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Craig & Buchanan

Engineering Your Vision

Craig & Buchanan Ltd specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of: - Architectural metalwork - Glazed structures - General metalwork - Structural steelwork For our local markets in the United Kingdom we are positioned to provide a one stop solution to our customers. We aim to be the supplier of choice for main contractors, architects, and engineers providing unique custom made solutions to satisfy clients expectations and budget. Our company integrates traditional family values with the latest architectural designs, technology and practice to complete a wide variety of projects. Customer satisfaction is the companys core objective. To achieve this we continually: - Strive to be experts in our field - Respond to market needs with innovation, producing new ideasand developments. - Create value for customers by providing experience from project design, during installation and postcompletion.

Craig & Buchanan

Engineering Your Vision

We are one of the few specialist sub-contractors with a commitment to the community. Based in Glasgow, our apprenticeship scheme ensures 3nr. Places are available each year whereby we ensure the necessary skills to consistently add value and grow the business are a key performance indicator. Following on the necessary combined core skills involved in delivering our service; steel fabrication, & glazing ensures our management, design team, & tradesmen can truly Engineer your Vision. To date 67% of operatives currently employed have progressed through this programme.

Craig & Buchanan

We manufacture a wide range of products including staircases, bridges, balconies, and balustrading, escape and access stairs. Working with Architects and Main Contractors to provide the most appropriate solution to fulfil project requirements. This allows the production of bespoke designs in the most cost effective manner, offering the opportunity to specify individual requirements

and to incorporate key architectural features. Changes to any submitted design can be easily accommodated. The most effective methods of fixing are suggested to reflect a suitable application relevant to the type of project undertaken. We undertake the design, production and installation of all types of stairs and balustrades for all areas of

application. A great deal of th bespoke to specific project re have been undertaken in ma retail, office developments, e leisure, residential and the pr

All products are designed to Part 2 1984 (spiral and helica Regulations: Approved Docume

Engineering Your Vision

he companys work is equirements. Projects any sectors, including education, healthcare, rison sector.

All staircases and balustrades are manufactured from either stainless or mild steel. Handrails and balustrades may also be provided in other materials such as aluminium and brass. Staircases can be produced in straight, spiral or helical form. All are fabricated to specific design criteria, catering for a true one-off requirement. Glass, mesh, perforated sheet, tension cables and laser cut sheet

comply with BS5395: al staircases) and Building ment K (straight flight stairs).

infill can be specified and other materials may also be available on request. Top rails can be stainless steel, mild steel, timber, polyester or nylon coated. We can also provide thermoplastic polymer alloy coating, conforming to UK Building Regulations (2000), Access to and Use of Buildings, Parts M1 and M2 which stipulates that handrails need to be slip resistant and not cold to the touch, which came into force in May 2004.


Craig & Buchanan

Glass stairs can be supported by painted steel or stainless steel structures or can be detailed as complete glass structures with treads and landings bolted or bonded to stringers and handrails. Freestanding cantilever balustrades utilise 15, 19 or 25mm toughened glass and can be set into rebates in concrete, fabricated steel or aluminium extrusions. Handrails can be provided in various profiles and be manufactured from timber, brass, aluminium or stainless steel and are fixed to the top edge of the glass.

Engineering Your Vision


Glass Stair Assemblies

The more conventional in-fill balustrades can be provided with a range of methods for fixing the glass to the vertical or horizontal posts or rails. Fixing can be in the form of channels, clamps, nuts and bolts, planar countersunk systems or special cast stainless steel brackets and bolts.

Glass Floor Assemblies

Structural glass floors provide the designer with a fantastic opportunity to project natural daylight to the core of a building. Manufactured from 25mm annealed glass or 32 to 53mm laminated glass panels, the top surface sandblasting can be applied in almost limitless designs and patterns and whilst incorporating tinted glass or coloured interlayers designers are given incredible freedom of expression.

Floor Structural Engineering Options

The glass panels can be supported in treated hardwood or painted steel frames or can be bolted or bonded to glass beams or fins.


Craig & Buchanan

Engineering Your Vision


The inherent design flexibility of structural glass means that it provides an excellent solution for canopy and roof applications. Exterior framing that reduces that amount of light transmission, requires ongoing maintenance or can lead to leaks is not required. A primary structure is required to carry the self weight of the glass, snow loads and resist negative wind pressure. Our full range of clear, tinted, sandblasted, etched or fritted glass can be incorporated into the canopy design. Glass is usually toughened and heatsoak tested or can be a laminated combination of toughened and heat strengthened and is fitted to this structure via glazing bolts and cast or fabricated brackets. Green tinted OPTIFLOAT glass canopy, Gartnavel Hospital, Glasgow Structural glass canopies require a minimum slope of 3 degrees to eliminate ponding on the glass. All primary structures are available in mild steel, stainless steel or timber providing a completely engineered sole source package for guaranteed performance of the complete canopy. In addition to the glass and structure we will also install aluminium or stainless steel cladding and gutters, lighting and signage. Clear toughened and heatsoak tested OPTIFLOAT glass canopy panels bolted to glass beams and primary steelwork, Sheraton Hotel, Edinburgh


Craig & Buchanan

Engineering Your Vision


Craig & Buchanan Ltd is accredited by Hansen glass Architectural to design and install their THERMOSPAN bolted glass system. Structural glazing systems can provide a complete glass envelope for building structures without the use of conventional frames or mullions. Structural glass will satisfy the most demanding and creative architectural requirements producing facades on any plane - vertical, horizontal, multiangled, flat or curved. Combined with Hansen glass versatile range of flat glass products, the best system performance on both aesthetic and functional levels can be achieved. Support structures can be conventionally load carrying vertically or horizontally, or they can act in suspension. Support structures can be located internally or externally and be as delicate or as expressive as the designer wishes. Panels can be supported by steelwork structures, cable and rod rigging assemblies or glass fins.

Single-glazed bolted glass system climate faade, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

Double-glazed bolted glass system, incorporating revolving door and adjacent escape door, Glasgow Caledonian University Clamped glazed designs have been developed incorporating cast metal fittings of various grades and types of metals.


Craig & Buchanan

In conjunction with architects and engineers we develop and manufacture bespoke glazing systems. These systems are fully tested at Vinci Technology Engineering (UK) and Wintech Research (UK). Systems are designed utilising the latest glazing technologies. Sustainability issues are paramount from material selection, design, and procurement all are considered key issues.

Engineering Your Vision


Structural Glazed Connection Details

Structural glazing designs develop incorporating new glazing bolt connection details, use of gasket materials such as softer grades of aluminium, or silicone bonding techniques.

Structural Glass Supports

Clamped glazed designs have been developed incorporating cast metal fittings of various grades and types of metals.

Curtain Walling
Traditional curtain walling technology can be incorporated into new designs for fittings, structural extrusions or cover caps.


Craig & Buchanan

Engineering Your Vision


We can provide a full design service to engineer the best solution for the steel framed structure or work with your architect / engineer to provide the connection design and shop drawings. Fabricating & installing all types of primary, & secondary structural steelwork using fully experienced and qualified welder fabricators and qualified slingers / signallers and CSCS card-holding erectors.


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