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1.Why is time so important in services?

TIME FLIES WHEN PEOPLE ARE THOUGHTFULLY ENGAGED AND HAVING FUN,BUT WHEN PEOPLE ARE IDLE AND BORED, THEY TEND TO NOTICE TIME PASSING MORE Waiting time is an important issue in service operations management. Because of its impact on customer satisfaction and operations capabilities. Rethink operational issues, such as layout design, process choice, and service delivery from customers of waiting. 1. Introduction. In todays competitive business environment, service quality and customer satisfaction are becoming increasingly important. also found that waiting affects the mood of customers and their propensity(kecendurangan) to spend on repurchase in future. only very satisfied customers are likely to become loyal customers. 2. Waiting and services delays are more common in service industries for the following reasons; I. Services are often produced, delivered, and consumed during an encounter between the customer and the service provider. Example 1: doctor/lawyer ready to serve the client. 2: u fever an u will be provided by paracetamol medicine, but if u scratch the doctor will give you different type of consultation and medicine. Customer interaction with service provider involves great uncertainty which leads to service time that highly variable. 3: number of traveler combine their vacation with health treatment. Services are intangible and cannot be inventoried. 4: There is no services will be arrange in racks, room or warehouse. Customer demand for services is highly variable and unknown. 5: to build the house there is changes in the layout design. Other perception/causes : intrusion occurring during waiting, customer interpretations of why they wait so long, and waiting environment that are not easily incorporated into modeling. 6: the time spent in the queue has a stronger impact on customer satisfaction than the actual service time.




2 ways of reducing waiting time. I. Is to add more facilities and more employees - This approach is usually costly and involves significant capital investment.



The demand pattern in most service industries is uncertain and has a peak/off-peak pattern, adding service capacity based on the peak times. Manage customer perception of waiting. - The customer are distracted willingly or unwillingly from the BURDEN of waiting and end up treating the spent in the line studying the map as part of the entertainment. EXAMPLE; - 90 minutes of waiting for a 3 min service probably sounds outrageous to most people. - Yet at Disney World, customers often have to wait 90 minutes for a 3 minutes Indiana Jones ride, customer a given a map to Treasure land ana to figure out the map before they go into the ride. There are numerous examples of reducing perceptions of waiting time by filling in the waiting time with the activities. - While waiting to be seated in restaurant, customer could be asked whether they would like to take a look at the menu. - In the dentist office, copies of magazines are provided to fill patient waiting time. - In General Hospital they will fix the sign board; After 45 minutes waiting if u are not

be serve please let the Registration/Doctor know.

4. Conclusion Always remember that for the service provider, customer always no. 1. Waiting process it will bring the attention of service provider to the fact that consideration of experience of waiting and has significant implications for design of service production delivery system. Design of service operation system (layout, service delivery) can affect customer perception of waiting time and turn, effectively manipulating customer perception of operation capability of the firm.

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2. Is the risk of unethical business practices greater or lesser in services business than in manufacturing firms? Explain your answer. YES, there is GREATER risk of UNETHICAL business practices in SERVICES businesses than in MANUFACTURING firm. TEXT CAPTURE DICTIONARY - Unethical = not morally correct Cause, lack of code ethic. Example =youre have a choose one hotel chain which is satisfies all the requirement. while checking-in, the reservation clerk cannot find your reservation and suggest you their sister hotel next door and sets everything up to you at the same type of room and the same rate.

Reason for unethical business practices is greater done in service businesses 1. Most service products cannot be inventoried. Example : As a patient you have been appointed today by 2 pm, but the physician still not turn on even though the watch is shown 4 oclock.

2. Intangible element usually dominate value creation. 3. Services are often difficult to visualize and understand 4. Customer may be involved in co-production