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Invincibility And One-Hit Kills Cheat code: whosyourdaddy Infinite Mana Cheat code: thereisnospoon Continue Playing After

Losing In Campaign Mode Cheat code: strengthandhonor Full Map Cheat code: iseedeadpeople Instant Victory Cheat code: allyourbasearebelongtous Instant Defeat Cheat code: somebodysetusupthebomb Your And Allies Heroes Are Level 10 Cheat code: ihavethepower Remove Spell Cool Down Cheat code: thedudeabides Disable Victory Conditions Cheat code: itvexesme Gold ; 500 is default Cheat code: keysersoze [number] Lumber ; 500 is default Cheat code: leafittome [number] Gold And Lumber ; 500 is default Cheat code: greedisgood [number]

Fast Construction Cheat code: warpten Fast Death Cheat code: iocainepowder Food Cheat code: pointbreak Fast Research Cheat code: whoisjohngalt Upgrades Cheat code: sharpandshiny Tech Tree Unlocked Cheat code: synergy Set Time To Morning Cheat code: riseandshine Set Time To Evening Cheat code: lightsout Set Time Of Day Cheat code: daylightsavings [hour] Toggle Daylight Progression Cheat code: daylightsavings Trees Disappear Cheat code: abrakadabra Level Select

1.sv_gravity* 2.sv_accelerate*3. 3.bot_kill 4.bot_kick 5.bot_pistos_only 6.bot_knives_only 7.bot_allow_rifles 8.bot_allow_shotgun 9.bot_alloe_machinegun 10.bot_snipers_only 11.bot_allow_submachinegun 12.bot_goto_mark* 13.sv_cilenttrace* 14.crosshair 15.sv_crosshair 16.wallhack EFEK 1.bisa terbang atau mendarat perlahan 2.lari cepat INGAT sambil loncat 3.bisa membunuh semua bot INGAT harus hafal 4.membuang semua bot memakai pistol memakai pisau memakai rifles memakai shotgun memakai machinegun memakai sniper memakai submachinegun 12.nanti tau sendiri 13.peluru tembus tembok 14.nanti tau sendiri 15sama seperti yang di atas 16.menghilangkan tembok

Effect $16,000 Adjust gravity Arctic sniper rifle give Auto-aim with sniper rifle Auto-reload disabled Auto-reload enabled Change crosshair color Change skins Disable the crosshair to enlarge when shooting Faster backwards motion Faster forward motion Faster side motion Get indicated item Hyper auto-aim disabled Hyper auto-aim enabled Level select Reveal how much time is left on the map See and fire through walls and objects, default is 3600 See things brightly without flashlight

Code impulse101 sv_gravity <-999 999999> spaceweapon_awp sv_aim -reload +reload adjust crosshair skin crosshair <1-5> cl_backspeed 999 cl_forwardspeed 999 cl_sidespeed 999 give sv_clienttrace 0000 sv_clienttrace 9999 changelevel timeleft gl_zmax<0-9999> lambert -1.0001

Set freeze period at the start of rounds. Set to 0 to disable, default is 6(For use mp_freezetime on server machine only) Set maximum length in minutes a round can last, default is 5(For use on server mp_roundtime <3-15> machine only) Set minutes between map rotations, default is 0(For use on server machine only) SetC4 timer Toggle auto-help hint messages, default is 1 Toggle crosshairs in observer mode, default is 1 Toggle flashlight use, default is 1(For use on server machine only) Toggle footsteps, default is 1(For use on server machine only) Toggle friendly fire(For use on server machine only) Toggle graph Toggle map briefings after new levels load, default is 1 Toggle to see ghosts in observer mode, default is 0 Unbind key command View other players' frags Whiten all surroundings at 800x600 resolution mp_timelimit mp_c4timer <1-100> ah <0 or 1> cl_observercrosshair <0 or 1> mp_flashlight <0 or 1> mp_footsteps <0 or 1> mp_friendlyfire <0 or 1> net_graph <0 or 1> dm <0 or 1> ghosts <0 or 1> unbind cl_hidefrags 0 r_lightmap 1