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@Magz A letter from the Best enemy Death Street X Hot District South hell 9 December 2001 Dear, Mr Polise, I want to ask sorry because I am the person who has burnt your head office. OK! I burned it without any plan. My (original) plan was to burn (merk) to kill some mosquitos which disturb me. My plan changed when I found a chance to burn your head quarter. One again, I want to ask sorry Mr Polise about it.

Your (will) biggest enemy GHOSTO-PHANTOM


Thank you. I say thank youoh no..that is wrong. I write thank you for everybody who had helped me make this Magz. I also write thank you for the God. First, I want to say thank you for my little brothers. I have two little brothers. I could write in this magz because they didnt disturb me. Do you know why they did not disturb me? Of course you dont know! They did not disturb me because I could make them cry if they disturb me. If they cried, they would not stop crying before my house sank with their tears. Do you know the second reason? They could not disturb me because I wrote my magz in my room. I could write although they made a crowded because I had closed my ears. I could not hear anything. Second, I want to say thank you for all of mosquitos in the my house, especially for mosquitos in the my room. They did not disturb me while I was writing in this magz. But they would attack me while I was sleeping. They bit my body. Oh thats wrong. They dont have teeths. This is the right sentence, they stung my body and absorbed my blood. But I was fortunate because they only little creature. I could not fancy if they were as big as my chicken. I think chicken is too small. This is the right sentence. I could not fancy if they were as big as my cock. If they were like my cock, maybe I have died now. One again, I want to say thank you for them because they didnt disturb me. Do you know (the reason) why? I had killed them before they could disturb me. I killed them with my own hands. (Saturday, 09-02-02)

AN AGREEMENT I didnt kill them with fire or you can read, I didnt burn them. My God dislike if human being kill animals or the other creatures use fire. Because fire is Gods Way to punish the wrong people in the hell. God doesnt want if human being follow his way to punish the wrong people.

Sometimes, I didnt kill them. I tried to make them go from my room. If they didnt want to go to from my room, I will kill them. I didnt have choice. Eventhough they are small, they can disturb me. They also can make a bad voice when they are flying. But now, they can not disturb me again because I have an agreement with their leader. They could not attack me again because if they attack me again, I would destroy their habitats. They lay their eggs in the water so I would boil the water if I wanted to drink it. If I didnt boil the water, many diseases would enter my body. I think, that sentences are wrong. The sentences were not written in the agreement. This is the right sentence. If they attack me, I will destroy their eggs so they can extinct from my area. But I have to help them too. If I dont want, they can call king of the mosquito from other galaxy. Then the king will kill me. But the king is very very bad. He will kill all of earths mosquitos too. So I have one score of them. If I am killed by their king, they are killed too by their king. Sometimes they had some troubles about their habitat. So I had to help them. I would search the new habitat for them. I think they can be a best friend for me. (Sunday, 10-02-02).

THIRD OBJECT Third, I want to say thank you for Mr. Flood. He didnt visit my district. He could not disturb me because I was on the high place. My house was standing on a high mount. But if God wanted to make Mr. Flood visit me, I could not do anythings. If Mr. Flood came to my district, maybe I could not write in this Magz. Mr. Flood could bring anythings. My books, my bag, my radio, my pens and maybe he could bring my house because my house was made from wood. If he attacked my house, I could not write because I only thought about my treasure. If he came, I hope my house didnt sink because my house has seven floors but maybe I had to stay on

the roof. Mr. flood could not disturb me because I had a lot of preparation to overcome him. I made many rivers around my house. The rivers made Mr. Flood could not attack my house. I also made my house could change to be a ship. The ship was very big. So, once again I want to say thank for Mr. Flood. Eventhough Mr. Rain always invited him to visit my house, Mr. Flood didnt want to disturb me (actually he could not disturb me) but Mr. Flood visited some district that near my mounts leg. When I had known the news, I helped them instantly because they always helped me when I was in troubles. I invited them to stay in the my house. They were very kind. They didnt disturb me when I was writing in the my room. I didnt feel sad eventhough they could finish my foods. Do you know the reason? I think you know it because I had told you. (Sunday, 10-02-02)

KIND NEIGBOURS Fourth, I want to say thanks to my (lovely) neigbours who stayed near my mounts leg. One day, I arrived from the city. I had bought some tools for my writing. I bought a book, two pens, a big book, and an egg. Maybe the egg wasnt include my tools because I needed it for my dinner. Suddenly, my best car was broken. I could not go home. A neighbour of mine invited me to come to his house. He hoped that I could stay there during my best car was repaired. But at that time, I had a big trouble. I only had one egg for my food because they said that my best car had to repair for a week. Or you can read that my car needed much time to be repaired. But my neighbours were very very kind. My other neigbours (also the own house that I stayed) prepared my lunch, my dinner and my breakfast. They knew my favourite foods. They prepared elephants leg soup, dragons eggs, roast tiger and shark juice.

After I had breakfast or lunch or dinner, I went to a room which was prepared for me. In the room, I wrote in this bookmark for the magz. I did my writing without troubles. I heard that the family which prepared my room was a big troublemaker family. But they didnt make any troubles when I was staying in their house. My neighbours were very very kind. Those were the reason why I invited them to stay in my house when Mr. Flood visited their district. After a week, my best car had been repaired. I could go home. I said thank you for them because they had helped me. I will never forgot their contribution. (Monday, 1102-02)

A GOOD MOUNTAIN Fifth, I want to say thanks for the mountain. The mountain was named Skycraper. I think you have known the reason why the mountain was named Skycraper. The mountain was very very high. You can not see the top (from the moon) but if you use some kind of telescope, you can see the top eventhough you see it from the Pluto (that is fired from Planetes). You need one hundred years (light) to get to the top, if you are an ant. If you are an eagle or a falcon or a hawk, you can get there faster. Skycraper was an active volcano but Skycraper never made the Earth shook or you can read, Skycraper never invited Mr. Earthquake. Mr. Snow always stayed on the Skycrapers Top. From the moon, Mr. Snow was like a hat of Skycraper. Sometimes, Mr. Cloud visited Mr. Snow. If they met, they made a beautiful scenery. Sometimes Skycraper got bad thing. You know that Skycrapers top side almost touched the sky. That was the reason why Mr. Thunder visited its top and made troubles there. But Mr. Thunder never brought Mr. Fire with him.

Skycraper had fertile soil. I didnt need any fertilizer when I wanted to plant my plants. I had planted many kinds of plants. They were apple tree, mango tree, grape tree, banana tree, orange tree, and so on. I like fruits because they contained a lot of vitamins. You have to know that Mr. Drought never came to my district. My district was very very wet. Skycraper also had a huge forest. Many kind of animals lived there peacefully. All of the animal were my friends. They were my best friends. Once again, I want to say thanks for my mountain, Skycraper. (Monday, 11-02-02) PFTW 06: BEST FRIENDS (06-11) Sixth, I want to say thanks for my best friends, all of the animals in the Skycrapers forest. They didnt disturb me. They also give me ideas for writing. One day, I didnt have any idea for my writing. Then I went to the forest. The forest was named Green Jungle. Do you know why? Because the forests colour was green. Oke, I continued my story. After I got to the forest, I saw a lot of trees. The trees were very very big. The trees were very very high too. Then I entered the forest. I used my horse to bring me into the forest. Finally I could meet my friends. They were doing their daily activities. I watched their activities one by one. But I didnt see a friend of mine, bats. I thought I forgot something. Mmmm. I thought I remembered it. The bats were sleeping at daylight. I could not see their activities at day except sleeping. After I run (actually I didnt run, I rode my horse that run with very high speed) around the forest three times, I went to a lake. The lake was named Charon. Then I took a rest there. My horse ate the grasses when I was sleeping. When I got up, I was very happy. My brain (not the name of a laboratory mouse in an animation film) had worked again. I found a lot of ideas after I dreamed my friends activities. Then I went home to write in this magz.

Once again, I want to say thanks for my best friends. They were spider, bat, jaguar, leopard, snake, elephant, tiger, buffalo, lion, horse, firefly, etc. I am sorry reader, I can not write all of their names in this magz because I am sorry (again) I can not tell you the reason. (Tuesday, 12 Feb 2002).

PFTW 07: THE FIREFLIES (07-11) Seventh, I want to say thanks for my friends, especially the fireflies. They could make light when the electricity system at my house was died. Without their contribution, I could not write because I could not see in the darkness. I could not do anything in the darkness, except breath. But in the darkness, I could do my best hobby, sleeping. Before I went to sleep, I switched on my radio, so I would know if the electricity system was life. I didnt like using the candle when I was writing because the candle could burn my hairs. It could make a bad smell. In my old house, I could not write when the electricity was died but in my new home (Thunderz), I could write in this magz. I could do it because the fireflies gave me a lighting. My friendship with them started after I helped them. This is the story. One night, I was lost in the forest. Suddenly they came. But I didnt know them if they were fireflies because their light were died. Then they asked my help. They wanted their light were lifr again so I burned their light with my match. After I did it, I knew they were the fireflies. Then they helped me go home. Thank you friends. After that event, they always come to my home when the electricity at my area was dead. They gave me lighting when I was writing. After I finished my writing, I gave them food. They liked my food. Once again I want to say thank you for my best friend, the fireflies. (Wednesday, 13-02-13)

PFTW 08: THE BEST HOUSE (08-11) Eight, I want to say thanks to my home. My home had given a lot of contribution for me. My house was like a man. He was strong, high and open for anybody except the thief but my house was not eternal or you can call it mortal. My house had a name. I called it Thunderz. I had a reason why I called my house with thunderz. When the day was raining, the thunder always visited my house. Do you know why? Because my house stood on a high place. Beside, my house had seven floors. I think that Thunderz was my best house. Before I had Thunderz, I had a house in the city. Eventhough the house was the biggest house in the world, I was not happy when I stayed in the house. I could not do my writing. One thousand of mosquitos always disturbed me when I wanted to start my writing. But when I didnt do anything, they didnt disturb me. It amazed me. I didnt understand why they did it to me. I also could not sleep (well) in peace because they always attacked me, but after I used astronauts clothes (I borrowed it from a friend of mine, Neil Armsostrong), I could dream in my sleep. Thunderz also my protector. He protected me from Mr. Rain, Mr. Flood, Tornado, lava, Storm, Strong wind and Mr. Snow. Do you know why Thunderz can protect me from Mr. Snow? Because Mr. Snow never invited my house. Although Thunderz was smaller than the White Housenin the U.S.A, I was very very happy when I was staying in the Thunderz. I could do my writing and finish it without war versus mosquitos because I had made an agreement with them. Thank you Thunderz. (Wednesday, 13 February 2002) PFTW 09: Mr. SNOW (09-11) Ninth, I want to say thanks to Mr. Snow. I think you have known him. He stayed on the top of Skycraper. Skycraper was my mountain. Mr. Snow was very very kind. He didnt

disturb me when I was writing. He had a little brother. His brother was called Snogy. Snogy was very very naughty. He stayed at citys sky. When I was staying in the city, Snogy always disturbed me. I could not do my writing. Maybe, because Snogy was younger than Mr. Snow, Snogy could not do the wise things. He always made troubles everywhere. But after I moved to Skycraper, Snogy didnt disturb me again. Maybe he was afraid with his big brother. Mr. Snow also protected me from Skycrapers lava. You know that Skycraper didnt disturb me but sometimes he got stomachache. If he got it, Skycraper could not control his lava but Mr. Snow tried to waylay lavas journey. So, the lava could not touch my house. Thank you Mr. Snow. Do you know how Snogy disturbed me? Snogy was very strong. He could make a storm from snow and commanded it to attack my house. That was the reason why I could not write when I was staying in the city. When the season was cold or you can call it winter, Snogy always covered my house with his body. I could not go anywhere. In the my old house, I also could not do my writing because Snogy always disturb me. Snogy entered my old house and made me freeze. I was frozen until the winter finished. OK! Once again, I want to say thanks for Mr. Snow. Thank you friend!! (Thursday, 14-02-2002)

MR BOMBER (10-11) Tenth, I want to say thanks for Mr. Bomber. He has helped me when I am getting a trouble. These are the story. At the day, I was taking a rest on my island. I took a rest to search ideas for my writing but I could not find them. Suddenly, a big wave approaching me. I had a bad feeling about this wave. Then I run quickly to avoid the waves. But the big wave was still chase me. Finally, I got to the top of the highest mountain on my island. The big waves could not approach me but I could not go

anywhere. I also could not call anyone because the big wave had stolen my handphone. After one day I stayed on the top of the highest mountain, I saw a little ship. Finally, I knew that the little ship was had by Mr. Bomber. I thought he saw me because he drove his ship on my direction. He helped me. He also said sorry because he was the person who had made the big wave. Then he made an explanation. He wanted to make an experiment. He wanted to try a new bomb, bio bomb. He made the bomb from moons stones. He got the stones from his friends (Mechadot, Diztro, Cino, Neo). If his experiment worked, all of my animals in my island will be life. After explained to me, he started his last step. He could control moons gravity. Finally, I could see my island again and I saw all of my animals were still life. Then, I invited Mr. Bomber to come to my house. Once again, I want to say thanks for Mr Bomber. Someday, itsuka, we will meet again.!! (Saturday, 09-03-2002)

THE LAST PREFACE (11-11) Finally, I want to say thanks for anybody who had helped me. I want to say thank you very much for them. First, for Mr Stealer because he didnt steal my writing. If he stole my writing, I could not continue my stories, because I needed my writing to find new ideas. Second, for Mr Destroyer because he didnt destroy my house and my district (Skycraper, my neighbours house). He also didnt disturb me but even he gave me an idea when he was starting to destroy the city. I could not tell you now but maybe next time, I will tell you about it. Third, for my friend, Nazurat. His activities gave me a lot of ideas. Fourth, for my teachers. My teachers were human being. I want to say thanks for them because they had teached me for over twenty years. Because of my teachers, I can

read, I can write, I can count and so on. So, I dont want if my teachers feel sad when they hear that I (their pupils) become criminal. Fifth, for my best enemy, Phantom, oh I am sorry, Ghost Phantom. Do you know why I say thanks for him? Of course not. This is the reason. Because he didnt disturb me when I was writing in this media or when I made this writing. Sixth, for my pen. Seventh, for Mr Publisher for publishing this media in this blogspot. Eighth, for Mr Millionaire because he was the person that gave me a lot of money to make my dream comes true. Ninth, for myself. Tenth, fifty plus fifty is one hundred. OK. This will be finished. Kore de kimari da OK!! If you dont want my thanks, you can return it to me! Domo arigatou. Terima kasih. (Thursday, 21-02-2002)

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