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By Korak K Majumder

Concept Note
In today's media consumer is described them as media-blitzed, adcynical, time-poor, channel-flicking audience living in a fast-paced, attention-challenged world. The reality is that consumer behavior has essentially changed. Todays consumers are in control of what they want to watch, read or hear and therefore what advertising they expose themselves to.

Problems With Traditional Media

Today's consumers are being blasted with more and more

television channels, and a constant stream of new magazines that hit the news stands every week. Television has lost the ability to bring the nation together on a daily basis. Almost all Indian households are now able to choose from at least 10 radio stations. The out-of-home TV medium itself in India is three years old and still in its infancy Newspapers have held ground in readership, the humble newspaper format has morphed into almost separate and discrete sections lifestyle sections, food, fitness and magazines formats driving page numbers, thus raising the question Does anyone still read the newspaper from cover to cover?

Ad avoidance of different Mediums

80 70 60





TV Newspaper Magazines Direct Maillers Radio Cinema




How do marketers and advertisers know that :

Who are they reaching? How many or how many times? How can you possibly determine what works and what not?

To conceptualize, design and develop an innovative media, which enables marketers and advertisers to directly connect with consumer mind pulse. To communicate with their desired and relevant target audience with negligible fragmentation and minimum wastage.

Hence the birth of Digital Narrow Casting Marketing

Digital Marketing Behavioral Targeting DM is based on the principal of shifting focus from Broadcasting to Narrowcasting with Flexibility

Key Differentiators of NCM

It work on principal of Cloud computing. Software platform unknown At any given point of time the advertiser can log on to the main server through his unique ID and access any information/status regarding his account Diminishing recurring cost for long term advertisers. It is based on one-to-one mapping thus creating more meaningful approach It is a uniquely personalized experience as it is away from media fragmentation Cost of reaching consumer is kept lowest in comparison to all other media vehicles, which in turn helps advertiser to keep the cost of customer acquisition very low

It provides flexibility to advertisers to communicate as per their choice of city, location, target audience, creative, language and targeted content

Key Differentiators of NCM

It allows advertiser to know who they are reaching, how many or how many times Every quarter from the date of the release of the advert, advertisers would get a consolidated feedback on the consumer behavior patterns and the same can be customized as per the requirement of the advertiser Advertiser can instantly (at any point in time i.e., 24*7) change their creative approach as and when deemed fit and the same is visible to every computer of their choice Advertiser wont be charged, if the consumer clicks the advert and subsequently bring redirected to the advertisers web for more/generalized information Advertiser wont be charged, if the consumer is interested in the particular advert and there by clicks the advert, and wishes to view it full screen again and again Advertiser can target consumers on the bases of community, creed, religion, age, language, sex, education, income etc, which no other medium suffices


As per the last census in the year 2011, 41.05% of the total population of India comprises of Youth, as per Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development, and currently it stands over 46% of the total Indian Population, and shall keep exploding till the year 2050. This Demographic Dividend can be effectively exploited to utility benefit of the people, in the sense that we can bridge the gap in the equity of education and subsequent opportunity by enabling all those youth with an access to relatively, and fully equipped low cost computing through in direct promotion of cloud computing, and through NCM we can promote basic internet free of cost which key aspect for cloud computing as advertiser pay for reach to user. The beauty of this Digital Revolution happening in India, as in Digital Revolution there is "No Age, and No Sex gender Barrier-Every One is Invited

Option A

Client Available Bandwidth 1 Min 6 Advert 30 Min 180 Advert

Media Available Bandwidth 1 Min 1 Advert 30 Min 30 Advert Media Partner Exposure thrice in 30 Min


Option B

Client Available Bandwidth 1 Min 4 Advert 30 Min 120 Advert

Media Available Bandwidth 1 Min 1 Advert 30 Min 30 Advert Media Partner Exposure thrice in 30 Min


Option C

Client Available Bandwidth 1 Min 3 Advert 30 Min 90 Advert

Media Available Bandwidth 1 Min 1 Advert 30 Min 30 Advert Media Partner Exposure thrice in 30 Min

SWOT Analysis via-a-vis IDEACTS



Full time Visibility. One to One Mapping. Exhibit (without buffering)

Consumer reached per P.C is low. More innovative options (size wise). More volumes as of date

Images. Audios. Videos. Text.


Controlled by the advertiser and not by the consumer. Behavioral targeting platform. Cost Matrix not based on CTR. Narrowcasting with Flexibility Activation opportunities

Cyber caf penetration would reduce as an end result of OCPI

Threats: Price war Integration of creative exhibition:

Audio Video

Availability of data about the consumer reached along with behavior patterns.

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