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Thrive DC provides

the last safety

net for people
facing economic
crisis and housing
instability, and the
first step towards
independence for
people experiencing
extended periods of

How can I make a difference?

Thrive DC receives funding from private
foundations, religious and secular organizations,
local businesses, DC government, and hundreds of
individuals that are committed to ending hunger
and homelessness in our community.

Thrive DC is honored to be featured as “one

of the best small charities” in the 2008–2009
Catalogue for Philanthropy: Greater Washington,
which provides donors with a carefully vetted list 309 E Street, NW
of excellent, trustworthy nonprofits to consult Washington, DC 20001
when making their charitable decisions. Go to our t. 202-737-9311
website at to learn more! f. 202-347-7217
To make a tax-deductible donation supporting our
work serving DC’s most vulnerable citizens, please
call 202-737-9311 or send contributions to: CFC #56398
United Way #8280
Thrive DC CVC #8275
309 E Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001

You can also donate online at:

How did Thrive DC begin? Who does Thrive DC serve?
Thrive DC began in 1979 as the Dinner Program Thrive DC serves anyone in need,
for Homeless Women, a response to the first major providing services to men and women
wave of homelessness on the streets of downtown of all ages, backgrounds, races, and ethnicities. The
Washington, DC. Over time, we began serving meals individuals who come through our doors often face
to men as well as women, created our job training multiple, complex barriers to a more stable life.
program, and introduced case management and They are hungry and sick, frustrated and confused,
educational programming. and lonely and hopeless. Many are diagnosed with
mental illness, and some struggle with substance
abuse. Others have been victims of domestic How can I get involved?
violence and/or sexual assault. A majority of our
clients are living with chronic health problems— Thrive DC brings together the resources of the
often without regular access to crucial medical care. community to ensure that people have the
necessary support and resources to lead fulfilling
and stable lives free of homelessness.
Go to our website at
to learn more! Through our Many Hands volunteer and community
education program, Thrive DC engages volunteers of
all ages and from all backgrounds in all aspects of
our work. We not only welcome volunteers from the
What does Thrive DC do? Through Links, Thrive DC educates and empowers metro DC region, but we also host groups from all
individuals to deal with the underlying issues over the US and even places as far away as Europe.
Thrive DC believes that the first step to stabilizing a contributing to their homelessness so that they can
person’s life is to provide for the most basic needs accomplish goals like finding medical care, jobs, and Thrive DC volunteers:
and establish a relationship of trust. We then build on housing. • Work in our Daily Bread/Daily Needs, preparing
that foundation by bringing together the resources meals and distributing emergency supplies
of the community to provide an opportunity for Through our employment services and Real • Provide assistance in our computer workshop
individuals to achieve their personal goals. Opportunity employment readiness program, • Help individuals apply for jobs and prepare for
Thrive DC provides men and women with the interviews
1. Thrive DC meets an individual’s most basic comprehensive support and training needed to • Work in our Links program, leading enrichment
needs and establishes a relationship of trust successfully enter the workforce and become self- activities and teaching educational classes
through our Daily Bread/Daily Needs meals and sufficient. • Assist with administrative and development tasks
emergency services program. • Lead special projects
• Partnerships with community organizations to • Offer a familiar face and kind word
• Twice daily meals provide specialized “wraparound” services on-site
• Free showers and laundry • Connections and referrals to specialized services Our volunteers prove the old adage that “many
• Mail, telephone, and computer access available off-site hands make light work,” enabling Thrive DC to
• Personal care and safety supplies, medicine, • Peer support groups maximize its impact by focusing its resources on
and vitamins • Therapeutic and enrichment activities our core programs. Our volunteers also further
• Transportation assistance • Educational presentations and workshops Thrive DC’s program model by uniquely connecting
• Emergency clothing and blankets • Computer access and classes with clients, building the trust that brings isolated
• Intensive employment and job preparedness individuals out of their shells.
2. Thrive DC brings together the resources of the training
community to ensure that people have the • 1-on-1 case management and life skills coaching
Since 1979, Thrive DC has served over
opportunity to achieve their personal goals.
1.2 million meals!