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Selling Varonis DatAdvantage

The Hook
Analysts estimate that 80+% of enterprise data is unstructured (i.e., not in a database, document management system, etc.) This data is stored on file servers and Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices throughout the enterprise Manually administering access rights to this data is nearly impossible IT organizations have little-to-no Visibility into: 1. Who CREATES this data 2. Who OWNS this data and 3. Who ACCESSES this data daily Access Control the rules governing access to this data is broken within most enterprises. Employees have far too much access; much more than they need to do their job.

The Pitch
Varonis DatAdvantage establishes the foundation for Data Governance and fixes the problems outlined above by providing: 1. Visibility into who creates, accesses and owns the data 2. Recommendations on who should have their access revoked 3. An audit trail of every file accessed, by every user, across all file servers

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The complementary product to DatAdvantage is Varonis DataPrivilege, a webbased application that brings data authorizers (i.e. business owners) and data users (their employees) together in a forum for requesting and authorizing access. With these Varonis solutions, enterprises can effectively manage, control and protect data company-wide

What to look for

These are the scenarios, buzz-words, etc. that may indicate a potential opportunity. If the customer is doing one of these and they put Varonis in first they will save money and time on that project. Companies engaged in or considering data management projects in the following areas: o Data Loss Prevention, Content Management, Data Classification/Indexing, e-Discovery, Information Lifecycle Management, Hierarchical Storage Management, Identity and Access Management o Data Restructuring/ Migration (e.g., to NAS from Window or UNIX file servers) o Migrating/consolidating directory services (NIS, LDAP, AD, Novell AD) o Governance, Risk and Compliance (aka GRC) Companies that must demonstrate compliance with regulations such as SOX, HIPPA, PCI, Basel-II, etc. Companies that have recently undergone or are about to go through a merger or acquisition

Questions to ask
How long does it take you to generate an audit report of who can access data or who is accessing data? When you get an access request, how do you determine who is allowed to have access, for how long, etc.? (question relates to both DatAdvantage and DataPrivilege) What would you do today if a user deleted files he/she shouldnt have? How do you perform forensic investigations regarding what files someone has accessed, deleted, etc. (e.g., when someones employment is about to end, or there is suspicion about someones data access behavior)? How does the help desk resolve calls from users regarding modified data, missing data, etc.? How would you use a continuous audit of every file touch?

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Sales Battle Card

Reference Quotes
Find more references at "DatAdvantage showed us the existing access permissions and gave us visibility into who is really using the data, how often and in what way." Jerry Anzano - Manager, Security & Identity Management Group, Conde Nast "Varonis' software is at the core of our data governance initiative. As we grow our business organically and through acquisitions, Varonis technology will ensure that vetted and sanctioned data access controls are propagated accurately and expeditiously to the file sharing environments of the acquired entities." Timothy Callahan, first vice president, technology risk management, and CISO for People's United Bank Unstructured data is the bulk of any organizations information, growing at twice to three times the rate of database information. A good portion of this data is created in UNIX environments where rich media, engineering, software development and other similar applications are generating content at vigorous rates. Given the criticality of this information, it is imperative that organizations find a means to control and audit access to these files. Bill Lundell - research analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group.

Common Objections
We already have a similar product or This is the same as [The categories beginning with Data Loss Prevention under What to look for above are often those raised as competing solutions] Answer: No other product provides the permissions visibility you get with DatAdvantage. DatAdvantage is also the only product that audits every single file touch of every user. DatAdvantage builds on those unique capabilities to provide forensics on file access (e.g., open, rename, delete, etc.), identifies business owners, makes recommendation on who shouldnt have access, etc. No other product can do these things. While the product is truly unique and we want to buy it, it is not in the budget Answer: Varonis has Return on Investment (ROI) models that will help you cost-justify the purchase internally.

Opportunity Management Process

1. Customer meeting - Book a valid customer meeting in-person or via WebEx 2. Register - Register the opportunity on the Varonis portal for approval a. Varonis Partner Portal: i. (Click on Register your deal now under the Administration tab) b. If you dont have an account, select Request An Account from the link above 3. Contact The Varonis Partner team will respond within 24 hours. 4. Rules See Varonis Opportunity Registration Program document under partner portal Administration tab for full details. Program ends 6/30/08. Rules summary: Partner receives 10 extra discounts points (product only) off the list price on standard deals. Only the partner registering the deal receives the discount. Sale must close within 3 months; discount level applies to the registered customer for 1 year.

VaronisUSChannelTeam JeremyBirns(East)Cell:9174074051 PatriciaKennemur(Central)Cell:2142156218 MichaelContreras(West)Cell:4088883481