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Black Mirror III: The Final Fear by Cranberry Production Walkthrough by MaGtRo April 2011 Gameplay: This is a third

person point and click game.

The main menu has new game, load game, options, extras, credits, the team and quit game. The options menu has: Gfx option has Gamma, screen resolution, screen refresh rate and gfx quality selections. Sfx option has master, music, speech, sfx-cutscene and ambient volume selections. Game option has standard cursor, software cursor, speech bubbles, additional game help, show tips, hardware cursor, mouse pointer and activate hotspot indicator selections. Save the changes using the save selection at bottom of the screen. Extras have the pictures, videos and mini-games already viewed during gameplay. I have not explored on how to unlock the pictures. Move the cursor to the top right of the screen to access 4 icons: magnifying lens to access the hotspots; disk to save-load menu, BM to access in-game menu and diary. The in-game menu is accessed by pressing the ESC key or the MB icon at top right of screen. Back, menu, load game, save game, options and quit selections are seen. The save page shows the picture of the location. The title of the saved game can be entered after pressing the save button. Then press the green arrow below it. The saved games can be deleted by clicking on the torn paper icon at left of the frame. Saved games can be overwritten. The diary has Darren's journal and tasks to do. To learn about a collected item in inventory bar at bottom of screen, right mouse click the item. Right click of an inventory items can activate it for use. Helpful Hints: New diary entry is alerted by a flashing book icon at top left. The diary is accessed by using the icon at top right or by the D or J key. To see all the hotspots in the screen, press the space bar or H key or the hotspot icon at top right of the screen. The items in the screen that are for information only are deactivated after clickinglearning about them. Right click on a character to get information about them. The tab key skips cutscenes. ESC key skips the introduction.

After the location has been accessed by going there, you can 'jump to' that location in the map. When additional help is selected at the game options, all mini-puzzles have a skip choice after time is spent on the puzzles. The mini-games can be replayed using the extras at main menu. You can die in this game - save often. There is an autosave when you die also. Black Mirror III can be downloaded at The Adventure Shop . See Darren-Adrian running and carrying a torch away from the Academy ruins. He arrives at the burning castle and asks help from the Inspector. He was subsequently arrested for the murder of Amanda Valley. 12 hrs prior: Miss Amanda Valley's body was found by Inspector Spooner and Constable Zak at the lighthouse. 9 hours prior: Inspector talked to Tom at the pub. Tom was with Bobby at the theme park. Tom mentions Amanda's apartment full of memory of the death of her brother Vic Valley killed by Samuel Gordon. Tom says the he saw Darren with Amanda several days ago. 6 hours prior: Inspector examined Amanda's apartment to see all the notes about the murder during Samuel's time. He also found the news clipping about Darren Michaels. The constable came in announcing that the castle is on fire. See Darren-Adrian being taken in by the Inspector. I Therapy session: 3 weeks later, Adrian is undergoing psychotherapy by Dr. Joyce Winterbottom. Constable Zak picks up Adrian. Inspector Spooner wants to talk to Mr. Michaels. Inspector Spooner talks to Adrian at the police station. An anonymous person paid the bail of Adrian. He is free. Get freedom: Pick up items at jail cell: While at the office, look at everything. Go to the jail cells at left. Enter the open jail cell and look at everything. Examine the locker to get a pencil. Adrian finds that his diary is missing. Talk to Matt Newcastle, the prisoner in the other cell. He taunts Darren while reading the diary. He rips several pages. Darren gets a vision of him stabbing Matt with the pencil. Pick up the thrown diary to get several diary pages. Right click to check the diary pages in inventory.

Exit left to the office. Darren is made to sign papers about his health and his possession. Constable Zak gives Darren Dr. Jones, the solicitor's card. The solicitor wants to talk to Darren. Call Dr. Jones: Go to the red telephone box at the side of the building at left. Click Dr. Jones' card on the telephone. The solicitor updates Darren about the American embassy and Inspector Spooner. He advises to get a copy of Darren's files. Ask Dr. Jones about everything in the dialogue selection. He will check who the anonymous donor is. Madame Fortuna, the Fortune teller: door. Take the little red card from the phone booth

Use the fortune teller's card on the phone. She sees a tower; drastic changes and learn that Darren will be killed by wild beasts. But Darren can change that future. Look around: Village Square: Go to village square at right of the booth. Look around. Check the letter box by the police station. Pick up the menu board on the table in front of the fairground booth. Old fashioned shop: Enter the old fashioned shop right of the letter box. An old woman, Dorothy sees Darren and gets frightened. Look around at everything especially the knife at left by the window and the map left of the baguettes. Talk to a petrified Abaya the shopkeeper who has a whistle around her neck. After the talk, pick up a walking map that can be used as jump to when moving around in the game. Get the Inspector out of the police station. Cafe: Enter the cafe next door. Look around at everything. Check the counter and finds out that there are no doughnuts left. Talk to Denise the store clerk about everything and doughnuts. Learn that the only doughnuts left are for nice Inspector Spooner. Conrad should be here any moment. Ask about Spooner and coffee. While Denise is making coffee, click twice on the store room door at right. Darren enters the storeroom. Look around. Take a box of doughnuts at bottom shelf of the middle shelving. Check the freezer and click on it. Darren makes a comment about the seal and wetting it. Place the doughnuts back on the shelf. Exit the storeroom and cafe. Three Kegs Inn - Pub: Go left of the ladies sitting on the bench.

Look around at the pub. The letter E has fallen off the sign. Take the sponge under the menu board left of the pub door. Cafe: Go back to the cafe. Ask for another coffee. While Denise is making coffee, enter the storage room again. Use the sponge from the pub on the wash bucket on the floor at the corner to get wet sponge. Take the doughnuts again. Open the freezer. Place the doughnut inside the freezer. Use the wet sponge on the freezer. Click to close the freezer. Exit the storage room. Watch Spooner asks for more than doughnuts from Denise. Denise checks the doughnuts at the storeroom and later asks Spooner's help to open the freezer. Exit the cafe. Get a copy of the files: Enter the police station and talk to Constable Zak Hitchens. Ask about his file. The copier is broken. Learn that Bobby was in the hospital with a concussion. They couldn't find Angelina's body or the Van Helsing boy at Wales. Photocopier: Look close at the photocopier. Darren says that the fuse is blown. If he connects the good wires to the power then it should work. The aim is to connect the power button to the green copier button. See that there are 4 blown wires. Take-right click the 4 blown wires and place-left click-hold-move them to one side. Right click picks up the wires and another right click rotates the wires.

Pick up-right click 3 good wires and place-left click-hold-move them to one side.

Place back the 3 good wires in a way that wires connect the green copier button to the power button at top right.

Press the power button and the green copy button to see if the small white circles light up to show that there is a connection. A skip handle is seen at bottom right after a while. When the connection is made, click the green copy button to get the machine going. That should do it. Darren's files: solicitor. Talk to Constable Zak again. Zak says that he will mail it to Darren's

Mail: Exit the police station. Use the menu board taken from the table in front of the fairground booth with the letter box. Watch as Zak exit the station and mails the letter in the letter box. Take Darren's files from the letter box. In inventory, check the files twice and Darren automatically reads and then adds the diary papers to the files. It will now replace the Diary at top right of the screen. Read Darren's files. Learn about Murray's testimony that he has no recollection of seeing Mr. Michaels in the hotel Thursday evening and about Lady Victoria ill at the castle. Confront Murray: Cross the bridge at bottom left. Go right to get to the hotel - Gordon's Palace.

Look around outside the hotel and see a path at right going to the river. This is now a jump to point in the map. Enter the hotel and talk to Murray. He gives another room. He refuses to change his testimony. He wants a photo of Darren with a knife in the woods in exchange for giving him an alibi. He gives a Polaroid camera to take the photo, a fancy rucksack and free lodging (Room 2 key). In inventory, right click the rucksack to get a Gordon lighter, bloody knife andplastic soul key with no battery. Talk to Murray again about Spooner, news and learn about the new museum. Look around at the hotel foyer. Exit the hotel. Walk to the woods: Go back to town either by walking or use of map. Check the museum and read the poster. Try to enter the office of Dr. Winterbottom next door. Go left to the crossing in the road to the woods. See a path to the right that would eventually lead to the lighthouse where Amanda was found. There is another dirt path on the left. This is now a jump to point in the map. Continue forward. See the path go left towards Warmhill Church and right to the castle. There is a busted signpost at the split of the path. This is now a jump to point in the map. Check on Lady Victoria: Go right to the castle and look around. Use the new intercom. The gate opens. Go through. Meet Sister Antolini, the nurse of Lady Victoria. The house is being renovated. Talk to Sister Antolini inside the house. Lady Victoria: See Lady Victoria in bed. Look around. Check the jewelry box and twice on the painting above the bed. The portrait looks like Angelina. Try to talk to Lady Victoria completely. Darren wants Lady Victoria to confirm that he is Adrian Gordon. Talk about the castle fire. She says that Adrian sounds like a coward - too weak and is easily ridden by Mordred. Darren is kicked out by Lady Victoria. Darren gets another vision of him trying to suffocate Lady Victoria. Take photo for Murray: Use the Polaroid on the castle gates. Darren takes a photo of himself holding the bloody plastic knife.

Jump to the hotel using the map. Talk to Murray about White Woods and give the photo. Room 2: Go through the door left of the reception desk. Check the floor plan in the hallway wall at right. Learn that Darren's room is next to Murray's office. Enter room 2. Darren automatically hides the rucksack under the TV. Take the quest letter with strange message from the floor. Automatically read the letter in inventory. It states that the first lead is at Samuel's Gordon's grave. Look around the room. Locate Samuel Gordon's grave: Murray: Talk to Murray and learn where the Gordons are buried. Lothar Gordon's grave is being relocated behind the hotel. The family's mausoleum is at Warmhill. Town: Jump to town. Go across the bridge. Enter the cafe. The frightened old lady Dorothy leaves again after seeing Darren. Talk to Dr Winterbottom about everything. Learn that her impression of Darren was rejected. The miners used to live in Warmhill. She recommends hypnosis. Talk to Denise, Edward the waiter and Bobby. Learn about what happened to Bobby since the last time. Go to police station and talk to Spooner completely. Try to talk to Zak. Warmhill: Woods: Jump to the castle and go left to the woods. Take the unmade road going left at the fork of the road. Cross the bridge over Old Wansford stream. Continue to the left and see a side path beaten track. Cemetery: Continue to the left. Look around at the different graves. See a fresh grave at right. The gate at back right is locked. See Miss Valley's grave on the left side in front of the church. Go to the left to be at the old graveyard. The gate at right is locked. Look around. See that the large gravestone at the back is that of William Gordon's who died in 1981. Check the family crypt. Church: Go back to the right. This is now a jump to point in the map. Enter the church. Look around. Check the column at right. It has bible verses. Check the confessional at left. Mark the Gravedigger: See the gravedigger taking a nap inside the confessional. Talk to the gravedigger completely. Learn about the dogs digging up the graves.

The church was built by Marcus Gordon. Marcus has a crypt under the nave but it caved in 12 years ago. White Woods are creepy at night. The woods are infested by wild boars. The fresh grave is Sally the cook grave. Bates is buried at the family crypt. Those died by suicide are buried anonymously. Father Frederick the priest is gone today. White Woods: Exit the church and see that it is now night. Exit the cemetery to be at the path in the woods. Go forward towards the bridge. Darren is confronted and planked by 2 demonic hell hounds. Go to the beaten path just before the bridge. This is what was foretold by the fortune teller. Hut: Darren runs and enters a hut. Check the window and see a spectral lady. The journal-diary states that Darren feels that he has known her for a long time. Check the door and see that it is bolted from the outside. Look around the shack. Use the Gordon lighter on the oil lamp on the table at head of the bed. Now there is light. Click the peculiar shadow on the wall emitted by the lamp. Click on the bottles right of the oil lamp to get the rusty key. Take the petrol can from the shelf above the table. Take the file below the shelf. Check the bed twice for Darren to look under the bed. Take the rake left of the entryway and beside the shredder. Use the rake on the bed to get cardboard box. Open the cardboard box in inventory and see that it was Ralph's. Get Mr. Bubby, luminous smiley sticker and wine bottle cork. Check the shredder several times. Check the box with padlock by the door. Use the rusty key on the padlock. Check the contents of the box to get robe from the order. Automatically get and read a badly torn message inside the robe. Get corkscrew, ruler and chainsaw. Exit the hut: Go to the other room at top. Check the door to shed.

Look at the floorboards. Use the ruler on the floorboard and see that there is space below. Use the chainsaw on the floorboards. The chainsaw does not have gas. Use the petrol can with the chainsaw. Use the wine bottle cork on the chainsaw with gas. The chainsaw is plugged. Now, use the chainsaw on the floorboards. Darren makes a trapdoor-hole on the floor. Exit through the trapdoor. Darren gets another attack and collapses. II Therapy session: Under hypnosis, Darren has a recollection of the young twins playing in the woods. A man was there. Angelina falls in a hole. Darren wakes up. Dr. Winterbottom recommends that he try to find the place in the woods during his conscious state. Dr. Winterbottom gives a prescription (Haloperidox) to control the hallucinations. Abaya at the country store doubles as pharmacists. Talk to Dr. Winterbottom about Ralph and the hut in the woods. Ask about the white lady and the black dogs. Learn about the legend of the white lady in the woods. Look around the office. Note the dreamcatcher behind her desk. Exit the office. The robe of the order found at Ralph's hut is gone from inventory. Get medication: Cross the bridge to go to the village square. Matt Newcastle: Talk to Matt released from jail sitting by the fairbooth at right. Fortune teller: Enter the telephone box. Use the fortune teller's card on the phone. Learn that today; someone will shoot his lights out. Stay away from shooting. Old Fashioned Shop: Police Station: Cafe: Talk to Edward. Dr. Winterbottom: Shop: Go across the bridge and buzz Dr. Winterbottom. Ask her about the shop. Darren is told about the barrel next to the shop. Go back to the village square and the shop. Look in the barrel left of the door. Get a package for Murray and medicines. Look at the medicine in inventory. Give the package to Murray: Jump to Gordon's Palace Hotel. Murray is not here. Go to Murray's office left of the registration counter. Darren enters and places the package on the desk.

Find out that the shop is closed.

Talk to Zak.

Darren reads the note on the desk. Darren learns that it was Murray was the one that paid the bail. Murray enters the office and a lively discussion ensues. Find the place in the woods: Look for the priest: Jump to Warmhill Church. Check the church door. It is locked. Go through the now opened gate at right side of the church. Check the priest's house. The door is locked also. Talk to Mark the gravedigger working on the shed. The priest is gone. Only the pure of heart can see the white lady. Ask about the anonymous graves. Take the tree lopper leaning on the side of the priest's house. Exit to the gate at right. Check the hut: Walk down the path and then go to the side beaten path and be at the hut. Look around. Go across the bridge and forward to the road at right close to the castle. Take the gravel path to the right until the crossing. Crossing in the woods: At the crossing, see a path at left, top is to the castle and right is towards the lighthouse-morgue. Once you go right, the crossing in the woods jump to point is activated. Dr. Hermann's house - Morgue: Take the path at right at the crossing in the woods. Across a wooden gate lined with barbed wires, Darren gets the vision of the twins playing. This is it. Check the gate. Use the tree lopper on the barbed wires. Go through the gate. Look around. Check the sign on top of the entryway. The GORE looks rearranged. See that M and E shadows are at the end of the sign - Morgue. Check the car and Darren gets another vision - a dead blonde woman inside. Use the intercom and Darren says not to. Check the bushes left of the entrance to get another luminous smiley stickerhidden in the grass. Check the waste bin that is padlocked. Check the back of the woods and Darren sees looking for the hole on the ground futile. Look for Samuel's grave: Priest: altar. Jump to Warmhill church. Enter the church. Talk to Father Frederick by the

Learn about the history. During 1213 Markus killed Mordred. The curse on the male line of Markus was muttered by Mordred before he died. Samuel's grave is not specifically known among the anonymous grave.

Father Frederick gives a list of those that died in August 1981. After learning about Mordred and Markus, end the conversation. Do this to skip the Mordred-Markus dialogue for the rest of the game. List: Check the list of burials in August 1981. There are 5 left in the list: Henry Stanton, Dr. Heinz Hermann, Dr. Robert Gordon, James and Samuel Gordon. Talk to Father Frederick about the people on the list. Learn that Dr. Hermann is the one in charge of the mortuary and is in league with Robert Gordon doing nasty experiments on patients. He doesn't know Henry Stanton. Ask Mark. Robert Gordon, Victoria's first son is the head of the sanatorium. James is the illegitimate son of William Gordon and killed himself. William Gordon, Lady Victoria's husband is the one that fell from the tower window. End conversation. Exit the church. Go through the gate right of the church. Talk to Mark the gravedigger and ask about Henry Stanton. Stanton is a loner that hanged around with Tom and is the castle gardener. Anonymous graves: Exit to the graveyard at the bottom of the screen. Check the anonymous graves by the broken fence. Darren takes the list. Vic is buried somewhere else and William has his own grave by the Gordon crypt. See a close up of the headstones. Place the appropriate name on the headstones. Click on a headstone to read it and note the clues on what is on and the words on the headstones. Front left headstone has a dreamcatcher. Remember the dreamcatcher in Dr. Winterbottom's office and her reason to move to Willow Creek. Dr. Winterbottom was a classmate of Dr. Hermann. Place Dr. Heinz Hermann's name on the headstone at bottom left. The bottom right has a caduceus symbol - another doctor. The writing on the headstone mentions mother's love but contempt for his deeds - as noted by Father Frederick. This is Dr. Robert Gordon. Middle back headstone is the most pathetic grave. Henry Stanton based on Mark's statement is a pathetic drunk and loner. The left back headstone is James'. Remember that James was an illegitimate son of William and rumored to have killed Robert Gordon. By elimination Samuel's grave is the one at top right.


Find the clue: Go back to the church and talk to Father Frederick about the Latin verse on Samuel's headstone. Learn about the quotation and where else the phrase Lamb of God is etched. Go to the column right of the pews. Check the bible quotation. Darren opens the secret compartment and takes the next quest note with message. Look out for people that need help. Morgue: Tom: Exit the church and walk the path back to town. At the road next to the way to the morgue - Dr. Hermann's former house, see a car blocking the road. Talk to Phil, the driver. He's a friend of Tom. Ask about Ralph. He supposedly doesn't know Ralph. Phil drops the hood on Darren's head after he said he fixed the car. Locked in body compartment: Darren is locked in a coffin like compartment by Phil. Check the head end, side wall and foot end. Darren tries to kick the door at the foot end. Click on the ceiling of the compartment. It is thin, rusty and falling apart. Click on the ceiling several times and see a stretcher up there. It's very smooth that makes it difficult to get a handle on it. Use the corkscrew on the stretcher. Click on the improvised handle. Darren moves the stretcher on top of his refrigerated compartment. Morgue: It's the morgue and it's dark here. Click on the red light. The non-working intercom is beside the light switch. Check the door. Look around. Check the projection screen and wash basin. Check the dissecting table with the pliers and projector. Check the blood on the floor. The blood is fairly recent. Check the boxes at foreground.

Filing cabinet: Check the filing cabinet. Darren takes the files and reads about James Gordon and Ralph Thompson's predated death certificates. Writing desk: Look close at the desk and see a metal box with a combination lock. Take the little bottle - it is an empty smelling salt bottle. Take the cigarettes. Examine the working Bunsen burner. Open the drawer. Take the chemistry book and scalpel. Examine the cassette player on the shelf left of the desk. Skeleton: Check the skeleton and automatically get the skull. Take the thigh bone of the skeleton. Refrigerated compartments: Check the lower compartment where Darren was locked. Check the body bag above where Darren was imprisoned. Ugh! Check the middle compartment and see that it is padlocked. Darren realizes that someone is in there. Open the metal box: Projector: Check the projector and Darren clicks to turn it on. Check the projection screen and Darren raises it. Check the camera accessories revealed when the screen is raised and getcolour filters. Lower the projection screen again. Check the skull in inventory. Darren shakes it and finds a reel of film. Use the reel of film on the projector. Now, when you click the projector, it becomes the cursor. Use the colour filters on the projector. Take the projector with film and click it on the projection screen. Darren aligns the projected frame to the screen. Look close at projector with film and filters. There are 2 knobs. The left controls the speed of the film. There are 3 lines above the knob: left is slow; middle is stop and right is fast. Click on the lines itself to move the knob. The right knob is for direction of the film. There are 3 lines above the knobs: left is reverse; middle is stop and right is forward. Click on the lines itself to move the knob. See 5 small circles on the top of the knobs that show what filter(s) is selected. Mountain view: Without the filters on, run the projector with the mountain view on the screen. Click the right knob to stop on a focused view of the mountain by clicking on the middle line above the right knob. This is the frame we need to work on.


Color filter: With that selected mountain view frame, use different filters to see any changes on the projected picture. Click on the white circles above the knobs to place the filters. Use the blue filter alone (fourth from left) and see 3 projected numbers - 218. Remove the blue filter. Use yellow (second from left) and red filter (rightmost) together and see 4 projected numbers - 2180.

Metal box: Go to the metal box on the writing desk. Click on metal box and Darren will automatically open it. Take the letter to Phil. Darren reads the letter in inventory. M!!!!! Open the refrigerated compartment with the person inside: Fix the intercom: Get wires. Use the scalpel on the cassette player on the shelf left of the desk.

Use the wires on the intercom. The light is now green. Take care of Phil: Take the projector and click it on the door. Darren positions the projected light on the door. Use the intercom to call Phil.

When Phil walks in towards the projector on the table, use the thigh bone on Phil. Search Phil to get sawn off shotgun and Phil's key ring. The prediction of Madame Fortuna is averted. Ralph: Use Phil's keys on the padlock of the refrigerated middle compartment. Open the middle compartment. It's Ralph. He's been tortured. Try to wake up Ralph. He's been drugged. Prepare smelling salts: Formula: See that the smelling salt bottle in inventory is empty. Use the chemistry book with the smelling salt bottle and Darren reads the procedure on how to prepare smelling salts. Ground deer antler to make ammonium powder. Heat to crystallize to form smelling salt. Look for needed items: back wall. Go upstairs and take the stag's head on the floor at middle of

Check the display case at right of the TV. Automatically take the Erlenmeyer flask. Go back down to the morgue and the writing desk. Use the file with the deer antlers to get powdered deer antler (ammonia). Use the powdered deer antler with the Erlenmeyer flask. Use the powdered ammonia in flask on the Bunsen burner. Click on the Bunsen burner again to turn it on and release gas. Use the lighter on the Bunsen burner. Automatically Darren places thesmelling salt in the bottle. Ralph: Use the smelling salt on Ralph at the middle compartment. Ralph wakes up scared. Give him Mr. Bubby. Ralph runs away. Check Phil's activities: Take care of Phil: Exit the morgue and be upstairs. Use Phil's key ring on the cellar door left of the sign to the morgue. Phil is locked in. Hear Phil yelling. Computer desk: Take the empty plastic bottle left of the monitor.

Drawer: Use Phil's key ring on the drawer. Darren takes the hand gun and ammunition. He can't go around carrying the gun. Get a necklace also. Diskette: Take the diskette left of the monitor. It is a space attack game. Maybe a game sometime? Password: Check the post-it on the right side of the monitor. Read the clue about the password of the computer - it will come back to you when you come back in again. Read the label on the wall right of the cellar door under the archway - RGUE. See that there are 2 spaces left of the label. So it is MORGUE. Computer: Click to turn computer on. Enter MORGUE as password by typing on the game screen's keyboard. Click on enter key at bottom right. Darren checks the computer and releases the security on the storeroom. Hear a click coming from the cupboard at right. Cupboard: Click on the cable on the floor. It goes to the cupboard at right. Go to the cupboard and open the drawer. Check the secret compartment at bottom of cupboard. It is a remote control locking device. It has Phil's treasure. Get a list of money deposits. It has library art, foreign woman and Yank. The Yank must be Darren. M paid for the library art and the yank. Murray again. Get a Betamax video cassette of Ralph from 1990 and see some info on James. Use the video cassette with the TV. It is the torture of Ralph. Outside the morgue: Exit the house through door. Check the intercom and Darren puts it out of commission. Check the car bonnet. Check the padlocked waste container left of the house. Use Phil's key ring on the waste container. Darren gets cardboard tube and an iron M. Keeping in mind the fortune teller's prediction for today and being watched by the police - place the gun and automatically the sawn off shotgun in the waste container. Darren locks the waste container. Time for Murray. Town: Go to town and look around.

Talk to Constable Zak at the police station about building in the woods. That was a waste of time. Enter the cafe and talk to Denise. Edward is her fianc. Confront Murray: Gordon's Palace Hotel: Jump to hotel. Talk to Murray. A very heated argument ensues. Murray also has some damaging photos for Darren. Darren changes and attacks Murray. Murray maced Darren. Check the cardboard display. Find the incriminating evidence: cabinet on the wall. Enter Murray's office at left. Check the large steel

Open the desk drawer and get the user manual of the SHTB 9000 steel cabinet. It needs the serial number found at the back of the steel cabinet and the last 2 digits of birth. Last 2 digits of birth: was born 1942. Check the diploma hanging right of the window at left. Murray

Serial number: Check the steel cabinet. It is screwed to the floor. Use the ruler on the steel cabinet. Darren measures the book case at right to determine the distance from the corner to the steel locker. Exit the office and go to the rooms' hallway. Remember that Darren's room is beside Murray's office as seen from the floor plan on the right wall. Check the tool box on the floor to get pliers. Enter room 2. Use ruler on the wall of the room. Darren measures again. Use the scalpel to cut the wallpaper. See a brick wall with crumbling mortar. Use the cast iron M taken from the waste container on the wall. Click the hole to get the serial number. Go back to Murray's office. Use the phone to get the combination of the steel cabinet. Click on the steel cabinet. Darren enters the combination. The cabinet is opened. Darren gets folder with photos and negatives and a photo of Angelina at lighthouse. Check the folder with photos and negatives that Murray uses for blackmailing. Learn about Spooner. Get to Victoria's room: White Lady: Jump to the castle. At the crossroad see the White Lady. See a menhir left of the front gate.

She floated pass Darren. She waves to Darren to follow her. Enter the castle:

Go through the open gate at right. Go to front door. Look around. See a menhir in front of the portico and a broken lamp at right. Try to enter and Darren hears the construction men in the front hall. Check the scaffolding. Go around to the back of the house. See a menhir by the twisted tree and by the building at left side. Enter through the back door. Distract the workers: Be at the kitchen area. Look around. Take the candleby the cupboard on the right. Go to the hall and see the workers. In inventory, use the pliers from the tool box with the ammo to get black powder. Combine black powder and cardboard tube taken from waste container. Light the candle from the kitchen with the Gordon lighter. Use the lit candle with the cardboard tube filled with black powder. That seals the cardboard tube. Use cigarette with the sealed cardboard tube to act as fuse for the firework. Exit and go around to the front of the castle. Go to the entrance. Use the firework on the broken lamp at right. Go right and to back of the house. Enter and be in the kitchen. Go to the hall at right. The workers hear the explosion. They talk about the kids playing tricks. Automatically Darren climbs to the second floor. Try to enter Lady Victoria's room at left. Sister Antolini comes out and checks the noise. Darren hides. Lady Victoria: Darren enters Victoria's room. Talk to Victoria. Darren-Adrian explains about Angelina and shows the picture taken form Murray's cabinet. Ask about the order. Victoria explains about the White Lady wearing a belt with the Gordon's coat of arms. She is Maria, Mordred's wife. Maria searches for her lost child. Mordred did not believe that their child is his. He thought that the child is Markus'. Mordred took the child to the catacomb under the castle. Maria called Markus for help. Duel ensued. No child was found in the catacomb. The curse uttered by Mordred before he died was placed on the male descendants of Marcus. They are to complete his works and bring Mordred back to the living. Victoria asks for paper and pen to confirm that Adrian is the true Gordon descendant. Adrian-Darren gives the paper. Victoria writes the confirmation. Victoria regrets being too complete in covering the existence of Adrian up to having a death certificate.

Mordred's power is strongest at the ritual chamber. Adrian tells Victoria that the ritual was completed. Mordred spirit is in you now. Adrian admits having sick, violent visions. To have seen the White Lady just recently means that his heart is still pure. Victoria advises for Adrian to be strong - continue to resist. There are 2 ways to banish Mordred: destroy the vessel - kill oneself as done by Samuel and William or go back to where everything began. All are written in the book. The underground room can be found by following the path. The path's entrance is pointed at by the 6 menhirs. Adrian has to follow that path to the end - very end. III Lady Victoria passed away. The service was at the Warmhill church. Adrian is acknowledged by Father Frederick as the Gordon heir. Dr. Winterbottom asks Adrian to come for a session at 3. Spooner is jealous of Adrian. In inventory, see the notary business card of T M B Dukes and bunch of keys. Ralph: Exit the church area. Take the side beaten path before the bridge to be at the hut. Knock on the door and talk to Ralph through the door completely. She has seen Maria in the woods; Mr. Bubby lost an eye and about the cellar. Go back to main path. Check the castle: Continue to the castle gates. Workmen: The workmen wants to be assured that there is money for their work. Follow the men at the entrance to the castle. Talk to Steve and learn why he is drilling holes on walls. Check the skull above the entrance and the broken lamp. Facade: Go to the right and see a lunch box at the scaffolding. Take the pack of toothpicks from the lunchbox. Click on the facade of the castle and see how sooty it is. Main hall: Enter the castle. Check everything in the main hall especially the foundation stone at the center. See that there's damp proof sheeting by back wall. Library: globe. Look around. Check the column at corner, bookcases, desk, family tree and

Looks like someone searched here.


Phone the solicitor: Click the notary card on the telephone. Learn the responsibilities that come with the castle. There is only 100 pounds in the bank. No debts. He cannot sell the castle or lands. Phone the fortune teller: Click the fortune teller card on the phone. Madame Fortuna says to clear the way for the bear. Armchair: Kitchen: the fire. If you click on either one of the armchair, Adrian takes a nap. LOL. Look around at the kitchen. Check the ceiling and see where Louis started Use the bunch of keys on the cellar door.

Storage room-Cellar:

Take the hose clips and spray can - construction foam from the shelf on the left. Take the extension cable at right wall. Check the bucket of salt by the stairs. Check the stairs down to the cellar. It is full of water. Tea room: Exit the kitchen and enter the door next to the staircase at bottom right. Look around. Check the black stain on the wall that looks like a sword. Check the drawers and get bank statement. There is an envelope from the Vatican. Check the bank statement in inventory. Learn that 6000 pounds are paid every 3 months to the account and taken by Valentina Antolini as authorized by Lady Victoria. Check the horse sculpture, marble plinth, Maria statue and angel statues. Robert's room: Climb the stairs and enter the door at center. It was Robert's former room. It is now a storage area. Check the paintings kept here. Passage: Check the passage at back of the area. There's a locked room there. Enter Victoria's room. Look around. Use the bunch of keys on the passage but none of the keys fit. Victoria's room: Check the jewelry and the painting on the wall at right. Check the machine that should be returned to the diocese. Maria's painting: Look close at the painting of Maria. Darren touched it and produced a bloody wound on the chest. It turned black. Mordred. Backyard: Exit through the back door of the kitchen. Look at everything at the back side of the castle itself and the garden. Greenhouse: greenhouse. Go to the greenhouse beyond the tree. Check the outside area of the

Click twice to enter the greenhouse. See a statue that is dirty. Take the bucket and garden hose right of the statue. Take the wooden shaft leaning on the window at left. Check the plant - Tumulus Valerian.

Check the carpet and Darren will move it. The tiles have not been cemented. Click several times until Adrian opens the trap door. Well shaft: See a cornice with a briefcase on it. In inventory combine the wooden shaft and the hose clips. Combine the metal M with the wooden shaft with hose clips to make agrappling hook. Use the grappling hook on the case on the cornice at the well shaft. Find money to pay the workers: Henry Stanton's notebook: wine and a notebook. Open the case to see that it has 10 pound note, bottle of

Read the notebook of Henry Stanton, the former gardener here. He noted about Victoria and the closing of a horse. Also noted that the key is at old Dergham Gordon. There's a drawing of a horse. Find Dergham Gordon: Go to the library and check the family tree. Adrian notes that Dergham was married to Lillian Gordon. Go upstairs to the storage room formerly Robert's room. Check the paintings there. Using Lillian's painting's year, Adrian deduced Dergham's painting. Key of Dergham Gordon: Look close at Dergham's painting. Click on the part of the frame. Adrian pulls the part of the frame. Check the cavity of the frame and see 7 holes in it. Use the toothpick taken from the worker's lunchbox on the 7 holes. The toothpicks entered the holes at several depths. Use the pulled part of the frame on the toothpicks to get a home-made key. Horse: We saw the horse earlier at the Tea room. Go to Tea room. Look close at horse sculpture or marble plinth. See 7 holes at side of the base of the horse. Use the homemade key on the holes. It fits. Press the suspicious spot on top of the base of the horse. A secret compartment opens. See and take cash and Pope Innocent III letter. Papal letter: Pope Innocent III demands utmost secrecy in the sealing of the entrances to the ritual room. The large portal's records should be sent to the Vatican. It is the responsibility of the Gordon family to ensure that no one comes close to the shade portal. 29 September 1213. So there is one large portal and 5 small ones. Something is written on the back - the menhir in the hall must be hidden. Adrian closes the secret compartment.

Pay the workmen:

Go outside and talk to Gregory who is watching Steve work.

Learn that Valentina was the one that spread the books in the library. They were hired by Valentina. They worked for Murray before. The cellar is flooded. The locked room at upper corridor is Valentina's. Give him his money. Tell him to get to work. The phone rings. Therapy session: Adrian answers the phone and is reminded by Dr. Winterbottom about the session. The memory of the young Adrian looking down the hole where Angelina fell in is of a constellation. Adrian draws the of the 6 stars constellation and takes it with him after the session. Death at the castle: Exit the building. See Constable Zak park his bicycle on the railing. He says that there has been a death at the castle and Spooner is waiting for him there. At the castle, check skull and see the same black mildew. Check and take the industrial cleaner and brush on the base of the right lamp. Talk with Steve sitting on the left. Steve resigns. Spooner: Enter the castle and talk to Spooner. He taunted Adrian about checking the castle with lots of art worth money. Adrian changes again and throws Spooner out of the castle. Adrian rants that he is the last of weakling Markus line and will be the first in the Mordred line. Mail's here: Hear the doorbell. Exit the castle and go right twice to the gate. Check the letter box to get the mail and newspaper. One of the mails is from Murray stating that he will be charging 100 pounds a day for the return of room 2 key. There is a bill for 500 pounds for 5 days stay. Check newspaper and it has the picture of Adrian that was done for Murray. The article informs about Darren being the heir and new lord of the castle. Open the letter and see that it is a new cryptic message about guardian's third virtue is mercifulness. Every call for help be heard and find a sea of answers. Murray: Jump to the Hotel and talk to Murray. Adrian is again taken over by Mordred. Room 2 key is now gone from inventory. Search for the menhirs: Jump back to the castle. It is time to map the menhirs locations.

Click the walking map on the menhirs. There is a menhir at front of the castle gate. There is a menhir in front of the entrance to the castle. Go to the main hall of the castle and use the map on the foundation stone at center of the room. Go to the back of the castle and mark the menhir on the left by the ladder. There is a menhir by the tree. Go to the greenhouse and clean the statue with the industrial cleaner and brush. The marble was painted on. Use the map on the granite statue. Mark the menhirs: In inventory combine the pencil and the walking map. Click-hold-connect the top left and the top right menhirs - Xs (crossing the center one). Connect the other Xs or menhirs to form a pentagram stopping at each X. It looks like the constellation in Adrian's recollection.

Find the portals: Click-hold the pencil on the top middle menhir; pass through the top left menhir and end-release at the Warmhill church location. Click-hold the pencil on the top middle menhir; pass through the bottom middle menhir and end-release at the Gordon hotel location. Click-hold the pencil on the top middle menhir; pass through the bottom right menhir and end-release at the academy location. To see this marked map again, combine the pencil and the map in inventory.


Check the presence of portals: Academy ruins: Jump to the lighthouse location or at the crossing in the woods. Take the gravel path to the right and walk to the lighthouse at the end of the road. Check around the lighthouse. Then exit to the ruins at top of screen. Look around at the ruins. The entrance to the portal is now blocked. Adrian makes an X on the ruins location in the map because he knows there is a portal here. You can see this if you combine the pencil and map. Check Ralph's shed. Warmhill Church: Jump to the church. Enter the church. Talk to Father Frederick. Learn about Valentina Antolini. Father Frederick is impressed about the Papal letter. The priest realizes that it is possible that there is a small portal underneath the church. Samuel's last visit collapsed Markus' grave. Go outside and go through the gate right of the church. See if you can talk to the gravedigger. Check the old door by the right wall used as cover of the firewood. Click again to take the sheet of glass from the door. Around the Gordon Hotel: Jump to the hotel. Take the path right of the flagpole. See Bobby in the water. Talk to Bobby. He is looking for pearls in mussels as a birthday gift for Denise. Talk about the bracelet taken from Phil's drawer. Adrian gives the bracelet to Bobby. Bobby leaves the waders and runs off. Look around the area. Read the missing picture and warning notice left of the jetty. 2 Boys disappeared here. See 4 menhirs in the river. Check the waders left by Bobby. There's a huge hole on it. Fix the waders: Jump to Willow Creek. Check Constable Zak's bicycle in front of Dr. Winterbottom's building.


Take the repair kit from the bike. Use the repair kit with the waders to get repaired waders. Village square: Cross the bridge and see that Matt Newcastle is not here. Enter the police station and talk to Zak about Spooner and Matt. Enter the cafe and talk to Edward. Learn that he wants to be a butler. He applied for the position at the castle before. Look underwater: Jump back to the hotel. Take the path down to the river. Right click the repaired waders and Adrian wears it. Go to the menhirs. Adrian sees something underwater at a dark place but he needs a goggle or something that can see underwater without him diving down. In inventory combine the broken bucket from the greenhouse and the circular piece of glass from the church area to get bucket with a glass bottom. Use the bucket with glass bottom with the dark place in the river. There are steps at the bottom but is covered with silt. So the entrance is inaccessible also. Use the plastic bottle with the river (or with the fountain in front of the hotel) to get a filled bottle. Exit the river. Go left out of the screen for Adrian to remove the waders and leave it on the bench. Find more portals: Since there are 5 small portals, there should be 2 more. Use the pencil with the walking map. Click-hold the pencil on the top middle menhir; pass through the top right menhir and end-release at a location near the swamp. Click-hold the pencil on the top middle menhir; pass through the bottom left menhir and end-release at the White Woods area. To see this marked map again, combine the pencil and the map in inventory.

Check the new locations for portals: Swamp area: Jump to the crossing in the woods.


Go right to the path at right. See the gate with barbed wire going to the morgue and ahead is the way to the lighthouse. Take the beaten track right of the barbed wire fence. At the marsh, take the broken metal detector in front of Adrian. Check the animal bones at right. Check the marsh and the bridge at left side of the swampy area. White Woods: Go back to the crossing in the woods. Take the path on the left side of the road and across the gravel path towards the lighthouse. Read the warnings on the tree. Take the branch on the ground in front of the tree with warning. Check the bear trap. Click once on the path at left. Repair the metal detector: Taking heed of Madame Fortuna's message about bears and best to prepare. Examine the metal detector in inventory. The battery and electronics are shot. Adrian needs a new battery and something that can receive electrical signals. Go back to the morgue where we last saw a car. Go back to the path and take the road at right. Go left through the gate with barbed wire. Battery: Check the bonnet of Phil's car. It is locked. Use Phil's keys on the car. Adrian opens the bonnet-hood. Adrian automatically gets another glow in the dark stickers. There are 3 now. Look at the open hood and automatically get the battery. Electronics: Enter the house. Check the junk in front of the TV. Adrian takes a transistor radio. Metal detector: Combine the metal detector with the battery. Combine the metal detector with battery with the transistor radio. It should work. Phil: Check Phil at the morgue in the basement. Go to the cellar. Check Phil on the autopsy table. He's dead. Check White Woods: Go back to the crossing in the woods. Take the left path to be at the tree with warning signs. Test the metal detector on the bear trap. It works. Now, we can walk the woods without fear of more bear traps. Adrian walks the path and he says he will mark the area with traps with luminous stickers. Stone Circle-Large Rock: This is the place little Vic was killed supposedly by Samuel.

Check the menhirs and the large rock lying on the ground. Look close at the gap at bottom left side of the large rock. Use the long branch taken from start of the path on the gap. Bats fly out of the gap. There must be a cave down there. Work on the large rock: Jump to the castle. Go to the entrance in front of the castle. Check the hammer drill used by Steve to drill holes. The gas gauge is empty. Take the empty petrol can left of the left lamp post. Jump to crossing in the woods. Go back to Phil's car at the morgue. Use the garden hose taken from the greenhouse on the tank cap of Phil's car. Automatically Adrian takes some gasoline and gets half full petrol can. Jump back to the castle. Go to the entrance. Use the half full petrol can on the hammer drill. Take the hammer drill. Go back to the large rock at White Woods. Use the hammer drill on the large rock. Crack the rock: 3 hours later, Adrian has now drilled a lot of holes. It's cold now. Use plastic bottle full of water on the holes. Use the can of construction foam from the castle cellar to seal the holes with water. Now to wait for it to freeze and crack the rock. Bobby: Jump back to the castle gate. See a sad Bobby by the gate. Tom beat and kicked him out of the house. Adrian goes to the village to confront Tom. A drunken Tom talks with Spooner and Denise. He wants to know about the necklace. Tom punches Adrian. IV Therapy session: Under hypnosis, Adrian continues to recall bits of scenes when Angelina as a child fell in the hole. A young Adrian sees Angelina staring at a mirror. Her face looks evil. The phone rings. Zak calls and wants Adrian to come and talk to Spooner. The doctor advises Adrian to get a butler. Madame Fortuna: Use the phone box and call Madame Fortuna. She sees the Moon. You shatter! Stay away from heights. Cafe: Go to the Cafe and on the way in meet Denise leaving the cafe.

Spooner: Talk to Inspector Spooner. He asks about last night and Tom. Spooner wants to check Hermann's house. Dr. Hermann's house: The door is locked. Use Phil's keys on the entrance door. The Inspector takes Phil's key ring. The torture videos are gone from the cupboard. Adrian plays the video still in the player. Morgue: Go to the morgue and Phil's body is not here. Check the chilled compartment with corpse. That convinced Spooner that Phil was up to no good. Upstairs on the way out, Tom enters the house. Spooner chases Tom. Stone Circle at White Woods: Jump to Stone Circle at White Woods circled green at left side of the map. The large stone is cracked open. Look inside and see steps. Adrian goes down and sees a chasm that separates him from the portal. Remember Madame Fortuna's words! Castle: Jump to castle. Take the folding ladder leaning on the wall at the backyard of the castle. Automatically be back at the cave of the stone circle. Adrian places the ladder across the chasm. Hieroglyphs: Check the stone tablet on the wall left of the portal. Adrian wants a copy of the tablet. Use the Polaroid camera on the tablet to get a picture of the hieroglyphs. Check the black ball holder and the portal. Decipher the hieroglyphs: Dr. Winterbottom: Jump to town. Talk to Dr. Winterbottom. Ask about the vision, Dr. Hermann, a classmate, black ball and hieroglyphs. She gives a hieroglyph book. In inventory combine the hieroglyph picture and the book. Click again on the book and Adrian reads it with no result. At the end see a thank you note from Edward. Exit the office. Museum: Go next door to the now opened museum. Try to talk to the guard and the tourist. Look around. Read the flyer on the wall left of the guard. It was put together by Edward. Cafe: Go to the cafe and talk to Edward. Denise is ill. The illness makes one not only unfit for work but also unfit for marriage.


Ask about the hieroglyphs and Edward turns out to be a fount of information. He deduced that it is: Druidic and describes a burial ritual with a priest holding a black ball in his hand. Black ball might also be found in another burial mound. There's a one or 2 burial mounds in the area. He remembered that this hieroglyph is the same as the ones found on an excavation. Miss Valley was involved in that excavation. Edward is interested in working at the castle. Denise's father is looking at another business - the undertaking business. Adrian asks that Edward come to the castle tomorrow. Miss Valley's apartment: Get in Miss Valley's apartment: Go to the police station and talk to Spooner. Tom escaped to the woods. When asked about Miss Valley's house, Spooner sends Zak out. Spooner wants something from Adrian. He wants solid solution to his cases here so he can go back to the city. Murray gave Spooner the alibi needed to clear Adrian in Miss Valley's murder. He still needs to close the missing Louis and Angelina. Adrian drops a hint about the stolen necklace. Talk to Zak about bear traps and Miss Valley. Search the apartment: Look around in Miss Valley's apartment. Clippings: Check the desk and see Vic's newspaper clippings. Notepad: Check the notepad on the floor right of the bottom of the stairs. Examine the bare piece of paper in inventory. Adrian sees slight imprint. Take a small piece of coal from the fireplace at right. In inventory combine the coal and the bare piece of paper. Read the paper. Adrian sees that it is the same one found in the pocket of the missing robe of the order at Ralph's hut. Miss Valley's seminar work: University. Check the bookcase and see a folder from the

Read it in inventory. Adrian says to find the location of the burial mound. See a close up of the page. Underline words that will give a clue to the location or description of the mound. Underline a word by clicking on the word itself. If an error is made, use the eraser that appears when the cursor is placed over an underline. If correct, Adrian will make a comment about that clue. Solution: Underline sector l3 at left page and animal bones and land (marsh land) on right page.

Glitch - In my game, the word sector l3 is not commented on, so the solution is not acknowledged by the game. In that case - use the skip lever at bottom right. Talk to Zak and leave the apartment.

Marsh: Jump to the circled Eastern Marsh at top right of the map. Letter: Check the pile of stones at center of the area. Read the letter to Adrian. It is a new cryptic message. Hope is the Guardian's second virtue. Bones: Check the animal bone at right side again. Burial mound: Go right to the beaten track. Look around. Check the menhir. Take some dry branches left of the entrance. Check the circle or black ball etched on the wall and the hieroglyphs on the ceiling of the entrance. Enter the burial mound. Look around and click on everything so that Adrian would say that Mordred would know. Adrian thinks that he should stop his meds so that he can get a vision. Get a vision: Medication effect: Jump to town and talk to Dr. Winterbottom. Ask her all about the medicine. She mentions that Valerian tea or St John's Wort tea has an impeding effect on the medicine. Magnesium with caffeine stops the absorption of the medicine. Magnesium: Go to Old Fashioned Shop and talk to Abaya. Get antacid. She doesn't have strong coffee or the tea. Coffee: Go to the cafe and talk to Edward. Get coffee.


Valerian: Jump to the Castle's greenhouse and enter. Take the dried plant by the window. Remember that it is Tumulus Valerian. Castle: Go to the kitchen of the castle and take the pot on the stove. Adrian automatically adds water to the pot. Go to main hall. Take the roll of damp proof sheeting. Prepare the concoction: Jump to the burial mound at the eastern marsh. If you haven't yet, take some dry twigs from left of the entrance. Take stones from the ground at left side. Automatically, Adrian makes a fire ring. Place the dry twigs on the fire ring. Use the lighter on the twigs. Place the pot of water on the burning twigs. Place Valerian plant on the fire ring but the smoke is blown outside. Go outside and use the roll of damp proof sheeting on the entrance of the burial mound. Adrian covers the entrance. Enter the mound again. Place Valerian plant on the fire ring again. The smoke is kept inside now. Add antacid to the pot. Add coffee to the pot. Click the pot to drink the contents. Vision: See the Druidic burial. Check the black mould at left wall close to entrance. Get the black ball. Get to the ritual chamber: Open the small portal: Jump to Stone Circle at White Woods circled green left side of the map. Enter the hole. Go to the holder stand. Use the black ball on the holder. The portal is activated. Go through the portal and be at the Academy portal area. Academy portal: This place is very familiar. The portal is deactivated. Look around. The holder that had the black ball placed by Angelina is empty. See Louis' body on one of the stone flag-trap. Check his body. Get a letter to Louis from Angelina. It is a great admission letter that would clear Adrian completely. Buried staircase: Check the buried staircase at bottom center. Click twice on the rocks. See cloth under the rocks. It is a crushed member of the order. Try to free the person - no chance. Look at both sides of the rocks and see gaps. Adrian looks in the gap and can't see and feel anything in there. Use the camera in the gap. Adrian uses the Polaroid. See a picture of the black ball held by a dead hand. Adrian wants a stick so he can push the black ball to the other gap opening.

Click on Louis' corpse. Adrian takes Louis' arm. Use Louis' arm in one of the gaps. Adrian pushes the black ball. Click on the other gap to get the black ball. Open the academy portal: Ritual chamber: Look around. Check the throne. See the wall of skulls. These must be the missing skulls stated in Miss Valley's journal. Look at the writing on the floor. Check the 5 black ball holders on the left; only one has a black ball. Take Mordred's book at the central stand twice. Mordred enters Adrian's body completely. Mordred-Adrian takes the black ball from the holder and moves it to another holder. He takes the black ball off the holder at the Stone Circle portal area; thus deactivating the portal. Mordred whistles for the 2 beasts to follow him. On the way to the castle, Mordred is confronted by Maria, his wife. Maria wants to know what happened to Damian, their son. Maria attacks Mordred upon learning that her son is dead. V Castle's locked room: Adrian wakes up in the locked room. He goes to the water basin and sees that his eyes have changed. Look around. Check the door and see that it has been kicked open. Open the wardrobe. It's has photo of his ma and pa. There's a pliers in there also. Take the rope dangling from the window. Read the next cryptic note on the table. The guardian's highest virtue is faith in himself as in God. Check Mordred's book and see that it is blank. Adrian takes his meds. Take the shard on the floor. Adrian wounds himself and drops blood on the blank book. Only Mordred's summoning appeared. Adrian becomes despondent and decides to follow the way Samuel dealt with the problem - commit suicide. Tower: Adrian stands on the top of the tower and is stopped by Valentina Antolini. She says she can help beat the curse. Valentina Antolini:

Use the black ball on the holder by the portal.

The portal is activated. Go through the portal and be at the ritual chamber.

At the entrance, talk to Angelina. Learn that she is from Vatican; an agent that checks apostolic visitations. She came here to release funds to help build the castle. Now she is here to secure the Gordon inheritance and minimize the effect of the curse. Mordred anchored his soul on the mirror and wants to come back and be immortal. He does it by collecting souls. Angelina collected the souls for Mordred. The Gordon inheritance is to guard the black mirror. Only those that are pure of heart can serve as guardians. Only the descendants of Markus Gordon can resist Mordred. She gives the Book of the Guardians. Using Victoria's final wishes Valentina convinces Adrian to take the guardianship. The solution to the problem is exorcism. Exorcism: Warmhill Church: Talk to Father Frederick. Although he hasn't done an exorcism, he knows how to do it. He needs information. They know the name of the devil. He should know how he sinned and a personal item that anchored him here. Castle: Jump to the castle. See Edward waiting for Adrian. Adrian gives Edward the letter to Louis from Angelina. That will exonerate Adrian and also solve the case for Spooner. Personal item: Go to the room at the passage where Adrian woke up. Take Mordred's book as the personal item. How he sinned: Read the Book of the Guardians in inventory. See Markus' account of how Maria died. He was stabbed by Mordred when she tried to stop the brothers from fighting. Madame Fortuna: Go to the library and call Madame Fortuna. She gets the Hierophant card for Adrian. It means a shaman or pope. There is a tower. Death may or may not touch Adrian. That happened earlier. Warmhill Church: Go back to the church. Enter through the side door. Talk to Father Frederick to tell him what was gathered for the exorcism. Valentina records the procedure. Watch what happens at the exorcism. Father Frederick is thrown by the black mist. It is the wrong place. There's nowhere for him to go here - not from this world. VI As Valentina: Edward helped Valentina bring Adrian back to the castle. In inventory: a dagger, Dictaphone, matches, bible and the Gordon file.


Read the Gordon file. The last entry is on 1923 - the transfer of guardianship to Lady Victoria. Markus transcript states that the entrance to the shade portal is sealed with an altar. The underground chapel is consecrated. This prevents the shades from entering the catacombs. Report: Use the phone to report back to the Archbishop about what happened during the exorcism. The location to send the demon is the Black Mirror. The devil is attracted to it. The only one that can do this is the guardian. The problem is to separate the demon and the guardian. Valentina asks if there is an alternative way to exorcism. Search for the entrance of the catacomb: Valentina says that most secret passages are not sealed airtight. Cellar: Go to the kitchen and then the cellar. Click on an active spot and Valentina lights a match to check it. Press the space bar to see the active spots. See the barrels, puddles, dark corner, large lever, well and water pump. Go back to the left and to the library. Column at library: Look at the column at the corner between the bookcases. Use the matches on the column. There is a draft. Click on the column again to remove the cover. Look close at the cover and see a strangely shaped keyhole. Look for column key: Go to Victoria's bedroom upstairs. Check the machine and get a syringe with adrenaline. Check Victoria's jewelry box. Valentina picks it up and realizes that it is too heavy for the contents. Exit the room. See Adrian who just woke up. Adrian's eyes are back to normal. They have to go back to Black Mirror. Open the box: Give the jewelry box to Adrian so that he can open it. Adrian opens it his way. Hahahaha. Adrian gives the sword handle to Valentina. Library: Go back to the library. Use the sword handle on the strangely shaped keyhole of the column. It fits but nothing happened. Valentina takes it back. Look at the sword handle in inventory and see that one jewelruby is missing. As Adrian: Change to Adrian by clicking on his picture at top left of screen.

Go to the library. Talk to Valentina completely. Learn about the ritual chamber. The Black Mirror is a portal that is older than anything on earth and absorbs evil souls. The souls of a good person cannot go through. It reflects the soul and evil can also come out of the mirror. Learn that it was Valentina that sends the cryptic notes about the guardian. Adrian remembers Angelina's bracelet that is at the police evidence locker. As Valentina: Give the sword handle to Adrian. As Adrian: Madame Fortuna: Call Madame Fortuna. Death card is picked for Adrian. It means release yourself from old ties or Transformation. She sees death by lightning bolt. Another death is seen - deluge and will suffocate. More death card - darkness will devour him. How many death cards do you have there? Madame Fortuna mixed up several Tarot cards yesterday. LOL. Edward: Exit the castle and go to the gate. It's pouring rain. Check the letter box and get sunglasses. It must be from Edward so that Adrian can cover his dark eyes of the previous day. Ralph: Walk towards Warmhill church (left branch of the road). After the bridge, take the side path to the hut. See Ralph's door is destroyed by an axe and blood on the ramp. Click on the door. Tom was here. Damien goes inside and immediately comes out. Walk back to the right at the castle road. At the fork in the road, hear singing. Click on the singing. Is that Ralph? Cafe: Jump to town. Check the cafe door. It's closed for business. Police station: Enter the police station. Talk to Spooner. The Angelina letter closed the case. Adrian informs Spooner about Tom. Ask about the missing jewel. Zak gets the bracelet and gives it to Adrian. Talk to Zak about the cafe. Edward resigned and had a quarrel with Denise. Search for the catacombs: Fix the sword handle-key: Jump to the castle hall. Go to Adrian's room. If you haven't yet, take the rope on the window. Open the wardrobe. Automatically take the grave candle and the pliers. In inventory use the pliers on the Angelina's bracelet to get a ruby. Use the ruby with the sword handle. Open the secret passage: Go down to the library. Use the sword handle on the column keyhole. There's a spiral staircase in the opened secret passage.

Sewers: Look around. Check the water basin twice to learn that this is the sewer. Check the chain coming down from the ceiling. Examine the symbols on the floor (bird and house) and the symbols on the 4 columns. The columns symbols are: and hand. House and jar; pitchfork and flower; bird and head; fish

Talk to Valentina about the symbols and other exit. Look for another exit in the sewer: Storage Room: Go back up to the kitchen. Enter the cellar. If you haven't yet, take the extension cord from the wall. Check and take salt from the bucket. Get light for the cellar: Use the extension cord on the socket at bottom of right wall. Click on the extension cord to get it as the cursor and then click on stairs to cellar. Adrian drops it down to the cellar. In inventory, combine the lighter and the candle to get a lit grave candle. Go down to the cellar. Click on the extension cord on the floor by Adrian's feet. Then click the extension cord cursor on the construction light on the floor at right to get light in the cellar. Look around. Well: Check the well at middle of the room. Look down the well. Damien calls down the well to Valentina. Check the chain. That's the one we saw at the sewer. Hmm... Check the water pump at right. Pull the well chain: pump is to left. Click to open the water pump. The motor is to the right and

Take the chain from the well and click it on the water pump. Adrian wraps the chain around the shaft. Take the wire rope hanging over the barrel at right and click it on the open water pump. This is one pole. Take the power connection cable on the floor in front of the water pump and click it on the grate on the floor in front of the well - that is the other pole. Go left and add the salt on the puddle left of the well. Take the hanging from the ceiling 3 phase power cable and click it on the water to complete the circuit. Pull the large lever on the back wall left of the well to get power. Go back to the water pump and turn it on by clicking on the controls at right side of the machine. That averted the death by lightning bolt foretold by Madame Fortuna.

See the cage pulled up when the chain is wound up by the water pump. Use the rope on the well. Adrian ties it on the column. Get to the catacombs: Cage: Go back to the library and down the spiral staircase of the column to the sewer. See the cage suspended on the chain. The rope tied to the well is hanging inside the cage. Talk to Valentina about the plan. As Valentina, go to the cellar and the well. As Adrian, enter the cage. This is a timed puzzle. If out of time, another chance is given. Pull the rope and Valentina drops the cage to the water. See a disk with a symbol on top of a circle with several symbols on wedge shaped buttons. There are arrows right and left to turn to that side. The aim of the puzzle is to press the symbol in the inner wedge that corresponds to the symbol on top outside the circle. Remember what symbols are seen on the columns at the sewer above. House (top symbol): press the jar-amphora. Turn right. Pitchfork-trident (top symbol): press the flower. Turn right. Smudged bird (top symbol): press the head. Turn right. Fish (top symbol): press the hand. The cage drops down to the catacombs. That averted the death by deluge foretold by Madame Fortuna.


Catacombs: Valentina climbs down the chain. Look around. Check the giant statue. Check the hieroglyph left of the statue. Dish: Go to the dish below the giant headless statue. Adrian presses the dish and capsules on 6 chains planking the statue wounds around. Capsule: Check the capsule at leftmost chain. Take the key inside the capsule. Check the stone door at left. It has 6 locks. Try the key on the stone door at left. It fits but doesn't turn. So the source of the keys are the capsules. But which one? Sarcophagus: Check the helmet on the floor by the left sarcophagus. Click twice on the left sarcophagus to open it and get help from Valentina. Look inside twice and get an arrowhead. Click twice on the second sarcophagus to open it and get help from Valentina. Look inside twice and get a warrior shield. Pick up the sword on the ground in front of that sarcophagus. Mordred comes out. Click twice on the third sarcophagus to open it and get help from Valentina. Look inside twice and get a fish. Click twice on the right sarcophagus to open it and get help from Valentina. Look inside twice and find nothing. Go to the front part close to the edge of the platform at pick up the small boat. Right stone door: Go to the right stone door. Hole: Check the hole left side of the entryway. There's a map inside. Valentina says it might be a map of this place. Warning: Go through the stone door. Valentina calls Adrian back and shows the Latin words on the archway. Beware guardian of the shades, they will take possession of your soul if you venture in the dark. Markus fought the army of shades sent by Mordred. Labyrinth: Enter and see the labyrinth's overhead view. Valentina points out a shade at a dark room ahead. There is another shade at far right corner room. You can die here but is given a second chance; so save often. The object here is to check the rooms and collect any items seen. The shades can be cornered and confined to a room as long as it is dark. Do not darken a room where you are with an open entryway to the shade's room.

The shades do not like light but can attack in a split second before the light is turned on. The map taken from the hole states the number of doors that should be open to give light to that room. There are switches close to the doors that lower and raise them. The switches and the space bar active spot function work only when the active character is in that room. You can switch back and forth characters. Both characters should be together to open a sarcophagus.

Refer to the map above to see how many doors need to be open to get light. Check the bottom area: Room 1: dark. Valentina closes the right door to block the shade in room 3. Room 1 is now

Press space bar. Click on switch at bottom left of room 1 to open the door to room 2. There is now light. Room 2: Enter room 2. Press space bar. Click on switch at bottom right top open door to room 5. The room is now dark. Room 5: Enter room 5. Bring Valentina here. The room is lit. Change to Adrian. Open the sarcophagus. Take the crown. Click on switch at right. Room 8: Room 10: Room 11: Go through this room. Click on switch at right. Go through this room. Click on switch at right. Enter and then bring Valentina here.

Change to Adrian. Open the sarcophagus. Get nothing.


Check room 4 and 3 and move the top left shade: Room 2: Room 4: Go to room 2. Click on top right switch just outside of room 4. Enter room 4.

Room 1: Change to Valentina and go to room 1. Click on left switch to close exit door. Click on right switch to open door to Room 3 where the shade is located. That makes 2 doors open and light is back on. Room 2: As Valentina go to room 2. Click on top left switch to close room 1 door. Room 1 is now dark. Click on top right switch by room 4 where Adrian is located to close that door. Room 4 is now dark. Room 4: Change to Adrian. Click on top left switch to open door to room 3 where the shade is located. The shade in room 3 goes to room 1. There is light in room 4 and room 3. Room 3: Enter and click on switch at left to close room 1. The shade is trapped. Click on switch at right to open room 6 and get light. Check the niche and get a decorated bowl.


Check room 6 and 7: Room 8: Room 7: Room 6: As Valentina, go to room 8. Enter room 7. Click on the top switch on the small corridor to open room 6. As Adrian, enter room 6 at right. Click on the top left switch on the small corridor to open room 7.

Click on the right switch to open room 9 where the other shade is located. Check the weird green light above the room.


Move left shade to room 3 and clear exit door: Room 3: Enter room 3. Click on the right switch to close room 6. It is now dark. Click on left switch to open room 1. Room 3 is lit. Room 4: Go to room 4 and close the door to room 3 by clicking on the top left switch. Room 3 is now dark. Room 2: As Valentina, go to room 2. Click at switch at bottom right to close room 5. Click at switch at top left to open room 1. The shade goes to room 3. Room 1: Go to room 1. Click on right switch to close room 3. The shade is now trapped. Click on left switch to open exit door. Room 2: Go to room 2. Click top right switch to open room 4.

Trap other shade and check room 9: Room 7: Move Adrian and Valentina to room 7. As Adrian, click top switch to close room 6. Click right switch to open room 9. Room 10: Go to room 10. Click right switch to close room 11. Click top switch to open room 9. The shade moves to room 6. Room 9: Enter and click top left switch to trap shade in room 6. Bring Valentina to room 9. As Adrian, open the sarcophagus. Get a staff.

Exit the labyrinth through door at left in room 1. That averted the death by darkness foretold by Madame Fortuna.

Open left stone door:

Relief: As Valentina, click on the relief. Click the head, the middle and the bottom hieroglyphics. The head represents the black mirror.


4 men are standing and 3 are lying down. It represents the way of life-status of the people. 2 of the lying down men are a king and a warrior; both unpopular. The ones standing are normal people; one a priest and one a hunter. The bottom part of the hieroglyphics is divided in 7 parts and might represent each of those people above.

Dish: As Adrian, click on the dish below the statue. The collected items from the labyrinth and sarcophagus are placed around the pan. Note that each item correlate to a way of life-status of the people. As stated by Valentina about the relief, the ones standing are normal people while those lying down are unpopular people. Click-hold-drop an item on the dish. Place the arrowhead, bowl, staff and fish. Pull back and see what happens. All the capsules are in one level. Open the leftmost capsule to get 6 keys.


Stone door: Bridge: Chapel:

Use the 6 keys on the left stone door. Open the door.

Look around. Go left to the colonnade.

The chapel was built by both Mordred and Markus. It was their last cooperative work. Look around. Talk to Valentina about the chapel. Sarcophagus: Open the left sarcophagus. It is Mordred. Open the right sarcophagus. It is Maria. Get the sword tip left by the sword of Mordred that killed her. Altar: Check the altar on the platform. There are hieroglyphs on the altar. Valentina reads Latin writings: darkness. At sunrise the king sent his warriors into battle against the

Remember the relief-hieroglyphs left of the large statue at the entrance. At the bottom are columns of hieroglyphs that Valentina states are correlated to a way of life or people. Click in correct sequence the hieroglyphs that represent: sun, king, warriors and darkness. Sun Crown - bread - house - boat - shield - goblet Axe - head - sword - arrow - shield - bow


The altar and pedestal drops to reveal steps going down. Go down. Mordred's Alchemy Lab: Go down the steps and enter Mordred's Alchemy Lab. Memories: Adrian remembers this place and checks the fireplace. This is where he followed Angelina. He recalls that it was Bates that rescued them and sealed the hole. Through that door is the Black Mirror. Look around. Check the bookcase, lectern, table and water basin. Swords: Check the old swords by right wall. Mordred comes out again. Valentina scolds and warns Adrian about carrying a sword. Open the door: himself. Talk to Valentina and then ask for her dagger. Adrian wounds

Adrian remembered that he was wounded when he wanted to help Angelina. He touched the door and it opened - the blood of the male Gordons. Black Mirror: Adrian and Valentina look at the mirror. Mordred's shade is reflected between them in the mirror. Don't touch the mirror ever! What is in Adrian is the shade of Mordred soul. They need to send Mordred's shade to join Mordred's soul in the mirror. Mordred's book: Valentina asks about the book. New writing appears in the book. Mordred writes that it is possible for the soul in the mirror to leave the mirror if its shade is bound in the world.

Mordred wants to bring King Armundor's soul out of the mirror and place it in his son's body. Mordred used Armundor's bones on the altar so that Armundor's shade be bound to his own bones. Then Mordred killed his own son to release the son's soul and leave an empty body. Adrian realizes that that is the Gordon curse. Mordred lured him (male Gordon) to the mirror so that his soul that is in the mirror can come out and join the shade that is already in Adrian's body. Valentina's plan: As Valentina: Automatically change to Valentina. Valentina starts to formulate a plan. Click on Black Mirror. Examine the black mirror:

She wants to send Mordred's shade back to the mirror but wonders if there are other shades in Adrian's body. She asks Adrian to read about shades in the Book of the Guardians. Shades are born in death forced into this world. They can neither be caught nor appeased. But the green flame unsettles them. So shades are born in death but behind the mirror. Examine the altar: Click on altar. Mordred's soul is in the mirror. If Adrian should die here, Mordred's soul will take over Adrian's body. Mordred's shade has to be taken out of Adrian's body. They have to be sure that Mordred's soul can't leave the mirror and Adrian's soul not leave his body. Soul transfer: Go to the laboratory and automatically asks Adrian if there are more writings in the book. Mordred cannot revive the boy after he killed him for the transfer. He created a shade for his sword; which means he can use his sword on the other side of the mirror. If he enters the mirror without dying, he can use the sword and rule both sides of the mirror. The blade has a black stain and it is spreading. Valentina asks about the ritual for the soul transfer. Examine the swords: out. Check the swords that Adrian touched when Mordred came

Valentina realizes that Adrian needs a sword to fight at the other side. We need Mordred's sword. Examine the alchemy table and poison: Check alchemy table on the left.


Valentina thinks that she can release Adrian's soul by poison to fight Mordred with the sword. If he dies, the adrenaline boost will resuscitate him later. Check Mordred bones: sarcophagus. Go back to the church at right. Look in Mordred's

Valentina thinks that they should use Mordred's bones to lure Mordred's shade out of Adrian's body just like Mordred tried to do to the king's body. Valentina asks Adrian to move the bones to the altar later. Valentina's plan: mirror. Valentina explains what happens to souls that die close to the

The good souls fly free while the bad souls are trapped in the mirror. The shades of good and bad souls are formed behind the mirror. Souls in the mirror are slaves to the shades. Mordred soul is defenseless in the mirror. They need to bind Mordred's shade to his remains here. The shade cannot go back to the mirror then. Adrian's shade can now enter the mirror and fight Mordred's soul. Adrian has to die in order to go through the mirror to do this. Valentina will resuscitate Adrian with the adrenaline. Mordred's shade will be held on this side by trapping the shade in his bones. They need a sword that is usable on the other side. They need Mordred's sword since it already has a shade on the other side. The sword is in the Tea room and is the cause of the mold- fungus that bothered the castle workers. Adrian needs to lay out Mordred's bones while Valentina gets the sword and check about the poison in the library. Mordred's bones: Chapel: bones. Check Mordred's sarcophagus. Adrian wants to know the arrangement of the

Use the Polaroid camera with the sarcophagus. Adrian takes a picture of Mordred's skeleton. Take Mordred's skeleton now. Altar: Go to the altar in front of Black Mirror.


Place the skeleton on the altar. Arrange Mordred's bones: Using the photo as guide, arrange Mordred's bones. Click-hold-drop the bones in place. See white circles that forms where the bone can be dropped. Drop the bone when the 2 circles are made into one. As additional help, use the stains on the bones as markers to know which side of the bone is the correct one. The bones can be turned by right clicking them. Take note of the wide ends or other bone characteristics to match the bones. When correctly done, a sound is heard and automatically pull back. If not start over. Yup, that looks right.

Get Mordred's sword: Change to Valentina.


Be at the Tea Room. Look at the black stain on the wall. Use the dagger on the black stain. Take Mordred's sword with a broken tip. Exit the room and automatically be back with Adrian. Ritual: Automatically be Adrian. Talk to Valentina. Poison: Automatically be Valentina and is at the lab. Check the alchemy table and Valentina picks up the poison. (That was quick.) Go back to Adrian at the altar. Kill Adrian: See Adrian lying on the table with Mordred's bones. Use the sword on the table or Adrian. Valentina gives the poison to Adrian. Valentina watches the mirror and does not see Adrian but Mordred. As soon as the fight is over, use the adrenaline on Adrian. The last of the Gordons has done it. After the credits, watch Adrian updates his diary. Later he will add to the Book of the Guardian. Read the diary for the explanation of what happened at the Chapel, Black Mirror and Gordon Family. Adrian explains about the black balls. It is used to trap and control shades. It's your job to stop them!