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Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Dallas Morning News


oseWho Care About Excellence

We regard Dr. Kern Wildenthal as one of the most outstanding and honorable leaders we know. We are grateful for his commitment to excellence and his tireless work, which have elevated UT Southwestern Medical Center into the world-class institution it is today.
Kern and his wife, Marnie, have contributed immeasurably to our community in innumerable ways, not least by sel essly making major donations from their personal funds to UT Southwestern, as well as by extensive volunteer work and generous philanthropic contributions to countless educational, community service, and arts organizations. We know Kern well as a trustworthy person of the highest integrity and honesty. We are grati ed that recent reports from the independent audit rm of Grant ornton LLP and the internal audit department of e University of Texas System have demonstrated that earlier unwarranted allegations and insinuations about his expenses were clearly false and misleading. ese thorough analyses revealed only $6,176 of inadvertent over-reimbursements to him over a 10-year period while, at the same time, the auditors identi ed $17,139 in fullysubstantiated business expenses which were the legitimate responsibility of the institution, but for which he had paid personally (i.e., there was a net under-reimbursement of $10,963). e reports thus con rm his prudent spending and adherence to institutional policies while he led UT Southwestern to international prominence. e senseless attacks on Dr. Wildenthal must now cease, enabling him and the rest of us to focus on continuing to build the excellence of UT Southwestern.

We express our sincere admiration to Dr. Wildenthal for his exceptional leadership and personal integrity. We will always feel indebted to him for his contributions to the many people and causes he has helped. g
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e Wildenthal Positive Response Committee

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