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STUDENTS: Rafael da Costa Oliveira Faria Andr Luiz Domingues dos Santos CLASS: Ethnographies and Consumers


DATE: JAN/2013

PROFESSOR: Julie Leroy

Food Service and Attendance in France

Methodologies Direct Hidden Observation + Introspective Photo Elicitation
During the past 15 days we stayed in France, more especially in Tours. Furthermore, weve traveled around some near locations and could taste local food in some different restaurants. The first cultural impact that weve faced was related to the difference between the attendance in Brazil and France. France is worldwide known as a country with a non-polite way of attendance, especially with foreign customers that doesnt speak French. In the beginning our pre-concept almost made us dont understand the cultural and social behaviors behind this way of work. Brazil is not an example of good services in this area. However, Brazilian food businesses use to have a big number of employees that gives us a fake perception of availability and politeness. The perception we had about our country, linked with the folkloric image that we had of France, usually gave us a misperception of the singularity of French culture and behavior.

- French services generally are very well detailed but very few customized; - Generally, the goods served are high quality and made by traditional methods; - There is a high concerned with the appearance of the food, transmitting the idea of dedication and high ability; - There are substantial numbers of small businesses that work as familiars initiatives, with a really reduced number of employees and sometimes with just two people running the entire business; - Culturally, the French waiters dont receive tips, or, if so, tips are not significant; - Food businesses running by foreign people, normally, are more flexible and personal. - There is a restricted work journey, in hours day and days of the week;

- With small numbers of employees is impossible to provide a state of art in attendance; - The French people are already used to the French way of attendance, with short human contacts and ordering the entire meal at once time; - The no tip culture can create a scenario of lack commitment of employees with the quality of the attendance; - The foreign people bring their own way of doing business and, normally, can break the cultural barriers easily; - Food is like religion in France, so French People cant understand and prefer avoid any kind of external intervention in their methods and techniques; - The small business model doesnt support a huge number of employees and probably that would change the concept of intimacy and tradition; - Try to understand and become more open for foreign cultures will become, each day, indispensable in a globalization world.