the dead. Jesus is Gods only son and if you believe in him, you will know him in heaven. (John 3:16)

Come as you are. We are interested in you - not your wardrobe. Many in our congregation wear jeans, some dress up a bit more, but overall we are casual in our dress. What about my children? We provide age-appropriate, Bible-centered classes for all age groups. Of course, your children are always welcome to join you at any time. If I visit, will I be singled out as a guest? We treat guests as regulars. For example, you will not be asked to stand or to say anything or otherwise be made to feel uncomfortable. How do you take communion? As Jesus instructed, we take communion to remember the sacrifice He made on the cross. We take communion in varying

ways on the first Sunday of each month. We believe communion should be limited to those who have confessed with their mouth, Jesus is Lord and have been or plan to be baptized as followers of Jesus Christ. Will I be asked for money? No. We do not ask our people for specific donations and we would certainly not ask a newcomer to contribute financially to our ministry. Any offerings you may give are completely your decision; God has blessed our ministry financially and we have never failed to meet a need because of a lack of funds. An offering is taken at the breakfast bar every Sunday to cover the costs of the ministry. These include utilities for the facilities, breakfast and event costs.



Accepting Jesus Christ and being born again is the most important decision we can make in our lives it is a choice to make Jesus Christ the Lord of your life. God is represented in three parts: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. Baptism is an outward sign of our inward decision to make Jesus Lord in our life. This decision leads to our salvation. We take communion monthly to remember the broken body and the blood of Jesus Christ on the cross. There is only one path to heaven and it is through Jesus Christ. The Bible is God-breathed and absolutely true. It is true no matter who you are, where you live or when you are living. We should study the Bible to know and love God more, including how to use it and where to find the books. The Bible begins with Adam and Eves original sin and how it removed people from God. The rest of the Bible teaches us people can get back with God. An understanding of the following Biblical stories and characters: Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah, The

Tower of Babel, Abraham, Lots Wife, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, the Twelve Tribes of Israel, the Exodus, Moses, The Ten Commandments. Teens: A Biblical-world-view is the safest bet to please God in our daily lives and to grow in our relationship with Him. God does not cause bad things to happen, he lets them happen.

However, we will always be sinners. Even though we are broken and are not worthy, we can still go to heaven if we accept Jesus Christ. That is grace.

Adults: We can debate, but should not divide over Christian issues such as communion, baptism, and end times. It is our hope adults would have an understanding of the truths being taught to our other small groups and a deeper understanding of the historical background of the entire Bible. ATTENDANCE Trends for attendance at Church WithOut Walls on Sunday mornings continues to be difficult to discern. The ministry continues to grow with 300 individuals visiting in the last three years. However, attendance is irregular for most individuals. We had significant growth in 2011, but by the end of the year lost several families for various reasons: Smith, Downey, Diamond, Jackson and Summa. Averages include: 2008: 18 2009: 32 2010: 33 2011: 46

If someone makes the genuine decision to accept Jesus Christ, they will live a different, more fruitful life. This includes good works. Good works do not get us to heaven, making Jesus Lord in our lives, does. However, if we are genuinely saved, we will have good works. If a person has made the genuine decision to accept Christ, they will work to turn away (repent) from their sins.


2011 HIGHLIGHTS Sent two mission teams sent to Joplin following the tornado. Broke Sunday attendance record of 75 (April 17, 2011) and monthly attendance record of 60 (March 2011). Received a record amount of donations, totaling $41,465. Witnessed a miracle in the healing of Vincent Elrod. Organized money bombs for the Elrod and Moore Families. Continued community events like the annual Easter Egg Hunt and Fall Smorgasbord.

619 S Williamson St., Atlanta, MO 63530

Phone (660) 281-7777