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issue #5
march 2009 issue #5 contents. page 3

issue #5

Mike’s Space: Page 36 Tyrone Layne: Painter. Check out his work
and read about him on page 24

Websites to watch: Page 6

Editorial piece: Sense of Place. Jules Campbell: Outback
Page 56 photographer. Read about her and
see her photographs on page 10

Jill Coleman:
Page 74 Read her story
of recovery and
rehabilitation on
page 42
Joe Citizen:
Check out
Who was your favourite last his movies
issue? Page 80 and story on
And lots more! page 62 direct address. page 5


ambulance driver animator

Hi again!

artist builder comedian creator

I truly believe that diversity
is the spice of life, and this is
what makes each issue of disco
underworld such a pleasure to
create and read.
dancer designer doctor engineer
This issue’s theme is “sense of entertainer freak show gimp
hypnotist illustrator journalist
place”. The people in this
issue use their art in different

juggler kangaroo litigator madam

ways, but they all communicate
a unique sense of place and
identity through their work.

I believe that artists are people

We also have a new blog which
lets us update new work and mother nurse optometrist painter
photographer poet quaker
chosen to explain and interpret happenings from people
their surroundings for others. featured in disco underworld

roofer sculptor stylist

By doing this, they become and the Be Seen Zine. Check
historians for preserving and it out here, and sign up to the
newsletter on the blog to get
telepathic undercover cop visual
explaining cultures for future
generations. Check out the updates each time new work is
editorial on page 56 where I posted.
look into the relationship
between art, artists, the Enjoy this issue! artist writer xman yellow belly
z o o l o g i s t
Internet, place and identities. Stacey Childs
disco underworld is published by
Coming up in the next Online Insight Limited © copyright
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agree to the terms laid out
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Jules Campbell: Outback Editor: Stacey Childs
Sub-Editor: Tessa Prebble websites to watch. page 7
Launched onto the netwaves in is about
2007 by siblings Elliot and Kate growing New Zealand design
Alexander, is
an online design store
brands, by allowing designers to
focus on designing, without the watch
specialising in emerging New hassle of promoting and
Zealand design brands. retailing their products.
Growing naturally by word of
Two years on, the shop mouth, was
portal offers customers over recently picked as one of the
600 products from more than top 10 New Zealand online
50 designers, selling everything start-ups by Start-Up magazine.
from t-shirts to homeware,
publications to kid’s stuff, it is So visit the website, check out
the perfect place to find unique the product range and
New Zealand products and have frequently updated blog and
them shipped around the world. sign up to the newsletter to
keep up with the regularly
updated offerings!

gners Want to know where the people go after we

n d desi
nd prod interview them in disco?
r s of N
love Introducing our new be seen blog which regularly updates news
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Check out the site and new work here.

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It doesn’t cost a cent, so what have you got to lose? websites to watch. page 9


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new world of professional NINETEEN74’s newsletter
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We h o p e yo u h a v e a p l e a s a n t j o u r n ey .

One place.
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www.NINETEEN74.COM jules campbell. page 11

Jules Campbell jules campbell. page 13

Tall Grass

J ules Campbell lives
in the very northern
part of Australia, nearer Papua
New Guinea and Indonesia than
in the small wild town of
Humpty Doo (no relation to
Dumpty) amongst “beer
swilling, fish mongering blokes
Sydney or Melbourne, but just in singlets and thongs, with
an hour from Darwin. She lives beards and motorbikes.” jules campbell. page 15

She grew up in Dunsborough,

Western Australia, a town
google maps predicted it would
take some two days and three
hours to reach, but Jules says
with toilet stops and rests it
takes over five days to reach
from Humpty Doo. She says: “I
love it here but I also miss my
childhood town of
Dunsborough, but fear that
perhaps the only thing I really
miss is the memory of it.”

It is this longing and

nostalgia that Jules portrays in
her photographs. She uses the
“Through the Viewfinder”
technique hailing back to her
first Kodak instamatic camera,
which produced square images
with rounded corners to
connect her past and present.
Her subjects are romantic and a
nod to the immensity and
expanse of Australia.

“I am so content and at my very

finest when I am in the
landscape and miles away from
people and man-made things. I
have been this way since I was
a young child. I am interested
in the land and its stories and
I have a huge respect for my

Monet in the Park jules campbell. page 17

“I remember being really
devastated by a red gum tree
being cut down in our school
yard when I was a kid and
there was nothing I could do.
So in a way every tree I take
a picture of today pays some Flame Tree
kind of homage to that
beautiful old majestic tree.” jules campbell. page 19

“I wouldn’t
consider myself to
be a people
person at all, I talk
too much, worry
a lot and say the
wrong things most
of the time. My
photography is my
tool to
communicate my
feelings to the
Jules lives with her partner
Dobbo and their two-year-old
daughter, Elsey, who Jules
describes as her as her “partner
in crime”.

“We are together 100% of the

time. I am not sure there are
too many two year olds that
have seen as much wildlife as
this girl has, it’s a wonderful
experience for us both. We
don’t have to go to a zoo, we
just drive ten miles down the
track and we can see dingos,
emus, wallabies, pythons,
buffalo and crocs.” Beach Days jules campbell. page 21

Things I like/love: My partner

of 13 years, my daughter, my
parents, my brothers and their
families. Australia especially
Northern Territory and Western
Australia. History, old things,
nature, art, painting,
photography, old cars, film and
shopping in op-shops (thrift
stores) and second-hand shops.
The feeling when I sell my work
to someone. I love gadgets of
any kind especially cameras
and old photographic processes
such as van dyke browns and

Things I dislike: cats versus the

environment, marketing versus
children, MacDonald’s,
Tupperware parties (as if there
isn’t enough plastic in the
world?) the unequal wealth of
the world, religion, wars,
leeches, cane toads and people
in the art scene that act like
pretentious wankers.

Coming up in the next

few pages:

Tyrone Layne: Painter

Mike’s Space:
Where am I? jules campbell. page 23

If you would like to vote for

her, enter your email here and
hit vote. Your vote will count
once your email has been
Jules explains that the
verified. Only one vote will
landscape in the Northern
count per email and person.
Territory is harsh and remote
and it pays to be aware of
the many dangers: crocodiles,
box jellyfish, wild buffalo, pigs,
horses and snakes. The weather
conditions can be rough too,
monsoons, cyclones, flooding,
electrical storms, extreme heat
and humidity.

“The humidity gets to me the

most and it’s definitely no good
for camera lenses!”

“I find it really
living in the
Northern Territory, Bliss
but it’s not going to
stop me that’s for
sure. I’ll be
photographing till
the day I breathe
my last breath, it’s
You can see all of Jules’ work on
like an old friend, her website:
it’s home.” Marrakai Track
TYRONE LAYNE tyrone layne. page 27

“I paint people and

through painting
people I capture

yrone paints in the

garage of his friend’s
house. People drop in
regularly, and having an
audience of admirers and critics
while he paints is something he
has become accustomed to.

“Even back while I was

studying, my studios always
became a gathering spot for
other students. Getting
constant comments on work in
progress is something that can
take getting used too, but hey,
I guess it’s getting me prepared
for the critics.”

Taking lots of photos is another

important process in the
creation of his paintings. A
normal painting will use over 50
different image references from
photos he has taken, and
others from sites such as Flickr
and Google images. tyrone layne. page 29

“I am continuously thinking of
new ideas or adding ideas to my
paintings. The places I visit, a
festival or even just a new
fashion some cool kid is
sporting around town can all
provide inspiration. Being a
social guy I get out and about
and experience things first hand
and it is these experiences that
lead to my subject matter.”

Tyrone recently travelled

around The United States,
Barbados, Ecuador and Peru.
In America he was fascinated
by Venice Beach, where Bay
Watch was born. Tyrone found
this beach ideal for one of his
favourite past-times: people
watching. He roamed the beach
snapping photos of hundreds
of different strangers from all
walks of life.

He then moved onto Barbados,

where his father was raised.
Here Tyrone met up with
cousins, aunties and uncles,
who showed him the very best
of island life for ten weeks.

“Bringing a bag of oil paints and

a roll of canvas from home, I
set up studio while drinking
their fine rum. Eating and
drinking was high priority in the
afternoon proceedings.”
“‘Sea Princess’ is based on a
two week Caribbean Cruise we
took. This is set in the Cayman
Islands where the water was
beautiful, clear and warm, and it
speaks for all the lovely
beaches we stopped at through
the Caribbean.”

After the Caribbean, Tyrone

crossed over to Ecuador where
he met up with fellow Kiwis and
after three glorious weeks in a
surf-side hostel, they headed
into Peru. tyrone layne. page 33

“We were lucky not to be killed

on our bus ride through the
mountains to Peru. Our bus
driver was an absolute maniac,
flying around the winding roads
nearly taking out oncoming
traffic, people flying side-to-
side in their seats! I had to say
a little prayer to the man above
and I know a lot of my friends
did the same.”

His adventures in Peru lead to

the painting ‘18 Kiwis in Peru’.
The painting is made from a
collection of memories and
photographs, and aims to
capture the chaotic pace of a
busy Peruvian city. There are
over 160 characters as well as
the Cruz Del Sur bus which took
them through the country.

“A valium pill brought over the

counter at a local pharmacia
helped make these rides more

Coming up in the next

few pages:

Mike’s Space

Jill Coleman tyrone layne. page 35

get to know
ways we can Top three places travelled to in Visit his website:

each other a little better

South America:

Montanita, Ecuador: Amazing Tyrone has a solo exhibition,

little funky surfing party town, coming up mid 2009 for those
one of my favourite places on of you in Auckland then.
Follow our blog and this planet.
If you would like to vote for
we’ll follow yours! Lobitos, Peru: Deserted Military him, enter your email here and
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surreal spot, so tranquil. count per email and person.
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t Chicama, Peru: Best waves of
a contac my life, longest lefthander surf
on break in the world, a wave can
and break for two km.

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p you cool
It’ll k mike’s space. page 37

Mike’s Space: Where am I?

Words and images by Mike Woodruff mike’s space. page 39

Mike Woodruff lives in Los

Angeles. When not writing,
he enjoys playing basketball
and eating Flamin’ Hot
Cheetos. You can find him on
the internet at

Read last month’s Mike’s

Space here.

here am I?

Pretend I’m a little dot on

google maps.

On the largest scale, the map

shows America.
Even if you haven’t heard of
Zoom in a couple clicks and the it, then I can almost guarantee
tab centers on this grey blotch you’ve seen it. That’s because
of land known as Los Angeles. every time you see a movie or
TV show featuring American
Zoom in further and I live in suburbia and tree-lined streets,
Pasadena. You might have you’re not seeing a real
heard of this place. It’s famous American suburb, you’re seeing
for the Rose parade, which Pasadena, which isn’t really a
consists of people turning cars suburb but has really nice
into giant moving murals made houses that look good on
from roses and isn’t nearly as camera. I know. It’s confusing.
exciting as it sounds. That’s because it’s Hollywood. mike’s space. page 41

Okay, technically it’s not.

Hollywood is 15 minutes away,
“The real Hollywood
and technically, Hollywood isn’t is skanky, dirty and
anything like what you see on
those red carpet premieres.
crowded. A strange,
The real Hollywood is skanky,
dirty and crowded. A strange, mishmash of drug
‘only-in-America’ mishmash of addicts dressed as
drug addicts dressed as
Batman, transvestites who look Batman,
like they’re dressed as the transvestites who
Joker but probably only
misapplied their lipstick, and look like they’re
tourists wearing flip flops in
January because they think that
dressed as the
Hollywood never gets cold and Joker but probably
is always palm trees, sunshine,
sea breezes and giant parking
only misapplied their
lots. lipstick.”
But that isn’t Hollywood. That’s
Orange County, which is less
than an hour away but is as
much a part of Los Angeles last night. Guess what? They
as New Jersey is of New York, probably are that person. And
or Ireland is of England. Down that cook over at Denny’s? He
there is Disneyland. Down there ate rocky mountain oysters on
is another country altogether. Fear Factor.

Confused yet? Good, now go Everyone here’s acting.

get yourself a burger from a Everything here is not what it
restaurant that also has seems. That’s the only way to
burritos and pad thai on the make sense of a city like this.
menu. Order it from that
really hot waitress or waiter Where am I?
who looks like that really hot
actress or actor from that one Haha. That’s a very, very good
commercial you just watched question. jill coleman. page 43

jill coleman jill coleman. page 45


here is something
very raw about Jill
Coleman and the
subjects of her
photographs that
shines through in her

Born in Zimbabwe, Jill

immigrated to South
Africa in 1977, when
she was 14. During her
adult life she slipped
into the depths of
alcoholism and now six
years sober, she
credits photography for
saving her life and
giving her something
to focus on. Through
documenting the
things around her,
photography helped Jill
understand her
feelings, addiction and
perspective on life. jill coleman. page 47

“I never created anything

worthwhile under the influence.
Recovery can be difficult but it
has opened my eyes and made
my life worthwhile. I can
actually see and feel reality and
that is what you need to create.
Even if reality is harsh and
unrelenting, it is life and I will
not numb it out.” jill coleman. page 77
"If there are
dreams about a
beautiful South
Africa, there are
also roads that
lead to their goal.
Two of these
roads could be
named Goodness

Nelson Mandela
Since March 2008,
Jill has been living
in Chicago. The city
has proven a huge
learning curve for a
farm girl from South
Africa. Jill has been
struggling with panic
disorder, a lay over
from her battle with
alcoholism, but says
the city has provided
her with friendly,
open people, willing
to be photographed. jill coleman. page 53

Jill’s photography
focuses on people in an
exhilarating mix of South Africa
and Chicago, black and white.
She is influenced by light and
by real people, and gravitates
towards portraying poverty, the
needy and the reality of people.

This is effectively detailed

through her choice of using
black and white photography,
which not only highlights, but
also oddly neutralises her
subjects. Regardless of colour,
they are stripped back and
unmasked; enabling their
emotions and the trust Jill gains
in them to shine through

Coming up in the next

few pages:

Editorial Piece: Sense

of Place

Joe Citizen jill coleman. page 55

u Quick fire questions: You can see all of Jill’s work

on her jpg page: www.jpgmag.
Where do you see yourself in com/people/sugarbird
ten years?
If you would like to vote for
In ten years time I truly hope her, enter your email here and
my demons will have settled hit vote. Your vote will count
down. once your email has been
verified. Only one vote will
What are your influences and count per email and person.

My Grandmother who recently

passed away and

What is the most awesome

thing you have ever done?

I consider just getting through

the day an awesome thing. Also
perhaps my trip to Namibia,
which is my most wonderful
fave place on earth.

If you would like to have

a crack at designing our
front cover, get in touch!
It is a great way to expose We are always on the look out for talent.
your talents to thousands of If you have something to contribute to
people and you will have disco underworld, as a writer or as an
a choice story to tell your artist, get in touch with Stacey to find
friends. Email out how you can contribute to one of the
stacey@discounderworld. world’s fastest growing, forward thinking,
com to find out more. global reaching magazines. sense of place. page 57

Human civilization
has always felt the
need to
communicate its
thoughts and
feelings through art.
Even the earliest
examples of human
In a modern day context, the
drawings on cave Internet has enabled greater
walls in France, ease and sharing of ideas. By
share the opening up doors and enabling
more access to each other,
environment and realising and appreciating a
express the sense of identity and place has
thoughts of the became a tricky juggling act of
projecting and preserving our
creator. Art has public and private identities.
always allowed us to Through social networking sites,
portray a personal google earth and even
magazines like this one, we all
sense of place and know more about each other
identity. than has ever been possible. sense of place. page 59


ly p ublish
u d ed


Much of the identity we form Modern day artists, like their

on sites like facebook, and predecessors, express their
publish on the web, is based thoughts and feelings regarding
around a view of ourselves that their environment through the
we choose to portray. This is range of mediums available to
not always representative of them. Technology like the
the person we are in day-to-day Internet and devices like
life, but a reflection of who we cameras have changed the
think we are, or who we want ways in which these thoughts
to be. are projected, but art has never
changed in its mission to
Facebook lets us tag and communicate our personal
un-tag photos we want people views of the world, and the
to see of us. Internet dating artists in this issue are fine
sites let us blur the edges of examples of this.
our true realities, presenting an
image we want the world to
Contact them first for all your digital publishing needs. see. When talking about a
sense of place and a sense of
They will collaborate with you, or create for you, from start to finish, Coming up in the next
identity, we cannot exclusively few pages:
anything from digital media kits, travel brochures and annual reports involve the Internet, because
to regular publications such as magazines and newspapers for you to the forces which form our true Joe Citizen
share with the world. sense of identity and place are
external and projected on us, The Be Seen Zine
Visit and request an not the other way around.
obligation free quote. sense of place. page 61

Filmmaker Joe Citizen

interestingly uses his lens to
capture twin themes of power
and control, in an attempt to
highlight the shadow of
post-colonial New Zealand
Jules Campbell, the culture, the Pacifica culture. He
photographer who lives in believes this is the true essence
Western Australia, expresses of New Zealand, not the other
her view of her adopted state way around. It is unique in a
by capturing the wildness of young country like New Zealand,
the landscape in photographs where the people are still trying
that also express a sense of to work out who they are, on
nostalgia for her home state a personal and a national level,
and upbringing. Her for someone like Joe to have
photographs show the such a clear and unique sense
environment she lives in from of place and identity. There is no arguing that the
her perspective, as an outsider Internet is a tool in helping
and an admirer, with a healthy Tyrone Lanye’s brushstrokes these, and other artists
dose of respect needed in such capture people in beautiful, communicate their ideas to a
a wild and dangerous backdrop. warm and enjoyable wider audience. It has brought
environments. He uses this us all closer, and without the
In contrast, Jill Coleman sense of warmth and beauty Internet we would know less,
photographs the people who because it expresses his love see less, learn less and
make up her world, connecting for life and the good side of understand less. But like
with the marginalized and needy people, and because it is what robots, the Internet will never
in an attempt to understand he wants the onlooker to feel be able to interpret, express
and document her demons. She when they look at one of his and understand the world
recognizes that photography paintings. He says “I choose to around it. The need and ability
saved her life, and helps in her paint the brighter side of life to communicate a sense of
recovery and rehabilitation from because I want my paintings identity and place is a human
alcoholism. By making sense of to make people happy,” which impulse. We have been doing
the world through her camera suggests a sense of place and for over two thousand years,
lens, she is able to deal with identity that is not purely and the Internet is just another
reality, rather than trying to individual, but also conscious of tool helping us share our ideas
drown it out. onlookers. with others. joe citizen. page 63

Joe C
Interview and words by Dillie Baria joe citizen. page 65


e won’t say what he
decided to change his
surname name from, and I won’t
persist. But I have been warned
not to get drunk with a lawyer,
and if I happen to do so, not to
sign anything.

Uh oh…

Still, it’s not something

Joe Citizen appears to regret, in
fact he is quite proud of it. And
he is equally as proud and
extremely passionate about his
profession: film making.

Coming up in the next

few pages:

The Be Seen Zine

Last issue’s favourite joe citizen. page 67

Click play to play Joe’s short film “Stiff”.

Having travelled the world and Prior to film making, Joe worked
captured its beauty through in mental health as a care
digital lenses, Joe decided to assistant. His experiences led
enrol at Wintec Media Arts in him to “think about the
Hamilton, New Zealand, on his assumptions of those in power
return. His interest in and who gets to make the
commercial photography soon decisions” and provided him
led him to discover the art of with the twin themes that
the moving image. He decided occupy all his films: power and
to give it a shot, and make a control.
“Hamilton is a film with a group of stilt-walking
friends from a street theatre Joe’s immediate environment,
corporate whore company called Free Lunch. He his home, resonates strongly
hasn’t looked back since.
on steroids, where through his films. He came
back to Hamilton because he
conservative meets Now working part-time at the believed in its potential, which
library and as a tutor at he says does not exist in more
the wild art scene. Wintec, Joe, 39, dedicates established places.
It’s this spawning himself to making films. Despite
money being tight, Joe has “Hamilton is a corporate whore
ground of found cinematic success, with on steroids where conservative
creativity that I numerous films being entered meets the wild art scene. It’s
into festivals such as The this spawning ground of
come from.” Commonwealth Film Festival. creativity that I come from.”
Joe regards New Zealand as part
of the Pacifica urbanity, not as
Click play to play a snippet of Joe’s short
a Western nation. film “The Journey”.
“The influence of Maoridom in
New Zealand is from the
centre, not as some
externalised and exotic other.
This has a huge effect on my
practice as a filmmaker,
because the stories and
identities I’m interested in
come from a place that is still
discovering this.”

The Journey, about a group of

dancers, reflects this bond.

“I wanted to acknowledge these

deeper layers of meaning that
reside within the human
condition… like perhaps a
permeating life-force energy
that connects the physical to Coming up in the next
the spiritual.” few pages:

The Be Seen Zine

The film, shot in extreme
weather on New Zealand’s West Last issue’s favourite
Coast, adds flavour to the film’s
grounding message. joe citizen. page 73

To a certain extent, Joe’s films Yet it seems ‘neo-colonial’ Whilst passionate about his A decade of film-making later
also reflect the nation’s film audiences don’t pick up on Kiwi artistic medium, Joe concedes Joe digresses from the notion
industry as a whole. humour, Joe says. that he produces films because that art is original, stating that
it’s challenging. he is “not an artist, but a
“Lots of people say they’re sick “I remember watching Peter producer of cultural products.”
of New Zealand films Jackson’s Bad Taste in a flat in “I guess I keep at it ‘cause I’m a
being dark, and isolationist. London. I laughed my head off, stubborn prick. That and people “Art is dead; all we have is its
New Zealander’s don’t seem to but the English were mortally having faith in me… just one re-animated corpse.”
be particularly good at laughing offended. We’re really good at person having faith made a
at themselves.” dark, we ought to stick with it.” difference.” He reasons that films are made
by a community of people.

“Whilst it might personally

satisfy my ego or the needs of
intellectual property rights to
say that these films were 'made
by Joe Citizen' - the reality is
that everyone from the
cinematographer to the
producer to the runner has
been involved in their

If you would like to vote for

Joe, enter your email here and
hit vote. Your vote will count
once your email has been
verified. Only one vote will
count per email and person.

{Joseph R Wheeler III: Evolutionary ART}

Name: Joseph R Wheeler III

Style: Evolutionary ART

be seen Email:
zine Website:
Created to give every
artist exposure to people BORN and raised in
who appreciate a good piece Atlanta, Georgia, Joseph
of art when they see it. is the CEO and Founder of
NAO (the New Art Order).
Be in the next one for free:
Joseph’s passion lies in
comics and the related
genres; video games, film
all about the and fashion. His company
website, and the hosts art conventions and
he freelances his wide
ideas behind it range of skills.
and this page:
His interests are in art
newsletter etc. (“art is life... art is all”),
pic of site
comics, movies, video
games, hip-hop culture,
wrestling, martial arts,
cultures and people.

His website updates

events and happenings in
the comic world.

The Be Seen Zine, introducing you to a wider range of styles and

arty types. Proudly brought to you by Online INsight.

{Joseph R Wheeler III: Evolutionary ART}

This piece was created for an

exhibition entitled
FUNK-TIONAL-ISM in Atlanta's
SW Arts Center, September
5th to October 3rd 2008.

Artists were asked to interpret

an album of their choice
demonstrating a clear
understanding of the music.

This piece is called THE LOVE


Check out Joseph’s latest

comic “Brutha Yamz”, about a
pro wrestler, set in the distant
future here

The Be Seen Zine, introducing you to a wider range of styles and

arty types. Proudly brought to you by Online INsight.

{Billy Argel: Font Master}

Name: Billy Argel

Style: Font Master
Website: www.billyargel.

The Be Seen Zine, introducing you to a wider range of styles and

arty types. Proudly brought to you by Online INsight.
Your favourite from last issue, and the person to be
included in the Gold Edition at the end of the year is:

Afua Richardson

She wins a spot in The Gold Edition 2009, a

publication which follows up on your favourite
people from the year before, and provides you
with interviews and spreads of other cool cats
from around the globe.

You can read her article and listen to her single

‘Not Quite’ here.