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Dear Asics Aggies, As a perk for continuing your post collegiate competitive career Mark Schilling has agreed

to coordinate entries for the track meets listed below. Please keep in mind that this is a perk only available to current Olympic Develop and open club members. That said, to have Schills enter you in the listed meets you must: 1. Paid your Asics Aggie club dues for 2013 2. Have a 2013 PA/USATF card being registered as an Asics Aggie (club #111). 3. Participate in at least 2 PA/USATF or USATF National XC, track or road championship (mile-marathon only) every 6 months. 4. Participate as an Asics Aggie or be available to run the Bay To Breakers Centipede and the PA/USATF Cross Country Championships. 5. Touch base w/ Mark 30 days before the scheduled meet to indicate your intention of running. If you need to do either 1 or 2 above, please visit the following links. Asics Aggie Dues: PA/USATF Dues:

WARNING: If you have Mark enter you into a meet and you fail to race without informing Mark at least 48 hours beforehand that you need to scratch, Mark will not enter you into any additional meets for the remainder of the season and he will scratch you from the remaining meets of the season. It takes an incredible amount of personal time and effort, money (yes, entries into a meet are not free) and in many cases favors to get you into a meet or particular heat. If you do not take the responsibility to show up or get yourself scratched beforehand, we will see this as a lack of commitment on your part. We take this very seriously so please do not make this mistake. ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENT FOR ALL OD AND POTENTIAL OD

ATHLETES AS WELL AS ATHLETES WHO WANT TO BE ENTERED INTO FUTURE MEETS DOWN THE ROAD: For those not at the OD level but are still requesting to be entered into the track meets listed going forward from 2013 and beyond, you must complete the participation portion of the OD requirements. This means racing 2 PA championship events in the Spring (1/1-6/31) and the Fall (7/1-12/31), or participate in any officially sanctioned USATF National Cross Country, Track and Field or Road (milemarathon distances only) Championship, plus make yourself available for the Bay to Breakers Centipede as well as participate in the PA XC championships. First and foremost we are a CLUB and we have team requirements. The events listed above help foster a strong team ethic and are important to our sponsor Asics. In turn they are important to us. If you want to take advantage of the perk of entry into these selected track meets, you will need to fulfill your part of the team commitment requirement. The meets schedule for 2013: 3/16: Cal Poly Invite (3/2 Deadline) 4/18-19: Mt Sac (3/19 deadline) 4/28: Payton Jordan (3/30 Deadline) 5/5: RE:Run San Diego (4/5 deadline) 5/17: Oxy High Performance Meet (4/17 deadline) 6/8-9: Portland Track Festival (5/8 deadline) 6/20-23 USATF Nationals (5/20 Deadline) Participation events: Need to run 2 PA/USATF Championship or 2 USATF National Cross Country, Track or Road Race Championships (mile to marathon distances only) this spring (1/1/13-6/31/13), and again in the fall (7/1/13-12/31/13) this 2013 season, plus be available to run the Bay to

Breakers centipede as well as the PA/USATF XC champs for the Asics Aggies to have access to meet entries in 2013. The drill. Please contact Mark at least 4 weeks prior to each event AT THE LATEST to gain entry into the meet of your choice. Please let him know the following: 1) The meet you would like to run. 2) The event (limit 1 event per meet) that you'd like to run in. 3) Entry times; obviously, for the early meets, we're going to have to come up with reasonable entry times based on factors like last season's PR's, current fitness, etc. Speaking of entry times, we know, and are sometimes friends with the meet directors of these meets, and so we need to keep our times honest. (This policy generally goes out the door with Mt. Sac.) These friendships often create special privileges when it comes to entries; however, Joe and Kevin and Mark are not about to abuse their friendships and the club's reputation by throwing down unrealistic times. I think you get the point.... Finally, Mark will work as hard as he can to get you into a meet and he would like to think of himself as reasonable, accessible, etc.; in fact, you can always call him at home if you prefer live conversation. However, he is not paid by the club to do this job and he is not anyone's agent. In other words, if you're real particular about the heats you're in and you want to wheel and deal with the meet directors you have my blessing, but don't expect Mark to participate. Hes doing you a favor, please respect this and be appreciative. Good luck this season, and please contact Mark with any questions. Marks contact info: Mark Schilling


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