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The ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Ausar [Osiris] was born in Rosetua [Giza] in the necropolis west of Memphis in Egypt which is located in Africa.
Image of Ausar (Osiris) god of the Afterlife courtesy of the Egyptian Museum, Cairo

Image of the Pyramids of Giza courtesy of Hitoshi Nakazato

Queen Aset (Isis) recovered all of Osiriss body parts except the phallus. But, with the help of her father Dr. Tehuti she was impregnated by the ithyphallic corpse of Osiris.
Image of Aset suckling Heru (Horus) courtesy of the Black History Internetwork by XLIBRIS

Queen Aset (Isis) was impregnated, gave birth and suckled her child RaHorakhti (Horus) in the Mammissi (Birth House).
Image of the Temple of Isis built near the Mammissi of Aset in Philae (Egypt) during Ptolemaic period courtesy of the University of Memphis.

As a young man Ra-Horakhti (Horus) was sexually assaulted by his uncle Set (Seth). Set the Lord of Upper Egypt pursued his sister-in-law (Isis) who cried out to her father Tehuti (Thoth) for protection.
Information courtesy of the Metternich Stele (Cippus of Horus), Jumilhac Papyrus and; the image of the child RaHorakhti (Heru) courtesy of Seshats Grafix.

As a result of Seths many offences a War of Gods and Men was fought on Earth and; recorded on the planetary surface of Mars.
NASAS Mars Global Surveyor captured the above image they coined CAT BOX on Cydonia, Mars on April 5, 1998 (12:39AM PST). The image was taken 225 miles above the surface and its size is 2.7 miles (4.4 km) wide, and 25.7 miles (41.5 km) long; image courtesy of Malin Space Science Systems.

This ancient Egyptian Pharaoh taken from the surface of Mars was revealed by rotating the original image 37 degrees to the right and; the left side mirrored.
According to Dr. Tom Van Flandern the lead astronomer for Meta Research in Washington, DC; declared before the Pole Shift on Mars the Face on Mars standing upright was orientated within 1 degree of the Mars equator.

It appears the Face on Mars was constructed in commemoration of Osiris.

Image of Ausar (Osiris) courtesy of Sex and Race Vol. 1, by J.A. Rogers

This is the bas-relief of Pharaoh Seti I with his son Ramese II reviewing their ancestral line in the Corridor of the kings in Abydos (Egypt) courtesy of BBC/Jaromir Malek. NOTE: Ramase II is holding the Wands of Horus. These tools are used inside the pyramids for Attainment of psychic power, physical energy and direct communication with the gods; information courtesy of the Wands of Horus written by Mr. Valery Uvarov, the Head of the Security Academy of Russia.




According to the information documented by HORUS in his book Slaying of the Hippopotamus the war was waged in the year of 363 of his reign. The dating of the ancient Pharaohs of Egypt courtesy of the Palermo Stone transcribed by Manetho and; the War of Gods and Men by Zacharia Sitchin.

This is Mn (Menes) hes considered the first human Pharaoh to unite Upper and Lower Egypt around 3100 BC.
Image courtesy of

The image on the left is the Palermo Stone which records the genealogy of the first rulers of Egypt courtesy of Winston. The image on the right is the Metternich Stele (Cippus of Horus) courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum.

This is the Living Image of Amen Pharaoh Tut-Ankh-Amen; he died around the age of 18 in the year 1323 BC.
The above reconstructed fiberglass image of King Tutanknamen is housed in Londons Science Museum; image courtesy of the NOTE: According the book TUTANKHAMUN: The Exodus Mystery by Collins and Ogilvie-Herald, King Tut-Ankh-Amen died from a crippling bone disorder called Klippel Feil Syndrome.

This is King Tut-Ankh-Amen as a boy he wore gods protective emblem Wadjet on his royal headdress.
Image of King Tut courtesy of East West Photo

The face of an intelligent reptilian being [Serref] appears on the crown of the Pharaoh carved onto the surface of Cydonia, Mars.
Image of reptilian [serref] figurines recovered from Al-Ubaid (Iraq) date back to 7500 BC courtesy of Dr. Dominique Collon/National Geographic and; The British Museum / Baghdad (Iraq) Museum

The historic events affecting the world during the reign of the mighty Neterus [gods] of Ancient Ta-Merry [Egypt] are revealed by turning the Face on Mars upside down.

The Netjer (goddess) Sekhmet, is the Destructive Eye of Ra sent forth to punish mankind for their ridicule of Her Father, Ra.
Image of the lioness-head Netjer Sekhmet courtesy of the Tour of Egypt




Pharaoh Seth was the ruler of ancient KHEM [Egypt] when the fire came from the sky and; the great deluge covered the Earth. According to the Story of Sekhment the human survivors climbed mountains, hid in caves and dug holes hiding like worms and snakes.
The above Cydonia region of Mars was photographed by Viking 1 Orbiter on July 25, 1976; image courtesy of NASA/Carlotto. The five sided D&M Pyramid in Pyramid City is 2 Miles long, 1/2 Mile high and; the tetrahedral angel is19.5 degrees. NOTE: Mr. Toby Owens from NASA was the original person to discover the Face on Mars


The water erosion around the SPHINX of GIZA (Ghizeh) may have been caused by the great deluge (flood) of 9,220 BC. According to Graham Hancock in Finger Print of the Gods the Sphinx of Giza was erected during the Age of Leo, around 10,500 BC.
The Sphinx of Ghizeh was drawn by Baron Viviant Denon prior to Napoleon ordering its strong African facial features blown off in 1798 AD; information/artwork provided by Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan author of Black Man of the Nile and His Family. Photograph of the Sphinx of Giza courtesy of the Tour of Egypt. The ancient underground city of Derinkuyu (Turkey) that housed up to 20,000 people was built around 9,000 BC; information/photograph courtesy of Ataman Hotel and The Coming of Eden by Andrew Collins. Pharaoh Shu: the god of air and light was the ruler of Egypt during the building of the Sphinx of Giza. Shu is the father of the goddess Nut and grandfather of Osiris. His symbol is an ostrich feather. The pyramid texts suggest that the clouds of the sky are his bones. According to the Abydos list of Kings; Shu reigned between 10,970 BC 10,270 BC. The Age of Leo also occurred around 36,000 BC see: The Osirian Legend (Its African Roots and Its Parables for the Present) by Leo Dixon.

This antediluvian [pre-flood] skull was found in Paracas region of Peru, South America. The bust on the right is King Tut-Anhk-Amens sister Meri-taten the eldest daughter of Pharaoh Akhenaton and Queen Nefertiti (1350 -1334 BC).
Photograph of the antediluvian skull courtesy of Robert Connolly and; the bust of Meri-taten courtesy of Cairo Museum in Egypt.



Glyphs of flying vehicles are carved into the Temple panel of Seti 1 in Abydos, Egypt. Seti 1 ruled ancient Egypt between 1318-1298 BC (XIXth Dynasty). Photo from the temple panel at Abydos (Seti I) courtesy of Dr. Ruth Hover




The above four Glyphs of flying vehicles [helicopter, cigar shape beam ship, winged-disk/airplane and a hover-craft] are found in the northernmost Temple of Millions of Years of Seti 1.
Photo from the temple panel at Abydos (Seti I) courtesy of Dr. Ruth Hover


The above image is taken from the Tomb of Thutmose III, it depicts Horus in the tomb of Osiris, standing on the back of winged serpents under the protection of the double Sphinx (Akeru).
According to Tehuti (Thoth) in the Book of Taut, Osiris finally received victory by having his soul (mind & spirit body) projected into the star realms called Imwh Skh (Imperishable Orion); Images/Information courtesy of Ananda in THE th HALLWAY OF OSIRIS. NOTE: The 10 Century Arab Historian Al-Masudi claimed the ancient Egyptians used sonic levitation to move those giant blocks of granite. They simply placed a magic papyrus between the huge quarried stones, then they struck it with a metal rod and; watched it float in between metal poles a distance of 50 meters per strike (see: The Gods of Eden by Andrew Collins).

Pharaoh Thutmosis III ruled ancient Ta-Merry [Egypt] around 1473 -1425BC.
The image next to Thutmosis III is his grandson Pharaoh Amenhotep III with his chief wife Queen Tiy and their son Pharaoh Akhenaten courtesy of the Berlin Museum. NOTE: Ahmed Osman a modern-day Egyptian titled his controversial book, Moses and Akhenaten is one and the same person.


The above Death-Star from the Star Wars movie series closely resembles the alleged Warship currently orbiting the Rings of Saturn; image courtesy of Lucas Films, Ltd.

In 1791 AD some Freemasons led by the renowned Mathematician and Astronomer Benjamin Banneker designed the City of Washington, DC on the exact geometry of the Cydonia region of Mars.
Image of Big Ben Bey Emmanuel Mu Ali a/k/a Benjamin Banneker courtesy of the United States Postal Service; The center image taken on Dec. 8, 2004 of Iapetus the 1,000 mile wide ancient waffle patterned flying Warship orbiting the Rings of Saturn courtesy of NASAs Cassini Spacecraft; info courtesy of NOTE: The Face on Mars is superimposed over the White House in Washington, DC.

NOTE: NASAs 1976 Viking Orbiter Satellite photographed the City of Cydonia Mars two hundred years after the Freemasons built Washington, DC street layout, The Pentagon & Arlington, Virginia; information courtesy of Washington District of Cydonia by Daniel Perez.


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